28 thoughts on “THE BITCOIN HEDGE | Preparing For An Uncertain 2020”

  1. Like your content, very pragmatic and educational! Would like to know your opinion about sharding tech progress in blockchain. Especially elrond.com which launched their testnet with 10k+TPS. Thanks!

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  3. I am pretty sure most people were caught unawares with the way bitcoin is going up so quickly even with the loads of comment on the eventual bitcoin bull run but then it is not too late even now as we are still at the brink of the full effect of the bullish trends. This is not really the time to use the dollar cost averaging strategy as there is really not much time left before the coin becomes too expensive for the lot. Bitcoin will see at least $15,000 in the next 4 months and before then, I believe I would already be holding enough to retire early because I am currently expanding what I held by trading with signals from Gérard Barrientos and then re-plunging my gains into buying more coins. Using this method, I have accumulated over 14btc in just a couple of months, Talking about Gérard, he has the most accurate signals and trade strategies as far as I am concerned because I have used services from 4 other providers and was disappointing. Gérard I believe would be more accurately described as the 'crypto man" because he is changing lives using his system and I recommend him especially at this point in time. He can be reached by ([email protected] or on WhatsApp +447427159640) by anyone serious about making some real business off bitcoins

  4. Nice one mate. You really shine covering the bigger picture and all the different markets like some ninja expert. It will be interesting if you revisit this format again in the future. Best, TX

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  6. Great analysis Nick, especially with respect to oil and real estate. Cheers from Down Under brother ??

  7. I'm sorry but my ears hurt when you pronounced that family name like Roth's Child. The Rothschild family name is originating from Germany back since around 1500. It's pronounced like Roht- shilled. Greetings from a native tongue German teacher

  8. I like the idea of bitcoin as a hedge against calamity etc. it’s a safe haven asset compared to a lot of assets

  9. Phenomenal content, appreciate the time you put into the immense research it takes to make a video like this

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