The Future of Money: Mass-Adoption of Cryptocurrency

How do we get there? I think overall it
is gonna take a couple of years before we actually get there it’s not just
gonna happen from one day to the next right and we think it will happen in
over the course of three phases. We’re now in phase one that that is in itself
is going to take two to three years. The paying point that we see today is the
access to cryptocurrencies. It is still quite difficult to get there and that’s
very much what what we’ve taken on ourselves is to make it extremely easy
to get access to cryptocurrencies so to allow people to bridge from the old
world to the new and then you have other two phases and the second one being
around growing the ecosystem. I think some of the players and in the
cryptocurrency world today, they’re jumping some of the phases. I think
arguably if you think about it some of the stuff David will be talking
about you know they might already be in a second phase and then in the third
phase is really looking at other stuff around AI, etc..

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