The Crypto Genius – SCAM WARNING

I wasn't a scam exposed and today we're looking at the crypto genius hi guys welcome to the video quick reminder every Friday I give away $100 worth of Bitcoin to one of my lucky subscribers so to be in with a chance of winning all you need to do subscribe to the channel go to Friday's video I will put a link in the description for that video it gives that video a thumbs up and then also comment on that video with your Bitcoin wallet address and then on Friday this week I will be going to do a live draw with a common picker and I'll be sending some $100 worth of Bitcoin live in my video right let's get onto the crypto genius get paid five thousand nine hundred dollars daily loss got another annoying pop up blah blah blah only 6 beta spots left blah blah 5900 daily with underground profit opportunity take the software for a risk-free test drive and five thousand nine hundred dollars in the next 24 hours seems like quite a appealing prospect however it says it's as seen on CNN Money and BBC News neither of those websites or broadcasters have featured the crypto genius so that's a lie and then we have these testimonials now I looked up all the images on these and they've done a quite good job of hiding them but unfortunately this one and Snee Lewis a Selfridge sales associate made 19 thousand six hundred and eighty-two dollars after using the software for only three days he used his profits to take his family on the wild adventures of Tasmania and look at that guy there Anthony Lewis well guess what and today lewis is actually you can start when in diabetes and in chronology from belfast social care that when i did a search on that the other day the name was something other than anthony lewis i'm pretty sure if you contact this guy these details are here you can email him i'm pretty sure he did not do anything to do with the crypto genius and none of these other people have either because this is a scam if if you want some more proof that this is a scam look here it says 214 people are on this page and for beta spots left but if you go to the source of the website down at the bottom there are some bits of script here one of them is picking a name from a list of names and then tells you to give them a random amount and the random initiation so basically what happens is it shows up a little pop-up saying Tiffany has just won $200 whatever but it's actually from a pre-made list on this thing here and also when it says function copies it says how many copies are left it gets a random number so this is not actual true when the copies left this is a random number generator which gives you a number on here so it says copies left or spots left this number here is being picked from a random script also the number of Watchers is also done with a random number here so when that number here says the 240 people on the page is a randomly generated number it's not real so there lies it's also supposed to be crypto and at the bottom it says trading in for X and CFDs involves a high risk of loss due to leverage nature of trading see if these is not binary options it is not a crypto currency trading it is like binary options trading and that's most people will know there's hardly any regulated brokers anymore the industries in absolute disarray the government's are showing it down left right and center let's see if we can get in and have a look to see what they actually offer in this bit of software so let's just put some garbage in here and see if we get any OCA it's Chris again I'm Lila not watch the video Chris Peterson's got the balance of six million dollars until Gigi allegedly and there's some trade history I suppose you'll see all live results there's no entry point there's no exit point on there that's lit for you just someone that could have typed out on the table and put that on the screen that doesn't prove a thing and there's an FAQ we've seen this formula many times before my guess is we're going to go to the next page and before we were allowed to see the software we're gonna have to sign up with some shifty broker that isn't registered anywhere some garbage in here and see what we get is registering us somewhere probably uh see if the old binary options broker zoom trader zoom trader zoom trader zoom trader before we can get in we've seen this format before this is like the new but we've seen this many times before so you have to fund your account then you turn on trades and your auto trader well what it's supposed to do is make you money and actually do is it will empty your account and then the people from zoom trader will ring you and they'll say you can make your money back just put ten grand in and one of our experts will trade it for you let's see if we can't see some more information zoom traders pages and actually loading get some information on them okay so it says your funds 100 percent secured ok let's have a look is there anything to do with regulation is that probably bad conical capital force limited Republic of Samoa the text is a bit small a little blah blah blah blah absolutely no registration with any regulator whatsoever so zoom trader is going to be one of those brokers that can do whatever they want with your money any time and there are no there's no watchdog there's no comeback there's no rules no regulations they can force a bonus on you which means you have to trade 300 times 30 times your deposit before you can withdraw any money they can they can rig the prices so that it looks like you're winning and then you put more money in and you lose or it just wipes you out they can just not give you a redraw straight up their ups they can just say no they can give you a number of different reasons they can tie it up in red tape for as long as they want zoun trader I'm pretty sure a bad scamp I'm gonna quickly see if there's anything about them on Forbes peace only one second and here we go only a couple of reviews on zoom' trader unethical trader you won't see your money again after paying it my money they should be 100% trading bonus without asking for my permission the bonus effectively meant I would ever be able to withdraw once a trading volume 30 times the bonus was reached I'm all over it was offered the opportunity to join the secure trade in a in case of a loss to deposit will be with the deposit will be returned to me which required an additional paying but I was asserted that this would we had to withdraw it right after the trade is finished the trade went successfully but they were draw was rejected on the grounds of the bonus I was offered helped to reach a high volume and short time the only way to get any money out which failed right on the first trade I guess they realized they wouldn't get any more money up me and wanted to get rid of me she'd add that the official company addresses blah blah blah appears to be an ordinary terraced house human trader manipulated my money on my trading account and did machination with bonuses and so-called risk-free trades just I just I tried to summarize this issue before opening for the IP account are like deceptive information or probably some account manager about cancellation bonus turnover condition it was at this time the bonus of four thousand five hundred plus five hundred years which means my money weren't fixed and I could use it according to my needs I was cheated by them they didn't cancel this condition and after achieving this turnover they calculated an additional seventeen thousand euro bonus but I had no idea it after opening for your account I was cheated by them another explanation of risk free trade I told him no bonus any more and they answered it's okay is the standard package for VIP accounts only from this reason I did trade 4000 euros each I was cheated by different results on expiry times I was cheated by non-working platform one touch options limits and losses from this I was cheated with bonuses I was cheated with bonus conditions I am cheated because they took all my money fifteen thousand euros without any discussion and my great with this they took it because they have it in their calculation by the 17-grand also included bonus which was traded 1550 2014 they couldn't deduct my bonus because system I'm cheated because till now he didn't write me back to my trading account of 500 euros I'm system testing bla bla bla I'm cheap because for more than 6 months I was kept as a slave and they knew they what they will do with me they absolutely didn't communicate from Tuesday 3 days they didn't answer my email skype messages be careful travel so there's a couple of burnt users from zoom trailer so if you want my honest opinion the crypto genius is a big scam as a zoom trader they will take your money they will screw you over and you will end up out of pocket so if you want to waste some money or fright down the toilet do it here otherwise avoid this like the plague please guys it's definitely not going to be any good for you in the long term right I leave this one here don't forget go to Friday's video give that video a thumbs up and make sure you put your Bitcoin wallet address in the comments and in this video if you've enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up also comment down below if you have anything to say about the crypto genius or about zoom trailer if you've got any good or bad experiences I want to hear about them also if you've got anything else for me to test please put that down in the comments down below as well or you can contact me using the details on the screen and last of all don't forget to subscribe hit that notification bell so you don't miss any more of my content right thanks for watching guys take care see you in the next one you

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