The Difference Between Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren

Let’s talk today about the real practical
important differences between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Now, I’ve been planning to do this for a while,
but for whatever reason, over the weekend I started, I saw on Monday morning I had a
bunch of tweets saying, David, you are repeating the idea that Bernie and Warren are the same. Now I have no idea where this came from. I’ve been super clear that Bernie and Warren
are two different candidates from the beginning whose policy positions are different, whose
political ideology is different. Um, I’ve been talking about it for more than
a year or since whenever this topic first came up. So someone seems to be confused, but I have
said that Bernie and Warren are the two most progressive candidates when it comes to the
overall package of ideas in the context of 2019 politics and how we sort of evaluate
the progressiveness of ideas. So let’s get right into it. The biggest difference between Bernie Sanders
and Elizabeth Warren is the origin of their political ideology and their general philosophical
positioning. Now I, I’m not going to focus as much on micro
policy in this segment. I will mention some specific policies, but
a lot of those micro policies, number one can change and number two rarely do campaign
promises become administration accomplishments. In reality, it’s not how politics works. Of course we look at what a candidate says
they want to do, it matters, but what really is an issue for me here with the Bernie versus
Warren thing is the source and a underpinnings of their political ideologies. It’s sounds theoretical but yet it’s practical
because the most stark difference today between Bernie and Warren is in the ideological area. Although I will get to the policy differences. Bernie and Warren end up domestically very
close on policy, although not the same and on foreign policy there are more differences
which we’ll talk about, but Bernie Sanders has ended up where he is today on the political
spectrum being pulled from his 1960s 1970s sort of hippie, democratic socialist origins. Elizabeth Warren, on the other hand, has been
pulled to the left over her lifetime from a much more moderate leaning, which included
actually being a registered Republican for a lot of her life, particularly more moderate
on economic policy. On the one hand, Bernie is more of a destroy
the system to build it back up mentality where Elizabeth Warren is more of a fixed the problems
we have and improve the system that’s already in place by tweaking it. And that is a massive difference. That difference is way bigger than the difference
on any micro policy issues. Now on a lot of policies and issues, their
immediate next step if they were to be president is the same but not always. So let’s talk about some more specifics when
it comes to reducing inequality. Elizabeth Warren has taken a much more micro
approach, which doesn’t mean it’s less ambitious, but it is much more micro, which is let’s
put in a wealth tax with the broader infrastructure remaining as it is now in terms of the number
of dollars that Elizabeth Warren’s proposed wealth tax would bring in towards reducing
inequality. It is massive. It is significantly impactful, but the approach
is very different. Bernie Sanders has talked about other ideas
including progressive taxation and a variety of other programs, but his approach is one
where he positions the current systems as fundamentally wrong. We’re Elizabeth Warren doesn’t so much consider
the system’s wrong. She feels the system is incorrectly configured
and to use like a computer analogy, she wants to change some of the settings of the system. Healthcare has been a topic of much discussion
and I admit it’s not completely transparent where Elizabeth Warren exactly lands on the
healthcare issue. But the way I’d characterize it is Elizabeth
Warren is not as in favor of Medicare for all as the path forward as his Bernie Sanders
with Bernie. We know it’s Medicare for all. He has a plan for Medicare for all. He has a plan for how to pay for Medicare
for all, and that is his path. Elizabeth Warren, including in the last debate
has expressed support for Medicare for all. Uh, but it’s very clear that she is much more
malleable in terms of the range of solutions that she would accept. She said she supports different ways of getting
to universal healthcare, which is very different than what Bernie Sanders says, which is Medicare
for all is the way. Let’s talk about foreign policy a little bit. And I, I’m still of the mindset that much
like in 2016, one of the primary criticisms that I could make of Bernie Sanders, bearing
in mind that he’s one of my top candidates is that he has at least not expressed deep
knowledge of a number of important foreign policy issues. Now, the critique of Elizabeth Warren is not
drastically different when it comes to the depth of knowledge that has been expressed. Now that being said, uh, I have not heard
much from Bernie about, for example, what should our relationship to China be? I know he’s talked about it a little bit around
the edges, but I’ve not seen in detail what the, the uh, idea there should be. I’ve heard more from Elizabeth Warren on that
issue. Although her position is relatively status
quo on our relationship with China with foreign policy, it again is a difference of philosophical
approach. Bernie Sanders is what has been sometimes
called a democratic globalist when it comes to applying a lot of the same anti-authoritarian,
egalitarian inequality, reducing ideas to our relationships with other countries. Elizabeth Warren exists in a much more moderate
space. When it comes to foreign policy taking a sort
of standard center left approach on a lot of these foreign policy questions. Now, to be perfectly honest, I only find Elizabeth
Warren’s policy ideas, um, uh, moderately different from those of, for example, a Barack
Obama in a lot of areas. I think domestically there’s a big space there
between Warren and someone like Obama, but, uh, when it comes to foreign policy, I don’t
see Warren as nearly as much of a progressive, uh, as we would potentially like to see. Bernie has been much more vocal about his
opposition to American support for the Saudi war in Yemen than Elizabeth Warren has. I, I’d want to hear from Elizabeth Warren
more about her position on that. A major difference. Bernie voted against increasing the Pentagon’s
budget. Elizabeth Warren voted for it. That is a fundamental difference in terms
of the view of how we should be managing this issue of um, the, the financial enabling of
American foreign policy and interventionism Bernie is much more active in talking about
American foreign policy going back decades and how that relates to the decisions we have
to make today. Then has, uh, then Elizabeth Warren has been,
Bernie talks about the history of American foreign policy in a way Warren does not, and
this is really important because to make good decisions today about American foreign policy
in order to avoid dropping us into the same problems that American foreign policy has
caused in the past, you have to understand the history of American interventionism and
foreign policy. Bernie has much more often talked about the
destructive force of American interventionism around the world of military power over the
last 60 or 70 years by the United States and the effect that it has had globally. I’ve heard a lot less from Elizabeth Warren
on that. Now on domestic policy, I know that there
are many difference. We could talk about differences. We could talk about Bernie has said ban for-profit
prisons and end cash bail. For example. I looked and wasn’t able to find Elizabeth
Warren taking that position. Um, and she may not be for those things and
these are not insignificant, but relative to their broader ideological differences,
I don’t know that that is where the focus should be. In talking about the difference between these
two. So what’s our conclusion? Is Bernie more progressive on a number of
issues? Absolutely. There’s no question about it. They are not the same. Would Elizabeth Warren still be the most progressive
president of the modern political era? If she were to be president of the United
States? Of course she would. While I would love to see a Bernie presidency,
am I going to smear Elizabeth Warren as a tool of the establishment or as anything other
than someone who would also be the most progressive president in the modern era? No, I’m not going to do that. And I, you know, I will tell you that her
origin story is less progressive than Bernie’s. She’s more moderate on some issues and both
of these folks would be the most progressive presidents of the modern political era period. Now, what is not included here, and it is
a different analysis, is how likely each of their respective policy positions are to be
made a reality. If they were to be president of the United
States, and that’s a topic for a different day. Tell me what I’m missing. Tell me where I’m going wrong. Tell me if I’m fundamentally misunderstanding
the differences between these two candidates.

76 thoughts on “The Difference Between Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren”

  1. David,

    The major issue here is your framing. Sure, Liz would be the most progressive President we have seen in modern history. But using that to draw a comparison to Bernie or using it to imply they are even remotely similar is creating a false equivalence. I acknowledge that you have accepted some major differences in their policies, but summarizing Liz in that way creates a dichotomy whose logic I'm uncomfortable with at best.

    There's no reason to think Liz is not going to appoint the same players in Washington that have been corrupting the system all along. Her votes to fund the military industrial complex, the weakness and likely distrustful stance she has on healthcare, the flip she did on Ben Carson's confirmation as Housing and Urban Development secretary after taking heat from the left, and frankly her chumming up with Hillary, and the silent assent of the DNC's underhanded blocking of Bernie from the nomination in 2016 are all factors that are HUGE red flags for me.

    I'd be very curious to hear your opinion on these points, as well as why you think Liz is someone we can trust to stand up to the corrupt system that currently exists, especially when we take into account some of her past. I also do not think her wealth tax is very promising. The primary issue of which is how to define wealth. We currently have entities able to pay minimal in taxes because of how they report their own wealth and earnings. Don't get me wrong, if I'm left with the choice of Liz and Trump, I'd go Liz without a second thought. But why is she getting all of this attention as a progressive when frankly when one starts to scrutinize a lot of her past, it becomes difficult not to regard it with a bit of trepidation.

  2. Coming out with “David Pakman SNUBS Yang SHILLS for Warren & SMEARS Bernie” soon on my channel. This is a terrible take, David, I say this as a long time fan.

  3. The differences are real. But IF we can believe that each would follow through on their stated agendas and IF we elect a Congress they can work with, then either Bernie's approach or Warren's would effectively end or sharply curtail corporate ownership of government. I want Bernie for president. Tulsi's foreign policy views are more fully developed than either Bernie's or Warren's and I unreservedly want her for secretary of State.

  4. Another person giving Warren credit for an idea Bernie purposed 23 years ago. RIP

    "Bernie Sanders has talked about other ideas." No. Bernie Sanders has been talking about THIS idea for 2 decades.

    This poor man couldn't take credit for ripping ass in an elevator.

  5. Policy is whatever, they’re overall really close (domestically anyway) if you follow politics you know the difference between the two. Warren could be swayed, Bernie would not.

  6. If you can't feel AND hear your clear Warren bias oozing from every detail here, then you have genuinely gone nose deaf to your misplaced loyalty.

  7. David, you are very wrong on two crucial points:

    1) Bernie's orientation is not to destroy the system and build it back up — his plans/policies aim to /expand/ the social programs that are already in place and move toward much more progressive taxation.

    2) Bernie's ideology does not come from a 60s Hippie Movement orientation. It is aligned with the social democratic project launched by American Pragmatist John Dewey (who inspires the bulk of Cornel West's work and taught at the University of Chicago — Bernie's alma mater).

  8. How do you rectify the issue of Warren taking corporate cash in the general election, and in the years leading up to the primary to fuel her campaign? If she agrees that corporate cash influences and corrupts politicians, how is it an acceptable take that she can accept that big money and we can just have this expectation that she will not be influenced like every other politician in office?

  9. If you owe $200,000 in student debt, the difference is $150,000. That difference might be a big deal to that person. That person might be very motived to see Bernie win.

  10. Hey David, I’m pretty sure it’s the Progressive Voice YouTube channel that’s been sending people your way. He’s been calling out other progressives a bunch

  11. Bernie is a hell raiser. He wants to fundamentally change America…for the better. Warren is a planner, who has thought deeply about how the sausage is made, has drawn up plans that can be presented, taking into consideration the push back from moderates, who are a representation of where the majority of Americans are. Bernie is the dreamer, Warren is the pragmatist. Bernie for prez, Warren for vp. Although, one could argue that the pragmatist might be a better fit after Trump has blown up the system then another hell raiser.

  12. Bernie is my choice and has been from the start. Warren is good and all but I believe Bernie has the real solutions that will help transform our economy and root out corruption at the core.

  13. You missed one of the biggest issues: money in politics. Elizabeth Warren signaled that she would play ball with big money donors in the general. That's huge.

  14. David, you’re missing a major, major component. Warren has laundered her corporate donations from her 2018 senate campaign into her 2020 presidential campaign and she plans to take corporate money in the general election. She has been compromised from since before the beginning and all of her plans amount to nothing more than progressive lawn ornaments. She’s not serious about a progressive agenda, just business as usual in Washington.

  15. What is your opinion on money in politics?
    "You don't change a corrupt system by taking money from it" – Bernie Sanders
    "We should play just as dirty as Republicans in the general election." – Elizabeth Warren

  16. Is it not time for you Americans to vote a real human to be president?
    One who wants good foe all and actually cares and CAN make America Great for real.
    Make America Wake Again.h

    Answer: Bernie Sanders

  17. Even if they have similar public policies, Warren has different private policies, and she would start negotiations more to the centre (= centre/right in America), whereas Bernie would play hard ball and fight for the ethical outcome.

  18. God I love this. So nice to see someone be able to fairly distinguish between the two without smearing or using false equivalencias.

  19. Your analysis is fine but it is lacking a recognition of:

    -she plans on taking money in the general
    -she rolled over $10 million from her Senate campaign into her presidential campaign
    -she has been talking with Hillary Clinton behind the scenes
    -she has been getting glowing coverage from MSM which has also been playing fast and loose with the facts at Bernie’s expense and to her benefit
    -her daughter was chair, and a campaign worker is also on the board, of a foundation that gave $45,000 (in other words 20% of its grant budget) to the working parties family ahead of their inexplicable endorsement of her over Bernie

    This aspect of the context of her candidacy cannot be overlook. Is she the second most progressive in the race? Sure. Would she be the most progressive president in recent history? Yes. But are these huge issues that should be deal breakers for progressives? I mean, I will let others decide, but just as Tulsi’s downsides are deal breakers for me, so are Warren’s, and I live in California so I have the luxury of not voting unless it’s Bernie.

  20. I wish you talked more about the strategies they’d both use when in office. Bernie’s a movement candidate who is gonna use his supporters to pressure officials, warren is way less straightforward about this and that scares me .

  21. Bernie has been fighting for the people sense the 60's from discrimination to income inequality to Universal Healthcare. I would vote for Warren if she became the nomination, but by far Bernie, then Yang are my top 2 choices. I will not vote for Biden, because he's basically a republican wearing a democratic jacket. Nothing will change, and income inequality will just get worse. I will be writing in Bernie's name at that point. #Bernie2020

  22. You missed the most important point: character. How hard will Warren fight for her program as opposed to Bernie fighting for his? Warren is just slightly more to the left of Obama, but she's going to be tainted by campaign contributions, in spite of her constantly speaking about corruption. As the saying goes, if you go to bed with dogs You'll wake up with fleas.

  23. Talking about facts, is not smearing. Discussing factual negatives about candidates is not smearing. A journalist brings up the good and the bad. Applying complex thought giving evidence discovered should be something you do. You are right, Warren is more malleable, but not just on healthcare. It's hard to believe that someone whose central theme of her campaign is the influence of money in politics, also raised large amounts of money through big donors last year as well as stating that she will accept big money in the general. That doesn't make sense. She reminds me of Trump. Did he not talk about corruption and money, and then partaked in the benefits.

    I like you David, but I don't know. Lately you seem to want to play too nice. I know everyone has their own biases, but i used to think you would still report on both positives and negatives and truly keep your base informed. There is a way to report on someone without you thinking it's smearing. Did you know Warren's daughter had ties to the working party? How did you not know that Bernie came up with the wealth tax before Warren. Kulinski stated it, progressive voice stated it, Tyt stated it, I think Sam seader stated it as well. Do better David, i know you can.

  24. David, i don't know who your editor is (sometimes it almost looks like you have 2) but go look at the title and thumbnail on your warren video. You see why some people think you were covering for warren?

  25. Literally nothing warren says can be trusted. She takes bribes so she will abandon everything if someone cuts her the right check

  26. The trolls are after Warren. Calling her establishment, a plant and ect… Warren is the second best liberal after Bernie. She created the CFPB which is the greatest liberal accomplishment in decades. I'll take Warren or Bernie any day.

  27. Given the recent exposes of Warren's troublesome conduct, watch her tank in the polls. Even low info progressives should start waking up to her BS.
    They always try to suggest equivalence between Sanders and Warren – there is none.

    Warren used her daughter to influence working families party to endorse her, she is meeting in secret with the Hildabeast, she's lying about not using corporate money to fund her primary campaign, etc.

    Warren is a trojan.

  28. Bernie is a social democrat (i.e. not a socialist) who calls himself a socialist, and Warren is a social democrat who calls herself a capitalist.

  29. A progressive is not a nihilist. When David characterizes Bernie as wanting to tear it all down he is being disingenuous. Progressives care about people. David's language here is similar to those who say that Bernie and trump both want to take millions of people off their health care plans.
    David is too intelligent for me to believe that these apparent subtleties is careless oversight.

  30. It does make a difference when a candidate has a consistent record of fighting for the issues they are campaigning on VS someone that suddenly is for some of those issues when they are running for president.
    Warren is not about fixing all of the problems! She would be about compromising on a lot of them which fixes nothing. How can you think she is progressive when she is using dark money now and will take more of it during the general?
    I think Kyle did a much better job of laying out the real differences between Warren and Bernie….
    Very Clear & Simple Reasons To Vote Bernie Over Warren

    To add to what Kyle said in reasons I won't vote for Warren….

    Warren was totally silent AT THE TIME peaceful Natives were being brutalized at Standing Rock! And that was when Warren still thought she was Native American but she didn't even speak out against the horrific brutalization of what she thought was her own people! Bernie spoke out against it, visited their communities and reservations as well as participated in protests in their behalf. If Warren gets president and more pipelines are allowed to go through their lands or anyone else's lands don't act surprised.

    EXPOSED: Elizabeth Warren's Daughter Had $ Connection to Working Families Party Prior to Endorsement
    Elizabeth Warren Gets Endorsement From Wall Street — The Political Vigilante

    Ms. Warren left Dow Chemical off her 2012 list of clients. After Mr. Jacobson’s blog revealed her representation, she spun her work for the industrial giant as instrumental in setting up a $2.3 billion trust to pay women who said they were injured by the implants.

    That explanation, though, doesn’t jibe with her duty as an attorney for Dow, where she was bound to represent the company’s interests.

    “The notion that Warren was representing anyone other than her client is preposterous,” Mr. Jacobson said. “As an attorney, she had a duty of loyalty to Dow Chemical. If she explored possible ways in which Dow Chemical could extricate itself through settlement, her services were on behalf of and for the benefit of Dow Chemical, not the women.”

    Her statement on Assange:

    "Warren distanced herself from Assange but condemned the Justice Department’s move to curtail press freedom. “Assange is a bad actor who has harmed U.S. national security — and he should be held accountable,” Warren said in a statement." End of quote. Assange didn't harm national security. She can't condemn the Justice dept in one sentence for curtailing freedom and in the next condemn someone that was exercising their press freedom.

    Around 1:18 into the video "I have also sponsered other bills"

    “I support Medicare for All. I think it’s a good plan,” she said, before quickly adding, “I support a lot of plans. Other things that people have come up with, when they’re good plans, let’s do it. This isn’t some sort of contest.”


  31. You are missing all of the sneaky ways Warren has used money for her campaign — as well as her CONFESSING the desire to use BIG MONEY in the GENERAL ELECTION.

  32. BernieBots out in full force on this one.

    Here's the difference – Warren lives in reality, where you can't have a socialist revolution led by one old man supported by less than 10% of the population. Warren is every bit as good as Ralph Nader was in 2001 – she has a professional's understanding of the economy, of finance capital and of trade, and understands how those things should be regulated. Her "plans" are in every case more detailed, practical, and in many cases better. Examples – the agriculture and trade programs, where she's detailed and direct and Bernie is throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks.

    On Medicare for All, she's for it – what the fuck else do you want? It may happen incrementally, which is better than nothing. Just like Obamacare has problems but established the preexisting condition issue in a way that won't be rolled back.

    I voted for Bernie in 2016, I'll vote for him if he wins the primary, but I'm with Warren all the way. She's the right person for the moment. As with FDR and Lincoln, it takes an insider to reform the system because you need coalitions, allies, and need to know what to do. Bernie will be like Jeremy Corbyn – 4 years of frustration and whining followed by a generations-long collapse of the idea of social democracy. I think Bernie people need to take stock of the fact that they're the hardest-core voting bloc, but a small population without real influence, and without the willingness to forge alliances. You're going to lose, and opposing Warren is like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  33. Are you kidding, David? You want to save that for another day? That IS the biggest difference between Warren and Bernie. We can trust Bernie means what he says, but we cannot trust Warren. She’s cozying up to the Establishment, she flip-flops… no. That’s the major difference here. Warren says all of the right things, just like Obama in 2006-2007. We cannot trust what she says. I hope another video will follow soon.

  34. Lol PRAGMATICALLY SPEAKING….EW intends on taking large donor money in the general so everything she’s proposing in the primary is bullshit anyway.

    Remember candidate Obama ran on reigning in wallstreet and the public option.

    President Obama let Citibank choose his cabinet and made a deal w insurance companies to kill the public option before the ACA was written

    It has to be willful ignorance to take peoples policy proposals at face value while ignoring their donors at this point.

    There is one issue: campaign finance, the rest are just a sick fucking joke if you aren’t addressing that

  35. You have no idea where the idea that you equate Sanders and Warren came from? It comes from Kyle Kulinski. He's doing his darndest to divide the left. He and his Bernie bro followers will do everything in their power to help Trump win should Sanders not get the nomination. Just wait and see.

  36. Seriously David, she will take corporate pact in the generals. You do realize that she is the Establishment's choice over Bernie because she is prone to corruption(check her record and the annoying loud tone when she's desperate to convince people)

  37. there are a lot of channels on here that carry water for bernie sanders and it's really disgusting. they pretend like the guy is perfect. no flaws. smfh. i appreciate a video like this which wasn't some attack job on warren from someone who clearly prefers sanders. i appreciate you don't go out of your way to ignore his flaws. keep up the good work. fuck the haters.

  38. Bernie-Warren split is almost on The Onion levels of idiotic. I don't know whose idea it was to split the progressive vote in two but good job you absolute moron, you may have well cost the US 4 more years of trump

  39. Warren is a disgrace Red Flag Trojan horse. Don't compare her to Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders is the only one who has been firing for us for 30 years. Pocahontas is not

  40. David, you are too worried about China, I have no doubt Bernie will study the issue, talk to people and come to a wise decision about working with China that is fair to both countries. Bernie as far as I know is the only candidate that noticed that China brought its people out of poverty, far more successfully than the US has been. He also noticed that China is greening up the country. Best example of Green City is Shenzhen, I believe. They are working on climate change more seriously than TRUMP is

  41. Warren is a poser and a fake progressive. She is using "grassroots campaign" for her primary (while also using PAC money she raised during her Senate run) and "unilateral disarmament" campaign in the general. She didn't want to run in 2016 but is running now with mostly Bernie's progressive policies (or derivatives of his policies). She's flip-flopping on M4A because she has accepted money from pharma and private insurance donors. Warren doesn't consider the system wrong because she is a capitalist and a corporate establishment, where she accepts PAC money for her campaign. Her daughter is also connected somehow with some establishment group that donated money to WFP and, in turn, WFP endorsed Warren. Let's say a miracle happens and she wins the presidency, not much will be done in favor of progressivism and in favor of the people because she is, still, corporate establishment who is accountable to big-money donors.
    If regular working people wants to start winning, then vote Bernie Sanders!!!

  42. Watch this David, and pay special attention @5:55.

    Also, why don't you look into Warren's daughter's business ties in the healthcare industry and create a video on that? Warren's daughter is a co-founder and CEO of a major health insurance provider, that is why WARren is flip-flopping on M4A.
    Warren's daughter also sits on a board and runs a George Soros' funded thin-tank.

  43. Kyle explains better the difference your way is too neutral . Warrent is not for Medicare for all. She takes corporate donation, voted for higher military budget.

  44. Sanders proposed a wealth tax both in 2016 and again earlier this year (before Warren did). The problem is that both times it was proposed it was hidden in the white paper accompanying the 2 M4A roll-outs (as a means to partially fund the program) and thus got no press. Warren's campaign simply did a better job of publicizing the idea.

    1) See fourth page:
    2) See third page:

  45. How is Elizabeth any better than Obama? Look at who she surrounds her staff with. Tons of Obama and Clinton staffers. Bernie does not. Warren will be status quo if she's president.

  46. Ridiculous not to mention the funding & staffing differences. Miles apart on foreign policy which is what the POTUS has a lot of control over.

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