The blockchain: an asset in Knowledge Economy – Teaser 3/3 – Subtitled in English

A unique platform to find knowledge, the CTY Token to deliver it. Building a Knowledge Ecosystem At the age of carbon we see the development of dedicated infrastructures, the train, then the pipelines, the refineries, etc. At the age of knowledge, the same infrastructures are in development but for the knowledge. For instance, in the 1990s, Al Gore and Bill Clinton had talked about the information highways. That was optical fiber, coaxial copper cables, to carry 0s and 1s. And today we need the same thing to carry knowledge, that is to say, to human’s heads, actors in the flesh. These infrastructures are ripe in the 21st century. Today we can all admit that the world is changing faster and faster. It raises fears and yet I think it is a real source of opportunities. A real source of opportunities because we go beyong the models. First of all, it will allow us to dissociate exchanges of knowledge from money. We are not talking about a knowledge monetization, we are talking about a system of exchange that would favour those who contribute the most. The principal advantage of the blockchain is that it will create places, it will create registers to store information irreversibly while securing it, and guaranteeing it enforceable against third parties. Nowadays, all the technologies in development go in the direction of this decentralization and allow the real creation of a collective intelligence. The blockchain, for instance, allows everyone to store information in a certified way, withtout any central body to validate and certify the stored information. This is just certified and tamper-proof information, shared together.

70 thoughts on “The blockchain: an asset in Knowledge Economy – Teaser 3/3 – Subtitled in English”

  1. that your platform is focused on the Knowledge Economy, for me it already says a lot about your project as a whole. the idea of connecting the world of knowledge (scientists, experts, etc.) with the innovative world (start-up, small or large companies …), as a goal, can really simplify and make faster exchanges between those two worlds to revitalize the knowledge economy, drastically increasing its efficiency and performance. Well, I will certainly be attentive to the development of your project. and I wish you all success!

  2. Most valuable project ever i seen, this team is working very hard and they will be success, proud to be part of this project…

  3. This is an excellent project and they have very strong team behind this project and I Hope their team will take this project to the Moon

  4. I trust un this project and i hop that will be another one great token project in this year. join and follow us to support!

  5. Knowledge is the most valuable asset we can have. Without the knowledge we would not have brilliant minds like the Connecty CTY team.

  6. I like the project. Especially the fact that everything is clear and accessible. Respect creators and staff.
    I think that your project is a revolutionary one and I love revolutionary projects. I think in the near future I will see an unprecedented growth of this project. Thanks!

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