31 thoughts on “The Bitcoin Debate: Economics vs. Virtual Reality”

  1. The economist guy is an idiot. There is one valid point government is not going to allow it what happens when they try to ban it like liberty dollars

  2. Problem with bitcoin is that the advantages it posses are due to the ilegality of its opperations and we already see legal action on the part of bit coin. Jim rickards had a marvelous debate on this very topic.

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    The government tends the smell.

    The premium step nurses the hearing.

  4. It does act like a commodity. Sara Eisen didn't offer her arguement (unless it was implied); instead she let a let guy rant who refered the BTC (as currency) as "a dumb idea". How can the BTC have flaws if it functions as it was meant to; although somewhat impractical for uses within an exchange structure that requires the governments awareness of earnings or tax information in the form of fiat currency, it's legal uses exploit the overuse of taxation among civilians, and poor budgeting in gov

  5. Yea we will be talking about smaller values like bitdimes or bitmicrocoins or something like that haha… there is already something like a 64byte hash planned with will extend the confirmed hashes in existence.

  6. that stiff knows nothing about bitcoins. when all bitcoins are mined, each coin can eventually be broken down into millions of smaller bits. he's a stiff that's a part of the system. with a bitcoin, or pieces of one, i can purchase any service or thing anonymously, shit's so cash.

  7. Well you should pay the fees on bitcoin transactions. Or poor miners would have less moneyz 🙁
    [sad miners are evil people]

  8. I can keep my bitcoins (1000 today , sold 1500 of them yesterday) in my hand. In fact they always are in my encrypted USB driver.

  9. Bitcoins can be broken down into 8 decimal places, and only bitcoin is DECENTRALIZED, unlike facebook or any other currency

  10. lol, i ain't interested in your bitcoins and you can keep all your bitcoins to yourself.

    i am carrying a fat wallet full of cash in my pocket and i have more than enough cash for both my hands to hold.

  11. A currency is just a unit of account. Computers are good at keeping track of units. If I spend a bitcoin, the bitcoin is gone.
    Many people don't like bitcoin because they don't know the price's in bitcoin.
    Prices are just signaling mechanism's in the economy. It helps people express their opinion about value. Once you start seeing the purchasing power of bitcoin, you will start to value it more.
    Bitcoin is not an end. It's a means to an end.

  12. If the bitcoins aren't mine, then I don't have control over them. If I don't have control over them, then you should be able to take them from me.
    I have the computer in my hands. The bitcoins are on the computer. I give you permission to take the bitcoins. I'll even give you my address.
    Take all the time you need.

  13. Regarding the apartment rent example, lets say your kid is studying abroad and needs to pay for accommodation, send him some Bitcoin, no exchange rates, transaction fees, sharks cuts etc. I just received 460 dollars from paypal they charged me a TWENTY dollar fee plus i lost another £9 in the conversion to pounds, fucking robbery, HSBC charges me £17 for an AUTOMATED international wire. Bitcoin is the future.

  14. This guy knows nothing about bitcoin, Bitcoin Wallets have 8 decimal places, so its very simple to adjust payments to its current fiat value.

  15. Liquidity Problem is solved with the use of mBTC all the way down to "satoshis"….Each Bitcoin has decimal points which means 100 millions shares or "satoshis" per Bitcoin. This will change with a certain price point

  16. Bitcoin can be broken down alot more, the guy arguing against doesnt know anything about bitcoin. Before you give your opinion, please research, otherwise you just look like a iditot.

    also, if yoru comparing bitcoin to facebook coins, then you have no idea what your talking about nor do you understand what bitcoin is.

  17. Oh I forgot: people have been talking about Facebook Credit much more than bitcoin during the last few years, but journalists started to talk about bitcoin when they saw the huge increase in price. What's the price of a Facebook Credit in USD? Are there trading plateforms somewhere? I doubt so.

  18. Silver was nearly $50 in 2011.
    Calls for the gold standard.
    Sovereignties willingly signing onto the Euro only now realizing it leads to bankruptcy.
    But Bitcoin currency?
    That's the kicker!
    This is proof economics and finance must begin to be taught K – 12.
    Clearly too many have not even a basic understanding.

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