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when we think of the Falkland Islands we
tend to think of them as a cluster of remote and inhospitable islands located
about 400 kilometres from the wilds of Patagonia the Falklands are made up of
more than 700 islands but cover an area approximately 12,000 square kilometres
big making them bigger than Puerto Rico Cyprus or Lebanon yet despite their size
can you guess how many people live there well it’s only about three and a half
thousand Marines that the population density works out to about one
inhabitant for every four square kilometers whispers the Falklands in the
top three least inhabited autonomous territories on the planet right up there
with Greenland’s and thus far barred Arctic Archipelago but another way it’s home to more
penguins than it is to people to give you an idea of just how few people that
is picture a football stadium like Wembley you could fit the entire
population of the Falkland Islands into the stadium 26 times over
apart from being almost uninhabited they are also known for their ongoing dispute
with Argentina which claims that the islands are part of their own territory
and as Argentina is their closest neighbor this tense relationship makes
the Falkland Islands very isolated indeed hence well I got us wondering what
exactly drives the falklands economy why are the islands in this controversial
tug of war and can such a small territory survive on its own now what if
I told you that the Falklands could become one of the richest territories in
the world don’t believe me well listen up what do the Falklands live off let me
ask you a question could you name the richest autonomous territory in Latin
America right now you’re probably thinking Puerto Rico
maybe Chile or Panama well actually no with a gross domestic product of more
than 60,000 US dollars per capita the Falkland Islands of the wealthiest
territory in Latin America in fact we’re talking about almost five times the GDP
per capita of Argentina and yes I know that the Falklands aren’t
technically a country but they do have their own governmental institutions and
a decent amount of say in the running of the islands in practical terms they kind
of are a country and their economy is actually going from strength to strength you see despite being isolated and
practically uninhabited in the last decade the islands have averaged an
annual economic growth of more than five percent in real terms and not only that
unlike other Latin American governments and let’s face it almost all the
governments in the world the local authorities have not only managed to
keep the country debt-free but they also hold reserves something like a sovereign
funds of more than 250 million American dollars now that might not sound like a
huge amount of money but distributed across the tiny population the
government savings equate to more than $75,000 per inhabitants okay let’s go
back to our original question and thus where did this money come from and
something you might be thinking right now well Simon come on the Falkland
Islands they belong to the United Kingdom surely they’ve been heavily
subsidizing them and the public sex has got to be the most significant activity
right well surprisingly the answer’s no not at all we have absolutely no doubt about their
sovereignty which has been continuous since 1833 Margaret Thatcher the
Falklands are actually a self-sufficient Territory the United Kingdom only takes
care of defense spending and nothing more and those costs they on that high
and they wouldn’t even be necessary if it weren’t for the ongoing political
conflict over sovereignty you see the harsh environment it made
the Falkland Islands relatively poor so poor they were probably doomed to be
depopulated but in 1987 all of that changed the inhabitants of the island
realized that they had to create income if they wanted to stay and so they
became business savvy and when it comes to doing business that British they’re
great role models so formally Vedas Britannica so Delta s a la coruna some
pocos and numero pero tienen el derecho de vivir en paz de la hear su propia
forma de vida y the determiner su propia le alta es el deseo del pollo británico
y el deber del gobierno de su majestad hacer todo lo posible para defender sá
barreto es asura nuestra speranza in oestrus first Oh Margaret Thatcher the
change of rules had been notified at the end of April in 1987 the island’s local government
began to sell licenses to foreign fishing companies allowing them to
operate within the Falklands maritime territory in this way they began to
treat their waters as if they were any other resource this practice it’s proven
lucrative and the government’s collects a lot of revenue from it every single
year what’s more Falkland Islanders very concerned with fishing sustainability so
this source of income isn’t about to run out anytime soon but it does not end
there since the 1980s three things have been very clear to the Falklands
government firstly they need to encourage business creation and
encourage initiatives the Falklands inhabitants who all know each other to
live off the fruits of their own labor not from taxes and public spending
secondly to make that possible taxes need to be moderate and that they are
foreign fingers no taxes on purchases on the islands and excise taxes are also
low petrol is actually cheaper than it is in the United Kingdom so if a person
earns say two thousand five hundred American dollars a month they’ll pay a
total of a hundred and forty dollars per month in taxes which is less than six
percent and thirdly the local government not
only doesn’t need to borrow they actually have savings debt there was no
room on these islands for debt as you can see from this chart you could say
that the Islanders believe in surpluses so the Falklands inhabitants they’re not
only freed from paying taxes and public debt the sovereign funds savings
accumulate from year to year which means funds are available whenever public
works and need it for example they are currently building a new port and
expanding the airport another benefit to all of this is that there’s no
unemployment in the Falklands and ninety percent of working-age people have a job
in recent years new industries such as tourism and fish farming they’ve taken
off the economy is doing so well and the work opportunities are so attractive
that the government is preparing for an influx of foreign workers which could
see the islands population dull in the next few years the downside is being so
isolated and with such a small population that Amazon doesn’t deliver
the Internet is slower than a turtle with arthritis and of course unless you
like nature there’s not a whole lot to do but this is all just a taste of what
may still beat cancer listen up Road to wealth it’s clear the falklands inhabitants
have managed their situation very well this tells us that even in such a small
and isolated territory success is possible when decisions are made based
on careful forethought and it’s not as if you have to reinvent the wheel here
there are plenty of cautionary tales to pull from yes young dilemma yes sir
see there but even though things are already going well the fate of the
falklands inhabitants is about to catapult right into the stratosphere
check this out in 1993 the British Geological Centre located oil just off
the coast of this archipelago exploitable oil after years of intense
preparation the project it can now start bearing fruit to small British oil
companies Rockhopper exploration premier oil are allowed to start building the
infrastructure that will allow the Falkland Islands to produce oil the
forecasts are that they will surpass 80,000 barrels per day in just three
years so they only need the price of all to
remain above $45 per barrel to make this business profitable now 80,000 barrels
it might not seem like a lot but don’t forget we’re talking about a territory
with just over three thousand inhabitants 80,000 barrels at the
current price of 60 US dollars per barrel means an annual income of around
one point eight billion dollars nine percent of that income and 26 percent of
the final profits obtained by the oil companies will go to the local
government we’re talking about a number that will probably surpassed 200 million
u.s. dollars in public income alone that equates to about 60,000 additional
dollars per inhabitants every single year and let’s not forget about the
extra jobs services and taxes that are being brought in by this new industry and this is only the beginning because
acceleration is still underway if things go well the falklands daily production
could well exceed a hundred thousand barrels per day within just 10 years all
in it’s estimated that this archipelagos total exploitable oil reserves could
exceed a billion barrels and if this is the case in just a few years these
islands could become one of the richest places on the planet I can assure that
one thing would never change our absolute commitment to the people and
sovereignty of the Falkland Islands Theresa May today the Falklands they may
seem inhospitable but with employment opportunities good salaries low taxes
improved communications that solid legal framework hardly any corruption many
civil liberties and a lots of security our impression about life on these
islands in mind well change especially when compared to the situation in other
countries on the American continent so folks that’s how things stand today in
the Falklands or as the Argentinians call them the Malvinas of course apart
from the issue of sovereignty which we looked at in a past video if forecasts
are met these islands could become a business hub for the southern regions of
Argentina maybe the time has come to just put old quarrels to rest and share
the good fortune when I met President Macri earlier this
month becoming the first British Prime Minister to ever visit Buenos Aires it
was a pleasure to focus not just on what separates us but on what we can achieve
together Teresa may December 2018 so I really
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