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  2. no like today, my love is gone away…. I was about to buy after a certain retracement, which many people say was more or less overdue…… puuh

  3. You"re absolutely genius Carl..I watched your previous video..perfect technical btc price prediction..Great job!!

  4. I have a little bit of experience trading but I discovered that I have much to learn when I watched your videos. I think I and some of your views will like technical analysis videos on trading BTC.

    Hey guys please like this comment many times so it draws his attention.

  5. Hey, I have been watching your content for months now, and I really find them very helpful. Please could you also start some tutorials on Technical Analysis when trading Bitcoin?

  6. Does anyone not find it suspicious that nearly 30% of bitcoin and ethereum market cap is being traded in a day? That smells like major manipulation to me

  7. Where are all those "1000 dollar bitcoin coming next" folks now?
    Not many things I enjoy more than a good "I told you so"….

  8. Hey Carl, was watching live this morning. Saw you on Sunny decree's live stream. And the cow jumped over the moon. LOL FUN!

  9. Why are these HUGE spikes happening? Kinda makes me wonder? Why isn’t it more steady? Could it be manipulation? ?

  10. you always do a great job, thanks a lot, dudeski. i love waking up at 4 (am mst) and watching ur vids while i eat breakfast

  11. Yes Carl. Your TA is brilliant. BTC is definitely shining brightly and following the path you are laying for it. Good work and thank you!

  12. If anyone ever told me btc would hit 100k I would laugh. But after it broke 6k in such a short time frame, I believe it could happen. But more like 40-50k top.

  13. First time i see your TA was today and holy .. were you on point it was literally few hours after when the break out happened

  14. Your analysis and explanation of price action has helped me to buy at key levels for a price average that I’m very happy with. I will keep buying at key levels during dips and consolidation as price goes higher. I think we are barely getting started with this bull run. Thanks for your daily videos

  15. I wonder if we gonna see a healthy bull run on alts any time soon. Maybe only after a serious correction of BTC.

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