The Good Exchange Online Not for Profit Matching Platform

Welcome to the Good Exchange. We’re like a dating agency for the charitable
sector. – but what does that really mean? It means we’ve embraced digital technology
to transform the charity sector by making it simpler for money and good causes to meet. Here’s how it works:
Our online platform automatically brings together and matches organisations or individuals with
money to give, with the causes that need it most – locally, regionally and nationally. Whether you’re a Trust, Foundation, business,
a local authority, other grant-maker, or a member of the public, undertaking a fundraising
event, Or you just want to make a donation to a charitable
cause… The Good Exchange makes it easier. You see, at the moment, as a charitable cause
seeking funding, you sit here, in the middle of the funding gap. The funds you seek are over here, held by
the grant-makers. Each of them has an application procedure
with their own set of forms to fill out. This takes time – lots of time – and effort,
as you need to apply to every source of potential funding you can find and often your application
doesn’t fit their giving criteria. It is estimated that in the UK £100m is spent
annually on filling out application forms but up to 96% of applications can be unsuccessful. You’re probably also appealing to the public
for their vital donations, who sit over here, where you are trying to get them to give their
money to you rather than the hundreds of thousands of other charities and good causes. So how to bridge the funding gap and make
it easier for everyone involved? That’s where The Good Exchange comes in. Because charitable organisations only fill
in one simple online application form – that’s right, just one – grant-makers are only
matched to charitable causes that meet their funding criteria. The platform enables everyone to see the complete
fundraising picture – who is granting funds and to which causes, which appeals are receiving
donations and undertaking fundraising activities. Grant-makers and donors can see all the causes
seeking funding, not just those who ‘shout the loudest’. They can also offer match-funding grants where
their money is matched on a £1 for £1 basis, doubling the amounts raised and incentivising
people to fundraise, to give money faster and to give more. Working collaboratively through the platform,
grant-makers and donors can give their money to those that need it most, have a measurable
impact on social problems and build community engagement. What streaming did for the music industry
and comparison websites have done for finding insurance, we are doing for the charitable
sector. We are a charity-owned, non-profit, social
platform. We help good causes, funding organisations
and the public close the funding gap The Good Exchange – transforming charitable
giving. Contact us today.

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