The Bitcoin Rises – This is Only a Test 506 – 6/27/19

let’s start the show for Thursday June
27th 2018-2019 oh my goodness welcome to this is only a test the official podcast
of tested dot-com hello and welcome to a special edition
of this is only a test special for a couple of reasons one we are a little
bit crammed on time today so we are at a deadline hmm
so it will not be a two hour long episode but when a packet cuz there’s
tons of stuff to talk about I’m norm of course and joining me to my left is our
second foremost Bitcoin expert Jim Williams hi norm
Jeremy how you doing I’m well thank you I feel like I’ve caught up with you in
the continuum because now I too have seen Toy Story 3 for all time
three thousand dollars well before we get to Toy Story 4 I want to introduce
our very special guest not a frequent have you been on this podcast before
once maybe once you’re not allowed to speak until I introduce you by the way
cheesy but our foremost crypto and Bitcoin expert Gunther Kirsch producer
dr. Hirsch how you doing got there I’m doing great thanks for having me it’s
amazing to have you here we’re gonna get right in to it you know what no no I’m
gonna make you sit for a longer count it’s only here to talk about our top
story this week but we’re not gonna do that just yet because I do want to talk
about Toy Story 4 did you hear me okay well we’re not gonna go to full spoiler
no cuz I know probably a lot of you out there you know it didn’t it only made a
hundred twenty million dollars which is a lot it’s like a second or third
biggest animated film opening after finding dory Incredibles 2 of course but
did not hit the expectations of 130 hundred fifty million a lot of
box-office Watchers had hoped for Toy Story 4 now what did you think about the
movie critically i well you know in the middle of the I saw with my whole family
obviously we all went my 9 year old my 12 year old my wife and I and I I wasn’t
I was I didn’t buy in throughout the movie outside but I found myself
thinking about it you know afterward afterwards yeah and and I realized okay
no I actually think I did like this movie you know I went to see I went to
Target and I went Knight to the to a mall and I saw the toys I was like oh
yeah look it’s Karen Reeves he’s so good he the two new there are a bunch of new
characters but two of the standout characters is Duke kaboom without Keanu
Reeves he’s the stunt toy Canadian stunt toy he steals almost every scene he’s in
and then also Tony Hale who plays for ki the existential toy buster from Arrested
Development yes yes I do it was until after they moved from veep I mean yeah I
listened to an interview with the director Josh Cooley who from last
week’s episode of you listen I was thinking of the right person Josh Cooley
has a book a children’s book in the in the in the model of these those golden
books yeah but based on pop culture movies and like a dark take so yeah it
definitely is a darker comedic sense of humor and you can see a little bit of
that in Toy Story 4 I think maybe they’re funniest Toy Story movie yeah
maybe the funniest Pixar movie I don’t know about that but it’s it’s super
funny yeah definitely it is – mover and a lot of that of the term is brought by
bunny and ducky as well key and Peele yeah I mean and I I don’t think I’ve
heard my my wife laughed so much in a film is at those two very explicitly the
humor for adults like it’s subversive a lot of the humor I mean they’re plushy
toys so we’re talking about you know kidnapping people but they’re plushy
toys who had a hard life yes yes yeah contrast good now so you overall you
like it do you agree with the mice earlier assessment like didn’t feel like
it was needed but by the end I’m happy it exists and sure it pulls all the
right heart strings I suppose so I supposed to cry again no but I didn’t
cry and Toy Story 3 either oh I love Toy Story 1 and 2 so much I don’t think I
think 3 & 4 are fine but they both feel you know like long shorts like I would
like they’re they’re fine in the universe I’m happy they exist
sorry wraps things up for wraps things three ties a bow on the journey of Randy
and Woody and Buzz yep and here there are bow ties at the end as well
undeniably the world has changed toys there is it’s over trying to avoid some
spoilers I’m avoiding spoilers but it’s they can’t go on there’s of course they
can they could always bring it back now I know that they say they’re not going
to but they said that after three and four he will have his own TV show that’s
right on the so d+ the young disney plus so some of the characters will find
extended lives but the journey that we went along with for the main
characters Tom Hanks yep what do you have Tim Allen mm-hmm yeah
that’s it but it’s like you know I think it’s over okay anyway that’s our spoiler
free recap you’re caught up into continuum yeah Gunther how was your
weekend we typically start these podcasts off how asking people how their
their weekend ax was there’s no time for this top story this week well done Jeremy if
you weren’t gonna cut him off I was gonna come off because no I don’t care
what you were doing this weekend I know what you were doing in fact I know what
both of you were probably doing this weekend
you were checking the indexes yes staring at Bitcoin charts prevalent you
were and that is our top story this week because we are despite what you may have
heard and what you think might think about the show we are foremost a
technology show and the top technology story the top story well in our world
this week is the rear eyes they’re the Phoenix that is Bitcoin about a year ago
I programmed a new mode for the game frame which is my pixel display so that
was basically a Bitcoin chart and what you know could track any coin or dollar
and every column as a day in the past 14 days you know 16 days which shows on my
game frame has just been going up and up and up and up now is it going from one
green pixel the two green pixels to three yeah yeah yeah so it’s going
parabolic exactly it’s it’s all green yeah the Bitcoin price has been going
crazy a little bit of a redemption for sure
yeah I’m speaking to them well sorry about that I’m new to this so we I don’t
know if the last time we had you on the show we introduced you as such but you
know are the offices quick tokens that guy you’re you’re that guy that coin guy
and the other had that whole bit segment ago like a you are our day for whatever
it was you are Gunther is a guy who comes in and and if you if we want to
get a 20 minute diatribe or is this or our on on that’s the state of crypto we
can get that at any time so we’re gonna pull that cord open that box and hear
about so tell us a recap of the last year or so well December 2017 the price
hit $20,000 and it went from 15 to 20 in four days or was it 10 to 20 in four
days yeah I feel like it was fast it was really fast and it was in all the
news yeah it was everywhere as on CNBC’s Squawk Box all the all the mainstream
news networks – so everyone and their mother and father and cousin was buying
Bitcoin and because it for the it really had it was for the first time quite easy
to buy coin yeah online yeah there were a lot
of very convenient venmo like products out there where you can easily buy
Bitcoin I think cash app was out at that point to coinbase Gemini exchange
there’s quite a few it was far from the Bitcoin ATM experience at will and I had
and way back in in 2013 and in the previous bubble luckily I didn’t buy it
wouldn’t really matter in retrospect because the bubble before this only hit
twelve hundred dollars but in order to buy Bitcoin around then you had to sign
up for a very sketchy money transfer business called Dwolla and Dwolla or D
Walla would then send that money to what’s named the exchange the big
exchange the crash mount GOx okay so you’re trusting that
sure guarantee Magic the Gathering online it used to be a trading card yeah
long history there so you had to go through these steps to get it on there
and then of course mount Cox was hacked that added to the collapse of the
previous bubble and yeah luckily I didn’t get in then I kind of got in
after that around the same time you didn’t you bought your Bitcoin in Austin
oh well done well done $400 $400 and I I put in I think $400 around the end
bought one and then continually just bought a little bit here and there here
and there here and there like you know once a month once a week whatever it was
at the time I set up so you’re a true believer your models definitely holds
yeah I got in a Bitcoin because of the philosophical reasons for it and why I
think it’s like an innovative important technology and somehow managed to not
buy any for a few years surprisingly probably cuz co-workers were just
telling me not to at the time which in retrospect was a good thing but yeah
definitely a true believer in it for the long run
unregulated distributed currency that’s not based on any type of no cannot no
government just saying it has value yeah and I mean the history of money is a
long one right and I think the the closest parallel to Bitcoin is gold
which you know that invented as a money who knows maybe 4000 5000 years ago
something like that and Bitcoin holds a lot of similar properties to that and I
think that’s going to kind of you know in gold wasn’t decided by any government
per se maybe a different commune kind of rough governments at the time
decided that it was the best option as a currency but that emerged because of its
actual properties right like Gold doesn’t tarnish it doesn’t doesn’t fall
apart easily doesn’t rust or anything like that it’s very divisible you can
have a very tiny chunk of gold but it’s also finite it’s also finite you can’t
magically make it out of thin air as much as any alchemists try only mine it
you can only mine it and that’s where that parallel comes from exactly so many
parallels a lot of parallels and that has to do not with what it actually
physically is but what the technology itself is you know money is a technology
we didn’t have my money we didn’t have gold money forever right to system of
trust the system is a handshake yeah yeah it’s a it’s a mutual it’s a ledger
in and of itself like the price of gold is somewhat of a ledger
you know before we’re using shells and in other cultures beads three shells
guys yeah exactly so bitcoin is just an improvement on the
technology of money itself and we’re in that new phase now okay so because if as
we’re recording this podcast right now Bitcoin as a value of thirteen thousand
eight hundred and fifty dollars it might hit fourteen during this fight and it’s
about forty four percent this week this week it was under ten thousand last week
so undoubtedly a lot of mainstream media a lot of tech media is gonna be really
we’re talking about yeah exactly we’re gonna be talk about why this is
happening the and everyone’s can be trying to
forecast you know when when there are bull markets like you said and all
everyone’s a genius what’s what’s gonna happen next I don’t care what’s gonna
happen next whoo you can’t predict the future why is
this happening now oh man yeah Gunther I price predictions and things like that
Bitcoin has a cycle to it you know bull runs and bear markets and if you go back
in the past of Bitcoin and you can I scroll down the the timeline of the
price chart it all looks the same it’s just kind of like a heartbeat on EKG and
it just repeats itself over and over again but the price gets bigger each
time but what causes these spikes to happen I mean that there’s it was at
$4,000 for months and months and months well I mean it’s people I think it’s
combination of there’s a more limited supply there’s been a lot of speculation
and news in the media of institutional investors
getting into the market and buying at those low prices that we saw from three
to six thousand dollars by institutional investors you mean traditional big banks
and finance companies elements in managers of large accounts of money
yeah traditional finance for the most part not retail investors like cherami
and I retail vespers mean consumers and modern profits exactly people got
screwed yeah there’s been a lot of speculation that
they’re finally moving into the market I mean you see JPM has their own type of
coin coming out Facebook has Libre coin coming out traditional finance is kind
of finally acknowledging that yeah maybe this crypto market is a thing we should
pay attention though Facebook a multi-billion dollar company has
announced plans to launch their own crypto for for use of their services or
however they plan to deploy that it’s not like people are pulling their money
out of bitcoins and then invest in that it then strengthens further
institutional trust in the whole idea of crypto I think so and I think it would
also allow more customers more retail customers probably to enter the crypto
market in general there’ll be another you know tradable asset there Libre the
Bitcoin presumably as the ways to tie your bank accounts and turn cold hard
cash and gold into some type of crypto this one weighs in the more doors and
more doors a higher the price will eventually go presumably because then
it’s easy to find ways to exchange between different users buy it seems to
me like the little I know about institutional investing it seems to me
that institutional investors would never take such a long shot as Bitcoin if by
your own admission it has followed this pattern before it was a $20,000 and then
it was down the for well very volatile assets provide potentially very high
profit ratios right so if you can time it right it’s a damn good thing to get
in on mm-hmm so the idea is that maybe an institutional investor someone who’s
running the finances or the the funds for a you know hundred million dollar
account yeah some should famously the asset manager for Yale’s endowment at
some point got into crypto over the last bear market okay right and that’s like
yeah that’s like eight hundred million dollars I think six hundred million
dollars for them they’re not putting all that no
one to 5% of that is probably all they’re put which is maybe I don’t know
based on that that’s with that’s millions and millions of dollars it’s a
lot of money but for them proportionally it is not a very big risk acceptable
risks yeah exactly and we were talking about this earlier I think a lot of
asset managers are starting to see if you look at Bitcoin over the last ten
years the return on investment for that is just insane compared to every other
asset out there every other market out there the even though in 2017 we saw a
massive bear market all right two years before that you’re still up on money so
it’s an asset managers job to make money for whatever endowment whatever fun
they’re working for and if it’s their fiduciary duty to do that and they see
the rest of the market they see this like a little golden asset over there
making a ton of money for a bunch of people and they don’t put 1% in like 5%
and they’re not doing their job and 1 to 5% is a tolerable risk as you put it so
the people who let’s say the needle is really moved by big investors big
financial because they’re the ones who have access to have hundreds of million
dollars it’s not the mom and pops even though that’s what gets the mainstream
awareness it’s really it’s it’s the big investors is the thought that okay it
previously hit this crazy high of 20,000 now that we’re two years after that year
and a half after that they want us they think that I can go past that or do they
think it’s gonna hit that again and that’s a good psychological is there a
limit at that point then it’s plummets again this is not an investing advice
people oh yeah yeah here’s our disclaimer we do not provide investment
advice on this podcast we this is purely for amusement only because I know what
every günther is about to save he’s gonna go long-term enough it’s gonna
sound really really interesting hey hey hey Gunther
the kool-aid you’re serving is toxic and it’s what it’s still kool-aid
nonetheless you know it’s a fine line between cult and community and the
Bitcoin community definitely blares that at times so those people do believe that
it has the potential to yeah I mean not much higher it’s the whole thing with
Bitcoin is it’s a scarce digital asset it’s scarce and if something’s scarce
and the demand for it keeps going up eventually the price will keep going how
it gets there who knows supplying my defense there who knows we were just
having lunch before the podcast and I asked Hazen there somebody happening
next year with the coin and both of you Jeremy hunt they’re simultaneously same
time said they’re having the habit of what you said it was so cult-like he
knows what it means the happening in the Bitcoin code its
program that the mining reward for mining new blocks decreases at a set
amount it halves okay and that’s happening next year so miners will
receive less half as much Bitcoin for every block how much work they put in
how much GPU time they put in yeah you’ll recall that there were a lot of
there was a GPU shortage year and a half ago a year ago because people were
buying them all up so they could mine Bitcoin right and in that actually
mostly altcoins probably and then exchanging that for Bitcoin but
basically same prints right and so that has recently since Bitcoin dropped along
with every altcoin price that’s become a lot less compelling and you’re saying
that a year from now it’s gonna become even less compelling even less
compelling I mean it kind of depends on what the price ratio is at that time to
like say the all coin market is just ten xìng yeah the I mean there’s calculators
out there the amount that your GPU costs them out the power costs and what your
return on investment is and when you can plug it in and we get to a place where
these miners are are its no longer financially prudent for them to hoard
all the GPUs and build up these mining farms it becomes more stabilized yeah I
mean not a gold rush essentially I think we’re past the gold rush phase a Bitcoin
when everyone was just taking their gaming PC and mining Bitcoin when they
weren’t playing games on it the profitability is not there anymore
most Bitcoin mining all Bitcoin mining takes place with ASIC computers that are
specifically designed to hash that algorithm constantly and doesn’t isn’t
that necessary also for transactions so the mining sort of happens the miner low
the mining yeah exactly new coins are created through the formation of blocks
and blocks also contain transactions and they can only fit I think about two
megabytes worth of transactional data into them but along
with creating that block you get new bitcoins and those new bitcoins go to
the miners who created that new chain of transactions the blockchain when was the
last time there was a having a happening I think it was three or four years ago
what happened that same thing that’ll happen this time
you mean Ward’s the rice yeah oh I mean if you look at the charts it roughly
takes place before a massive bull run so I think the last having took place after
it surpassed $1,200 but before it was like 2 or 4 so kind of after it had
passed the previous all-time highs so in this case it’s maybe it’ll do the same
thing maybe Bitcoin price will get above 20,000 will have the happening and
that’ll trigger another bull run I mean we’re already in a bull run as it is
let’s be real wow that’s a lot to take in in the time
you told you it took for you to explain that Bitcoin has dropped two thousand
dollars right all right well we’ll have to have you back down there at the next
big the next big of inflection point or or a parabola moment whatever whatever
your terminology is yeah for crypto but uh that the past 15 minutes was all for
you norms Bitcoin do we need a theme song for the oh yeah the crypto minute
yeah the money give it a name yeah I don’t think we can use mining minute
because we were have a a moment of signs in the VR Brian yeah yeah so we need
something more clever mean the Bitcoin bit or the crypto bit that’s too easy
let’s let’s put it out there all right if we’re not gonna do this segment on
the rag you know who knows if it skyrockets maybe we’ll have it every
other week or maybe once every six months makes makes more sense but we’d
love to your pitch for what a crypto segment could be named and for those of
you out there any fans know there was some very talented composers out there
if you want to generate a segment intro piece
please select that you can email it directly to us special requests if you
do make one please include the bit connect I know I don’t know if we can
use that YouTube that if you haven’t seen it it’s good yeah that’s good stuff
it connect thanks guys thank you going there thank you God that you can now
crawl out from under the table here let’s go that way alright now this’ll probably would have
been the more appropriate time to talk about toy store form well now we can
talk about spoilers no we won’t talk about suppose a lot of people haven’t
seen it ok yeah well wait it is a movie that sticks
with you yeah from like you know somebody we didn’t talk about the
technical achievement of that film dude seriously like it is probably the most
beautiful Pixar film and and that’s saying a lot and it’s from and not like
from a color standpoint necessarily I think bush and yes right from a
cinematography standpoint from what they’re doing like with camera
simulation you know remember the piper film that little bird on the beach yes
and all that they did which was incredible for the virtual lenses yeah
and this Toy Story 4 is loaded with that I think they definitely had that for a
couple reasons one when you get that tight and that shallow depth-of-field
less stuff behind you the bloom huh it’s really pretty and when they had the
carnival scenes in Toy Story 4 they did that for a lot the carnival stuff
because of course you’re looking at macro lenses right if you’re getting
into the table height that the scale of toys yeah you got you’re using macro
lenses and everything in the back then everything is bloomed out so when you
have these natural lights something that also talked about is they cheat less now
in terms of the lighting so earlier Pixar films while you have practical
lights like this room we have a light here here and here that’s lighting us
they can put a light anywhere yes out actually having to luminate all the
characters they talked about doing per character light exactly so for for woody
they would have a light like that would bounce them and give you the the
backlighting the shadow and stuff like that but that virtual light wouldn’t
necessarily affect someone like buzz who has more reflective services and yeah
dome but as they maybe it’s it’s both an artistic and a technical challenge for
them as they have improved their technology they have lit their scenes
yeah real like the new Nvidia cards when we talked about a couple weeks ago where
they’re running quick to it with real-time ray tracing now those rays
that they’re tracing are one or two bounces right the stuff in Toy Story 4
is 128 I mean it’s just non-stop and the refractions that you get looking through
curtain bent glass surfaces or the light bounces
that you see inside the pinball machine for instance off the porcelain Bo Peep
you know well they were saying for Bo Peep especially like that is a porcelain
character as you said so there were light bounces off her at a very specific
way yeah and not only the intensity of it but a shape of light
so right in the scenes that Bo peeps in they could not use square lights I
believe they had to use circular lights because otherwise have used a
rectangular light like an LED panel and about stop okay you would see a
rectangular reflection which would be unflattering and so those highlights
have to be taken into account it’s amazing the detail and not to mention
the detail of that pinball machine oh yeah so was that not a spoiler but there
is a pinball machine is actually in the trailer like you actually see it for a
moment in the trailer both the outside and the inside so was that do you think
a real interior of a pinball machine I think that was absolutely modeled Office
of the interior for pin machine I don’t know if it was an exact actual pinball
machine some are saying they’d because I know the playfield was fake they made up
a game oh yeah yeah cuz you don’t see that play field very much I can say that
I know from people I’ve talked to that they designed a at least conceptually
yeah a game okay right yes you don’t see but inside that game our pinball parts
like 100% authentic so the question is though did they make a play field where
the the holes whether the gels I’d be insert sample the inserts would actually
be where the light would illuminate for lighting right now the interior of that
are you saying is it model off a real game I want to know I’m saying what did
they design it so like so he could it could be yes and that’s absolutely
unnecessary because nobody nobody but nobody’s gonna actually care if the
wires and the parts look authentic except you right and pinball heads and
and so that’s cool I don’t know if they have they must have looked inside a
pinball machine I don’t know if it was at Pixar or if they went somewhere and
did research but they they have you learned third in the East Bay they could
have just went to the Pacific Mall museum yeah I was I was highly impressed
yeah did you did you like the antique store that how complex that what’s you
appreciate yeah flex advantage yourself so much going on there did you notice
some of the Easter eggs in there no there’s uh no no do you want to go into
it there are there are characters no there’s Pixar shorts Oh
I mean tin toy I saw well that he’s there he’s in the pinball machine but
there are actual film reels but you can see of some of the Pixar shorts yeah
that’s great it’s great oh I was hearing about how that antique store as interior
space is the most complex interior space they’ve ever made interesting
environment just because like if you think about Andy’s room or the the
nursery the right 333 that’s a lot of stuff there but that’s not nearly as
complex as just they took like a volume they built out every single item there’s
not a space to store more complex than an antique store there’s a lot of stuff
and the simulation that do for the dust bunnies and the web being like to
actually age it over time like that was all super super cool yeah and the cat
very realistic I think I’m a lot of people have pointed that out compared
with the dog from Toy Story one right the cat and a lot of it with the the
lighting they were very bold with a lot of high key lighting yeah like cat going
into the sunlight blue against the armineh monography incredible but how do
you feel about Pixar inching into realism like I’ve felt like there’s
always been elements of their films that have looked realistic but they’ve been
juxtaposed against a cartoonish world and I I wonder like obviously they have
the power now as CG across Hollywood can show to do realism and I wonder it like
it’s that a line that they’re very careful I think they are possible
because you’re talking the line is right there on the film Andy the humans in the
film are still not vote not not based on there’s real people right there they’re
cartoon interpretation yeah they are the 3d versions of a sketch drawing but the
cat is very close to a real cat least the fur I’m sure that was also
stretching the movement yeah exactly so yeah where is that line I don’t think
they’re gonna ever do like a true photo real Robert Zemeckis right movie well
God like that wasn’t photo real but yeah I mean like you can attention right yeah
attention Allen that they’re ever gonna do that I think their roots are still in
traditional animation and giving artists a charge interpret
interpret exactly a character design design character yeah I think the toys
are the closest thing yeah right the toys are based on real toys and yeah
even like Bo Peep went actually away from being did they move the way like Bo
Peep and woody are less like the kind of toys you’d find in stores and more like
cartoons now even though the characters that surround them mr. Potato Head Rex
even not even Buzz Lightyear but like like the other toys that the army men
are based off the real toys like Bo Peep looks more like a cartoon than a
porcelain doll ya know then you find in a store yeah unfortunately and you know
aesthetically I think it’s a great film I want to see it again man me too and I
think we if you look at non word like we talked about last week their next film
again not super hyper realistic in terms of the character design it’s gonna be
okay cartoonish characters orcs in that case okay moving on other pop culture
news next weekend or next week next Thursday is July 4th and not only we’re
gonna celebrate America’s independence we’re also gonna celebrate the release
of stranger things season three that’s right yeah the the final trailer I guess
there have been a couple teasers and a trailer the final trailer is out I have
not watched this yet it is something I should watch or no no I would actually
hold off on it then because it actually gives you a little bit of a story that
you don’t know yet um yeah but so if you haven’t seen it you don’t want to talk
about it then we’ll avoid talking about this but it is it is an event I’m
excited for it they spent a lot of extra time and money apparently on this season
delaying it for a bit and I’m excited to see how it ends up I’m loving this
series and I’m so glad that I think my 12 year old is now old enough to join me
in this in these changer things phenomenon as you see the first two
season oh no no so you have a lot of work to do yeah yeah I think we’ll
probably start watching them this year wow do you need season two really right
even the leg over the set is one season one yeah I don’t think you really season
one is kind of all unique kind of fill in some of it some of the characters you
might be right about that yeah well I mean obviously season three has all the
characters introduced season two but and season two does have
a couple really good scenes yes yes also coming out next weekend is Spider Man
far from home this is the final film in phase three it’s kind of the epilogue
film that comes out of the back end of July after July fourth though it is
though it comes out July 2nd oh wow Tuesday okay and while reviews have not
been out yet they’re not like there is no runs made of score yet you had the
first the social reviews this is again what marketing departments do these days
people who’ve gone see it they have an embargo for putting their impressions
online in 280 characters and there’s also embargo for putting an actual score
on it you know what we had for the valve index who put out our impressions but
not a put a stamp of approval that comes when the product is released
so the initial impressions are that it’s it’s great I think that’s all we need to
really hear people are happy with it yep apparently the villain or the the
quote-unquote who we think is a villain Mysterio is supposed to really good a
lot of people have said there are lots of shocking twists and turns and I think
a very excited flip this is the I know it’s not an MCU film but it’s the first
Marvel film post endgame it is MCU film it is now what spider-man
homecoming with them so I don’t I can’t follow this stuff so I’m gonna go on a
pure speculation territory because I have not seen this I’ve only seen the
trailers and you’re right the reason it’s confusing is because
this is a Sony owned character for the filmmaking rights spider-man is a Marvel
character and it was all came out during the Sony hack right remember the big
North Korea and Sony hack right and there was a handshake agreement between
Sony and Disney that while Sony still had all the moviemaking rights to
spider-man and they were they reap the profits they they would allow spider-man
to be in the MCU and for trade the Marvel Studios would produce the
spider-man films ah okay so it is a Kevin Feige joint his direction his his
his overarching plan that’s why Tony Stark was in sweater and
homecoming yeah he was the big trade right yeah I thought it was a trade but
but going forward it’s still an MCU film got it so the ramifications of endgame
are dealt with in this film that’s an Jackson that’s why I’m interested in
seeing this quite a lot of people as much for the spider-man
you know hoopla that is gonna happen and all the amazing effects and whatever
story they have to tell what I want to see is what is the world posting it’s
the halo effect it’s the same it’s not the only reason it’ll make clear but
it’s one of the reasons that people were very interested in seeing Captain Marvel
as well yeah it’s because it was the movie that was sandwiched between
infinity war an endgame and so you have this nice halo effect of the Phase three
finale of endgame and this being the first epilogue story I think it’s big
but I think it’s gonna stay on its own my big theory because this is the
confusing thing Sony while has handed over the production responsibilities of
spider-man to the Marvel Studios MCU they still hold on tight their own
production on things like into the spider-verse
the other spider-man story yep right Miles Morales and also venom venom was
not MCU at all mm-hm and didn’t even mention spider-man
but at some point Kevin Feige has made it like venom will probably like they
will probably have to reconcile that at some point how well as you saw and into
the spider verse there is a multiverse I did see that and of different spider
people and so maybe the story of venom which at the very end was set up for a
sequel maybe that’s a venom that does not belong in the MCU but it’s a
different and has a different spider-man and which of course is that would be the
case with the Miles Morales spider-man was same with the Chris Pine spider-man
same with the what’s name from a new girl spider-man older spender man and
Kevin Feige is he’s in it for the long run he’s like like the the Russo
brothers are hanging their hats they’re done with Ford out the MCU forever but
Feige is a hundred percent still involved it’s his Vaes for and beyond
yes okay but yes but the same time they will be very cautious to say that they
take one movie at a time yeah like they’d they while there are loose plans
it’s not like all the machinations are already
turning like they are they want to make their one good movie now yeah they move
on to the next good movie one phase at a time I’m stunned that that’s the case
because the quality the consistency that they have managed to that’s the miracle
to foster is incredible yeah listen uh Kevin Smith do an interview because he’s
making a chainsaw Bob return a reboot uh-huh right and he was talking about
his appreciation for the MCU films is that he got to enjoy the characters as a
kid but a lot of times as an adult you don’t have that same type of wandering a
little bit jaded like like Star Wars perfect example the way you enjoy Star
Wars the original trilogy was probably different than the way you enjoyed the
prequel trilogy even though there’s a whole generation of kids i’ma say lately
for those whole generation of kids who loved who enjoy the prequel trilogy as
much as you enjoy the original trilogy it struck the same chord the same magic
the same amount of fun I don’t necessarily associate with that
generation but you know günther love the prequel trilogy his
generation right those are the characters they grew up with mm-hmm
right the clones and all the Clone Wars stuff and the rebels right all that
stuff Roger Roger and with the MCU it feels like we got
the double dip we got to enjoy them as adults as much as the kids got to enjoy
them and when the sense of wonder that we felt reading these characters and
this goes to people who read the characters Reds the Captain America red
are you talking about as we talk about starts the comic books okay yeah yep on
film I got to enjoy I thought you mission because the MCU
has been going so long like you always had years ago like you were occasionally
ten years like when it started yeah but you could imagine that happening and a
lot of people who were just watching these films thirteen year olds yeah they
were three he had Iron Man they didn’t see Iron Man when it came in they what
they probably grew up with phase three phase all right they grew up watching
guardians guardians was there was there an entry the guardians to maybe was her
entry point into the MCU yeah so hopefully they can hold on and do this I
don’t think there’ll be another endgame like moment but you will be seeing in
game again there will be another end game release that’s this weekend
the 28th we talked about this last week this is cash or go to the movie dozen
times more that’s where he’s right now cash or is it on the podcast is because
he’s in line to watch endgame to bolster its final tally I think it right now
when we say 45 million below avatar last weekend I think it’s like 30-something
now it’s creeping but the rerelease and they have confirmed that it’s gonna be a
new intro from the directors now interesting it’s gonna be a deleted
scene uh-huh at the end of the film and it’s gonna be an extended look a deleted
scene not an outtake a deleted scene deleted scene interesting they I think
the caveat would say it there’s not a final effect so a real base like a DVD
extra okay and what was the third thing a third thing is a spider-man far from
home extended look No some extended trailer okay so I don’t know it’s gonna
temper people’s experimenting a big deal about this release people with my
tickets now so I’m gonna go this weekend it’s a probably last chance for a long
time to see endgame in theaters so when we went to see Toy Story 4 we saw a
bunch of trailers one of them was for trolls world tour I’m telling you if you
have a approximately ten-year-old girl she’s like this is this is a red game
this is her game yes I saw I have one of those and she’s psyched trolls is
previously I think her favorite film listen to the soundtrack non-stop and
this looks good they’ve they broken music into its basic genres and there’s
trolls for every one of them and there’s different lands said it looks cool all
right that’s the report from a I’ve got some JJ Abrams news JJ Abrams of course
he is working hard on episode 9 mm-hmm that’s coming out this Christmas
yep that’s crazy that’s crazy why is that crazy I mean it’s it’s it feels
very soon soon from solo or soon from episode 7 no soon from now oh yes it
feels like it’s like right over the hill like it’s not next year really it is
more in the second half of the year already
I know all right it’s it’s this half of the year yeah it’ll be the end of the
saga I think yeah okay I think you have more strong feelings about this than I
do I am I am you know I’m I don’t know your well then your
expectations are properly tempered at this point I could not see it and be
happy yes I said it Wow I said it you know if you say it
then you want you just don’t see it do you know what I don’t see it it watched
roles too don’t watch episode 9 that’s okay you know what I’d like more than
anything though is to hear that it’s great and then I’ll go see it and
that’ll be great No why don’t you not hear that it’s
great watch it and then realize that it is great I don’t know I don’t I don’t
know if it’s gonna be great but I don’t want it I don’t need to hear that it’s
great to be excited to see it I’m gonna go in and then hope that it’s great and
if it is I’ll be very happy mmm-hmm all right don’t watch any more
trailers going with with an open mind all right if you’re disappointed you’re
disappointed yep that’s okay there’s plenty of JJ Abrams to go around there
was a big tease on mine this past week spider-man related Marvel Comics put out
a an image in spider webs at number four and people went crazy thinking that this
was a worth a return to the Sam Raimi verse to get this talking about
generational differences there are the whole a bunch of people who are in still
true believers of the Sam Raimi Tobey Maguire take on spider-man you’re
talking about the first run of spider-man that we had the first run 15
years ago well yes the started and I believe I 98 and then ended in oh six or
so oh wow but those obviously had a were the you
know the first film to bring hundred million dollars and and really yeah I’m
with x-men started the modern superhero crazy upside-down kiss huh yep yep yep
rift on into the spider verse but we saw that we know women were with the release
of the spider-man game the ps4 game even then people fans of the Sam Raimi
spider-man were clamoring for a Sam Raimi spider-man skin really an
insomniac to deliver I mean they’ve been working on it for a long time they’ve
released that skin so there are fans of that there mhm so they’re hoping that
this was like okay is this that version of spider-man gonna continue in the
comics nope it was a for to go to 3d ones announcement and it is JJ Abrams
with his son I believe writing a spider-man
okay well when you’re JJ Abrams you get to do what you want yeah yeah yeah I
guess so yeah yeah this is uh the the art is sarah Pacelli who did ultimate
spider-man this could be great art the covers are by Olivier koi pool who does
amazing our five-part miniseries no word on what the actual story is but the
promise from JJ Abrams is that it will show Peter Parker in a way you haven’t
seen before he’s gonna be a secret agent then revealed to be a Kryptonian that’s
a joke that’s an in-joke because JJ Abrams wrote a script for the McGee
Superman film before even the Bryan Singer Superman film and in it his big
twist was Lex Luthor wasn’t not a corporate billionaire industrialist
there was a secret agent and then also ended up being from Krypton Krypton is
great JJ Abrams last bit of JJ Abrams pop culture news this was a kind of an
insider thing but apparently there was a bidding war for JJ Abrams the JJ Abrams
bidding war for his production company bad robot in terms of a partnership so
Studios vie for partnerships distribution and network survive for
partnerships with production companies yeah have a first rights for their ideas
for TV shows for movies for all sorts of media and apparently for bad robot
everyone wanted to work to join Abrams you know Disney wanted to work with
jay-z Abram who wouldn’t Apple wanted Apple was a strong contender yeah Turk
or J&J Apple is I didn’t they get him on their network for something yeah but
this is going forward and it turns out that Warner Brothers Warner Media AT&T
is in the final goshi ations for the partnership with bad robot to the tune
of half a billion dollars they’re gonna put invest half a billion dollars into
producing content to come out of bad robot it’s crazy man that is that is
crazy yeah I mean it happens all the time like TV creators it is a there’s a
ton of money out there yeah and craters and ideas and execution are in high
demand and so you have like Sean Rhymes you know from all the ABC shows
had to 100 million deal with Netflix you have or what does this guy do Ryan
Murphy who I believe did the American horror stories no glee stuff you know
big three million dollar deal JJ Abrams half a billion dollar deal with more
media which could mean HBO content because that’s all under warner media
today oh yeah HBO shows or it could mean what JJ Abrams directed that’s man
divorced movie yeah going back to Superman yeah there goes is your Lex
Luthor no secret agent story you might be right about taking it out of the out
of the cupboard out of the closet why not and and I don’t think so why not he
didn’t do it anymore Vil stuff right he can do anymore for that’s true he just
did Star Wars yeah if you were you if JJ Abrams was gonna do a DC film I would
want him to do Green Lantern okay that does it for pop culture news
cashews out here so I don’t have anyone to riff with and we’re gonna before we
continue to our next segment I want to thank one of the sponsors that makes
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XM no car required did you see this shirt I’m wearing by
the way got this at a Disney Store it’s a Punisher shirt this is a Sid
Phillips trio that’s right isn’t this great
yeah and it glows in the dark dude did his shirt glow in the dark yeah really
pretty sure Freddie sure from Toy Story 1 or 2 I’m not sure but it I’m pretty
sure glows in the dark he wasn’t in Toy Story 2 yeah well he was at the end yeah
so it must have been toys from he’s in Toy Story 3 he’s the garbage guy oh then
that’s what I was thinking she’s the girl are you right is he not into a
story to think he’s in Toy Story 1 I’ll to go back and watch that yeah yeah but
it glows in dark that’s the point huh really bright yeah that’s for cosplay
for Halloween costume hey what kind of pie do you like I like you know honestly
my favorite ever pies a mixed berry pie ooh do you like pie that includes
raspberries songs there are blueberries and strawberries as well yes because the
raspberry pie for has been announced ladies and gentlemen Oh big deal
it well it’s a big deal for people who who dig on little mini computers same
price point 35 bucks 35 bucks get to a mini PC and that mini PC is now a lot
more powerful it’s got well it’s got a lot it’s like they went all in on Io so
same number of USB jacks but now two of them are USB 3 and the charges over USB
type-c and the port for charging yes it’s due USB types a Type C although
that that’s not used for data so it really is just a charge charging thing
that’s interesting they also have two HDMI jacks now micro HDMI that’s the
only way they could fit them that’s those are the most expensive adapters
well I mean come on now but especially with this now on the market I’m sure
that the adapters are gonna be cheap I don’t know you’ll probably get cables
that are just one on one side and the other on the other just use that oh I
hate micro HDMI do you it’s it’s what do you have that uses it
I had drones that used it I had what did I have there were a few things that use
it it’s just always tough to find that adapt there were some graphics cards
that uses Eva middle one the small like the small but
not micro yeah yeah and that that was like hard to find I know I get it like
when you want an HDMI signal you just want to plug an HDMI cable yeah but here
you get two of them Norman and two that run at gives you 4k 4k each 30 Hertz or
a single one at 64 K Wow alright that’s pretty great you got now you got three
different memory skills – you got standard one gigabyte which is the $35
model and then you have two and four skews above that they’ve never done that
before – gateway for how much does a four you can write Oh
it’s 55 bucks that’s not bad at all the two gigabyte is 45 not upgradeable no no
it’s all surface mount it’s all on there it’s got a faster processor and also a
higher clock speed Ars Technica is saying that the clock that the processor
will give you double to quadruple the processing power wait wait
even though it’s 1.5 gigahertz yeah 1.4 because it’s a different processor I
forget it’s like the a 75 versus the AIF you know 50 step it’s a Broadcom
processor yeah yeah okay it has yeah faster GPU and real gigabit last one had
gigabit but it was forced through a USB 2.0 bus and so it was super slow or is
ready making rice per second now you get full gigabit speeds has Bluetooth five
dual band wireless Wi-Fi so it supports 5g and faster microSD talking okay yeah
what about all the internal there’s some like the the same GPIO s GPIO interface
pins but I think there’s some new interfaces like there’s a new I squared
C new UART serial pin so it just overall looks good I’ll be very curious to see
how this memory split affects the ecosystem because now you’re gonna need
not just a four you’re gonna need to know which SKU like which how much
memory does your app does the application require like if you’re
running like the newfangled version of MAME and you’re on you know on your
emulators box maybe in order to run certain systems you’re gonna need the
more RAM and you’re not gonna have it so I’m curious to see how that affects
things but oh we’re all like there’s a supply constraint they are supply can
dream yeah III in narrowly got one Oh which model
the two the only one that Adafruit stocked for about five minutes I just
happen to be on the site I signed up for notifications I didn’t even get one but
I checked the site and it was like in a weird state and I was able to add one to
my cart it’s shipped so it’s coming but I never even got a notification that it
was in stock well I’m gonna love the business new i/o the new ports the
updated designs for all your PI cases 3d printed all your laser comm all gotta be
now everyone has gonna come up with their new ones they’re gonna sell their
own which looks pretty good yeah you know if you want to buy it for five
bucks that’s not bad not bad at all but a lot
people take pride in designing their cases a further prize yeah so there’ll
be a lot of new designs coming out it still has that mini jack for headphones
which also has a composite video signal so if you really need I mean old school
you can’t have that raspberrypi he’s always been like the default build your
own X ya type processor but you’ve moved away from it you use particle photon for
most of your stuff now well because you don’t need Linux yeah so I like
microcontrollers just because I can code and see and it’s just and they boot up
instantly when I it’s just like the things that I need it’s not a whole
bunch of subsystems and I I’m I can sort of do what I have to do in Linux but I’m
not a super user so I I didn’t mean to make a Linux pun there but it is not a
world that I’m comfortable in so yeah I used microcontrollers where possible but
if you want to make a main box you’re not doing that on a photon yeah yeah
you’re using the Bradbury PI or a real computer but now this will hopefully get
you a few new games or whatever you I use it as my octopi I use it to run my
3d printers that’s great and maybe this will help it boot up a little bit faster
this is the PI 4 so hopefully the thing that’s more shocking isn’t that what
they’ve crammed into it is that they kept it the same price that’s their big
philosophy right there’s a low cost this form factor for computer yeah and so
hopefully they can keep it there and and the increase in price for the to be I
forgot my good bite models isn’t gonna be like the new normal is it’s not gonna
be like base price 50 bucks going forward right as they improved
functionality with the smaller ones like with the Raspberry Pi zero which is a
five dollar Raspberry Pi like there’s just no margin on that so you can hardly
find them sold by themselves they always tell them in kits like with cases and
power adapters and SD cards so that’s still possible with this but
it’s a little you can at least find these by themselves all right so that’s
the Raspberry Pi good luck in finding one and we’ll love hearing your thoughts
once you once you get yours yeah hey I got an update yeah no Gunther was on
this podcast what but half an hour ago uh-huh big ones down the pointa has
dropped two thousand dollars so I was prophetic in that room right that’s
great right that’s great yeah it’s a as if right now it’s a
plummet 11600 so everything we said eleven that no 13,200 oh no no no it’s
eleven thousand right now no it’s eleven thousand six uh I said on
two thousand dollars it’s amazing a plummet holy cow hold on
hold the phone yes that’s impressive I’m just using Google he’s just searching
probably out there crying right now wave of emotions if only you was if only we
had started this podcast half-hour later on it’s wonderful well it’s a risk but
buying bitcoins risk and here’s another risk although a little bit less of a
risk you can also install iOS 13 beta the public on public beta on your device
is now on your iPhone your iPad and I’ve taken the jump taking the leap III I pad
OS 13 it was I was super the thing I was most curious about coming out of WDB DC
and I installed the profile and downloaded it and I’m running it on the
iPad pro right now so in order to install beta as previously many years
ago you had to sign up as a developer yeah and that cost 100 bucks and then
you had to download the install and then it was you know to install it through
iTunes is it super easy as a public beta it’s super easy it’s literally as a
website where you type in your Apple ID mm-hmm to add it to the system then you
click a link on your device to download a profile and then in settings it says
accept profile update and all your data it stays well that’s the thing if you’re
gonna update to iOS 13 beta and a lot of people have please backup your device
first because I could not go back it’s very very difficult once you go back and
retain your data so before it if you’re on twelve connected to iTunes do a hard
backup encrypt it whatever you do I mean it is a public beta they’ve they’re
pretty fit in it now so when you update to this
if you don’t want it you know cross your fingers no problems you can just update
to the final one when you’re done my bread that it wasn’t a solid beta I mean
it really is the first public beta of a series I mean it’s from my experience
it’s been fine on the iPad I’m not on the phone
using the iPad pro iPad pro okay I mean it performance has never been a problems
device so I don’t notice any performance improvements but UI very different on
iPad pro of course there’s ton more app icons on the screen now up from I
believe 20 to 30 because the home screen yeah look at that that’s a lot of icons
right the home screen now you can pull in that the side bar the side bar yeah
it’s their way of doing widgets I’ve it really is your mileage may vary
I never liked using that home screen I think that layout of their widgets even
though you can reorder them it just doesn’t provide all the info that I want
yeah like what I’d previously got out of an Android device in terms of getting at
my mail listing yeah actually calendar it is their version of the calendar
their version of the Photos app sure is good for battery and weather but like I
wish it was a little more customizable but it is different what do you like
about iPad OS ah so I haven’t done the mouse support yet so I’m curious about
that there are new shortcuts the big thing is the web browsing Safari now has
the full yeah full desktop class web browsing do you notice a difference yes
well it does the desktop version everything okay now there’s also this
thing that lets you do a side by side that’s interesting that’s like real
multitasking right the execution I think is flawed okay it happens so if I’m in
if I’m on a website so I’ll give you a quick demo here if I’m on a website like
I’m on testing right now I can open a link by holding it and then dragging it
off to the side okay it’s kind of an overlay second window no that’s why I
did it the wrong way that’s one way to do it hold on hold on
you can do it the overlay like there’s two forms of multitasking there’s the
slide in that’s one third of the screen this is where I think there’s it’s
bifurcating the user base like there will be power users that know all of
this oh that’s happening right now yeah
you’re probably right it’s not and of course I did a lot of this also is
incorporating the gesture base stuff that was in the iPad iPhone 10
like the the cards uh-huh they’re using that card model now so you have the same
same bar on the bottom of your little mini windows so basically have like a
little iPhone screen right on your on your on your screen horse I’m reaching
the beta limits right now the bugginess oh my god it’s bugged well just paint a
word picture so we do side by side you can hold down a link and you drag it to
the left the right side and that opens a second Safari but you have the drug it
seems I gave the drug it drag it pretty far you drag her pretty far up and it
opens another and then you do get to Safari windows yeah but I don’t want
that to be the only way to open up to Safari windows I actually want to have
to web browsers that can just type in the address and you can at that point I
can type in the address I can hit that touch but or the address bar and type in
another address but I want to right-click quote-unquote you know hard
pressed long press Safari and say open another window and I can’t do that right
now I see you want to open another like another like a desktop that you could
swipe over like what do they call it spaces that kind of thing that would be
a good execution or I once wanted people to force open a second window that takes
up the second half of the screen yeah that’s tricky because you can only do
tabs really you could only really do tabs easily yeah yeah I want tabs
exactly I want to be able to pull its hab out yeah and make that a second
window okay so I could see things up can’t do that can’t you only do it
through a link got holding a link down basically a preview right uses that
action worried if you hold down a link it opens up a preview of a webpage it
opens that instance as a second window all right yeah well no Apple knows how
to make you happy yeah yeah well they’re making a lot of people unhappy because
on the MacBook side this week there was also a big recall I don’t know it seems
like people be happy well take it they don’t they are Robbie ostensibly they
didn’t know that they had a ticking time bomb and now they can return it and get
an upgraded MacBook you think you think the recalling happened because people
didn’t know about it or that they did know about it and complain and that’s
why I recall happen I’m sure enough people knew about it but it wasn’t like
those people aren’t happy yeah it’s so those people are getting are happy now
because yes there was a 15-inch MacBook Pro battery recall
you can go to their website at support that Apple and type in your serial
number it’s basically retina MacBook Pros
15-inch made by between September 2015 and February 2017 so that’s a big range
a year and a half they called the a limited number of older generation
15-inch MacBook but they will replace your battery pros which is good yep
there’s a story on CNBC this is super interesting especially in the wave of
the oculus stuff we talked about last week and their store curation and the
problems they have with the head with virtual desktop releasing updates that
aren’t reviewed and one of the things we said is that you know this is a problem
one of the guidelines not being super clear initially in some confusion over
that on the consumer side and I’m developer side but also oculus just
probably doesn’t have in place the same type of app curation and app
certification teams the queuing process that a big walled garden like Apple or
maybe Google would have well we got a little bit of a closer look into what
that QA process is like for the walled garden of the Apple App Store because
CNBC had a whole story about the group that does that and it’s it’s a 400
person team I would imagine that this process in this group this department
has evolved over the years and expanded dramatically yes but I imagine that
there was a period where they were probably trying to automate things
because the influx of apps would have been like trying to review every YouTube
video yes and then there’s some automation right they have software that
when you summon an app will go through and run it through its paces but this is
for the pure editorializing society and and I’m sure some technical side so it’s
300 people and they have an office in Sunnyvale California and I believe a
international office something basically they have a pair of offices that in in
Bay Area the houses people a lot of people are are multilingual so they’re
fluent in non-english languages so they can review those apps as well which
makes a lot of sense worldwide they review every app
they review every update my god that’s insane yeah geez compatibility is a big
thing for like up for iOS new versions of iOS that’s a thing and they said that
50% of the apps are reviewed within 24 to 48 hours well you can’t get let like
let it get it out of hand or else you’ll never get it yeah yeah so there are
definitely rushes you know way yeah when new versions of iOS happen and you know
unlike Facebook moderation teams right you know they probably like them they
have to deal with some unsightly stuff sometimes you know things that they find
in the apps and they in this report they said that they have had to report apps
to the FBI for things that are clearly illegal but there’s also an executive
team executive review board and that goes over you know when the lower level
reviews pass them and when there was like appeals then then even Phil
Schiller gets involved and he takes a look and makes a executive decision
about apps so there’s a whole a whole hierarchy and a whole system in place
and it shows that there’s the scale at which mmm QA has to operate when you’re
wearing a walled garden and even then some of these decisions are people
determined right even on the highest level
it is an executive making a decision yes this app is allowed or no it’s not
allowed and as much as people want to complain about it it is their platform
they’re walled garden and they do have the final say across the department they
speak 81 different languages is that insane
yes yeah I mean there’s an unfathomable number of apps in the App Store and
which makes this seem like an incredibly daunting task I’m not saying it’s not
but I’m sure the rate at which new apps or coming in is not like thousands by
the day right it’s got to be manageable to extent were 300 people yet what can
kind of point well they say reviewers have a have
daily quotas of between 50 and 100 apps and the number of apps that any
individual reviewer gets through an hour is tracked by somebody special software
wait 5200 per day yeah if you’re working let’s say a
10-hour day right I think the article they don’t work more than 12-hour days
that’s still five apps an hour five to ten apps an hour so an app every six
minutes I don’t know or twelve minutes that’s not a long time no go through an
app certainly not I’m sure they have code that likes opens up yeah every
single possible interesting window yeah like that a napkin from menu as well
right like they can get deep into the software yeah like it’s part of the
thing that makes their platform easy to program for probably can also get
reverse engineer to make it easy to view every single possible asset right for
for that app yep yeah yeah I’m sure they’re not like they’re not on iPhones
swiping through playing bejeweled to make sure they get right and to approve
the app yeah all right that’s interesting yeah yeah super fast me I’m
surprised that story got it is is out there and Apple allowed access it wasn’t
like a big expose they worked with Apple PR and I think that this is one of those
things that they want to get out there in light of you know other walled
gardens we’re gonna talk about tablets going back just one more story word came
out well this is it official news but Google’s essentially confirmed that
they’re out of the out of the tablet game the pixel phones have done very
well for them mmm-hmm probably not as well as they’d hoped for but they’ve
definitely alright move the market but the pixel slate which was released last
year running stuff running chrome Chrome OS the Chromebooks are selling me a
thing but these tablets no longer thing I think it’s a smart move for Google I
think that they’d the rule it really was no no upside to spending all this R&D on
a marketplace that they were not getting a ton of trash I mean is there any super
successful Android tablet I mean it’s basically the iPad still put it in a
space right it’s basically the iPad I mean Samsung has tablets LG’s tablets
and no and convertibles are a thing but I think Chromebooks are their big
success well yeah but now look at look at iPad OS they’re trying to be more
Chromebook II all the time but at the cost cost big cost difference yeah right
big big cost difference new Chromebook real real cheap I I kind of hope they
would be doing this whole still with Android wear because Android wear also
there watch stuff I’m also not making a lot of traction there a lot of business
that Google feels like has to be in because everyone else is in there I got
the money to do that and they got it in also early but like at least on the
Android wear a sign I’ve been trying it’s new Android wear watch and it’s
slow I think they’re they’re limited cuz they don’t make end-to-end the hardware
and the software oh yeah at the behest of their hardware partners did you see
the article from Bill Gates where he said his one big regret is seeding the
phone challenger to Google that the iPhone challenger took right this is
completely the understanding is that it there
Apple aside they were never gonna dominate like Apple his regret wasn’t
not beating Apple his regret was not making Android right they were late and
you know what that’s was squarely on Ballmer it’s squarely on that Nokia
acquisition yeah okay like they Windows CE II or Windows Windows Mobile had its
place but they were slow to slow to pivot and Ballmer was it this it was you
know at the helm throughout all that and that was kind of 10 years of failure
after failure well Bill Gates didn’t blame Ballmer and you know at least in
this article he seemed to take whatever responsibility he didn’t nail down any
certain decision that he made he said it’s whatever mismanagement he allowed
Wow that’s a management shade right right like as executive I will I will
take the sword but because I allowed it’s under me to make poor purchasing
decisions and executive decisions it’s it’s regretful yeah but the the
culmination of that and Microsoft hasn’t so much turnover people running Windows
Terry Myerson and even Jay Allen way back then and and Steven Sinofsky right
all the people have shepherded their their products to release and kind of
left the result of that though is a pretty stable Microsoft ecosystem
windows ecosystem a stable office business a stable cloud business a very
profitable cloud business and Microsoft being you know they can I think Bill
Gates can say that now because his stock is worth more than ever and pretty
decent hardware and and hardware yeah on the surface team yeah
yeah but Panos his team Panos Panay his team has been really well and speaking
of that the big rumors or the big question is what is surface couldn’t do
next right panelist is now in charge of all their the hardware devices and the
big rumor is Intel is a big push for dual screen tablets and even we saw
Lenovo with their OLED foldable screen dual screen tablets mercs office rumors
put out there low low-power version of Windows called what is it called windows
there’s a Windows light OS okay and so Microsoft may have a surface device for
that that could also be a dual screen device foldable screen uh I don’t think
this I think dual screen and fallible screens are gonna be conflated I think
they’re gonna run the same OS the OS is made for dual screens but I think what
it sounds like is Microsoft is going to have a version that will actually have
two discreet screens okay that maybe I come together or don’t come
together but you can run as a tablet as a book as a laptop with additional
keyboard like that that kind of thing wait the Windows low power is not gonna
be full-fledged Windows OS I don’t know exactly what the difference will be but
it will not be full-fledged cost cheaper for licensure but the new surface as
people in a supply chain have rumor to the report is that it’s two 9 inch
screens and thankfully the thing I’m most excited for think I saw with them
Lenovo foldable screen system whatever they want to call it because they don’t
have a name yet it’s a four by three aspect ratio which I’m very excited but
yeah Intel has no third-party score on Intel
until has their their 10 nanometer low-power chips coming out later this
year there and then so with light OS there’s a la / tunity for OEMs to make
really light really interesting kind of in between it’s what they slid new
netbooks right in between tablets and in between laptops it is the new
convertible okay a new market for convertibles something that Microsoft
will have to contend with and a lot of other companies
to contend with consoles I want to jump through the rest of the news pretty
quickly because I know with the and this podcast and about well should have 10
minutes Nintendo Microsoft and Sony came out
with a joint letter saying that US consumers will have to pay more in the
total of 840 million dollars for next-generation consoles and this
generation consoles if Chinese tariffs continue oh wow so they wrote this
letter Sony Microsoft Nintendo’s wrote letter to Trump administration saying
that looming tariffs on these goods will harm the video game industry and its
employees 20% tariff tariff hike will basically cost consumers up to Ward’s of
a billion dollars so I don’t know that sucks
I know Trump watches a lot of TV but I’ve never read a thing about him being
a big gamer yeah I don’t think so I don’t think is gonna move I don’t
think it’s he’s gonna care about this this is more for so voters will care hey
there’s an election next year back on the Microsoft News at e3 they announced
Microsoft Flight Simulator now I put out a request last week for people to chime
in as flight simulator fans to chime in on their opinions how this affects their
you know them and what their concerns are because there’s a dedicated fan base
for Microsoft Flight Simulator and some of the things that they said we’re mods
number one consideration is mods mods mods what could be going on you know
whether it’s gonna support it and so Microsoft has come out the team the
flight simulator scene has come out and said one they will allow mods they
acknowledge that mods are a huge part of my flight similar experience and it’s
gonna be PC first and it will of course a pork as many peripherals as possible
so it doesn’t really go into like the the platform side of it all and you know
the Microsoft past and and the distribution method and what software
you’ll need to run this but they say accessibility and community a huge part
and and PC first is a big part of flight simulator and of course they emphasize
simulator for this so it’s like a great quote from the inner no DaVinci on this
for once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned
skyward z’ for there you have been and there you belong to return for men who
never flew yeah and only dreamed of I dreamed of it he’s absolutely what did
he think today of screaming babies and disappointed Wi-Fi users and domestic
flights taking for factly yeah last bits of tech news display point 2.0 spec has
been announced support by late 2020 and 8k video support okay for that so that’s
at the next-gen DisplayPort interface more to come as we find more details
about that does the HDMI not support issue okay depends on what would
framerate oh okay what hurts last bits we’re not gonna have a full moment of
science because the short sit here but two things want to call out one is that
the solar sail that planetary a society had been working on this is called
Sagan’s big dream it may take flight soon okay great in as
a payload to what was happen Falcon or SpaceX Falcon Heavy did you watch that
launch yeah wait this launch from the front of this
most recent SpaceX well it was part of the the payload yeah thanks I don’t know
if that’s deployed yet haven’t done that okay the follow that’s cool
but did you watch the the launch huh and yeah I mean you know I hate to say it
routine now I was sad to see the center core didn’t quite make it I mean were
you not it’s not still science fiction when you see the booster oh my god it’s
totally science fiction it’s super science I love it it’s like watching a
video in Reverse it’s it’s awesome IIIi my hand over my mouth just like in
anticipation yeah and when it landed the Boosters amazing and when the core
exploded they they they rolled with it pretty
well yeah the on-screen presenters in the livestream it’s happened before
that’s it for technology news Before we jump into our last segment which will be
the VR minute I want to thank the other sponsor that makes this podcast possible
and that is Mouser you ever wonder why your cat seems to be bored of its toys
so fast cats are natural-born predators that
wants a hunt but today’s automatic oyster andum we
but real prey is it random pray reacts that’s why the guys at pet
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PhD students in the electrical engineering department of the university
of illinois they knew that Mouser had to be a real
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so Mouser comes with a complete suite of sensors and onboard intelligence so it
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robots in your life such as black mirror stuff but it’s real the VR minute
virtual reality this week all right it’s got to be like close to a minute
here because if you own a quest and you play rec room the the new quest is
available with a call dome what’s wrong Jumbotron Robotron but yeah its
Jumbotron the sci-fi themed quest probably my second favorite after the
the pirate one yeah is available now and you should go play it that’s that’s the
request news HTC had more specs from HTC cosmos this is their standalone VR
headset they made a big deal out of talking about the resolution it is an
RGB panel 2800 by 1700 combined resolution which is a big increase of
course over the original vive it’s gonna be 90 FPS and the cosmos is the the
headset system do some weird streaming stuff from the PC why are they making a
big deal at 90 FPS is the same thing as divide but this is the request
competitor oh right right yeah that’s why that makes LT that mean high
resolution also higher framerate and they’re talking introduced screen door
effect because of their full our GP panels increased sub pixels in clarity
we got to try this you know they have the removal faceplate the inside out
tracking the six cameras all that stuff I think last time we tried some HTC
inside out technology when you tried some at the at e3 or at GDC you were not
as impressed if I buy with that with the buy focus sorry Lucas there’s so many
vibes now I know and the big thing with HTC of course is regardless of the
hardware they put out it’s really gonna be the software ecosystem and what
you’re gonna be able plane so the PC tethering that’s have a piece of
streaming whatever they can do for that that will probably the make or break for
this cuz it’s not gonna be as cheap as the quest it’s gonna be expensive
headset big news for launch on the PC side index launches this week some
people receive there’s they did yeah well people have shipping notifications
when our earlier this week congratulations to all of you they’ve
received a revived index or your valve index alright one I think it’s very easy
to let me speak there yep the valve index it’s it’s out I’m glad it’s out
the robot average our Han lab is now that on Steam if um have does that run
straight standard by virgin I need it next word I don’t know okay good I don’t
see how you could do it on the standard yeah I wanted her to run just people can
see it and like get a feel for the yeah flavor if you’re playing for that my
recommendation is just to let the robots talk for as long as possible just like
if you think they’re done they’re not done let them go let them go flip them
off do some all sorts of obscene gestures toward them and that Tyson said
but the thing that I really want to point out the hand presence and the
finger tracking in the index and an aperture had lab are are great but it’s
really the character design it’s the character interaction them recognizing
the gestures and the scripting that went into that I’ve been playing trover saves
universe just enrolling game uh-huh and it reinforces for me what’s gonna the
killer thing in in single-player VR is NPC design is character animation is is
dialogue it’s the same with lone echo but I think even strong alone echo I
think the the best characters I’ve seen even though they’re like low fidelity
they’re just like blobs color and like carrot cartoons intro ver saves the
universe that are the best VR and pcs I’ve ever experiment that well scripted
and well voice acted and animated there’s not a whole lot of animation
they look fantastic do you think that game requires VR I think well one yes
because you na didn’t shake your head and it’s sure that the characters yeah
that’s true but it’s it’s your point it is a fun game for people to watch on a
flat screen and it plays on a flat screen just note the answer is no
doesn’t need to be here because they also have a flat screen version of that
oh I didn’t know that yeah you can play it without VR but I
think VR it looking at you you controlling trover and it eyes tracking
the other characters if they talk to each other yeah all that subtleness all
really enhances the sense of it’s super funny very well it’s it’s on Steam store
and you know it’s a great game to play on the index if you have that defect
your release date is July 11th announced it’s like a Jason Bourne title you’ve
seen us covered on projections so 20 bucks 20 bucks 20 bucks that’s pretty
good which to me is kind of worrisome because when we first saw it over a year
ago developers these are the the folks at
Twisted Pixel they were saying how this is they’re fast and furious Jason Bourne
like spy game big-budget game and yeah a lot of the action sequences seem
big-budget but I wonder if they scaled back I don’t know I wonder if it’s the
ambitions were a little more limited they they cut content or shortened
sequences or tighten things I do wonder how long the game is yeah or how weather
I wonder whether this was as big a launch as they anticipated or if they’re
not as confident in anymore why because I can’t imagine look at
Asgard’s wrath coming out being 20 bucks right no more or storm lands yeah so I
don’t know we’ll see I mean at 20 bucks maybe they’re just thinking let’s sell a
bunch of these let’s let’s see if we can make up in quantity but you know instead
of enough it doesn’t feel like it’s that affordable because oculus subsidized it
in the same way that were we call us free so it worries me just a little bit
but I want to reserve judgment until we get a chance to play the full game yeah
oh my god I think that covers basically everything that we wanted to cover
there’s a fortune has an interesting story about you know they call it the
rise and fall the fall and rise of VR basically it’s about the struggle for VR
companies to make money and longshore commits it’s okay long read it’s
basically a promo piece for the quest I’m talking about you know this is their
Facebook’s big bet and so if you are right now but really talking to
companies that really early in VR like John and where they’ve pivoted and a lot
of now enterprise solutions and LBE being via where VR is these days so if
you’re interested in in the money side of yarr and how much money has been put
into investment in VR AR it’s a it’s a business story that’s why I said fortune
you can do all that it’s online that does it for this week’s podcast thank
you so much chairman for sticking around I know you have the jet you’re welcome
hopefully we’ll have cash or back next week I know you won’t be here next
correct it is July 4th weekend but thank you all out there for listening hey let
us know what you thought about Toy Story 4 if you got a valve a necklace now what
you think of that as well and before we end I’m gonna go to refresh my search
for a Bitcoin price let’s see current price it’s stabilized at eleven thousand
seven hundred so very exciting two thousand dollar price drop Justin aka
speed brings us yet another outro although it might be an old outro yeah I guess there are other movies to
tell James like avatar two-and three-and four-and aliens and alien whatever we
made other alien movies he made bye bye

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