The Future of the Cannabis Industry | Interview With DOPE Magazine

– No question, the cannabis industry is ahead of almost every other industry
because of its general youth and pure bred entrepreneurship. You’ve got your perspective. I just want to be happy. Don’t you wanna be happy? I love starting with the macro and then going into the micro. My college friends are
gonna laugh their asses off that I’m on the cover of your magazine, because literally their four-year quest in college was to get me
to smoke a blunt with them. So this is unbelievably deja vu for me. I grew up not drinking
beer, or wine, or alcohol, yet, I became an
unbelievable expert at 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, on the consumer of that product. So it’s unbelievable to me in the macro that it’s so obvious that the
cannabis industry is heading in an incredibly
interesting consumer place over the next half century. And I’m not in a rush to make predictions or known everything just yet, ’cause this is a real marathon for me. I’m 42 years old, and I think that some of
my most intriguing thoughts or observations, or accomplishments within the industry literally may happen in 30 or 40 years. – [Andrea] So, Gary, are both
of your folks still alive? – Yeah, they are. They’re pretty young actually. They’re 64 and 62, so they’re young. – [Andrea] What will they think about you being on the cover of a cannabis magazine? – You know my mom was
super propaganda’d out by Nancy Reagan. So she was super hardcore, like, say no to drugs. And so I think, look, I think my parents know, first of all, the great thing about my parents is, and I just spent a week with them because of vacation. They’re very thoughtful, meaning, like, I genuinely believe with my heart and soul that cannabis is a far better
thing for so many human beings than a lot of the things that are legal in the United States, on a federal level. And so my parents are thoughtful that way. My mom can get caught
up in the stigma of it. I think right now if you actually
like lie detector test me, here’s what I would say, my mom would be like, “Hmm.” And my dad would be like, “He’s a genius. “That’s gonna work out.” Which is really interesting, ’cause that would be
literally the opposite of almost everything else. My mom is my greatest cheerleader and thinks I’m a genius. But I definitely think, I’m telling you Nancy Reagan got to her. – [Andrea] Well, Nancy
Reagan was a smart lady. She had a message to
send and she did it well. That’s for sure. – No question. – [Andrea] So, at some point before 2012, you had the realization
that corporate America was slow to pick up on
content strategy trends. Do you think cannabis is
making a similar mistake? – No, actually I think cannabis, from my observation early on, is really good at it, because you have such young entrepreneurs who are native to that communication. I think the platforms;
Facebook, Google, and such, don’t let them advertise in all the ways they wish they could. But actually I think the cannabis industry is going to be the teacher
of innovation to a lot of, I view the cannabis industry the way I view Procter
and Gamble and Coca Cola, consumer package goods. And I think that from, you know, obviously
depending on what happens at a federal state level, but I think they’re going
to innovate and show. I mean, I’m very comfortable
making this prediction. In 2040, cannabis companies
are gonna be the ones influencing the way diapers, and tires, and soda, and
shampoo is being sold. – [Andrea] So you often say
that people aren’t marketing in the year that they live in. Any advice for cannabis companies wanting to market their
brands in 2018 and beyond? – Well, you know, again, they can’t run the paid
advertising on Facebook and YouTube that I want them to. So it’s about influencer
marketing and organic creative within the Facebook, since we have Snapchats of the world. The end. And I’ll say this again. No question, the cannabis industry is ahead of almost every other industry, because of its general youth
and pure bred entrepreneurship. – [Andrea] You said that one thing that scares the fuck out
of you are nice watches and Ferraris. What is one piece of advice
you would give to someone who is motivated by material possessions? – You know, to really create
context around that statement, anybody who buys a nice
watch, or a Ferrari, or a big house because
they’re disguising insecurity, is my great fear. Using material things to put a bandaid on your emotional
shortcomings is very scary. And so my piece of advice is, figure out that buying
a $900 Supreme backpack isn’t gonna trick the smartest people. – [Andrea] And I was watching, I think it was your South
by Southwest talk last year, or might’ve even been in 2016. And you often talk about the
marathon versus the sprint, and how building a plan
is more advantageous than spreading your, and focusing on one location, but trying to, essentially,
grow too big for your britches. I guess I’m just curious on, I’d like to hear more, like the importance of branding and what advice you’d give, and how people can do it well. – You know, I think you and I share this. And I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that I’m aware of a lot of the people that are in the industry, and that my voice is uniquely
beneficial to this industry, because you have an
enormous amount of people in the industry right now that are so obnoxiously short term, that you want your
forefathers to be good, right? Because then you have healthier industry. And, so, it’s funny. I look at emerging markets, whether it’s the emerging gambling market that we’re gonna see because
of the Supreme Court ruling, cryptocurrency, cannabis. What happens in these markets, is often times you get 3% to 4% pioneers and 96% hucksters, right? And there’s an obnoxious
amount of hucksters in the cannabis industry now. A, because they just like smoking weed, and they think they’re gonna be fucking the Mark Zuckerberg of weed, or, two, ’cause they see it as a trend, and they wanna cash in fast. To me, it’s very simple. It’s a simple as this: life is actually a marathon. Wouldn’t be a good idea
to train for a marathon? You know, it’s that framework. Like be patient. Don’t like invest all
your money on something that seems like this is the great, this new formation of cannabis
or hemp is gonna be like, people are chasing a lottery ticket instead of thinking about what
I want them to think about, which is you have a ton of
24 years old in the industry, 30 year olds, and saying, “Okay, I’m gonna
be in this for 20 years. “20 years. “How am I gonna do that?” And so that’s what I do, right? Like, VaynerMedia is now in year nine. I’ve only really run it for seven years. I’ve always thought about it long term. And now it’s 900 people. And now it’s hundreds of
millions of dollars in revenue. And now it’s a big thing. But a lot of people that started companies in 2009 through 2011 with me, my homies from Silicon Valley and others, even though they raised
millions, and millions, and millions of dollars, their companies are out of business now. Short term thinking. And this industry is, in the same way that the
cannabis industry over-indexes on really progressive marketing, it also over-indexes on
unbelievable impatience, and way too many people
doing it for the lifestyle, not for the business. – [Andrea] You talk often about the ways to communicate with the world. Like, so, you write, you’ve got audio and you’ve got video. I don’t think, for me personally, of course this is just my perspective, that this industry has
done a very good job of any of those things. And so what would you like to see? I mean, as an investor in this arena, now that, you know, took up ownership in Green Street, what would you like to
see this industry do as far as, you know,
writing, audio, and video, to educate the masses, and get people to realize
what cannabis is all about? Because it’s different
things for different people. – There’s two things that aren’t
happening to your question, one, there’s just not
enough people creating, they’re not doing. They’re not fucking working. And number two, they’re being too ideological and romantic instead of speaking truths. I’m one of the most popular entrepreneurs in our current society, no question. Super proud of that accomplishment. I also find it intriguing
that I’m probably the one that talks most about the
shortcoming of entrepreneurship, and how many fake entrepreneurs there are. I’m not getting high on my own supply. – [Andrea] You’re not? – I’m not. You know, I think I’m being
critical and thoughtful about the game. And I think that one of the things I see in the cannabis industry, is that no matter what conversation I have with somebody about it, they’re one Team Cannabis without seeing any other part of it, right? It’s blind buy in. So what I would say is more
work and more articles, and audio and video output, and more authentic conversations. Like what are you actually thinking, not what’s in the best, like, do you know how many
people are just saying things that are in the best
financial interest of them in the short term? – [Andrea] Too many? – Most. – [Andrea] Well, yeah, I mean, so, it’s interesting, we’re about to start a big project here, where we’re gonna really
criticize the cannabis community. We’re gonna do thick
investigative articles, where we’re gonna dive in deep, and we’re gonna say, you know what? When people legalized cannabis, they voted for it. They did so under the guys
who promised a lot of things. And, so, are we living as a community, and as an industry, and as a sort of new industry, like are we living up to the promises that we put forth? And it will be very
interesting to sort of put people’s toes in hot water, and asking them hard questions. Because it’s very easy
to sort of sit back, and say– – I wish you could see the
size of my smile right now. I’m so proud of your guys, because it’s very hard
to be in an industry that’s this young, and not just become the press
release for the people in it. But what you’re actually gonna, is actually bring value to it. I mean, I’m telling you right now, my creative curiosity, my entrepreneurial curiosity, and the fact that I know I
can bring real tangible value to this industry, is the only reason you and
I are talking right now. – [Andrea] I mean, I appreciate your time. I’ve listened to a lot of your videos, your podcasts that are out there, interviews. And I think you’ve definitely
got something to say. That’s for sure. I keep hearing you say
that you don’t like being sort of pegged as pundit, or a guru, or a motivational speaker. Why is that? And why not? – That’s a great question. I don’t want that because
it’s not the truth. I spend 85% of my time being an executive of a 900-person, four-office company. And I think it’s important, because I only think the truth wins. And so that’s number one. Number two, the reason I don’t, is ’cause I respect execution too much. And I think that only being a speaker, only being an author, only being a pundit, is pontificating and not doing. And I love to pontificate as
my extracurricular activity to my actual doing. I also am even more exciting
that my pontifications come from the outputs of my doing. Very simply, I think it’s a lot better to take advice from somebody who’s done
the things they’re fucking talking about. – [Andrea] Well, fuck yeah. – Right? It’s super hard for me to get fired up about a 20 year old life coach, when they’re lived 20 years. It’s super fucking, I have a lot of cynicism for somebody who writes a business book when they’ve been a professor
at Yale their whole lives. – [Andrea] You talk a lot of about empathy and sort of compassion. And not sort of getting
insulted by what other people think of you. Specifically, you always
say, like your parents. What do you say to
someone who is constantly very aware of like what
other people think, and sort of subscribe to that ideology of sort of people-pleasing? I mean, how do you get
someone out of that mindset? – To me, I think the
only way you get anybody out of any mindset, is to paint pictures for them to look at that are different from the pictures that they’re looking at. And, so, for me, I’m on
this constant mission to make people understand, the quickest way to be unhappy in the life is to let somebody else
dictate your emotions. And the truth is, the people that dictate your emotions tend to be the people
that are closest to you, starting with your parents. I mean, it’s just fucking real. I mean, are you kidding me? Everybody’s issues, everybody’s issues is with their parents. Like all of them. Obviously, not every single person. But I’m talking, like, I don’t know, 90-something-percent. I mean, it’s a real thing, you know? – [Andrea] At one point, when I did my research on you, you sort of critiqued the creatives. But they’re necessary. And we need people that are creative, and then we need sort of the test people, so to speak. But what advice, I mean, we’re in a creative industry, what we do here at this magazine, there isn’t one single person here, maybe other than our finance person, who isn’t creative. What advice would you
give to creatives in 2018? You know, there’s so many options. – Yeah, make more stuff. People less subjective. Recognize that your ego and power trip is the reason that you’re
trying to be perfect or spending too much time on stuff. We live in a world where you
can get instant feedback. We can create a lot more content. There’s a lot more distribution. Wrap your head around it. You can’t be a creative that
lives in the subjectiveness of your own point of view. Otherwise you’ll become
obsolete in the environment we now live in. – [Andrea] We don’t know much about, like during your personal life, and if you don’t wanna
share that, that’s fine, but what the hell do you do for fun, Gary? – Well, I mean, first of all– – Other than working. – I mean, I love the New York
Jets more than breathing. So, 16 Sundays during the
Fall and Winter, I love that. I’m a weirdly passionate garage sailor. Like, literally no joke, one of the things that’s
most fun to me in the world, is to go garage sale-ing and
buy shit for like a dollar, and then flip it on eBay for nine. – [Andrea] So you’re still working? – What else? I like documentaries. I like playing basketball and tennis. I love spending time with my family. Like uncomfortably. Love that. I love hiphop. – [Andrea] If your wife
can tell us the thing that she thinks is the
most annoying about you, what would it be? Like do you leave your
dirty socks on the floor or something? – Yeah, it would be like
typical fucking husband shit. Like I’m not paying attention. Like I don’t throw out the trash. Like dumb shit. Cliche shit, I think. I mean, look, I travel a lot. So that’s real. And I’ll tell ya another thing, like no joke. I didn’t answer it this way, ’cause I feel like it was a little cliche, but then I’m always drawn to the truth, ’cause I always think it wins. You can’t imagine how fucking fun my professional life is to me. You don’t understand, I’m a pure bred entrepreneur for real, for real, for real. Like documented. Lemonade stands. Baseball cards. DNF student. Long before this
entrepreneurship thing was cool, like I was on it. It was me. It’s who I was. And I lived the first 20 years of my life scrutinized by adults
outside of my mom and dad, who said I wasn’t good, and I wasn’t gonna make it. Instead of entitlement, I was brought up in adversity, which became my strength. I was told that I lost from the get by every adult outside of my parents. So imagine how easy it is for me to deal with adversity, and negativity, and trolling, and setbacks, and pressure, it’s the fucking dirt that I come from. – [Andrea] So I read that, yeah, the lemonade stand, baseball card thing, I heard that from you. And you said that you focused on more on making good lemonade stand signs than you did on actually
making good lemonade. Is that an testament to
what you do at VaynerMedia? – No, that was a young Gary. But I will say this, I will say this. I’m gonna answer it a couple ways. No. Over the last 37 years or 35 years, since then I’ve realized the best product is a very good way to go. However, I’ve also learned
that only the customer gets to decide what the best product is. How many cups of sugar do
you like in your lemonade? – [Andrea] I mean, exactly. – Right? So, I think that it’s both. And I think that learning
that was really good. Does that make sense? – [Andrea] Yeah. So listen. You’re gonna be on the cover
art of our technology issue. It’s our inaugural. The first one we’ve ever done. In that vain, I mean, tech, like, what is something that
would like our audience to read on our first ever tech issue? – You mean what else should I, where else should you guys
look to fill out the issue? – [Andrea] Sure, yeah. – You should definitely focus
on podcasting and audio. It’s very, very real. The other thing is, I do think
a lot of the advancements in the industry have been around the units that are delivering the cannabis. I think there’s been a
lot of innovation in that. I think that’s a very good
place for you guys to think about like 10 best delivery mechanisms, or however you want to kind of call it. – [Andrea] We’re actually
doing an article on that. – I love that. I’ll tell you. There’s a lot to do there. Design of the hardware
around the industry, I think is very interesting. Even the containers in which the cannabis is being delivered now. Like in drops, and what forms. I think there’s a lot
of technology in that that people don’t realize. – [Andrea] The delivery method? – Yeah, just like the vapes and all that. Just the delivery mechanisms, right? And, so, I think there’s
a lot to do there. And I would say, I definitely do something
on like 25 best influencers on Instagram around the industry, who aren’t hucksters. You know, just being thoughtful, and maybe it’s nine or seven. Hey, guys, I actually, uh, I’ve got a little bit of an emergency I’ve been holding off for like 10 minutes. If you need more from me, I’m happy to do another
call later in the week. I’ll have my team set it up. But I’ve really got to run. I apologize. – [Andrea] Nope, you already gave us more time than we were promised, Gary. Thank you so much.
– Thank you guys. Take care, bye-bye. – [Andrea] Bye-bye.

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