The Crypto Genius Review Fraud – Cryptocurrency Scam Exposed!

Hi, Guys! FAYSAL here. What’s going on? How are you guys doing? Today I am going to expose THE CRYPTO GENIUS
Software. THE CRYPTO GENIUS software claims that you
can earn $5900 per day with underground profit opportunity as you can see here. The creator of this THE CRYPTO GENIUS app
is Chris Peterson as you can see here his picture. They display some badges here. CNN Money, BBC news as seen on. That means it was featured on BBC or CNN Money. We have searched CNN Money and BBC news but
there is no feature or nothing on their websites related to THE CRYPTO GENIUS. Interestingly, we found Chris Peterson in
another place called SHUTTERSTOCK site & you can see here. So-called Chris Peterson is just a stock model
and he has nothing to do with THE CRYPTO GENIUS software. You can see a bunch of pictures of him. You see the same outfit he is wearing here. The exact same guy here. So, this is not so-called Chris Peterson or
he has nothing to do with THE CRYPTO GENIUS software. He is just a stock model. The creator is a fake person so their claims. You will see a bunch of testimonials here. The so-called users are earning a huge profit. For example, NATALIE RICCI earned like $6000
in just twenty-four hours. That is a huge profit for one day! But we have found NATALIE RICCI’s picture
here on Google. Her picture is just a stock photo and she
is not the NATALIE RICCI as they mentioned on their site. So, I assume that all the testimonials are
fake & these are just stock photographs. They display some Live trading results here. And this is Chris Peterson’s Balance is in
Millions. But interestingly, when we analyze these results,
we were laughing. You see, DASH signal for BUY and the invested
amount was $100 and the payout was $550 although the trade was a losing one. But they got a payout of $550 against $100
investment though the trade was lost! Now you know that these fraudsters have absolutely
no idea about trading. You see BITCOIN invested amount $250 and the
payout was $300. It is way lower and sometimes way higher. Even sometimes they got a huge payout even
the trade was a losing one. We give you an example. Let’s say BITCOIN if I trade $250 and my payout
will be $405. So, how come they got $300 only I don’t understand. This is a fabricated result and absolutely
misleading & fake. Will you join a fake software like this THE
CRYPTO GENIUS where the creator is a stock model and the testimonials or the results
are fake? Absolutely not! Stay away from THE CRYPTO GENIUS scam & if
you are looking for a legit trading software whether it is Binary, Forex or cryptocurrency
signals my recommendations are given below. You analyze my recommendations & if you find
those suitable for you then you can join or you may not. It is up to you. Until then take care & don’t get scammed!

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  1. TFS this i was looking as im desperate to make $3000 or ill loose my home my deceased husband left me behind in 3 yrs rates it might be 2 late by now

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