24 thoughts on “The G20 on Bitcoin | What are they planning?”

  1. They're the financial terrorists and criminals. They've barred american's fiancial freedom and gotten us black listed from every forex broker and bank in the world. FACTA and FATF has led to every door being closed to americans . they aren't concerned with AML, it's to keep us trapped here. They want to deanonymize and nullify the purpose of bitcoin so they can freeze and track and control, just like they do in fiat.

  2. I think this is great (not perfect) news for Bitcoin.
    They pretty much begrudgingly accepted that Bitcoin is here. to stay. forever.
    Their FUD didn't 'kill' bitcoin off. They know, that we know, that Bitcoin is a better monetary policy and money than central fiat.
    They just wanna stop bad guys as they realize it will eventually replace fiat once the population learns about money (the hard way).
    … now how do I avoid the 'you got lucky, pay us 60%' crypto-capital gains tax

  3. we need as strong of regulation as they can come up with. The less people that can move between fiat and crypto, the less people that need to. Problem solved.

  4. No way, government need to step back let the people set up the peoples money system and they should only co-use the peoples system not co-ordinate and control, they screw us every time they take control.

  5. It’s coming! Bitcoin mining reward halving 2020. Łitecoin August 2019…?….?

    ‘The biggest supply shock in the history of financial markets’"

  6. Rich irony
    The biggest funding of terrorism is the USA defense forces by the poor American tax payer
    Blowing up the Middle East yo expand Israel

    Terrorism my backside
    Trump is a arms dealer

  7. Russia is more capitalistic with stronger christian values and ussa is going more anti christian and communist

  8. funny they want to combat money laundering & terrorism when they themselves are the ones laundering the money and creating/supporting the terrorism, which they use as a weapon of fear & control over the masses. this is how govt. remains in power. they would NEVER allow a new system or technology disrupt this.

  9. As long as people want to trade crypto-currencies into fiat currencies then governments can make using crypto-currencies very difficult. It is better to go along with regulations at this point to get cryptos firmly established. Get cryptos to the point where governments cannot shut them down because they are so ingrained within their economies. At that point, decentralized exchanges beyond any single government control will naturally arise. However, governments can kill, or at least cripple, cryptos while they're in their infancy, so just go along to get along at this point and don't give them an excuse to do so.

  10. I think, that in order to have a true currency outside of the government crypto needs gold and silver. Today we look at crypto priced in US dollars, so on and so forth. Well, what if tomorrow we can be pricing crypto in terms of precious metals? All we need is for Bitcoin Gold to open a vault depository somewhere safe and put in there 21,000,000 ounces of gold. And, for Litecoin Cash to be renamed Litecoin Silver and then put in vault 84,000,000 ounces of silver. Then make those two coins the cash out coin instead of US dollars. Problem solved. Screw the G20.

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