The Coin to Watch in 2018?

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel so today I’m in Manchester City to speak to bitcore team at the coin fest UK about bit core more in-depth ly if there’s any word like that Yeah, come along with me guys, and I will see you soon. bitcore pizza Yummy Okay, we’re ready to go live three two one sound check so I’m with the bitcore guys to ask them a few questions about bitcore and the future a bitcore so to my Right here is Ivo one of the team members of Bitcore next to him is Steve Also one of the team members of Bitcore I’m going to ask them a few questions today about Bitcore first question I have for you Ivo. Can you tell us in very simple language? What Bitcore is about I mean? How would you explain Bitcore to Billy down the road? Basically bitcore is aiming to be the number one payment coin and we’re gonna realise this through actually gathering real infrastructure into the Community infrastructure like machines that interface bit core with normal average Services that people require, so I would say that in a layman’s terms bitcore is Just a cryptocurrency. There’s nothing attached to it There’s nothing attached to it except for the hardware that we’re actually Developing now the infrastructure with higher speeds with more utility the problem with Bitcoin is it doesn’t have any speed to it We have congested networks. We can do at least 10 to 20 times these amount of transactions that Bitcoin can do And it goes much quicker If you have if you want to use Bitcoin in reality you make your payment you have to wait 10 minutes for the first block confirmation yeah and how long do You have to wait if you use Bitcore two and a half minutes for the first confirmation so to one half minutes for Bitc Cora and ten minutes for Bitcoin that’s really good Okay another question I have for you is why is the market cap of Bitcore so small when compared to other coins until this point We haven’t done that much marketing. We’re in the distribution phase we have these things call air drops, and we’re distributing all the coins to everyone so in the initial stage There’s no need for a real big market cap this will come after the a drops finish and speaking about air drops And why are you guys doing air drops like why? are you not allowing people to buy coins on their own Why’d you have to why’d you feel the need to give all your coins for free? It’s not giving all the coins for free Some coins. Yeah some but basically it helps the distribution now We want to have new people on board and this is basically an incentive to spread the coin So you feel to spread the coin you have to give it all for free. I mean, what’s the value in that for you For us. There’s no need for us to be any value in it, okay But what’s the body to do invested it so if I wanted to invest in Bitcore now? And I’m like they’re giving away this coin for free For me like interest on you. Why do you put money in the bank and get interest yeah? But I’m talking about if I’m not getting an airdrop say for example I’m not getting air drops a lot of people are get into air drops, but I’m already invested my money into Bitcore And then I find out that you guys are giving away Bitcore for free, and I’m like why they’ve been doing this That’s affecting my investment in Bitcore Yeah, but it also helps spreading to new people we need new people aboard now So this is an incentive to get new people aboard so basically awareness so people can come on board. We did two rounds of ad-rock so basically we did one for The initiative the initial round when we started this coin. Yeah was for Bitcoin holders to claim their coins you know so but not many people did so we had a huge stash of coins left and how better to we can use it, but Why not spread it to the spread the love so also I noticed that you guys are listed on not very big exchanges so is there any plans in the future to list on exchanges like Binance kucoin Yeah, we’re actually working on all the major names, but there’s also it’s not that easy the ICO’S are also spoiling People that actually operate exchanges now because they pay millions and millions for a listing okay, and we want to be a real coin No the artificial inflation Real utility so it takes us a little more time, but not to worry also the Exchanges consider it a risk if we air drop coins. Okay. Okay? This is also one of the parts Why we’re not listed on the major names names Also, it was gonna ask you about the fork basically a lot of people think you’re a bitcoin fork So this is something. I think you have to clear the air about People think your fork from Bitcoin. I mean I did see an article was talking about Bitcoin Forks, and you at least it is one of the forks, but I know that you’re a hybrid fork So is it possible to explain in simple language? What a hybrid fork is the hybrid fork is not that difficult Normally when you have a look at Bitcoin cash between gold and all the other Forks yeah, what they do is take a copy of the entire blockchain and add Something to it or subtract something to change something This is what they do so you have a hundred and thirty five gigabytes of data that is useless right? Because there’s no history for this coin, so we went about it another way what we did was we created a new chain So it’s empty, and then we import it a snapshot of the blockchain from Bitcoin And we’ve funded all the addresses by doing transactions Okay, so in the end result it means we have a four hundred megabyte chain with the same capabilities Wow Also, can I ask you Steve? I did read about you guys been in Australia and Australians literally every Australian has the opportunity to not pay their bills with bitcore how did you guys get there? You know people definitely want to know and do you guys have Plans of going into different countries and doing things like this yes We are searching for different ways, so we don’t only we don’t want go only to exchanges. We also think they are Bringing new people and you people have to feel what could I do with Bitcore or with cryptocurrency in general we are very happy that we got listed on livingroom of satoshi because we have to fill a gap a gap between cryptocurrencies and the fiat money system at the moment so we bring in or we give crypt enthusiastic people maybe show them a way to pay bills daily bills with cryptocurrency So living home of Satoshi. We are used years ago So I think in two three four years you will see the impact of living room of satoshi that people can pay with their own money or as Satoshi stands with their own money With their own control of money is very important to to say that to pay bills Only to go to banks or to third-party ones the next one is kamoney in Brazil we are working onTurkey with PayCML Nice so do you have a data of how many people in Australia already use Bitcore to pay their bills via living room of Satoshi if you go to the home page. You can see that about payment bills with bitcore and cryptocurrency in general you have to go do living room Satoshi to the home page, and you see everything Also back to you Evo so his name is spelt Ivo So I keep calling him Evo instead of Ivo Right back to you now, so the next question I have for you is I read online that you guys are raffling a car Why’d you guys feel the needs to raffle a car why do you guys feel the need to do TV Commercials to get your name out there. I mean surely if you’re doing a good job You don’t need to raffle a car, so I just want to know why because I read that on your website And I’m interested to know why I’m sure you guys interested to know why as well Yes well basically it’s also we need we need marketing right name one service that has become successful that has not done any Commercials or marketing at all true because you can have a very good product is laying there on the shelf. There’s no marketing It’s not gonna go anywhere People need to know about it yeah i understand that But in Cryptocurrency, not a lot of people do marketing I mean I see alot of ICO marketing, and I’ve never seen, but ICO’s are different We know know what we think about Icos and which ones are scams and which ones aren’t and which are just dirty money grabs and which ones are actually Meant as an ICO now because the intention of the ICO was to gather money for your great project in The reality we see a lot of scamming going on Even Vitalik himself doesn’t like this and he’s opposed to this in order for us to become a true payment coin we need To be known by the general public so we cannot avoid bringing real utility to the coin without any real marketing it’s just Purely for getting known and getting out there Somebody tell me something Huh She’s not what you feel you need to use a car Why does it have to be a car and also with the air drops that you’ve been doing since last year? This is coming up to the end of April now. Well. This is coming up I mean at the end of April you’re gonna stop doing the air drop so you’ve got so many months To give up free coins to people that already have Bitcoins and bitcore, so wasnt that enough marketing for you. Well actually no. There’s never enough marketing There’s no there’s not any coins actually that have real utility And or in order for us to become the first one that actually delivers something This is why we have the BTXM device This is real infrastructure that we’re trying to build we have the Fiat gateway. This is real infrastructure That is needed for crypto to enter the mainstream adoption phase, so you just mentioned BTXM device So what’s the BTXM device the BTXM is a payment gateway? What it does is it incorporates services? That can accept cash and coin both two way it’s not an ATM, BTXM. Okay, so it’s a BTXM Okay, so is the BTXM the little machine that looks like a cash point that I saw earlier on all right Okay, okay, so this connects all real life utility Services to the crypto currencies and to cash hey, that’s pretty good, but also another question I have is about your Hardware wallet So I did read somewhere online that you’re going to have in the future, in the nearest future a Hardware wallet But it doesn’t say if you’re actually going to have your own Hardware wallet Or if you’re going to partner with the likes of trezor or ledger I mean are you going to actually leave what you’re doing because I know it takes a lot to actually build the hardware wallet building A hardware world is really difficult From a security standpoint, it’s really hard to do so in order for us We might be able to develop one But it’s better for integration into an adoption that we actually use existing Technology for it as long as it’s secure so does that mean that But you’re going to partner with likes of trezor and ledger yeah, that means exactly that Yes, because it doesn’t really state another question I have is that some people online I’ve been talking about how they’ve signed up to bitcore And they’ve never received airdrop I don’t know why this is, maybe you can explain usually what happens is that the registration they don’t do it Right we have manuals online and exactly how to do it One of the things we try to do at bitcore is educate people about how to use a wallet Properly it’s really hard for many people to actually use it then we actually get a lot of compliments Okay, you guys really help me out. This is the first time I’ve actually used a wallet like its intended So we’re trying to educate people as well if we get these complaints and we get them often we provide support in our telegram groups whatsapp groups So much, and anyone who asks a question will be helped okay, just so people in case you’re watching this video And then you’ve tried to sign up for a bitcore air drop and you haven’t got your air drop bear in mind that the air drop is ending at the end of April so if you want some free coins you need to sign up now And you need to put the right address and sign it properly Okay
So I did read somewhere your website that in the q2 of in q2 of this year you guys want to Have people buy a bitcore direct from your website does that mean you’re gonna be like a mini exchange becasue what about security issues? That’s like literally you trading bitcore on your website. I don’t think in a cryptocurrency does that that’s correct Why do you want to do that and what’s the what’s the goal? This is actually the first phase in providing a true payment gateway for coin to get utility so it opens up the way to API implementations for vendors and web shops and everyone wanting to take or or get paid in bit core and wants To have Fiat in return, so you give Fiats as well It will be two-way. We will start up one-way buying coins yeah, and then in the future We will go both ways, so you can sell coins There’s lots of issues with many exchanges in order for you to get bitcore you have to not only you have to first buy Bitcoin yeah then you go through a shitty exchange the shitty exchange charges you an Insane amount of money in fees and the transactions on Bitcoin are very expensive as well So if you want to trade 20 euros or 20 pounds in Bitcoin it’ll probably cost you 15 Just to get your cash in yeah, and then you pay another fee to get it out That’s all we want to get rid of that so now means you’re gonna be exactly like I said before, a mini exchange Just for a bit core. Yeah, but this is not From the bit core team. It’s a third-party service Okay, cuz I was gonna say that are you guys not taking on too much like you’re doing a cryptocurrency You want to do it hard wallet, and you also want to be a mini trading platform no hard ware wallet Well, I’ve just learned that you have a third party doing all of it if you’re so my next question is for you Stephen Okay So there was a video that you guys posted to your Twitter accounts about somebody putting some fiat currency into something that looks like a cash point the Context of this video made it look as if very soon We will be able to buy big core with fiat Direct from something that looks like an ATM this gonna be possible in future and you’re gonna have things like the Satoshi ATM Points what was that video about alright, so this is Exactly the direction that you that we go to over ATMs Because it’s you bring in new people in cryptocurrencies in general its fit exactly our Education mission now about cryptocurrency in general so of course we want to go over ATMs we are working together with general bytes at the moment yeah to to Let get this bitcore in every generalbyte related ATM so in London for example you have satoshi labs. It’s ATM from their general bytes, and so in the future we want to go mainstream over many many many services ATMs and Today we show the word the BTXM is a payment gateway and yes It’s fit exactly our mission. Also does this thing that’s going around about you guys wanting to be the next bitcoins. Are you crazy? huh can you quickly tell us how you mean by that To be the next Bitcoin is maybe it’s one Mission, yes its opportunities really high. Yeah, we are very fast we are very stable we educate many people yes of course we we solve scalability of Bitcoin and yes, it’s Maybe the biggest opportunity But it would be wrong if we say we should be the newest Bitcoin because we should honor them that Bitcoin made grassroots for every cryptocurrencies You are Goddamn, right. Jimmy song Wrote about us and said Wow because could be maybe the smartest fork but fork of it’s not, really a fork? It’s a hybrid fork yeah, so what’s the network fees on the Bitcore network per kilobytes? And what plans do you have in reducing these fees I know they’re already reduced, but at the end of the day Some cryptocurrencies where you don’t have to pay any fees at all you guys aware of that I don’t want to call any names here, but are you aware of course? We are okay So I just wanted to know you know I want my audience to know How much fees you’re charging per kilobytes and what plans you have to? Potentially reduce this to no fees at all if you invest like $100 the fee will be about a few cents But the fee is not set written in stone if the price of bit core goes up exponentially or increases extremely we will bring the fee down much further because we don’t want to create the same issues that Bitcoin has Okay, so I do you have a technical question, so I’m gonna get technical guy talk about a technical question today I do have the pool leader for bit core Greg yes in the house today And it’s gonna be answering some technical questions about bit core So can you just quickly introduce yourself to my viewers and let them know who you are What exactly you do for BitCore? I run our set up bit core pool Which is currently the biggest mining pool for bitcore? Yeah, I to introduce it a little bit more bit core is minable by graphic cards so it also makes a difference from Bitcoin because bitcoin is well known by big Asics, and it’s centralized with bit core we have it decentralized and anyone with a decent graphic cards can mine it and join a pool and Make the coin as much decentralised as possible so you can you just tell the audience? People are interested in mining a little bit about the time travel ten because I did read something while you’re time travel ten algorithm So time travel ten is the new algorithm which we introduced four bit core It was interest originally in the machine coin which uses time travel and a lot of people confusing it between time travel and and time travel ten and Time travel that makes difference that it makes these ten different all goes together So it’s not easy to create an asic for it and this again goes back to that decentralization of mining Personally I’ve been struggling to find more information about all of you Where can the public find answers and find more information about the team members of bitcore? Whos gonna answer that question There’s lots of information to find about as we’re in our telegram groups daily We’re one of the few actual dev teams that actually communicates with the community through direct media. I like Facebook Twitter Telegram whatsapp there’s so much Bitcoin talk discord There’s so many ways to reach us and we are one of the few teams that actually makes a big effort to Stay in direct contact with the entire community the you won’t you will not find any coin of this size where you can access? Developers directly, so we’re very accessible so background information Yeah, okay. There’s lots to find on us if you know where to look I had to stalk you basically Also guys at the moment, there’s no merchants accepting bitcore you guys working on Actually getting the merchants to accept your coin, or you focused on the tech What are you actually focused on when it comes to full adoption by customers we’re working on Merchants acception through the API. This is one of the reasons. We are enabling selling and buying coins this opens up the way to Accepting bit core everywhere. Yeah, there is no real utility in most coins and Bitcoin implementations are only Limited so far and we want to take it in to the next level this is also Why we introduced the BTXM it makes for real? world use case the gateway will function To actually enable merchants to accept it the problem is there is no way to accept crypto currencies in real life and make it usable So this is what we’re trying to tackle now, and yeah the first phase the distribution phase is done And now we’re working on the actual implementations, so we’re working on contracts with vendors with Marketing departments for companies that want to integrate bit core interior. She was an example of some of them if you can actually Know, but I can give a general example We have like you seen on the BT XM we have an arrangement with a telecom provider selling top-up cards Okay, what country is that that’s the Netherlands right and we accept or they accept? Bit core indirectly so even though they don’t accept bit core the payment gateway enables it enables the merchant to actually accept it and earn money on it John also developed a System called a small clip called micro pos micro pos is a feature for online shops to integrate the feature and to pay really small amounts of Money, yes, even if you want to buy goods for one euro, and you want to pay in Bitcore, micro POS can calculate it exactly and provide over the inside and will be created so This is what’s the second way and the third way is you never should? underestimate education yeah education education education goes over universities introduce new students about our projects to Bring in intelligence in the system. Yeah, so We are in talks with some universities in Turkey And we are in talks with some universities in Germany, and so we think this could be a way to push The currency ok that’s that’s really good. I mean you guys are going looks like you guys know what you’re doing I mean So what? Why you guys haven’t gained as much traction or as much maybe like you said before the markets in is just not enough now They’re just too many cryptocurrencies on the market. You kind of have to go hard on marketing before people can get to know you That’s pretty good. Can I have one of your Bitcore t-shirts because they look really good I’ve been seeing everyone wear them.. Yeah? Oh my god. Oh, okay? Thank you so much. This is so good Yeah, Bitcoin has now been eight years and we have to Yeah, fill that gap eight years, so yes, we made the pink color to hit more attention I see you are smiling about it, so Thank you very much for taking out your time to speak to me today Follow ups we will gladly answer So that’s brought us to the end of this Interview with this lovely guys from bitcore so if you have any questions any more questions for them Please leave them in comment section below, and if you arent already subscribed to this channel please subscribe So you don’t miss my future videos and like this video and share this video because I think Bitcore Are doing a really great job? I mean I had to stalk them all the way from London to Manchester to have a talk with them, so yes I’d really appreciate it if you guys could like this video because it does help my channel as well And I will see you guys on my next video. Bye

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