The Bitcoin network has locked in Segwit activation! Overstock, Monero, ICOs, & Ethereum

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to today in bitcoin today is
August the 8th 2017 buy-and-hold get rich by desiring little pure commitment
to Bitcoin the Bitcoin network has locked in segments activation happy
times around $3,400 bitcoin atom is in a rush to get to dublin ireland it is
hardly prepared for this show but he’s remembering to tell you to go to crypto
hwy let’s not complicate your trades ours and your other storage devices
digital bit boxes I’ll be talking about them more in the future what else do we
have leisure nanos and of course the the leather case you can get there using the
special codes that are below you’re going to see me in a second with my
leather case on my on my tressaurian yeah dudes I hardly prepared for this
show at all here’s another leather case remember them if you want to remember
crypto HW also remember to do that does everyone say what see what to do there
I’ll remind everyone of that later so we’re probably gonna read off of like
random notes that I have here because well that’s I’m got a lot on my mind
here so first off I will be in Ireland a link to the event I will be at is below
again if you you can email me at a dimitra’s or help calm if you want to
arrange meeting with me some other day and ironed then I got a I got a lot to
do when I’m there it’s gonna be fun I got a email someone a very the guys
picking me up who’s an awesome dude I can email him right after this
but people email me if you want to meet me there and if you happen to be at that
event that’s listed below cool well meet there – I knew one of you is signed up
for that event and that’s really awesome that you want to be there and meet me
and I can’t wait to meet you you know who you are
so what else so yeah let’s talk about this awesome
overstock news usually this is kind of dreamy tight music talk about things
like this but they used to hold 10% of their Bitcoin they accepted Bitcoin and
they would hold 10% of it sell 90% of it and now they’re gonna hold 50% of it and
you know some of the naysayers out there say well the people who accept Bitcoin
really don’t accept Bitcoin these businesses they just sell it right away
well now overstock is is gonna third they’re committing to 50% Keys hoarding
it 50 percent 40 50 % holding so that is that’s good news they’re they’re taking
the ax Meister hold the position there and no but it is bullish and people soon
enough aren’t gonna be able to say well oh people people are selling their
Bitcoin right away these companies are selling a Bitcoin right away that accept
it they don’t really accept it well there’s gonna be more and more accepting
it because why not accept it when it is a pretty it’s been going up so much it’s
it’s good for your business um where else are we I looked at the chat for one
second I can’t see that yeah I see 21 millions in there so dude you rock go to
21 million clubs YouTube channel and 21 million actually that’s the amount of
Bitcoin that’ll ever be produced everyone in Bitcoin should know that
that’s very important if you’re buying I cos you should know that – you shouldn’t
really jump ahead of the learning curve we’ll get there in a second okay so I
think so be cash is floating around point one Bitcoin which is interesting
it had gone down I don’t do they have a plunge Protection Team I don’t know or
or are there a lot of people you know some non tech people or newbie ish
people who just think oh this is just a discounted version of Bitcoin I can’t
afford to buy one Bitcoin so when I buy one Bitcoin cash just as good just as
good now it is harder to buy Bitcoin cash obviously that you can’t buy it on
coin base or or anything like that so I could be wrong about that theory again
if you’re a new person out there you can buy a fraction of any cryptocurrency you
don’t have to buy a whole one Bitcoin for $3,400 or one whole aetherium for
$260 or whatever you can get point 1.01 there there divisible so
don’t don’t let the heart large price of some of these cryptic are Bitcoin make
you buy something else that you don’t even know what it is but I think I think
people who are not in the whole entire segment battle and we should be really
happy I late to an article below that I from Bitcoin magazine that gives an
updated timeline of the dates that are important for the rest of the year
involving seg wit and the segue to X drama but the people who aren’t involved
in that they probably just like oh well some people are getting this free
Bitcoin Don I caught it you know I don’t usually use this date this freebie can
see helped I’m thinking about Ireland so much I’m not breaking my own rules here
so many people are getting this free you you get an anomaly broadcast here people
found that like button if you like this out of the blue Adam Meister not uh not
calling it be cash it is be cash but they they call it by that name that uses
Bitcoin which is like it confuses newbies it just just mix me up there too
so huh no one’s uh no one’s immune to the confusion anyway the people who are
outside of the argument and the tech arguments and all that stuff they’re
just like guys never discounted Bitcoin now I’ll try it out probably just as
good as Bitcoin so that’s gonna help sustain it the newbies are gonna sustain
it for a while it looks like there are a lot of people that were predicting doom
and gloom for it I thought at first oh let’s go to $5 right away now it hasn’t
something’s going on that’s keeping it up around point one and I think leading
into segue to X it’ll probably still be high it’ll go higher because some people
will be spreading rumors or using leverage that instead of segue to X
we’re just gonna all adopt be cash instead so just be prepared for stuff
like that they’re probably our future pumps of B Kennish who knows or just
sustainability based on sustainability Paul is here Paul is here Paul knows me
hey Paul what’s up Paul say hi say something that Chad I’m actually looking
in the chat right now Paul Paul knows me in real life if that’s that if that’s
the guy I think it is um anyway uh that’s that’s a rare thing
I threw me off didn’t it if that’s really this really who I think it is
anyway uh I knew someone by the name I knew in Baltimore and he went out to San
Francisco um but here’s a Cephas Paul let’s see real quick hey hi Paul how
much money could the government through it okay I blue I’ll figure out if that’s
who I know in a second we’ll do that all fair all thinner Adams Adams getting
distracted like we gotta have this show done in nine minutes people I gotta get
out of here so uh anyway I’d link to a a Twitter account and I forgot to link to
eath Lance eath Lance is a company that contacted me and I thought it was
interesting they’re a business our business that really uses a theory I’m
not for icos are not for speculation but they’re gonna use it for uh yeah Adam
we’re both Baltimoreans you better believe it
Paul and I God we knew some hot women well it’s that bar that’s right near
brewers art we’re a hank we were hanging out oops I met you when we were hanging
up upstairs at that bar Dionysus we’re Dionysus in man you were with uh that
girl that lives around the corner or whatever I mean there there you had you
know a lot of hot women there a lot of hot women they were good women they
really were man anyway uh Dionysus was a good bar back in its day it was so uh
found out like let me feel like Anna reminiscing on with his with his buddy
out there in San Francisco and it is good to see you Paul III know Paul
you’re in the Bitcoin everything and I I think we I mentioned it to you I mean
this stuff has been really doing well for me it’s unbelievable man it’s
unbelievable what’s been going on and you know the people in Ballmer have no
clue about just so it’s so funny I’m living two different worlds here man
yeah you should see this is see what sort of I wish some of the Bitcoin
people do about what we used to do out there you know red maple and Dionysus
all that fun stuff in it I mean it was what a blast in Baltimore what a blast
some good times good times what’s that girl’s name that live around the corner
her father owns the what’s her name she’s a nice girl but so
alright so yeah that was a real aetherium a real aetherium company out
there I linked to them and speaking of aetherium uh what is this I’m trying to
read my notes usually poem much better with this stuff and I gotta get out of
here I literally got me I’m like having just having a conversation with you I
hope people like this you know now our name was in Ricky what was the girl’s
name that lived I met pregnant soon say her name I mean
she’s still my friend on Facebook and everything so all right etherium is
people want to have an ethereal number three here that’s what people want to be
the the next etherium no no no no I’m getting confused here and that’s why
they’re pumping up their all coins a puppet up there i CEOs amantha Johnson
and I actually talked about – becoming this third one that just charts darts
into the stratosphere and there’s so many other people that dream about that
with their altcoins is someone I’m basically summarizing a comment somebody
left on my comments people left back-and-forth with me on the comment in
the comments section here and I’m just rambling on basically what was I wanted
to say about because I got thrown off when I saw Paul in there the whole video
is going to go on a crazy town here Moses this someone to say but I want to
say something else about aetherium yeah okay be cash China all right
which crypt okay so when I was reading that article about you know overstock
and overstock is gonna accept all these altcoins – you should be happy all coin
people you should be really happy no but it’s it’s cool that over sucks
getting hard corn the cryptocurrency and so which cryptocurrency would you use to
send a transaction you did not want anyone to know about so that was a poll
over at coin desk or whatever whatever thing I was reading and basically what
would you be your anonymous coin of choice and amazingly with 517 votes
Bitcoin won I wouldn’t that’s we it’s just people
don’t manera was second at 24% with 385 votes then z cash and ether were very
close to each other other and – was less than other how on that like button okay
there’s three three i co type of people out there they’re people like me that
just admit they they don’t know i don’t know what i don’t know the difference
between them i don’t look into them at all
I’m honest I don’t own any and I don’t have any then you had people who own
them who just buying for speculation who don’t know about him at all either just
they know as much as I do but they just heard some dude on the internet say they
were good so they’re into them so that’s another type of ico person out there and
finally you have people who do know what an ICO is they really they know the
difference between their ICO that they’re either pumping or their behind
they’re trying to sell to you alright so just just and looking for
greater fools so just think of those three different people involved here in
icy ol and people are like Adam you should know you should do two research
into them no I’m not interested in them okay and at least I admit it these other
people who are buying them don’t even they don’t know about them most of them
and but they’re just buying them blindly so I’d rather be be honest to say no I
don’t care I don’t know I’m not gonna give you advice on them to be the person
who just by flying them by buying them blindly or the person who’s pumping them
when he knows that he’s selling half of it is more than half of it is no good
alright there also is a link to below and the most vocal people are not me are
not my types okay the most vocal people are the pumpers and the ones who are
buying into it who are buying into this insanity you know buying into mining
businesses on Titan as I talked about last night and of course my videos from
all my videos if in the last couple days this weekend Bitcoin all that stuff is
linked to below alright what else do we have here yeah Bitcoin magazine has an
article it’s updated version of all the key dates that are coming up please
check that out that is really important what else did I want to say
here on my piece of paper Roger there I almost said someone’s day oh my god yeah
alright III talked about the pomp leading in the
2x that um that might be the pomp of be cash leaving the teach then people
trying to use be cash as leverage to say well we’ll just adopt be cash if you
don’t do our to X fork or adopt our to x4 alright well i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister king of the trolls paul says yes i almost said the king of the
trolls means name there alright I probably skid something tonight guys I
hope you like that a little window into my Baltimore life I don’t really know
what this video was about tonight I will link to that some things that I didn’t
put up there before I think I owe you a couple links but most of the links are
there and I’m Adam actually Bitcoin not sure that’s rotmeister remember to
subscribe this channel like this video share this video found that like button
be happy that we have segments got a lot of good things rolling here I’m gonna be
in Ireland for the next week in Dublin and some of us will meet up and it’ll be
a fun time and I’m just in a rush and I’m sorry bye bye

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  1. Thank you Adam… Good Video while on the move. It looks like mainstream investment likes the idea of a greater Core influence on Bitcoin, do you agree?

  2. "dont buy steem" "dont buy bitcoin cash" … dont listen to you more like it….Bcash? You wish it is going to go down like Zcash but its not… Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin Cash. Calling it Bcash doesnt help people if anything it makes them think its like Zcash. Bitcoin cash is alive and be ready for the pump!!!

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