The bitcoin dip & the future of cryptocurrency in the world with Bobby Lee, BTCC CEO 📈

You said that this kind of dip is just
par for the course. Yes. How, do you think people are becoming convinced of that?
Well no it’s not I don’t know it you know people with experience know that
this is par for the course it’s like a roller coaster there’s ups and downs
and ups and downs people who ride the roller coaster for the first time will get
very surprised oh my god it’s going up so much going down so much but we
know unlike a roller coaster where it starts high and goes low bitcoin is the
opposite we’ll start slow and it ends up high much much higher. You said that you’re
now you guys are starting to focus more on mining and what do you think the
opportunities are in that area? Yeah so we’ll focus on mining pools so mining
pools is a service it’s not mining yeah so opportunities are there’s a lot of
different coins a lot of different cryptocurrencies that require mining so
we’re all doing that. And what other opportunities do you think are out there
what do you want to pursue in the next few years what excites you? What excites
me is additional cryptocurrencies you know being accepted by by the whole
world whether it’s government issue cryptocurrencies or just the explosion
of the awareness of crypto people trading it so I think I think this is
just the beginning of a huge huge wave in society where the monetary system is
being challenged and it will sort of see changes in the coming years due to
competitive pressure from bitcoin. And do you think the popular press is
reporting that wrong in you know the way that they’re engaged? I think so and I
think so I think the press is influenced by the
existing status quo and they like to they like to focus on the bad aspects of
bitcoin so very rarely do I see the press focus on the good aspects of
bitcoin how its independent, how decentralized, how its freedom of money,
freedom of ownership, how it give empowers of people to own the assets
they want to own, and it’s the asset that can be broken on small pieces used
for payments so very few media really covers it from positive angle

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