The End of Bitcoin Mining – Crypto Mining is DEAD (UPDATE1?)

this is the last time you'll see these GPUs in my possession and here's why stay tuned in today's video I'm gonna give you a quick follow-up on my progress for reselling all of my mining stuff so currently I've sold one GPU I have two more to go at the moment I'm dismantling my mining computer I'm planning to sell the motherboard I'm plan to sell it all because even though there was like an eight percent jump in Bitcoin price today I'm still jumping off the game I've already disconnected my GPU and I'm starting to dismantle everything else so this motherboard is also going I think it would sell for I could probably get like 50 bucks for it so it's still worth selling these are pcie risers they will most likely not sell so I'm probably just gonna give resident just throw them away they're they're pretty cheap to come by so it's not really worth reselling them back here are all the cables and this is the SSD I think I might be able to resell this or just repurpose it but I'm selling it when I'm buying computer parts or when I'm buying anything tech related I always consider what will these go for in the future when I when I plan to resell them because technology is always upgrading year by year next year there's always gonna be something fast there something with with a better battery life or whatnot so so I always think about the end in mind whenever I'm buying something brand new so here all the boxes when I resell all this I'll be able to get about two less than two thousand dollars I'm selling the GPUs for $600 each this will most likely I haven't done the research on it yet but this will most likely go for maybe $200 and I think this motherboard aisle might be able to sell it for about 50 bucks I'll be able to get about fifteen hundred dollars back force reselling all this not including the fees so that is a pretty good return if you ask me because I've already mined and made a return on it as well some other things that I'm planning to resell are the old pokemon cards that i have here you can see that I have a Charizard ball Blastoise and a venusaur I'm not really sure how much all of these cards will go for I haven't really looked into the resale value of them but I've kept them for over 10 years now and they might be worth something so I'm gonna look I'm gonna do some research on it I have some old yu-gi-oh cards still in the packaging this is my old deck that I used to used to I used to play yu-gi-oh Pokemon it used to collect them I have some some of the starter boxes still I even have some magic cards still when I was in high school I just did some really weird things I don't know I don't even remember buying these cards these cars were kept in somewhat good conditions this is a like a x-men card I kept this because it was just shiny and I liked how it looked but if I can't resell them they'll be okay to his old Paul Pierce I think this might be his rookie season I don't expect to make much money at all from all these old collectibles but I will be trying to sell them and make a profit if I cannot make any type of profit on it I'll just be donating them I'm trying to live a more minimalistic lifestyle so that's why I am downsizing a lot of my old old gear all old things I'm just trying to pass them along and hopefully someone else can find value in them and bring them more bring them more joy into their lives with these old items of mine one other update that I want to show you guys is that I'm planning to do another live stream or live streams I'm starting to set it up here right now is still in this infancy stage but it is there one other thing that I also want to update you guys is this backdrop is going to go and I'm gonna remove it and I'm planning to paint that wall into a matte gray that is that might not mean anything to you guys but I hate that backdrop so much because it's just so cheap so I think with the grape with a matte gray paint on the wall it will look a lot better other than that that is going to be the end of the Bitcoin mining is dead video and my studio tour video if you've made it this far you know what to do hit that like button leave me a comment let me know what you think and if you haven't already please subscribe follow me on Instagram and I'll catch you guys in the next video stay rich boys and girls bye

19 thoughts on “The End of Bitcoin Mining – Crypto Mining is DEAD (UPDATE1?)”

  1. I hope you all know that 99% of people in the world don't care about Cryptos, the blockchain is amazing but not when used like a stock market.

  2. Man, I don't know about it being "dead" dead. It may be not profitable now, but it may come back in a shape or form of some other coins that could be converted to BTC. I got into mining in late 2016 and at that point I was like "what am I doing, what if it never pays back, this is crazy…" I remember how people at Micro Center were looking at me when I was asking about getting 30x RX 470 or 480s… At that time the GPU mining was coming back "from the dead" actually. Yes, there are tons of ASICs now for a lot of coins, but I believe that altcoin mining will come back, so I'm holding onto my rigs for now.
    When did you get into mining though, and how many rigs did you have?

  3. I had the original 150 Pokemon cards and I sold them for just over £600 ($780) when PokemonGo was released.
    Charizard is the most expensive out of them all (if in good condition)

  4. Hey Bruce, I’m interested in your cards. Pokémon and Yugioh was my game growing up. Also did you ever find out if the asic L3+’was profitable?

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  6. I remember those metal x-men cards, they were pretty cool. I think I have a wolverine card somewhere.

  7. I use to play those TCG games ever since I was in middle school to high school. I was better with magic the gathering and my friends hated it when I summoned my Living Hive or Darksteel Colossus. xD

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    GOODBYE my little mining babies ???

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