38 thoughts on “THE BITCOIN BREAKOUT!! | $11,800 Target?! | Monthly Bull Market! | Bitcoin Price Analysis Today!!”

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  2. If Bitcoin is completing the handle on a cup formation (the cup beginning on July 24, 2018) then the price target could be either $13,000 – or would be $10,500 if we assume that the dip below $6,000 after the BCH hash war was not legitimate, which would make the cup more shallow.

  3. Bitcoin will do better becouse Btc dominance is growing every month and it will go on antill reaching 100% dominance… Its the firs time this happens since 2009… Reason to stay in bitcoin.

  4. Even though bit coin is hugely unpredictable even at the best of times, I only really watch this channel now about crypto’s because 99% of the other ones are hype machines and just spew out false information.

  5. Coffie and Carl's Moon morning show has been a regular staple of my crypto diet for the bear market. Carl's advice has helped me increase my crypto holdings during the bear market. I'm looking forward to a future bull market every morning with Carl's Moon. Keep up the great works Carl….its always interesting!

  6. I agree that BTC is the safest bet, the digital gold, but there's no evidence it will outperform say LTC on growth in this bullrun.

  7. Ur predictions are dumb af, like Ppl seem to believe in this pile of shit and u make ppl invest and lose their money. Next time invest in crystal ball

  8. I agree on 8500 being an important level. I don’t really view this as parabolic – still well below the old high.

  9. Why are the volume bars at 8:25 smaller than previous months before? I thought volume has been larger than anytime before in Bitcoin history during this run up? I know this is one exchange's graph, but still.

  10. Hey Carl. Since I don't understand Bitcoin at all and you are so smart, I have a dumb question 🙂 Can any authority such as the US president one day decide they are going to ban Bitcoin and make it illegal?

  11. Hi Carl. Fantastic stuff. I think that the fact, as you also indicated that BTC went straight up without major corrections, it’s destined to go to $11800. If that happens, then I think the reason we are seeing this is that the btc spring is really loaded meaning that $100,000 to $300,000+ is very likely in this bull run (since the last one went from $200 to $20,000; which is 100x)!!! We may well be looking at 50x -100x again this time. Thank you very much, I very much enjoy your daily analysis. Great stuff mate.

  12. Now two CME futures gaps to be filled to the downside at some point. Latest gap completes at 8135, gap completion for 7170 still outstanding

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