The BTC-e exchange suddenly adds Ethereum and Dash Bitcoin trading pairs!

hello everyone this is Adam Meister the
BitcoinMeister the Disrupt Meister and I have a quick little news to share
with you perhaps even noticed that the Bitcoin exchange BTC -e which is
based somewhere in eastern europe they are now you cannot trade Dash and if
they’re also which is also a place where people get my point but now you get your
dash angry they’re also and they don’t have any coins i think is better cause I
don’t even know anything about those coins ok but I think it’s exciting that
dash and Ethereum on that exchange of you being forward here this is where see
progress for this too cryptocurrencies are becoming more mainstream world at
least if you have not purchased through use cash in it and go check out BTC down
dashi change I’ll give a link and maybe you’ll
get into them I’m not encouraging it or anything like that but I knew there is
there are in July interest in those two and they are quite interesting dash in the area and it says a lot that
PGCE just suddenly added him out of the blue and maybe it’s gonna drive up the
price you never know will be interesting to analyze this tell me what you think
I’ll talk to you later on animals

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