The Cryptocurrency Wars,: Ripple, XRP & Google

get ax our people and welcome to us crypto first and foremost on financial adviser any information may be giving you it's my own personal opinions and knowledge makes anything cited below massive thank you to everyone who's liking subscribing and sharing please continue to do so in tonight's video I really wanted to go into the question of the cryptocurrency wars as well as comparing ripple to Google as an organization because really the utilization into the space and the technology it all kind of matches up but I'll get into that a little bit later on I wanted to open with this article from medium I will link it down below if you want to go and have a read but it really poses the question of the cryptocurrency wars now this isn't the cryptocurrency wars and what you may see on crypto Twitter or social media where the different tribal code tribalistic approaches our microbrew currencies better for a b or c personal emotional reason etc rather the first questions that opposes is what does Bitcoin represent what can Bitcoin serve as a purpose what it was its original reason for being implemented and can it serve that purpose along with can other cryptocurrencies do that can other cryptocurrencies come along and so the purpose or are they needed at all can that purpose be served outside of the need for any sort of cryptocurrency or universality so I wanted to really address this because I feel like certain networks have already become antiquated Bitcoin is a great example of that everyone knows that the proof of work system overall is rife with issues in fact changes to the principles and the codes behind Bitcoin of what have led to hard Forks and systems branch offs to allow for these movements by individuals to use separate measure different means or different conditions in order to meet the next block within their chain and therefore create a different environment that is why there are differing currencies on top of that you then got currencies that there may be various different ones that are gonna be used to the same ends that is to say for example the hollow chain hollow token is looking at being used as a reward within a decentralized environment of hosting apps and the same thing that aetherium currently does in that it's used as a reward for creating or storing or hosting those applications it can then be traded at the market with the speculative market that's how you can make a little bit of money off of it as well as incentivizing it also gives value to the environment as a whole in allowing people to exchange value without the need for a centralized government control the problem is when you get into the environment where we currently are bitcoins major purpose through its perfect work is to serve as a store of value all cryptocurrencies within the space right now are a store of value if they can be exchanged for money they are ace or exchanged for goods or services or directly for fiat currencies they represent value is their represent value they store that value so to that ends Bitcoin already at this point has become antiquated in that it is it uses too much power it consumes too much time and energy and mining can really lead to you know a 51% attacker there's a bunch of issues with the other line technology that as much as you may want to lay out new systems on top of Bitcoin or even train hard fork again to create a different cryptocurrency concept off of what Bitcoin is currently doing the unlined problems remain the same thing can be said about the etherium system the way that ether is distributed although the way it's distributed is fine for its purpose it's not scalable the amount of applications that have already been created and put into the etherium network is starting to well we'll we'll start to create issues as far as the number of apps that can be hosted in a given time as well as the amount of exchange of information which is why so many tokens that were originally created in the if this than that environment ERC 20 have moved off into their own main net once they have an established following it's just that anyone at any given time with enough know-how on programming can go in and create their own ERC 20 token there is nothing stopping you but that hosting is really its primary purpose for the time being there are other networks Tron being a good example the card on Oh network or all of these networks that are being established and built Tron is currently looking at scalability to create more hosting for DAPs it's utilizing the bit time network and infrastructure to allow that to happen more smoothly and it therefore it to my mind has more potential to serve the purpose that is already kind of being antiquated by oats sorry attempting to be filled but is becoming antiquated by aetherium so the main reason I wanted to pose this question without getting too in-depth and too over-the-top was why should you be at a point right now where you're investing in a lot of these tokens that I'm just proposing they're going to make a change ad a is a good example of that although Cardno holds this really good stance for where they're looking at they where they want to build their technology where they see it being applied right now it hasn't been applied in the same way that say X RP has with ripple and the way that ripple is utilizing x RP within X rapid to serve a purpose within an industry in fact you've got the wall bank coming out and saying that all the IMF as well as numerous whale banks coming out and saying that X rapid is an ingenious system and completely revolutionized the way that banking is done and finances are done and yet during this slight run-up in the marketplace we're getting this overrun of value increases in tokens that don't necessarily have this same use case so I suppose the entire point to my end is I really summed up in tonight's quote and that is Larry Page who said lots of companies don't succeed over time what are they fundamentally do wrong they usually miss the future so although being a bit tongue-in-cheek with the comment what Larry is saying or said with that quote is that one of the key issues with companies is they look at serving their purpose now they don't look at evolving past where they currently are they don't look at what they need to do in the future they're looking at serving their current purpose the one differentiation right now while also having an applied product and why I see ripple as the equivalent of Google is that Google's technology that they were utilizing Google's XRP was web crawlers and a web crawler if you're not too familiar is basically the entire base algorithm for how search engines work they gain information Google revolutionized the way that that was then put into algorithms in the way that was then distributed to completely corner the market as to what we see it now in the same way that ripple is utilizing XRP in and the X and X rapid as a technology to use XRP to the ends of financial game and that is gains for speed gains for efficiency as well as gains for value because it is in the best interest of the company to maintain that so before you go any further right now during this market you may be purchasing cryptocurrency or if you've ever purchase cryptocurrency you might be storing on the exchange I very much suggest you don't do that there's a link in the bottom of all my videos on how to make your own secure cryptocurrency wallets through toast wallet which is completely free you can do that alternately you can go to ledger and through my link and purchase a a bundle or ledger itself it's just a little bit easier and you can store multiple currencies on it legit X and ledger s are both great products you don't need to use my link it's not free any sort of discount or anything like that it's just being an affiliate it obviously helps me out helps the channel out if you do utilize that link when you do decide if you want to purchase so in regards to the war of Google and search engines and the way the innocent all sort of took off as I'm sure everyone's aware the internet really blew up in the early 90s early to mid nineties in that everyone wanted to be a calm everyone wanted to really benefit from this tech boom and make as much money as quickly as possible and as a result you had numerous search engines that popped up you had Larry Page was working to develop what would inevitably become Google as far back as 1995 but in the meantime you had search engines like Alta Vista and web crawler that were and and I don't mean whoa core is in a crawl off that was getting started I mean there was a search engine called web crawler come and Alta Vista that both serve this purpose greatly both of them looked at their market and went well we can you know utilize this technology we can advertise better we can be that the standalone search engine for AOL or for Time Warner's partnership with yeah with AOL is a good example of that these search engines we use purely as a way in the first instance of distributing information to an advertised product now what Google did differently was they entered the marketplace they looked at the technology first of all most they said we don't want to be framing these websites and search results purely with our own website we want to be pushing people to go to these websites that they're actually trying to search for and at a time that was already quite on edge about the entire concept of losing advertising money Google kind of did that a little bit differently and the fact that these sponsored ads and where we currently see Google now wasn't a reality the reality was the other search engines were looking at directly monetizing their results they would take you know bids from companies to have such results higher whereas Google used the an algorithm that was entirely based on the amount of linked keywords as well as linked websites through specific sites to therefore give you some sort of refined data on what was most prevalent and important to what you were searching now over time that's evolved and you know gone into everything from YouTube since Google has purchased that up through the Android operating system at Google home and all these different types of objects that are on the internet of things but the reality is the one thing that set Google assigned the one thing that kept them around while you had Alta Vista and you had web crawler and you had asked Jeeves and you had Yahoo and all these other search engines coming up and dropping off into a point where right now the only two major search engines that people may refer to Google and to less of an extent Bing is due to the algorithm it's got to do with how well the search engine works how well the search engine serves the people as well as how it evolved with time once you get to a point where your technology is allowing a true change into the future you just need to continue to keep heading the game and that is what Google has done and that is what I see ripple doing right now as there is more application for these for this technology there is more and more use going into things and money going to things like spring going into these startup projects and really expanding because ripple isn't just concerned with right now they're not concerned with where the marketplace currently sits they're looking at where they're going to move the market they're not resting back there not being a part of the movement they are creating the movement they are the ones that are pushing forward crane technology and giving reasons to monetize the Internet to create this internet value to give value back to creators and give a reason to really switch over and start to use cryptocurrency rather than just saying you know here's some cryptocurrency you can use it they're creating this environment where at the end of day it makes your life easier to user the same thing that Google did as a search engine now I'm gonna link this article down below as well it goes into a couple of opinions on why Google won the search engine more and it does really break down into things like the metrics overall as well as advertising as well as a couple of other different things so if you do want to go in and have a look at you suggest you do that but I will leave it at that I just felt that the comparison to Google hadn't really been addressed in the way that it could I will go into the skin on my live stream on Sunday it's the same time every week but once again thank you everyone for tuning in if you enjoy the videos please hit the like button if you know someone else who may enjoy it hit share as always this is all scripto telling you what's up from Down Under

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  1. Thanks Oz, I always appreciate your well considered points of view. One thing I both agree and disagree with you is regarding your comments on ADA, I agree it's relatively unproven tech, which is to be expected in the development stage of a project. I do however wish I had invested in XRP in 2013 when it was at a similar stage. It's when the higher risk can potentially give higher reward. ADA offers contracts in a way that XRP cannot (even with Codius), it's also much faster, cheaper and more scalable than Ethereum. It's also peer reviewed at every stage. I'll stop there because I don't want to oversell an unproven technology.
    Nothing out there compares to XRP, on that we totally agree.

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