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alt noise vs. knowledge that’s what we’re gonna talk about today but there
is a lot of noise out there but there is knowledge among all that noise now
there’s certain people out there that take the web their navigators of the web
okay the 20 percenters they click on links on Twitter they click on the links
that people list under their YouTube videos they don’t need an algorithm to
tell them where to go what’s the next site to check out they don’t need
Facebook to shove some link in their face they can find the links on their
own the navigators and back in the older days of the web there used to be
aggregators that there were portals that were that were designed by actual people
and they had links to related topics that real people thought were helpful
where real people thought you could learn about topics they now again you
weren’t doing the thinking but you you found the page the portal page and then
you could choose for yourself like oh that that link that title looks good I’m
going to read that and if that story was good you’d go back to the portal and see
if there were any other helpful articles you were it wasn’t an exercise in making
you addicted that constantly following what the portal was telling you to do
like today the algorithms that YouTube uses the Facebook uses that than many
other social media players use they’re just to make you keep on clicking on
things they want you to click so you can continue to click on things that
they want you to click on without thinking it all without thinking at all
and you’re not learning at all you’re just moving on to the next hi and today
there are still aggregators out there I would say but people that make youtube
videos and then underneath the videos they’re like we’ll check out these
related topics summer to other YouTube videos some are to Twitter feeds some
are just to websites to to blog post those are the curators of today same
thing are the aggregators of today they are actually curators and same thing on
Twitter the good Twitter feeds sure they’ll tell a joke or two and they’ll
post their own original information but then they will say they will post links
to related topics where you can learn more now as I refer to before so
basically we are today today’s web is dominated by popularity algorithm hubs
like YouTube like Facebook and again you can navigate them with your brain you
you can google also is a popularity algorithm hug okay you need to be able
to think for yourself instead of you know blindly clicking on what is thrown
up there by the popularity algorithm hubs and most people just they will just
click on whatever is YouTube says click on this video next so it shows five
related videos and you’ll click on the first one that you see and sometimes the
videos are how I’m not going to say sometimes the algorithms are good for a
thinking person but so often it’s just you’re not there they’re there telling
you they wanted to send you to approve material that has a lot of advertising
on it where they know you’re going to click on even more stuff okay it’s like
a it’s a very well thought-out process on their part on what they want you to
do and you cannot get into the habit of clicking on what some algorithm is
telling you to do you have to be able to find the curated list list
the links the aggregators that exist out there still to this very day whether it
just be links under YouTube videos or links on helpful Twitter feeds and you
don’t you should not need an algorithm to think for you I mean that’s that’s
the bottom line so I say this a click add a mint you
elite if you actually after you watch a YouTube video click on one of the links
that the creator provided okay that’s gonna give you more information your
elite I mean I I get I got a YouTube page a YouTube channel popular you to
check I know for a fact shows few people and I’ve got a lot of twenty four
senators watching my channel so if you actually click on the links you don’t
have to click on the links every single time that’s what I’m saying a click a
day makes you a leave okay just doing it on home link in one video once a day you
are going to learn something that most people aren’t because 80 percenters
don’t click on the links of aggregators they don’t they just they follow what
the algorithm tells them to do they think they’re too lazy to to look what’s
underneath a YouTube video or to you know sometimes they’ll just retweet
something that’s on Twitter without even clicking on it without even hey there
always rush your singer I go that looks smart but they don’t even bother to read
it so again if you take the time to actually buy so click on a link an
educational link you’re way ahead of the game
I mean you’ve got insider information and you apply all of it it’s the bitcoin
you can apply all this the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency everything that I’m
telling you it’s true in in any subject matter on the web so if you are a
content creator you want attract the right people not all the people appeal
to your base and strengthen that connection conviction is admired by
thinkers okay so if you’ve got a thinking base that you you’ve gathered
up keep on opinion don’t you don’t need to be mass appeal when you start out
appealing the masses you’re losing what you really
believe it what do you stand for at that point and you want to go to sites and
Twitter feeds out there that are set up in that way that attract the right
people not all the people not the mass media ones not the the ones that want to
fit into the culture the mainstream media the ones that are clearly sticking
to their guns sticking to their conviction and talking about what might
seem boring tone of the 80 percenters but what ends up being insider
information The Tortoise wins the race okay I get a but you’re you’re the
strong hand guy that doesn’t want to talk about fancy altcoins yeah that is
me and it pays off I have stuck to my guns and I have
attracted those same people again there are many people are that were willing to
pay me lots of money to promote their IPOs and ridiculous ridiculous sites
that talk about all points and I don’t do it because I stand for something I
know that that the people that support me my core my base they support me well
and that any and it it builds the strength of my channel it builds my
brand and you know it makes me a happy person that I have stuck with what I
believe it and it gives me more conviction to stick with what I believe
it because again I am I am talking about subject matters but I’m also living
those subject matters I’m living that big point so I’m practicing what I
preach and it’s a very it’s a very healthy lifestyle if you really believe
in what you’re talking about and you’re not changing you you actually live that
so yeah go to the sites and feeds where the right people are learning yeah
appealing to the base is like wrongly vilified in today’s society it is so
they approve it and and and for that reason approve all the masses is put on
top of all qualities and that just ends up with this mindless mainstream society
that we have today because people become fitting in involves appealing to the
masses and not standing for anything and that’s what the web so much of the web
so much of YouTube so much a Facebook Twitter
has become that and with with this podcast and I the information I just
give it up I think giving out I think you can navigate easily through that
clutter and be able to identify believe this what is this even about this is
like most blob thing or now they’re gonna be some a eighty percent us just
aren’t gonna they like the adrenaline hit I mean they’d like the dopamine hit
they’re like oh what’s the next latest hottest greatest coolest fanciest
looking thing out there oh yeah that guy totally changed his mind he stands for
nothing cool it’s a new car so I better I’m gonna click on that yeah I think
you’re gonna be able to identify that pretty easy now easily now and you know
and I think in the cryptocurrency space sometimes it’s a little harder to
identify that because this is also new but I mean if you become familiar with
starting content creators and you see the ones that it’s changed their ways
and talked about everything I think you’re gonna be able to know like well I
should go to a different direction I gotta stick with the people who are and
again you you know so there might be two different people that they don’t agree
but they have conviction and they they’re talking about similar subject
matters so investigate both of them and I give both of them credit you decide
which direction you want to go that’s healthier than just going with the
latest and greatest strength and and most people just can’t take a darn side
anymore people just want to appeal to everyone I mean you look at politics
that they stand for nothing they’re trying to appeal to everyone see a pic I
get appealing to your base has been wrongly vilified it really has been okay
yeah search engine optimization is a troop as a tool to attract 80 percenters
24 centers can find links on their own okay they don’t they’re not going to
necessarily blindly just pick what’s on the first page of Google okay you know
sometimes that that can be helpful or whatever if you’re just like looking up
how to spell something but again if you’re if you’re getting the serious
matters here about your financial future you you want to be able to you know find
a trusted source and then go from there and see links that that trusted portal
provides so search I mean don’t if you’re a content creator
don’t try to search and I I don’t try to do that item because
you end up appealing to the masses you end up creating clickbait titles and
then your content ends up becoming totally mindless again with my titles
not climene I threw the opposite of clickbait
I got horrible titles out there cuz I just want people to know what’s in my
video I’m not trying to put like I’m really good dollar Bitcoin out there I
mean that’s that’s one of the biggest tells in the space that the person is
trying all they’re trying to do is that they’re trying to get clicks they’re
trying to be a youtuber they’re not trying to be a big corner I think in any
subject matter on the Internet in the internet you’ve got to decide to
yourself is this person trying to be a youtuber or is this person does this
person really know about the subject matter and really want to teach people
about the and is really knowledgeable in the subject matter it matter and stands
for something that deals with the subject matter I mean we have all these
people talk about red pill knowledge and philosophical knowledge out there but I
mean half of them just go with what the trendiest saw topic is and they they
don’t really put their foot down they’re very much willing to change their minds
on tour issues on core issues they don’t have you know that they might like try
to build up a core and then once they have a certain amount of followers then
they just go totally mainstream and try to appeal to everyone and they totally
leave the core and the base behind so ya know the people that that focus on their
core and their base and build their brand that way that ends up as a helpful
insider information it’s it’s an insider information tool that’s where it becomes
and if you’re a content creator you should give this out and if you’re
searching for information well that’s what you should be searching for someone
that’s clearly appealing to the core and the base that’s giving you the the
really like a basic insider information no fancy stuff just that the pure
because I mean half of successive life is just understanding basics and keeping
it simple alright i’m adam meister remember to follow me on twitter at tech
Balt te CH b al TC

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