The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 80- Russian nonsense, Elijah Cummings, Climate change opportunities

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we’ll talk more about that later but good to see all the people out out there
in the chat hello we’re late friends as I said before today by the way October
the 19th is a happy day for me a good memories at least this is a day my
father was born so thank God my father was born as he created a great family
and I wouldn’t be around that my father wasn’t born on this date October the
19th alright so and let’s let’s jump into the subjects of the day and the
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well I’ve been here a couple days now Casa and you know I love it
i I do love Australia the Sun that you gotta be careful the Sun put that up put
that sunscreen of course and Benjamin Imhoff said what
are your thoughts on coin mixing love it do it I haven’t done it yet you should
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I once had a teacher with the last name of Imhoff all right now moving on that’s
your your last name apparently too maybe maybe it’s a fake name social media is
not a constitutional republic the United States isn’t a constitutional republic
so there are many people in the United States and including leaders elected
leaders who they don’t like a constitutional republic so social media
allows them to establish authoritarianism many attempt to be
authoritarians on social media so get used to that that’s that’s the beauty of
social media I guess you can be anyone there are it’s not a constitutional
republic so people go around trying to boss people around
being the dictator in trying to shame people and let it show just remember
that remember that that some people use this as their playground to be
authoritarians and yeah that’s gross but they let them do that let them get
themselves at least they’re not being a they dream of being authoritarians in
the real world and that would be unfortunate if they America devolved
into that but let people on social media this it can be a world of authoritarians
here on social media and this is their realm to express that so let them do
that but just keep that in mind when sometimes you see these elected
officials yeah you’re like you say you you believe in freedom and they they
take the Republican the United States and you’re acting like a total dictator
on here yeah all right okay moving on just a total dictators you to someone
minding every aspect a micromanager of other people’s lives just getting into
other people’s business all right so let’s talk about how some of these
sociopathic tissues have been behaving lately again
you can’t put these people on pedestals and but and so I’m not putting them on
pad but I talk about it because there’s some trends out there and we’ve this
last last part of the week apparent a Hillary Clinton called the Tulsi Gabbard
a Russian plant and it basically a term Russian plant or Russian anything is a
term that mainstream politicians now call people that diverge from the
traditional political machine whether they be Democrats whether they be
Republicans and it’s it’s total desperation on the attempt of the on the
upon the part of the old guards it’s a it’s an it’s an attempt that it’s an
attempt to try to convince the 80 percenters to stick with the old ways go
it is that they’re a Russian plant stick with me stick with what’s comfortable
but it works them name-calling works on 80 percenters and I just wonder our
bitcoiners gonna be called Russian plants Russian assets soon probably and
it’ll work it’s just funny that when when Clinton is talking about the
Russian BOTS and what they’re going to do she has no clue about technology at
all so she keeps yelling the same word Russian Russian plants for us and it’s
not just her it’s a lot of people that just love to get on this Russian
narrative paradigm and he totally works only 80 percent you some people you can
just lie and lie and lie to and they will continue to believe it there’s a
certain segment of population and I’ve learned this whether it’s with you know
calling tulsi Russian hey Tulsi is a member like or hater uh you know she’s
in the army healthy so there’s an R though that they plant they planted
someone in the army to run for president I mean it’s it’s a it’s a joke that
Clinton even took it to that level but she can get away with it because so many
people blindly bôla’ believe that narrative that they’re stuck in that and
people believe the fake going back to big corn
I had mentioned this before with baked toshi people believe that he’s actually
Satoshi Nakamoto people there are just a certain segment of the population that
large chunks of the population will believe anything and they will spread
the lies for you passionately spread those lies for you so they the
traditional politicians they call someone Russian and the the 80% are
spreaded for them fake Toshi says he’s Satoshi people spread sick people
believe it and passionately passionately coldness
these are cultists this is the way of this is what I’ve learned it’s it’s it’s
a sad realization but people like to be cold this they like to fit in all right
and wait wait we’ll get to OPSEC in a second here
at one thing I wanted to say about Russia though so for those of you scared
by Russia that it’s like are these dudes that using this room Russia turns out
lousy are they in the 50s still I mean yeah Hillary Clinton was alive in the
50s when the Soviet Union was a threat but Russia is weak it’s nothing but a
cold Saudi Arabia that has some nukes that has a space program to the people
they don’t want to live there you meet Russians in Australia you’re in America
in Israel I mean it’s the people the smart people want out of that car who
would want to be there I mean no offense I mean maybe it’s somewhat night but
they’ve got all sorts of problems politically it’s called Putin is nothing
people they put it all this pedestal it’s absolutely hilarious but it’s it’s
a it’s a narrative that pay the mainstreamers the big if you fall if you
put these politicians in America on pedestals you’re gonna fall for this
nonsense and I I feel for you I guess you’re wasting a lot of time on it and I
just I just wasted some time explaining it all to you people lies lies
everywhere there lies all right and it’s amazing Clinton you got to hand it to
her you’ve got to hand it to her she’ll just keep
same bigger and bigger lies and she can’t get something with it it’s amazing
it is it is a vase I’d put something okay
I’ve said classify said hello friends bitcoinmeister did you get a run in
today a good run in today if so how was the Sun know today was a no run day this
is my no run day I don’t run every day and yesterday I got a good run in and I
got it in very early but very early in the morning what was it for it started
before 7:00 so I keep on and I’m I’m gonna talk about a run in a second I’m
gonna I’m glad you brought that up I’m glad you brought that up cuz I’m talk
about a after dinner or after meal run also I’m really trying to avoid the Sun
here at the prime hours okay and vention sent five bucks thank you mentioned for
the support and we’re gonna talk about the support and these super chats in a
second by the way lots to talk about today didn’t the web bot say Craig is
actually Satoshi sounds pretty conclusive is a funny joke and it
wouldn’t shock me at all that if if if a bowi bot said that and then everyone
forgot about it goli bot has said insane her things than
that faked oh she is Satoshi in in all honesty the the web bought whatever you
want to call it I call it Bowie bot this is just it’s like David Bowie making
predictions you know interpreting a David Bowie song
that mean inter interpreting a David David Bowie song from 1974 to tell us
what’s gonna happen today it’s just as reliable as believing a web bot but web
watt says much has made predictions much more ludicrous than than fake toshi
being Satoshi Nakamoto that’s that’s no joke that’s no joke they’re saying that
aliens were gonna land in Israel in 2010 but that’s that’s a web prediction but
but but people forget that because they’re okay
because everyone wants to believe lies every people can get away with
ridiculous lies it’s just it’s this is the world the social media has brought a
lot of information to people but it’s just allow people to go wild with the
lives – and I feel like I’m skipping the stuff with
the Tulsi and all that but then alright enough of that people here have asked me
or have brought up always in Australia and I brought this up let me show the
other day but I want to bring it up again bringing Bitcoin in Australia or
aren’t they so strict that customs etc etc let me tell you what they’re strict
about I mean it they’re not dull they don’t have dogs searching you for
big coin okay they literally if you say first of all you have to be honest about
the food because if you’re not honest and they catch you with the food any
food that you’re not supposed to bring em they’re gonna find you $200 and
that’s crazy but so I told them I had some food with
me and all the food that I had is like you to bring this in this is you can
bring this in this is prepackaged it’s just raisins it’s dried through but
they’re not freaked out by that but they make you go through a line and they
literally have dogs Alton they let these sick dogs dog on you cause crazy
smelling all these people and then they have another dog to take his place they
need two dogs okay so for those for those of you who are worried about
Bitcoin and Australia and you coming into the country and do they search your
phones do they do that no it’s they’ve got dogs searching for
food on you seriously now maybe that can be used as excuse to do further searches
eventually but I gotta tell you the truth what I saw here at customs and
what I’ve seen at other times coming in Australia and New Zealand they care
about food much more than like anything else because this and I it’s a big
island continent they don’t want diseases from bugs coming in and such
all right but it was interested to get searched by a dog and you had and to see
that they have a few dogs there oh man what else do we have all right I’m
making sure okay you can again search it we got nice shirts below this is a
classic shirt I like to wear it yeah I only like big coin but it’s a cool shirt
people have asked about that before this is a great Airbnb by the way it’s – I
got my obviously my own place but the the loft bed is upstairs and the
bathroom is upstairs as you can see again beautiful view of some bridge and
everything outside I kind of try to show it to you you’re not gonna be now you
see you’re not gonna be able to see it that’s unfortunate
alright moving on moving on this is beyond Bitcoin show so it takes so darn
long it’s yet it’s 10:30 in the morning here not to get you people confused it’s
already October 20th but October 19th United States that’s what we go by that
my dad’s birthday are moving on where is this Thursday 9 was this third-world
stuff okay Elijah coming things we’re going to
talk about Elijah come right play the sin 2x people you gotta play this at 2x
to get through all this nonsense when I’m trying to show you what it looks
like outside and the Chi fail so the Baltimore Sun has an article on Elijah
Cummings died he was a congressman from from Baltimore Ben Shapiro said from the
Baltimore Washington area no Elijah Cummings is from Baltimore he
represented West Baltimore nothing to do Washington DC except he prob I mean he
worked that’s where he did his government job he’s a congressman so
Benjamin doesn’t banks appear gets a lot of East Coast things totally wrong you
get states come here and I love ben shapiro no one is perfect found that
like button but moving back to what i’m trying to
talk about here so the sudden death thursday of democrat US Representative
Elijah Cummings a venerated figure whom entered a younger generation of public
servants oh my god leaves many lawmakers even while morning facing a tough
decision should they deferred Cummings wife my Iraq amor Cummings who may who
many believe would be a logical successor or should they run for office
themselves so this is the mindset of Baltimore okay it’s a third world
mindset the guy dies should his wife take his place I think this is what
happens in third-world banana republics the I mean they were talking about if
when Mugabe was alive if he it’s gonna if he was gonna die his wife
was gonna take his place similar similar here similar mindset and legit in the
article legitimate political people say of course of course she should take his
place she knows so much because she’s his wife
now she’s involved in politics a little bit older is she’s involved in politics
is she’s his wife why did Hillary Clinton become what she
be because she was the white it’s a sick it’s ludicrous sure I mean would this be
a little if Donald Trump passed away would people be saying no no pen should
have become president Ivanka should be president about this should be present
because she’s his daughter she has experience in politics she works
for Donald Trump she should be this is the same but no people were never people
would never say Ivanka should take the place of Donald Trump not yet at least
said but down alignment we have a logical succession when it comes to the
president still for now you know maybe in the future it’ll just be or C becomes
presidential II well my husband will become that’s the new rule but but so
that the mind that the political leaders in Baltimore consider this a legitimate
mindset and this is it goes it’s not just Baltimore but this is a legitimate
line of succession in so many political were political spheres that the spouse
should become the daughter should become the successor it’s what happened to
qualifications well that’s not part of politics that’s not part of bureaucracy
there’s there’s no my meritocracy its bloodline that’s what I thought that’s
why we found in the United States to get kind of get away from the king of the
Queen but it’s quickly forgotten it’s quickly forgotten when it’s unbelievable
and I I didn’t want to say so I’m not gonna say bad things about Elijah
Cummings a and he’s gonna be remembered a lot for the the rat comments and
Baltimore is a mess autumn way it’s not his I thought Baltimore’s a mess i it’s
the farm of the people who think it’s legitimate that Baltimore should have a
banana republic succession scenario it’s it’s the people who who litter it’s it’s
there it’s there fuck but Ben Shapiro again one reason people hate men
computer home is because he’ll start to talk about something that he’s not an
expert in and he and he and Scott Adams also start talking about how great how
great Elijah Cummings was great you don’t have to see you don’t have to blow
it out of proportion dudes you don’t he wasn’t he wasn’t special in terms of
being a politician he really he got no argument with with he could he was a
great orator he spoke loudly yeah I mean it’s it’s it’s just it’s amazing these
these white guys just so trying to fit it it’s pathetic
it’s a sad that’s what it is I can’t say something like you know don’t say
something bad about a black person okay don’t say something about a black person
but you don’t have to be so fake about it and just boost them up to some
incredible level and that you’re totally unfamiliar with anything they did which
is ben shapiro and scott adams who are west coast guys who again you got ben
shapiro saying he’s from the baltimore-washington area
he’s from ball team West frickin Baltimore he’s got nothing to do I mean
little to do with the other areas all right so it’s funny to see these white
dudes squirm when when when Elijah Cummings again so there’s a certain
level of political correctness there on both these so-called not so political
correct people Shapiro and and Scott Adams and I and I like Ben Shapiro a lot
Scott Adams is pretty good but they can be very very wrong I’m just pointing out
yeah and this is beyond Bitcoin shit so we’re gonna talk about something like
that and OPSEC classify sent two bucks he
said if possible show us some sights in Aussie land yeah I’m trying to man I
want to I’ve got my good camera that I never ever used because I can’t use it
live and it takes a long time to upload stuff I shouldn’t use this is a great
great upload speed here so I should do it today
I it’s just a pain in the butt so much it’s so much as a pain in the butt with
making these shows dudes I I it’s I it’s unfortunate and it’s not my main source
of income at all so there’s no incentive for me to really spend
time than I have to and I’ve been and sometimes I spend too much time on this
stuff sometimes it is it takes up and we’re going to talk about that in a
second with the YouTube stuff because YouTube has been as since August the
first or July the by for it was August the first when I changed things around
there’s since it’s been pretty ridiculous lately just having at the old
certain aspects of filming this and posting it it’s it’s time cuz and I I
would rather you know go running and do things I enjoy in real life then you
know waste so much time filming this stuff sometimes it’s ridiculous
there’s a little insider info we’ll get into that in a second but it is
beautiful what I do wish everyone could see all this stuff and I wish there’s a
lot of stuff I and I’ll get to it I’ll get to and I just enjoy you’re the part
of thinking about making these shows is that when you do travel around you get
to meet the route the people that watch your show that you have on your show so
there’s been a freaking pleasure meeting hats in person and it wasn’t like I just
met him for the first time we both said it’s like we know each other it wasn’t
it’s so awesome internet it can be great this YouTube stuff can be so great there
are so many positives from it but there are some there’s some downsides and
we’re good we’re going to talk about that in a second Wow this show is long
ok Thursday night Ronna I want it so everyone knows I got here on Thursday
I had hats in the show he was great he was also great on the show Friday and so
don’t confuse Wednesday Thursday when I got here that was Wednesday show refill
I just got freaking confused but doesn’t matter but what I want to say all
Thursday after finally eating after 54 and a half hours of not eating it was a
good fast I ate I felt good I waited two and a half hours and then I went running
and it was a it was a good run and usually if you only wait like two and a
half hours after eating and you try to write you don’t feel that good you feel
like you have to defecate at the end of it and I didn’t it was good and I
thought this probably has something to do with like the fifty four and a half
hours I didn’t need and that I just haven’t felt that
just rude I just ate 2.5 hours ago it’s just powering me purely that’s
because that’s all that’s in me because in the past again as I said when I’ve
eaten my meal after only a 22-hour fast I it does hit me differently so there’s
something for you people don’t know if you have a long fast and then you eat
and then you run you don’t get cramps this is what I’m trying to say that was
with but so the other night it was a good run right that night run was cool
it is safe to run here I mean the ultimo re I ran through the Chinatown there’s
markets there’s all sorts of beautiful stuff and at night you can still sort of
see it how free are you here’s a test for the people out there how free are
you can you criticize China publicly about Hong Kong there’s some people that
can’t do that there’s so many people’s businesses depend now on China that they
can’t Chris I signed the the China situation with China’s doing the hike on
and I surely can do that what China’s doing Lanka is absolutely brutal and
horrible they are attractive going against their agreement they were
supposed to let Hong Kong be free and they want to have this extradition bill
where if you commit a crime in Hong Kong they could take you to the mainland and
then subject you to their ludicrous rules and that is absolutely wrong
absolutely wrong and but a lot of people can’t say that so that’s a test in the
modern world of how free are how free are you so many you’re not you’re not
truly free if you’re at if you can’t see you can’t comment against Hong Kong you
can’t comment against China you they have saw a little bit of power over you
whether you want to like it or not and it is amazing now that China has a built
they have a long-term plan they’re long-term thinkers how many people
powerful people of famous people famous businesses that they they have power
over now that that fears stating their opinion on on what’s going on in Hong
Kong this is the world we live in today we
yeah it’s quite a world China is a very powerful but but and that’s why you know
love it or hate it that the United States way of life as it devolves into
socialism it’s not what it’s not what China is it is not what China is we
freedom of speech is such an important thing it’s such an important thing and
the the ability to be able to criticize your government and all right fake
outrage test this is another test you should have so there’s there’s all these
people as social media is all about the Falcon fake outrage and outrage theater
you have to be able to learn how to identify outrage theater when people are
just something controversial happens or they we’re told that’s controversial and
people go wild like how could they ever say that how could they ever say that
one word how could they talk about a minority how could how that person
should be fired it’s outrageous it’s outrageous so when you hear something
like that just take a step back and it’s as simple as this take a step back does
anyone really care about this does anyone really care about this subject
matter and most of the time the answer is no who who really cares about this
this thing that this this social media maven is composing is complaining about
that person painted their face blue does anybody really care about that that that
person wars does anyone that and then move on move on from there like I’m not
even going to participate in this exercise because it is it never stops
on Twitter and most the 80 percenters fall for it they just keep on going with
whatever narrative is out there as silly a disease as it is and you just need to
have the patience to tend dodo because most people are impulsive they want to
jump on that train and start to just get fit in with the outrage the outrage
training you take a step back and say like no it’s that’s no one really cares
about who right mind would care about that you
move on so that’s your fake how to avoid fake outrage the fake outrage test
outrage theater get familiar with it don’t participate in it now let me make
sure there were no other questions someone said King George are you talking
about it’s George I don’t know I don’t know what to do
I just that guy isn’t talking about what I’m thinking about George Street is the
major street out there and it’s so funny in these former British colonies they
keep the name certain British comp it’s funny that the productive British colony
former British colonies they don’t rename their streets so they still have
George Street out there okay after King George in in tel-aviv they kept King
George Street also just saying in Zimbabwe they changed all the names of
the streets because that was such an important thing that people were
outraged there you go nervy God you know you there’s certain a new each country
can go their own way some countries are obsessed with tearing down when you
start becoming obsessed with tearing down monuments and renaming things
you’re not being very productive when you just leave things be it names
name is just a name businesses business focus on productivity in business I that
was all unplanned what I just said now Bernie Sanders what do we have here
this is as I said the United States better than China but we have we do have
our issues back there and he says about Elizabeth
Bernie Sanders draws contrasts with Elizabeth Warren
she said she says she is capitalist through her bones I’m not so he’s
attacking Elizabeth Warren for being a capitalist yet that’s what politics is
about on the Democratic side of the aisle this day these days good luck and
so capitalist capitalist is becoming a dirty word I max out
with me but I people who want to waste their times with that who’s the biggest
capitalist hater that that’s uh that’s who’s gonna win the Democratic nominee
and AOC has to say she is a tweet and she just twist these things to get
attention and this mostly would outrage the editor and what social media is
about now just how much attention you can get how outrageous you can get but
she she believes this tweet and it simply says tax the rich and the best
reply to it was punished the successful but society has devolved into tax the
rich it’s normal its emotion it’s it’s it’s envy
that’s what light that’s when it’s about capitalism it’s evil it’s productivity
we don’t need that anymore toward a Meester has a has a tweet out
there and it’s a quote from Nicolas tout and tally bit his name is Nicolas tally
but can’t pronounce it he and this is a fun one
take Nicolas tape talents take on things that are likely to break within the
decade so he says in this a golden age decade that we’re about to encounter the
following things are going to break seed oils statins most psychiatric drugs fiat
money the Saudi regime desktop computer national airline companies neo atheism
movement behavioral economics in CNN may I could see a lot of those things
breaking disappearing people are addicted to statins right now they don’t
realize that ins are horrible they don’t realize seed oils are horrible and that
most psychiatric drugs are horrible are very powerful at least fiat money is
that going away but they’re gonna be a lot of twenty four centers that wake up
the big coin the Saudi regime and make it up keep on getting getting away with
it this will have oil alright well it’s an
interesting thought experiment there I like that everything I talk about is
linked to below by the way someone asked in
I forgot who asked us in the comments section of a video hang on a second all
right in the comment section of a video someone asked about frequent flier miles
he says Adam on your beyond Bitcoin show can you talk about accumulating frequent
flyer miles if you which ones do sign up for which
company is better thank you okay so I have frequent flyer miles with
the major three American Airlines and that’s American United and Delta and
American Airlines is the worst by far it is the worst if you don’t spend them if
you don’t spend them or buy something with them or fly for 18 months they take
them away for you that’s it if you and what I need to do is I actually need to
use them to just I just need to get rid of them to go on a flight and I haven’t
been good with that but I got into a situation where I knew they were about
to expire so I bought a plane ticket it was when I was traveling to Los Angeles
once because I loved I don’t like to fly in LAX I like to fly in or out of
Burbank instead and I thought since the flight was going to fly before the no
since the since I purchased the tickets before that before the miles expired I
thought that was great that was fine but apparently you actually have to fly
before the miles expire so even if you give them you know the the money
beforehand for the tickets they can still take away your miles if the miles
expire before you actually fly so I realize that and I wanted to keep my
miles so I bought a new pair of running shoes through the miles program and I
was gonna buy a new pair of running shoes anyway and they were basically the
same price that I would have gotten basically so I saved my miles that way
but it was totally ridiculous I thought I think it’s totally insane
but this is their rule you gotta play thereby behind explaining
you asked about the frequent flyer miles I think it’s ridiculous that they work
that if they’re about to expire and you buy a plane ticket that’s not good
enough if you blind picked you you have to
actually fly the miles before they credit you the mines and also I’ve done
something something I wish suddenly I have sort of regrets about I don’t have
Southwest miles but in order to sign up for Southwest Airlines miles we have to
give them their search your social security number and I just don’t do that
but maybe I should want to do that and so everyone knows I’m pretty I’m not as
efficient with my smiles as one might think I am because there’s a lot of
frequent flyer miles are just not that easy there they could be easier to use
how about that there’s bureaucracy involved and I’m
just not in the bureaucracy I I have cumulate them on all three of the
major airlines and when I’m going that using foreign airlines they have
partners so I put in my frequent flyer number but I I could be more efficient
and I really should have Southwest frequent flyer miles but I don’t and
where shear in said hey Richie Rich what’s up
I believe you can sell your air miles room and that’s the other thing you can
sell your air miles he says he for Bitcoin it’s not that easy dude and they
give you they rip you off people and a lot of people will not buy American
Airlines frequent flyer miles I learned that that was another thing there’s a
lot of companies that don’t deal with American airline frequent flyer miles so
Delta and United they doubt that doesn’t expire
I don’t think United expires or United’s those ones are easier to use and I
wouldn’t even want to sell those because I’m going to use those eventually but
you need more delta miles to actually qualify for a flight Americans the
American airline is the worst I can’t tell you which was the best probably
Southwest is probably best but I don’t I don’t do Southwest so is they I don’t
feel like typing in my social security number and giving it to them I just
leaves a bad taste in my mouth alright and maybe I’m
a little too uh too odd with that one maybe I should sign up for it
every time I fly Southwest look I make it the dark miles okay who is this Nick
Carter says the real scarce resource is sticking up for something you believe in
even when everyone around you is doing the opposite pound that like button dude
fitting in is overrated is that you’re absolutely right and standing for
something that the real scarce resource is sticking up for something you believe
in even when everyone around you is doing the opposite
yeah when everyone’s buying saying yeah I CEO is the way to go now all coins are
ways Oh bitcoin is old no strong hand you stick
with the Bitcoin you believe in the Bitcoin baby that’s me
and yeah I Phi of a conviction conviction maybe conviction is
respectable as Nick Carter said basically said uh all right what is this
so I’m gonna talk about being in motion with podcast and and such so back in
back in March I started on anchor with these podcast and you can listen I turn
all these videos in the audio podcast and sports moisture comm you can you can
listen to all my podcast or just all these videos plus a few extra podcasts
that I made all that are only audio only but I might turn in the video eventually
so some of you know about that and so when I was in I was in motion I I knew
that you couldn’t just rely on I couldn’t have all my eggs in one basket
with YouTube and because YouTube was getting stricter than with their
algorithm with the money with D monetizing all sorts of people
complaining I was talked about I was talking about people complaining and I
was like you know compete don’t complain so I got on the anchor and anchors have
been pretty it anchor is better than YouTube and in some ways again Kerr is
only podcast only it’s no audio no fancy sets or graphics so I like it so a lot
of 20 percenters really enjoy my show in podcast form it’s been good I really
cannot complain and I’m partially bringing this up just to show people you
always got to be in motion yeah you can’t don’t put all your eggs in one
basket it’s it’s good if you’re a content creator because you end up being
very bitter and angry toward YouTube if you don’t have any other especially if
you’re relying a lot on the revenue I am NOT relying a lot on the revenue I’m not
I respect the money though that’s one of my sayings respect the money I enjoy
getting money from YouTube and hanker every month it’s great it pays for my
plane tickets and stuff it’s I enjoy that I do I do enjoy that so I’d like to
have two sources of it whatnot but so I encourage everyone if you’re a creator
did you get it in the podcast land it’s cool anchor is really really really easy
and it is really easy to donate to me through there to suit yours too and I
and that has been linked to below for a while they do not take as large of a cut
as all of you guys are say and I appreciate the super chest super guys
are great YouTube takes a huge kind of it’s a huge cut of it alright and so one
thing I would love for everyone to do out there you don’t have to send any
sort of financial the easiest way is of course crypto that you crimp over
bitcoin they don’t take any cut of it that that’s the best buy I I know I’m
offended by selling so but you should be offended by selling too but if you want
to support the show retweet some of these podcasts okay watch the plot
listen to the podcast and then if you would financially want to contribute the
Yolo fiat way link to below there is an anchor link you can support
my podcast through anchor cuz they don’t take as big of a cut and you can do the
super chat still also I appreciate it I just want to say anchor doesn’t take as
big of a cut they are they’re doing a good doing a good thing
all the people complaining about YouTube that are content creators check out
anchor and they don’t have a ridiculous algorithm you don’t have to do clickbait
titles they don’t encourage you to do clickbait titles it’s really more 20%
eccentric it really is and YouTube is going YouTube is not hiding the
direction they’re going in they want huge content creators they’re here they
want to be like cable TV they want and advertisers like that kind of stuff that
and that and YouTube is free to go that way you YouTube is not a place for small
content creators it really is for niche content creators it’s not and they don’t
want it to be and they’re not are they are they let leaving on people that
maybe can still be that way I don’t know I don’t know I mean they’re they’re
really promoting the huge content creators and some in some of the most 80
percenters subject matters you see it in your feed more and more and they can do
their algorithm any way they want to they can promote anything they want to
and it’s just there are other outlets out there if you don’t want to get stuck
in YouTube’s machine and just wonder why why all of a sudden I just seeing these
really mainstream me stuff and I find myself clicking on it take a step back
you just can’t blindly sit there go to these podcasts stock you but you got to
be proactive that’s another cool thing about Twitter if you actually if you’re
not just on Twitter just to insult people and to see what your little what
your you’re blind leader tells you what’s cool and how to fit in if you’re
not if you’re actually like reading people’s tweets and clicking on their
links that are taking you to helpful articles and podcasts that you can learn
you can really get out of this loop of what what is mainstream social media now
and YouTube is definitely mainstream social media most of it is you can
really fall into a non-thinking trap enjoy it now so go to anchor go to
podcast but you got to be proactive you just can’t sit it’s not just the good
stuff is not just gonna be fed to you on YouTube what’s being fed to you is
really bad mainstream mindless stuff now and I’m not complaining I’m competing
I’m still doing these shows but I’m also putting it out there on
anchor and I would like to see that expand and if you you don’t have to
support the YouTube I’m giving you options where if you want to support me
you do not have to support the YouTube machine at all and I respect if people
don’t want to support this YouTube machine because it is Indies what it is
they want to be mainstream cable TV and that’s their right that’s their right
the Guardian has an article about it that some protests have erupted in
Santiago Chile and all over Chile I guess and I was there a year ago
Santiago Chile is beautiful also it’s also in the southern hemisphere weather
is better better here in City and city is more beautiful sad to say but still
Santiago is a beautiful place and they have a lot of economic freedom and but
the the young people there have become spoiled and even when I was there I
noticed communist symbols on the at the college there a state of emergency has
been declared in the Chilean capital after simmering protests against a rise
in Metro fares spilled out into widespread vandalism and violence fueled
by rising cost of living pressures the latest protest follow grievances over
the cost of living specifically the cost of health care
education and public services unsatisfied by partial reforms following
widespread education protests in 2011 the Metro fare rise has provide has
proved the spark that has awoken Chile’s formable student body yeah so students
want a free college I got I mean it sounds like the United States here so
it’s interesting that protests are going on there they are a lot of people love
to see protests these protests are not are protests toward more government
control more government intervention which I’m not a fan of I’d like the
Chile that lets people sell you by lets immigrants buy garlic at the big markets
and then go right outside the markets peel the garlic and sell
the bar garlic for more because it’s been peeled and let’s poor people just
sell books they find in the garbage on the street in front of real retail
places it’s it can be really free market out there so what these people want is
they’re they’re angry at the government systems that the Metro the Metro Fair is
too much I mean the government wants to run it as a business not as like a
freebie so there’s protests going on in San
Diego now and that they put the putting troops on the street to tell you the
truth I don’t think I think the that’s not that bad of a thing just because
they’re troops on the street we’re it’s just something we’re not used to in
United States now is that the optimum optimal way to live no it’s not at all
but say I like Santiago I think they’re very productive there and people can
protest but violently protesting there’s got to be something there violence is
not cool man violence is not cool and it’s crazy I was there a year ago though
and I would never envision something like this happen so you never know when
the students will go crazy in really mainstream type of cities and you never
know when you’re gonna have a riot it’s not it’s not just the Baltimore thing
pound that like button but as far as I can tell I don’t support these protests
how about that you’re on Brooke he’s got a really long
video about that Gretta and her climate change okay you don’t have to watch the
whole thing it’s linked to below go to the one hour and 11-minute
this is the best part of what you’re on Brooke has to say about climate change
whether you believe in it or you don’t believe okay think of it as an
opportunity instead of an emergency get into the opportunity mindset instead of
the emergency mindset take you can create positive businesses around
lowering carbon emissions emissions and create all sorts of technologies that go
way beyond being better beneficial for climate change but being beneficial for
society people would be willing to pay money for
these technologies or these techniques that you so it’s not all gloom and doom
and panic an emergency whether you believe it or you don’t believe in it so
go to that one hour an 11-minute mark hit most of the show was about how she’s
winning how the Greta people are winning because they are they’re playing on
people’s emotion and they’re not using logic and the people that are trying to
fight against that the Greta’s of the world are using pure emotion and they
should be using logic and reason because logic and reason and not not not getting
panicky about it will win in the long run so if you do try to fight her
yeah the personal insults against her don’t work that just strength
strengthens those people you know I’m not worried about you this girl winning
he went way too into it in this video about who she her side is winning losing
all this stuff no my my my takeaway is from his one hour and 11 minutes mark
about this is an opportunity instead of an emergency if people want to scream
about it being emergency let them you just say it’s not fortuny I personally
I’m not worried about it because I know in the long run if it is
if it is a problem the people who understand that it’s opportunity will
create beautiful opportunities around it and it just won’t suddenly happen in you
know all of a sudden the world isn’t just gonna end this is people that is
something that the emergency mindset gets you it is not an emergency it is an
opportunity okay to air and we got two more things here two more three more
things here let me just check how long this videos been going for Oh God
Almighty 48 minutes how could anyone who offended
by Elijah coming someone said yeah I mean he was offensive at times he
definitely was he said some offensive thing any and again if people have quite I
can’t usually see what people write unless they type in bitcoinmeister in
there so if you really want me to read your thing say your thing okay and
remain an old Twitter retweet this on tech ball te CH B alt that helps also
because yeah you anyway anchor anchor is cool man YouTube not so cool these days
where’d what do we have but but YouTube you can if you can search if you can
find 20% of our videos like mine there is great this great stuff here the
people I have on my show are 24 centers but a lot of people don’t know about it
because I’m not being there not mainstreamers alright twitter is such a good tool though if
you use it as a tool and if you use it as a screaming device and an argument
device it is not a tool this is and speaking of Twitter whoever complains
about bitcoins ever-increasing mining energy consumption think about this
global energy usage is now 2 times 10 to the 13th watts in order to reach a car
to have type one civilization we need 10 to the 16th watts of energy ie bit
cooling is accelerating the process of an hour ascension that is an awesome
take for all the people that say Bitcoin is usually too much energy because in
Indy in order to be a cartage EV type one civilization we’re gonna have to be
able to use and generate a lot more energy from the resources we have on the
planet it’s basically using every sink inch of every bit of energy that’s
coming from the Sun if we can use that we become a card as yet once society and
it will God willing we get to be card as you have one scale but yeah but Bitcoin
helps us in that energy uses interesting take on that dude I thought I love
hearing about the Cartesian scale how about that it’s
beyond Bitcoin shows so we don’t really have to tie it into Bitcoin mmt works I
wanted another reason that MT works monetary money my modern monetary theory
well for the 80 percenters keep on believing in the dollar foreign aid is
the crack dealer that gives out the product samples for free and it gets the
addicts more dependent United States dollar we give it to so many countries
around the world so much of it and they value their wealth and dollars the more
weak it’s like crack it’s like they get addicted to it and we keep pretty-pretty
for everyone’s like we’re people pretty can’t keep printing all these dollars
it’s it’s the valuing the dollar and yeah over time certain things have gone
up in value the 80 percenter stuff the suvs they’ve gone up in the dolls not
value gone up in price they’ve gone down in value they have no value at all but
the foreign aid the foreign aid that we give out that’s just that that continues
the dollars dominates throughout the world I know it sounds backward but know
it strengthens the dollar because that they date and it just it increases that
mindset it increases the duck the dollar story there’s all sorts of stories out
there and the 80 percenters of this planet believe in fiat and they believe
in the dollar and it’s not changing anytime soon so I have no problem
whatsoever with the United States government continuing to print up
dollars I don’t because I’m in the Bitcoin what the heck why should I care
big corners should not I said this on previous shows why are you still valuing
off in dollars you know the United States government what I don’t like is
the mm tiers and this is most of the mm tiers out there they’re like yeah yeah
we can print we can keep on printing dollars for all era for these programs
that we have and then if we start to see inflation then we start to tax the rich
know that I don’t like if you start to see inflation if inflation starts to
bother you stop printing the dollars you don’t have to tax the rich at that point
all right so I’ve talked about and Mt before I would love to have an M
MT person on that’s also that that takes the approach that I have that’s like
okay keep on printing the dollar and if inflation really starts to get out of
hand will stop printing the dollar they don’t believe in the tax side of things
okay so I I mean I don’t value my wealth in Bitcoin I know that that the dollar
is just the story that you use to get nonsense stuff or you you you it’s it’s
it’s a means of a transaction it’s not it’s not a it’s not a wealth
preservation mechanism no one out there should be using the dot if you if you’re
not you’re naive if you think having dollars in the bank is preserving your
wealth that’s not what it’s about it can be printed it’s Fiat is fiat and so let
the let the United States government train as much of it as they darn want to
because we’re the strongest country on earth we are the greatest country ever
the strongest country ever in the history of the world that China China as
powerful as they are they the yuan they can’t do what we do with the dollar
they have power over what people say which is unfortunate and it is a sign of
the ascension of of China but the dollar the United States is unique and people
believe that story I’ve seen it all around the darn world okay I ramble on
about that hey so when I was in the play my first plane the other day because I
had to take a cross-country flight from Baltimore to San Francisco and then get
on a 14-hour flight to Sydney the United Airlines they didn’t have movies on the
American flight but the Hecht regular TV now I never watched regular TV but
because it’s right in front my face I saw the Washington Nationals defeat the
Cardinals and make the make the World Series and I again I’m from Baltimore
I’m an Orioles fan forever and so I would have congratulate some of the
Orioles fans because National Bank’s most of you dudes are nothing but Oriole
fans that have temporarily switched your allegiances and so I want to
congratulate late so by Oriole fans know their team
on their other team making the World Series I’m not a – those fans I have
nothing against them and it’ll be interesting to have a World Series in
the baltimore-washington area for the first time since since 1983 when the
Orioles won the World Series but let me tell you something the Nationals are not
the next Orioles the Orioles are the Orioles and so you can have all this
when you go to that Nationals let me tell you something
some of you dudes celebrating the Nationals getting into the World Series
you know darn well you know darn well the Orioles made the World Series you
will be celebrating even bigger going wild because the Orioles are the team
baby the Orioles are the real team not the Nationals Orioles are the next
Orioles Nationals good luck to them though but I know there are plenty of
those closeted DC style Oriole fans but yeah Nationals yeah whatever but who
would I want to see if the Yankees got form it’d make the World Series I would
of course what the Nationals the win without a doubt but Houston’s the better
team at Houston makes the World Series and that’s it that’s the end of show
good I’m glad I is and don’t waste your time on baseball too much people but it
can be fun it can be fun sometimes be productive but if it’s thrown right in
front of your face you’re stuck on the plane you’re trying to fall asleep no
problem watching it all right that is it that is I think that’s the end the show
let me see anybody else having in six months yes conviction yeah I’ve got
Orioles Orioles fan conviction don’t I I mean they’re the second worst team in
baseball but I guess I’ve got long-term thinking they show return they shall
return and the cool thing about having Zand stuff it’s not like being a fan of
a sports team you know you never know when the team will be back but with the
having’s you know you know what’s coming on on so hang on to your hang on to your
big coin and i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
subscribes channel like this when you share this video
that like one good anchor subscribe to be there donate to be there
so with all the stuff I’ve been talking about this video time – I’m gonna see a
gonna pay out with some Bitcoin people soon all right bye guys I’ll say hi to
you in the chat spread the word pound that like button

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