16 thoughts on “The Crypto Source Keys – BTC ETH LTC”

  1. Love the update! Is it possible that BTC is doing an inverse h&s using the fifth wave as a left shoulder? Or can the fifth wave even be an shoulder? Btw the singing was a great 😀

  2. Thanks Scott, let it rip!! Woo Hoo!! But where tears flow there cannot be RIP,…. rivers will flow and oceans made "current of sea" creates under tow and then what happens right before the tsunami?? EH? puddle fish flop on dry land. Hope y'all ready real rektage incoming for the brain scramble This will be epic!! Then we ride turtles & rabbits.

  3. Hey Scott
    Did you hear blockport went down today. They took a lot of peoples money. Just like you said more and more shit coin going down.

  4. Scott, I like your singing, enthusiasm and your info 😉 been following you for 1-2 year and will continue to do so!

  5. These guys (#TCL) and the people in this group are first class, they really know what they're doing and genuinely care about their community #TradeCryptoLive ???

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