*Relaxing music* Okay, what do we have here? Oh, these are those guys who complain about licensing Even though they use people’s video unlicensed Why is it that these guys look like They look like someone pretending to be a human You know what I mean? It looks like there’s a alien life form in a human skin pretend- [Audio suddenly cut] Michelle Obama: Wow, Ethan! Great moves, keep it up, proud of you!
*Relaxing music* *Relaxing music* We here at h3h3productions make it our motive to every week Find the person who deserves to get a nice steamy pile of crap on their face And this week, It’s without a doubt THE FINE BROTHERS So let’s spread them open, Eat some Arbys And squeeze out a nice juicy, sticky, and a lil’ spicy turd One that, you know, is warm and hot, and… It burns a little bit but it cleans up nicely THE FINE BRO: Hello everyone! We’re very excited to bring you an announcement today It’s a REALLY big announcement b- Ethan: In their video they made a really “happy” announcement They were, they were gonna make reactions available to the whole world! Isn’t that so exciting? But also just a small note in the, ah, footprint THE FINE BRO: With React World™ We’re providing a way for people to make their own versions of our shows And do it with us by licensing our format of trademarks, Everyone will know that you’re doing this legally Ethan: Oh yeah, And all you people, ah, who were thinking about making reaction™ videos anywhere in the world Well, by the way, we own you, so Small- Small footnote to the ah, “Nice huge happy announcement” I think the reason why the internet got so pissed off about this is because of their cute little underhanded way of saying Hey, f- fuck you, YouTube They have this great big cheery happy announcement Where they announce this great new program Who no one in their right mind would join In the terms, they own 50% of your brand deals, 60% of your rev share You can’t even post your video to Facebook apparently without their permission That sounds like a “great deal”, sign me up! THE FINE BRO: So, if you’re interested in creating your own version of any of our react™ formats Which if you don’t, then what is wrong with you [Ethan’s cough™] If you don’t, then what is wrong with you [Laugh track] Why would anybody sign up for this? Oh right, because they’re threatening everybody out there who is considering making a reaction™ video of their own And the fact that they even try to pretend that they invented this genre just shows how delusional and possibly malicious they are Like their… first show that made them famous on YouTube was “Kids React™” And I mean… Bill Cosby invented that format and he did it way better then they did Bill Cosby: I’ve got a cut Bill Cosby: See it? -Yup Bill Cosby: What do you do for that -You gotta put a little Neosporin on it [Audience laughing] Ethan: He put way more effort, he actually interacted with them, all they did was show them a video But it’s pretty much exactly the same format as Bill Cosby And there guys had the chutzpah Because yes I know they are Jews And shame on you for giving a disgraceful name to my people Shame on you They go after Ellen, After literally jacking their format straight from Bill Cosby They send their fans to berate Ellen They say tell Ellen she fucked up She didn’t even ask us She didn’t even ask us for our amazing unique and original format There’s no way she could have thought of this herself Without having watched us and ripped us off Like their brains are out in outer space man, these guys are delusional to the max And the funny thing is Ellen probably didn’t even know who the fuck these clowns are You’re so sure you’re on the legal higher ground Why don’t you go try to sue Ellen, And see how does that happen Why don’t you give that a shot and get back to us and let us know about your legal battle with Ellen Why are you picking on these people with 10 subscribers, taking down their videos Why don’t you do something other then exploiting YouTube’s fucked up copyright system And go after someone like Ellen And it gets even weirder when you go down the rabbit hole And you find out that there was a channel even before theirs Called “Seniors React” that debuted before they ever use that clip I don’t know exactly what happened to that channel The details are pretty bizarre But all I know is that the channel who created the original “Seniors React” disappeared And then about a month later, here comes the ah, the class brothers the class act brothers with their new hit series called “Elders React™” The most original guys in the world by the way Thank you so much for inventing people looking at something and then saying something about it THE FINE BROS: And we look forward to the time when we can look back to this moment, to this video with all of you knowing that this is when we all stood together change the way things were done and created this first-of-its-kind global community Ethan: Yeah, hell yeah! Martin Luther King Jr. Fucking Rosa Parks Man, this guy is a- he’s not just a content creator he’s a liberator The irony here’s … Magnifique THE FINE BROS: And we look forward to the time when we can look back
*Sad Romance* to this moment, to this video with all of you
*Sad Romance* knowing that this is when we all stood together
*Sad Romance* change the way things were done
*Sad Romance* and created this first-of-its-kind global community
*Sad Romance* Ethan: There guys are all shady There is no silver lining here They’re- they- These guys suck They’re- they’re greedy, they’re shady they’re malicious And they are NOT handsome And if there’s a crime in this world greater than that I don’t know what it is Right, am I right? Actually he- they- they’re put together but it’s just a weird thing like this guy could blink a little bit more this guy needs to like do one of these I don’t know, you- I don’t know if that’s how it works Oh and do I need to remind you Mr. beanie who wears that shit in every single video That I’m The beanie guy Okay? And how DARE you shamelessly rip off my beanie on the head bit NOBODY has thought about putting a beanie on their head Before me Okay? In conclusion, Fine Brothers Don’t take yourself so fucking seriously You’re making reaction™ video for fucking sake

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  1. Why do the finebros look like an alien hiding in the skin of a human. This is like some shit straight outta Men in Black.

  2. ?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️

  3. In away, Ethan is the peace keeper of YouTube. He's not afraid to call people out on their bullshit and I love it. ?

  4. the not so jewish looking guy, is giving me the creeps, not handsome is the understatement of the century. sry for bad english

  5. every time I look at him I cant help but see a puppet yelling at him saying he likes it up the butt (haha hey its milly was funny)

    Good luck: comedy, drama, action, and news/education formats, you'll need it!
    Donald Trump elected

  7. This ages like fine wine, remembering the day the original fine bros Vid first came out, the dislikes, the comments then reddit posts, then YouTube live channels of the fine bros subs going down, then later bigger youtubers starting to join in. MWAH, one of my favorite, that was a fun time to watch from beginning to end lol.

  8. Also before Kids React, back in the good ol' days when Youtube had no ads, people used to record their parents reacting to those videos of like a maze or something and then suddenly it turns to a scary face. Those were the early prank AND react videos of Youtube. ??‍♀️

  9. The one dude with the spaced-out eyes is like if they wanted a male version of Uma Thurman and one of the eyes to be even further apart from each other and that was the result

  10. That one guy's eyes
    What does his vision look like, his eyes are on the side of his head and facig different directions
    He looks like jeebs from Men in Black

  11. The fine brothers are the type of people who take shits in alleyways when they can’t find a public toilet.

  12. They Even Have Tommy Lee From Motley Crue React To Kids Who Reacted To His Music He Made Back In The '80s

  13. This was the first h3 video I ever saw and subbed straight away, following with watching all of their previous vids. Used to be so good, RIP.

  14. Ethan pls take this video down you don't have my permission for using the format "talkiing in front of a camera" I invented that or you can give me 80% of your profits

  15. did they get kids on their channel to react to this video? It would be shitty if they didn't

  16. You can totally tell the parents of the fine Bros are related. That guy rocking the beanie and Sid the sloth look is definitely a product of incest.

  17. that one dude looks like his eyes are North and North Magnets
    just pushing eachother to different sides of his face XD

  18. them 2 dudes sound like the news anchor from CNN when the emails come out about Hillery Clinton and he was like by the way it is illegal to own or to have these emails so everthing you read or hear has to come from us at cnn …When in reality they were pubic for everyone to see lolol CNN the #1 name in trash fake news

  19. Sad to see that even h3h3 fell victim to the mob mentality. Just look at this video, he claims that finebros were threatening other people…and yet he didn't provide a single piece of evidence. The only thing he provided were finebros saying in fucking twitter posts "Hey ellen, maybe you should have called us?" How is that a threat?
    I am NOT saying finebros were not at fault or that they were, just that h3h3 fell to the pressure of hating them without doing his own research, even though he usually does so, and just repeated what everyone else is saying.

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