The biggest bitcoin mining farm! [Cryp News]

beep Maine's largest Bitcoin farm is located in the ghost town orders located in the northern part of the People's Republic of China the vacuole arity of all the city is that it is designed for 1 million people but now it is home for no more than 20,000 residents so 98% of buildings are simply empty nevertheless a huge Bitcoin for more the Chinese giant of Industry beat main is located in enormous empty city farm consists of seven huge rooms by the first digital currencies mind while the equipment for mining Lightborn is located in a separate room also there is a special workshop where equipment is being repaired in the vault the complex consists of eight buildings in which approximately 25,000 mining devices are located in total it employs around 50 people according to representatives of B plane the complex produces a cryptocurrency worship two hundred and fifty thousand dollars a day while the electricity costs are about thirty nine thousand dollars according to the company's representatives most of the mine bitcoins go to one of the Chinese crypt exchanges Geon woo co-founder of weak main shared his focus to BA the future price of Bitcoin with the reporters expressing confidence that in five years digital gold will reach the mark of $100,000 subscribe to our channel like and wait for the new releases bye

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  1. once the Bitcoin halving begins only the rich can afford to mine BTC and will have total control of BTC transaction fees and other functions. The year 2020 welcome to the CENTRALIZED BITCOIN. BITMAIN will be in control of BITCOIN mining. Bitmain wants to say thank you for buying their used video cards.

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