The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 79- Jeff Bezos greatness! Life extension, Andrew Yang, Tulsi

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was the guest yesterday you could tell it’s not a scripted show because he
brought up a subject matter i never bring up but he’s a good guy
i let other people have other opinions he talked about something that I think
is pretty ridiculous but I gave him a you know we we were men about it we
didn’t start yelling at each other we were polite and it was a great show it
was a great show and Gabriel is a very interesting guy and some of you people
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okay so let’s jump into the show let’s start talking about Jeff Bezos this
article from the Atlantic uh and by the way this a new shirt of mine crypto
verge they’re linked below they’ve given me a lot of new shirts lately it’s like
I assume that’s Moses throwing a Bitcoin to people yeah yeah whatever it’s it’s a
funny one there I guess um yes sir Jeff Bezos he uses the word roulette they say
he loves the word relentless cynical and that dude he’s relentless I this article
really taught me a lot about Jeff Bezos they were trying to rip on Jeff Bezos in
this Atlantic article but I learned a lot about him but I didn’t know I really
haven’t done much research in the Jeff Bezos I just know he’s the richest man
on the planet and he loves space I kind of knew that but he’s got serious he’s
loved space his whole life and space travel colonization this kind of stuff
they talk about on the Issac arthur channel this dude knows a lot about any
key is serious about bringing humanity into space which is something I really
admire and I don’t under I think the people that rip on him and his big
dreams and his big money that he has it’s pure envy B’s this man has already
changed the world he is trying to change the galaxy and they of course they rip
on him for the typical things that bring about emotion in the 80 percenters they
they say he doesn’t give enough charity I mean that when he has brought the
humanity and what he is trying to bring to humanity he shouldn’t give all what
he is all his money away now why he is spending it on building spaceships I
mean this is amazing but yeah they try to shame him and I’m gonna read you a
quote and once an executive makes it to the S team now the S team is like his
inner circle of executives at Amazon he remains on the S team the stability of
the unit undoubtedly provides B’s owes a measure of comfort but it also calcifies
this uppermost s Ilan in the antiquated vision of diversity the S team has no
african-americans the only woman runs human resources nor does the composition
of the leadership change mush a step down a step down the loud ladder when
CNBC examined the 48 executives who run Amazon’s core businesses it found only
four women one former team leader who was a person of color told me when the
top executives hear the word diversity they interpreted to me
the lowering of standards so you’re trying to tell that this this critique
this this author thinks they know how to run a business better than the richest
man on the planet the richest man on the planet thinks
diversity is a joke the richest man on the planet brings in the smartest people
to his inner circle and he doesn’t let him go
he keeps him there it calcifies so yeah he has the antiquated version of
diversity in your opinion that’s great he’s the richest man on the planet in
the history of the planet basically he’s trying to bring people off the planet
okay inflationary terms he isn’t the richest man in the history of the plan
that was Rockefeller again but maybe you get my point this these people that are
trying to rip on him he doesn’t have enough diversity this is the pure
example of how to run you run a business at the upper look you don’t worry about
diversity you eat the smartest you get the best the person the people he gets
along with and you keep them there and you run the best business on the planet
and then the next thing you know you’re so rich you’re about to send people to
different planets I mean it’s unbelievable that people the the 80
percenters in their emotion unbelievable yes and Tavel dacra says no one should
be forced to include people in anyone’s personal company that’s that’s basic
basic this basics right there the people don’t get that they’re like well I buy
from Amazon so Jeff Bezos just have someone that’s just like me in his inner
freaking circle just as smart as me just just just like me you know even though I
don’t know anything about business he should have people like me in his
intersect no you don’t get that right you don’t get that right I mean just
someone that tell you what you get to put in your bed like I think you should
have a skunk in your bed oh that’s that’s terrible you know I think you
should have a stunk in your bed these people should people be forced to make
you put a skunk in your bed no it is the same thing you want to skunk his inner
circle the this critique or this this writer but this is accepted as normal in
today’s society but thank God for people like Jeff
Bezos who put up their middle finger at these people who don’t play this game
now probably you know in in terms of corporate culture
I’m sure the lower levels they try to fit people in and they try to corporate
message to make people happy but the way he’s running that business it’s not it’s
not uh it’s that virtue Singh line it’s not uh it’s not woke as they say are and
we’re going to talk about woke capitalism in one moment oh yeah that
was good Chester Copperfield said bitcoinmeister is like injecting
anabolic steroids into your decrepit scrawny weak hands pound that like
button that indeed that is the truth if you got weak hands you watch this show
it’s like you just put anabolic steroids in your freakin hands you got strong
hands you don’t even need to talk about the price of Bitcoin what was the last
time I talked about the price of Bitcoin for a long period of time who the heck
knows I’ve been skipping it the last few show Gabriel and I didn’t talk about the
price of Bitcoin at all check out that show link to below we won’t talk about
the price of Bitcoin tonight at all but this is beyond Bitcoin but we’re gonna
tie the show in the Bitcoin don’t worry don’t worry all right let’s get back to
the subject matters at hand we’re talking about Amazon the author
complains instead instead of competing yeah it’s easy to complain if you don’t
like the way Amazon’s being run you make your own Amazon you compete but know the
country and this is what is another quote from the article the country needs
to think like bees owes and consider the longer sweep of history before
permitting so much responsibility to pull in one man who without ever
receiving a vote assumes roles once reserved for the state thank the Lord
his company has become the shared national infrastructure no it has not it
shapes the future of the workplace with its robots it will populate the skies
with its drones its website determines which industries thrive and which fail
to the side so yeah this this author says we should mind his business we
should take away his business we should try to manage his business he is bigger
than a country this is the of the national yeah what’s wrong with
the corporation being more powerful than a country get used to it welcome to the
Golden Age so I like from reading this article and and it’s a good read the
whole thing it brings up some good points about him indirectly I I admire
chappies oh so much more after reading this article this virtue single ler
written article it’s it’s uh it’s inspirational that each appeasers has
angered them so much that they want to take away his business and yeah I say
keep on innovating Jeff Bezos to the moon to Mars wherever baby
wherever it’s awesome Pat so let’s talk about this Golden Age so we got people
like Jeff Bezos in this in the 2020s that want to put people on other planets
in the sky in the doodle on the moon rocket ships heat I mean he wants to be
John Luke Picard that’s why he shaves his head like that but apparently so
there is a man out there that I had heard of named David Sinclair and I
stumbled upon one of his art of one of his videos you need to watch it lifespan
why we age and why we don’t have to and this is a talk at Google and working
toward reversing aging solutions okay working toward reversing aging talk
talks of something okay alright so he wants to it’s complex stuff he says that
they are close to figure out ways of reversing aging in in animals and then
human beings and he talks about something called nmn he talks about
intermittent fasting is something that he prepped the man is 50 years old he
looks darn good so he’s learned something from his research definitely I
don’t know about this mmn stuff but he says one of the things you can do is
intermittent fasting and he personally does intermittent fasting but he really
going to be a complex solution that’s beyond intermittent fasting a therapy
they will be able to do to reverse aging and they’ll eventually start
experimenting on it and he says that I mean he implies that it might take some
of the Western countries a little while to approve this and do all the
experiments he said cetera so he says people will like
travel to places like Costa Rica to get this experimental therapy once it is of
and again it’s not available yet at all it’s still in the early stages but he
says he hopes in our lifetimes this can come about well and it’s just
inspirational so I wish him all the luck in the world and more than luck hard
work he’s from Australia originally and he is working on this and this is a
whole new definition of medical tourism when it if this ever god-willing this
happens now I’ve said to you in the past one of the way you had to one of the
reasons you should be a long-term thinker in a long-term holder a Bitcoin
and not blow your Bitcoin or Tesla now is because we were entering a golden age
where there it people are working on life extension it isn’t just this guy
okay it isn’t just just this guy and at some
point when it comes out only the wealthy are going to be able to afford it and
some countries my regulated and you might need to bribe someone in another
country to get it and so instead of getting a Tesla today you might be able
to buy your way to live to be a hundred and twenty and living quite nicely in
the future so it’s another reason for long-term thinking not to blow your
Bitcoin wad yet and yeah just just to not to be as healthy as possible not
just I’m not just talking about Bitcoin here be healthy you did people like last
and intermittent fasting sometimes I don’t think you’ll be laughing after you
watch this video you really shouldn’t be if you’re if you’re a long-term thinker
I mean it’s it’s worth it to try the intermittent fasting to keep you in an
ok state so if they come up with this when you’re 60 years old that you’ll be
good enough to take it survive it and start reversing reversing the aging who
knows I mean this it’s very exciting stuff and I love I love watching videos
like that so Google him look him up on YouTube there’s like a four minute video
that I didn’t link to below if you just type in his name David Sinclair and
intermittent fasting that’s their but this is a longer talk at Google the
first 25 minutes or just him talking and then they ask him some questions
it’s a good talk all right moving on yeah and again there’ll be a lot of
people with nothing that’ll start writing basically and that want this in
the future if this really comes out people will go wild that they were 80
percenters they blew all their money and they’re not able to why are only the
rich why are only the rich staying young I mean who well because we say because
we planned okay you could plan now this is look ahead to the 2020s 2030s
whatever yeah life extension I this stuff God willing it comes into 2020s
but I’d be more of a realist here and think 2030s and 2040s but but you never
know Jeff Bezos on the other hand getting people into space in 20 20 s I’m
pretty confident about that that that’s yes easier thing to do getting people
into space what musk is doing and what appeasers is
doing and Virgin Galactic is doing that’s a lot easier than reversing aging
but still it’s quite an accomplishment all right we see we okay no one is
typing in Bitcoin wiser but there plenty of classics in there just buy bitcoins
in there Mac okay of engines in there what’s up vention yeah all right eat
only eight hours a day dude max I only eat one hour a day all
right 23 hours a day of fasting at least yesterday it was 27 hours yeah and the
day before it was 40 yeah I had a young Yelp for Yom Kippur I fasted the 25
hours without the water and then it ended at night I drank the water I’m
like well I’m not gonna eat now let’s just eat tomorrow so it it ended up
being 47 hours or something like that okay there’s your recent Adam’s most
recent day of skipping food completely when you go over you know when you get
into the 41 our realm you’ve totally skipped the day of eating it’s not
coming back and I’ve done that like over 30 times this year it’ll end up
basically dead for 10% of the 10% of the days of the year I didn’t eat a thing
okay moving on then that’s interment that’s part of it that’s hardcore in a
minute fasting all the other days in the year I I fast at least
22 hours everyday I hope I didn’t say I fast at least 23 hours every day
I don’t fast at least 23 hours early I fast at least 22 many of the days is 23
I what I’m getting confused with in my head I only eat an hour a day I only
need an hour a day it’s it’s an hour then 22 at least 22 hours off then about
it it’s usually less than hour I mean some days I only eat for like 37 minutes
or something like that I keep track of it it’s not it’s not about how short
your window of eating is it’s about how long the the non eating period is okay
that’s what you’re aiming for a long non eating period that that’s the that’s
what the intermittent fasting is about moving on here people like these new
shirts crypto verge baby thank you much thank
you everyone for all the shirts shirts and the support I have like 50 shirts
like literally I have 50 Bitcoin shirts it’s wild stuff and now my message met
nephews and nieces also have are gonna have some because by accidentally I was
sent some extra small ones I’m a medium but there was a mistake that the person
who sent them and then the company gave me the free medium well they sent medium
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beginning there’s this extra small ones and then I I hope they ensures the guy
for the medium ones all right now but my my little relatives
little Bitcoin my stores are gonna have their own shirts their own Bitcoin shirt
talk to you if only their parents will allow them be on camera with me they you
know I mean I my siblings they’re protective of their kids they’d a fee or
youtube and to tell you the truth with the freaks out there on YouTube I don’t
know but if you know it’s appropriate to show some of these it’s a nasty world
out there it’s a nasty world personal responsibilities new counterculture my
siblings are very very responsible with their children obviously all right
moving on Andrew yang was on the Eric Weinstein
show and at first he starts it out with a doom a doom type of tone and if you’re
running for public office you do sometimes have to bring up this
like well things might get dangerous in the next 20 years or 10 years and people
are losing their jobs I see it as opportunity I see as a golden age I
don’t see any so government intervention is not necessary but he’s running for
president so he’s got a frame it in a way that government intervention is
necessary so I didn’t like the beginning and Eric Weinstein jumps on that doomed
to do it the trucker’s are all gonna lose their jobs Oh what will happen to
the world they’ll find new jobs ok we need them to government he’s a solution
but he is smart he isn’t outside the box thinker of all the Democrats that’s the
one I’m gonna vote for because I am a registered Democrat since I was a little
since I register to vote I’ve gone over this story before I registered as a
Democrat as a youthful naive kid and I never changed it because who cares and
so I get to vote in the Democratic primary if I am if I do at an absentee
ballot or if I happen to be in Maryland I don’t even know when Maryland does it
it might be during Passover when I’m back because I’m gonna be gone from
Baltimore for a long time starting well I’m going to Australia but then I’ll be
back for Thanksgiving but then after that starting December 12th I will be
gone for Baltimore probably until Passover which is a long time but
nonetheless I will vote for this man because he’s smarter and he seems
reasonable he is not a politician he is not a fake so if he happens to become
president and again presidents don’t really change our lives I think he’ll
come up with some ways of saving money being innovative and you know if the
United States is better off because of him that’s better that’s that’s good for
me there’ll be more freedoms for us perhaps who knows don’t get obsessed
with the politics but I did I did like the video I did like the interview just
show it it shows how smart he is and what what the main reason I’m actually
bringing this up is what wins the IARC Weinstein said ETL during the show
Weinstein is obsessed with I think he feels alienated by the big you know
Harvard and the big institutions because he’s a freaking genius and he doesn’t
like the way they’re going ok that’s great you don’t like what
barbar does he says we have to retake the institutions like Harvard so he says
we have to retake them I don’t like that term
I don’t like retail you know what if you don’t like Harvard you don’t like the
way Harvard and Yale have gone and they have gone in some ridiculous directions
there’s no doubt about it they’re still doing a lot of great things but they’ve
gone the social there they go on the woke way okay um start your own
institutions okay you don’t have to retake them start your and Eric you are
starting your own institution by having your own YouTube channel okay you know I
know I don’t liked it in Bitcoin what do we started a new
institution Bitcoin we didn’t retake the Fed we didn’t retake the dollar we
started a new thing and look how freaking awesome it is pal that like
button I’m like creation instead of retaking okay if you’ve been kicked out
of some Club they start your own Club okay there’s no need to retake it and
take it over buh buh buh buh I like it and you know retaking isn’t as
bad as destroying does that you know in the cryptocurrency space we have certain
bitcoiners or like we have to destroy the altcoins no you’re not to destroy
them you make Bitcoin better you’re in Bitcoin you appreciate the realm that
you’re in I don’t like destruction I don’t like destruction right next is uh
well since we’re talking about these politicians let’s talk about tulsi real
quick which it looks like she’s either gonna gimmick or she’s got some big
principles and in this video she looks beautiful I have to say she is the
hottest of the candidates isn’t she says she’s gonna get votes for that um she
she she’s born 1981 she’s she’s 38 years old she looks good for 38 she does look
good I mean I have to say it now again don’t value your wealth and women and
don’t well you can make your vote anyway so she says I am seriously boycott
considering boycotting the October 15th debate to bring attention to the DNC
corporate media’s effort to rig the 2020 primary not against Bernie this time but
against voters in the early states of Iowa New Hampshire Nevada and South
Carolina by the way I do like in the last like four eight years how Nevada
south carolina had become part more important south korea Nevada was never
important by the way you know dead 12 years ago Nevada was not important South
Carolina might have been but but yeah starting in any I’ve read a lot about
play starting in 1976 when Jimmy Carter won Iowa that is when Iowa became
important okay New Hampshire was already important and for the many years after
that I won new hey it was all about Iowa and New Hampshire as a little kid
growing up I would I would hear it on the news Iowa New Hampshire Iowa New
Hampshire eventually they threw in South Carolina now they thrown in Nevada too
but it’s still in Iowa New Hampshire they but these are anyway I’ve rambled
too much about those but he said holding so she also went on to say holding
so-called debates which are not debates at all but rather commercialized reality
television meant to entertain not inform or enlighten I love that line I love
that since the debates are not debates this is that they are a complete waste
of time I’m glad she said that they they are commercialized reality television
meant to entertain and so at most most aspects of politics now on corporate TV
is a reality tap commercialized reality TV meant to entertain so she’s not gonna
stand for it she says and because she chic and she has been invited to this
debate she wasn’t invited to the third debate but she’s invited to the fourth
debate which is like the one in October in a few days I guess um and so if she
didn’t show up that would be very principled but I would I think what
she’s gonna do is she’s gonna show up and she’s gonna bring this up which is
nice but it’s not the same thing as is not showing up nonetheless if she
actually shows up and brings this says everything I just said good for her good
good for her yang still better but it’s still smarter
and will bit will bring will be better for the country and again you guys don’t
worry about better for the country worry about yourself you take care of yourself
yang isn’t going to save your butt because again he tries to say he’s gonna
save your butt I did his freedom dividend it’s not gonna say
you take you position yourself for what you think the 2020s are gonna be like
okay if you think your job isn’t gonna be there in the 2020s distort meant they
weren’t learning now that I brew there’s so many learning opportunities out there
so many beautiful industries to get into and some of which I have brought up
earlier in the show but it is this Tulsi interesting stand we’ll see how that the
bay and so is this getting her a lot of news coverage clearly not for the
mainstream media doesn’t want to cover this story because you know it’s ripping
on them is is showing how think they are it is it is such a reality show and I
mean that’s the new reality show is called the impeachment show and they
don’t waste your time on it I hear about it on the bench Shapiro show I like your
show I think it’s a great way of if you’re gonna keep up with politics keep
up with it that way that’s how I do it okay it’s it tastes what 25 minutes of
my day when I’m cooking my food cuz I played it 2x yes I could play Ben
Shapiro’s voice at 2x town that like button and then also Ben Shapiro I learn
about I that’s where I know about Eric Weinstein hates teen and some of these
other dudes so it brings he just doesn’t talk about politics he gives beyond it
so what we’re talking about corporate media here just before I went on I see
veritas videos a James O’Keefe by the way James who keeps first video you know
the Romanian famous was when he was exposing acorn and one of the offices
was on in Baltimore and I had been in that office before I had spoken to
people in there it was right around the corner from a house I own so right near
where I lived it was right near right near where I lived at one point in my
woman when I now where I grew up in the suburbs obviously but um in my few years
ago I lived around around anyway but what he has a new hashtag exposed CN n
his next video that’s gonna come out is like insiders from CNN
I guess saying how corrupt it is over there so expose CNN check that out on
Twitter check that gee I’d like James Ortiz videos I think they’re great I
think they’re great because they just show what a joke
the and what how big of a waste of time politics is and the media is and you
can’t you cannot come obsessed with it because it just takes up your whole life
and then you don’t have you you become dependent on them you got to take care
of yourself but uh yeah that that’s the latest one out there James O’Keefe
exposed CNN let’s I’m looking forward to seeing what he’s got out there it’s uh
always a learning experience to say the least and yeah when he when he did that
expose of acorns that girl he had with him that was awesome quality right there
alright movie god that watches old videos I hear she’s like a religious
woman of some sort I don’t know I mean maybe then she was then also no I think
she was like twenty years old alright uh what are we value your wealth
in Bitcoin not in not in that because you’re not getting that not getting his
little co-host woman back from ten years ago whenever that was uh here is here’s
another article trying to make people feel guilty from the New Republic I
worked at Capital One for five years this is how we justified piling debt on
poor customers the subprime lending giant is a textbook case in creating a
corporate culture of denial oh my so I read this entire thing they are if you
work at Capital One Capital One shouldn’t have guilt they shouldn’t be
shamed this is a legitimate business the 80 percenters out there that have
horrible credit who are addicted to spending they want subprime credit cards
their subprime they who would lend to them no one would lend to them okay no
one if you’ve got a 200 credit score who wants to give you money this company
takes the risk and gives them money it is much better than go into one of those
payday loan places okay it is this is a legitimate business model
what Capital One does they are not forcing anyone to take their credit card
okay no one’s forcing the 80 percenters to do this no i we’ve got plenty of
people out there saying don’t spend don’t spend save but people 80% of
do what they’re gonna do okay you should feel guilty it’s it’s not gonna go to
capital one then I’m gonna go to the payday they’re gonna give the payday
person or if none of those options are available they’re gonna go to a loan
shark okay and what will the loan shark do
when you’re in the Philippines that Cimmerian somewhere in Indonesia I
believe Indonesia I know they have loan sharks because they don’t have such a
they don’t have a sophisticated a financial system like we do where we
have Capital One if you don’t pay your loan shark in Indonesia what do you
think happens to you okay it so there are some parts of the financial system a
sophisticated financial system that maybe leave a bad taste in your mouth
but if you consider the overall you know the options and that no one is being
forced to go to Capital One they are providing a service which people love
okay they love it they get to buy more stuff and maybe sometimes they need I
mean we’re talking about credit card so it’s only like $200 lines of credit but
that makes a difference for some people it really does so this person used to
work there and now she’s trying to Virtua single and say you know I was
guilty I quit who cares you know so what you quit
great you’re a great me you’re not doesn’t make you a better person than
any of them the people who currently work there people got to work a job it’s
a legitimate business it’s a little JIT iment business model and you know it no
one is being forced see you seriously you don’t have to buy stuff you do not
have to buy stuff is it’s that easy it’s not it’s not being forced upon you all
right pound that like button now here we got another one here’s a
study from the study finds that uh nervous nation one in five Americans
believe they have an undiagnosed anxiety disorder oh my god
sickness and victimhood Oh people just love sickness and victim would they
think that’s the solution to their problems now I’m sure there are prop
there are people that do have real la real anxiety disorders but we’ve gone to
a point where there you meet everyone is unique
okay not everyone fits the mold everyone is a little different and some people so
much want to fit in and they’re so different that they think well something
I must have a I must have some anxiety to soar I must be anxious it must be
I must be this is why I’m nervous no everyone’s got different temperaments
okay and and and then there’s some people
that are anxious for no good reason okay they’re worrying about love just
these crazy problems at the meeting the word about Trump too early and that’s
giving him anxiety and it’s not a disorder it’s just you know calm
yourself down don’t get obsessed and you’re unique all right so at no one is
perfect everyone sometimes feels a little anxious I mean the people on TV
that you see they’re living perfect beautiful lives it’s fake
all right everyone encounters problems everyone get a little stressed out so to
think that the twenty percent of Americans think they have an undying
that that’s way too high way too high because no one in 20 American one in
five twenty percent of Americans do not have serious anxiety disorders maybe
they might be anxious for ludicrous reasons but it’s not a I want to call
that a disorder alright here’s another one for in 10 adults are close to the
breaking point at work oh man so this can be interpreted a lot of ways
maybe people should you know not try to fit in the corporate culture anymore
maybe some people are just so spoiled in life that they don’t understand that you
have to have you know if you’re going to work at a corporation you’re gonna have
a boss you’re gonna have to listen to directions and yeah that’s just life
sometimes so we’re living in a in an age where people have so many so many
comforts and nice things and you can see why they can easily be brought to a
breaking point but they think everything has to
be super easy in life not everything’s super easy in life and if you if you
don’t like your work you can always leave your work and maybe that’ll
alleviate some of your stress you won’t be as stressed 4 in 10 Americans close
to the breaking point at work well alright
we’re for yourself people make that a goal you I don’t think you’ll be
stressed out I don’t think you’ll be at the BRIT you won’t ever say you’re at
the breaking point if you’re working for yourself alright what’s this Twitter here tweet
who’s this as I this is from Clay Rutledge
as I’ve said before and is becoming increasingly obvious woke capitalism is
about companies pretending to care about social justice to sell products to
people who pretend to hate capitalism pal Matt like button retweet that one
that is the ivory for you that one let me read you again read it to you again
as I’ve said before and is becoming increasingly obvious what capitalism is
about companies pretending to care about social justice to sell products the
people who pretend to hate capitalism yes we’ve got a bunch of people out
there they go capitalism is evil but I need XYZ and well since I need XYZ I got
a bite from evil corporation thus participating in capitalism but uh yeah
this corporation isn’t that evil because they like they have three different
bathrooms at their office it’s all an act it’s so it’s so funny and I I admire
the companies who don’t play in that game we’re just like you know what we’re
gonna do what we’re gonna do we’re not bringing politics into this if you want
to buy our product you can buy our product and there’s a lot I mean I think
there’s a lot of contact creators at least that are like that because content
creators their content is their product so you could be woken in you know try to
fit in and make your product uh nice for the the haters out there or you can just
be yourself and you don’t care about fitting in you don’t care about being
woke and you don’t care about appealing to the the people who pretend that
they’re they hate capitalism all right well let’s moving on let’s go we got a
Brett Weinstein quote not not the other Weinstein but Brett lines T there’s
Brett Weinstein and then the one I was talking about before him I get them
confused about hang on before we do that yeah
okay here’s Brett Weinstein quote compassionate policies require
dispassionate analysis don’t assume that people who engage in dispassionate
analysis are deaf to suffering on the contrary they take it so seriously
they are willing to go dispassionately at the problem to see if they can
address it I like that that’s a that’s like Ben Shapiro right there facts /
feelings so that there are people that understand the suffering of people but
you don’t have to be get your emotions tied up in it in fact if you are
dispassionate if you can remove your emotions from trying to solve an
emotional situation then you’re going to come up with a better solution and you
clearly care if you’re able you care so much that you’re something so emotional
out there that you’re able to remove all emotion from judging this emotional
subject so that that just shows you that dispassion dispassionate if you’re
dispassionate you you you can really care a lot about a subject alright from
stripper or to superstar this is a headline for you 80 percenters up there
from stripper a superstar cardi be set to be queen of all media now that’s a
Toni 80 print I don’t I don’t know who cardi B is I know she said something
controversial once and she’s a rapper maybe but apparently she’s gonna become
queen of all media and I don’t like queen of all 80% media and I consider an
honor that I have no idea what this headline is about and uh yeah I know
about BTC I don’t know about cardi B pound that like button and there are
people who really care a lot about cardi B I guess is she’s about to become queen
of all media oh those people are so left behind I mean they’re not gonna be
they’re not wealthy individuals they’re they are gonna be ones complaining in
the future why don’t you have the life extension why do you have a Bitcoin but
it’s funny man I don’t know a thing about I’m so and just but but we have to
realize that most people understand what that headline means I don’t really
understand what that headline means but most people do and you should be glad
that you if you don’t know what it means you’re in good shape
alright and but it but think about it from their perspective they have no idea
what bitcoin is they’re so far behind but eventually they will know eventually
they will know so that shouldn’t give you confidence that since so many people
know about cardi B so if you don’t know about BTC so you’re way ahead of the
game you’re still early it’s still early when we’re seeing headlines like that
alright I heard uh economic invincibility use a term Instagram
success and that’s defined as their I don’t have Instagram by the way but
there are a lot of people like to go on Instagram apparently and then show their
their fancy cars show their fancy hair their fancy nails and that is their
success that is that that is success to them okay they can’t show big a Bitcoin
they can’t show that they saved for the year 2024 they can’t that that’s not
instant that that wouldn’t be taken well on Instagram people want to understand
what that is so yeah cardi B is living the Instagram success lifestyle the
people that follow cardi B that’s about instance the Instagram successors that’s
they judge their success and what they can show on Instagram just totally
nothing to do with assets Instagram is not about assets at all I mean I’m sure
they’re probably some people that show their big houses but are their big
houses really assets when they are like completely in debt and underwater on
their house now if you’re underwater on your house is
asset at all but yes I’d like that term Instagram success this is not Bitcoin is
not about Instagram success baby it’s about real wealth so you can value your
wealth in Instagram success but you won’t have any wealth in the end of the
day all you all you have is a cardi B so pound that like button and here is a
tweet and a lot of people’s up problems in life can boil down to this the worst
loneliness is not to be comfortable with yourself Mark Twain said that apparently
and yeah most people don’t well we hang us again I just I thought I
lost that contact there for you um if you’re not comfortable with yourself you
are gonna be lonely if that’s that having that base layer you’re gonna be
trying to fit in with whatever is cool out there and you’re not you’re gonna
constantly be lonely because you’re not being yourself cuz you’re not
comfortable with yourself alright there’s a lot of loneliness there are
people out there well Instagram you think they’re living the great life but
they’re posting so much stuff that’s so cool and look who they’re hanging out
with and they’re being people they’re being they’re emulating people on TV
they’re trying to exactly be like the superstars but they’re not being
themselves they’re not comfortable with who they truly are and again that
there’s they’re they’re fitting in with the Machine fitting with the mob and
there’s so many people that do that there’s so many people that are not
comfortable with themselves then make these fake personalities for themselves
and so in the end of the day they are lonely even though you might think
they’re they’re not lonely because the pictures they post they are lonely so
for the people that was there there are a lot of people that are lonely out
there and you have to be comfortable with who you are first because you are
awesome you are special you are unique you don’t have a mental problem you you
go your own way you you don’t need to be judged by other people’s standards be be
better than you were the day before baby the best view that you can be so yeah I
like that mark twain stuff that uh and and this is a lot that is this is a
problem in society today that gives people right away because of peer
pressure they think they have to fit into a certain mold and thus they become
uncomfortable with themselves and thus they have base loneliness and so at the
end of the day after their drinking and drugging and pounding and whatever they
come home and they very they’re very depressed they’re not happy they’re not
they’re not accomplishing anything they’re just living a false lifestyle so
they’re very Mark Twain knew it many many years ago so that that’s an
interesting one and here’s something that fits into this tomb Azir Mahmud
ah’ve said don’t let anyone waste your time if somebody wastes your time they
are stealing from you time theft is the same or possibly worse than physical
theft I gotta I gotta agree with that you’ve got to make the most of your time
man if you’re if you’re spending your time worrying about fitting in worry
about how you have to present yourself to others it’s it’s a complete duh it’s
completely nonsense oh you’re not accomplishing anything now again you can
waste your time or a lot of things wash and carny be there’s some things that
are pastimes I understand you can’t be perfect all the time
but even when you’re learning play if you can play that 2x that saves time
time is such a valuable commodity I mean that’s what we’re talking about at the
beginning the show we got people talking about life extension that’s all about
getting more time we only have a certain amount of time on this earth maybe in
the future we’re gonna have more so make the most of it now but you don’t know
you don’t know what the future will bring but time is such a valuable
commodity it really is so museum Mammadov thank you for that reminder and
what is this last one don’t lay anyone waste your time all right so pound that
like button every when I think I will get to the personal side of the show
because people at the end of the show they like to know what’s going on in the
Meister life at this show at least possesses to be on Bitcoin show I’m just
reading if there was anything else here alright so
this is a little bit about conviction also and about not trusting hospitals
so with Yom Kippur results started Tuesday night right Yom Kippur started
Tuesday night on Monday nights uh my grandmother I was well I’ll make a long
story short I got on the phone with my grandmother after I was informed about
an issue and my grandmother was talking to me on the phone but she was not
making sense she was just saying sentence fragments and so my there all
of us too although my sister’s got in touch and sent people over there from
various directions but I was keeping my grandmother on the phone as other
relatives went over there and it was just amazing like she’s just talking to
me it’s making no sense it’s just sentence fragments and but I didn’t want
to get her off the phone because I didn’t want her to stop talking but a
couple of the sentence fragments were like I’m making no sense she knew she
could tell she was making no say it’s a very interesting thing when this is
occurring so I didn’t google this term but apparently someone said she was
having it was a mini stroke it’s called and she had a stroke back in 2011 also I
mean I guess I should lend that she’s 96 years old and I’ve talked about her on
the show in the past so she had a bit at the beginning this year as many of you
remember she had a blockage and she was almost died in the hospital it was
amazing that she survived and so by the time we had people over there and her
blood pressure was very high when people went over there her blood pressure went
down he went down and some people won the sensor to the hospital and she said
no I’m not going to the hospital I’m not there’s no point
and you know what she ain’t go to the hospital and I got a you got to think
about it this way so many people blindly go to the hospital when they’re sick and
but when but when they’re sort of better what would happen to my grandmother she
went to the hospital it would be a lot of tests a lot of stress
and you mean you just had something that was maybe a mini-stroke you want to be
stressed I mean what’s the best that’s gonna happen to you at the hospital if
just at that point what’s the best and then what’s the worst okay you want to
be comfortable in your own house and she was comfortable at her own house he was
comforting her house and she slept fine and everything and anything anyway right
before Yom Kippur starts the next night the same thing happens again but she
refuses to go to the hospital she refuses to go to the hospital and I
gotta say I agree I agreed once that once again this is what is the point
because she had the symptoms again where she’s not making sense she’s talking
gibberish and but then it ended so what are gonna do at the hospital is besides
put her in a machine hook her up you can get sick she’s 96 years old so you can
catch things there I mean what are they gonna because the symptom she her blood
pressure lowered on its own so anyway now it’s a few days it hasn’t happened
again she’s fine she’s talking fine nothing so I have not googled what mini
stroke is I don’t want a google it to tell you the truth did she have a mini
stroke twice I don’t know I you know something happened over there but at
this point this is fine so a lot of us you know to blindly defer to Authority
and like think that that you and there are plenty of times you got to go to the
hospital okay obviously if you lose consciousness there’s just so many times
but as individual even as a 96 year old individual you can make decisions that
are smart decisions that are going to be the right decisions that there might not
seem logical to some people because automatically good luck you I mean she’s
had some bad experiences at the hospital I mean people can be killed at hospitals
very easily there and they don’t treat old people with respect at a hospital
they come in there she said you know I just had a mini stroke happen we were
thinking well she’s gonna die in an hour so you know they’re gonna treat me like
car you’re better off at you’re better off at your house all right so that
that’s a little story a little health and uh and yeah that that woman’s got
some conviction baby yeah yeah that’s my grandmother so you can see where I got
that conviction from she wants to you know she’s she’s a horse man she doesn’t
want to she don’t want to leave she she wants to keep on going this is yeah you
know when when she was so sick in the hospital
they were trying to upsell her on freaking hospice they won the gold
senators in the hospital would you want to return to the hospital after the last
time you were there they were saying oh no you should go home and die you should
die that’s that’s what they told her last time basically when they say go to
the hospice I mean you should die so you can understand why a person wouldn’t
want to deal with that again are they gonna say oh you just had a mini stroke
you should die again this is so I admire her a lot that was that was great
that is a conviction conviction for living there
so one other thing everybody knows that on this Thursday that just past Thursday
was the last day of saying Kaddish for my father I said I went to synagogue
every single day and one day it was on the plane there was a bunch of guys
praying on the plane but every single day since my father’s funeral I which
was when was it November 23rd I went to I’ve gone the synagogue and I’ve said
the Kaddish and that is what a Jewish people are supposed to say that prayer
every day for their father or mother and I think siblings when they pass away and
so am i I actually so some people are asking and why’d you do it then you know
I’m doing it because I you know this is this is what we do this is our tradition
and I think you I think it is helpful I think it is I think it is helpful but I
do remember when my grandmother died when my father’s mother died he himself
told me like you know I’m trying to you know I’m going every day not did he go
every day I don’t know if he went every day or not he told me he was trying to
go every day and I remember it was in college and I was talking to a friend in
college and I was like I was so proud of my father I said my father he goes to
show every day to pray for his to say the Kaddish for his uh for his mother
and I knew then I knew then as a college student that you know I won you know I
would I would do the same and I did do the same I did it I did it and that’s
that’s good that is definitely conviction all right
everyone pound that like button i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister check out the
links below I’ll see you later bye

8 thoughts on “The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 79- Jeff Bezos greatness! Life extension, Andrew Yang, Tulsi”

  1. Great video as always. My main takeaway is that everyone wants to steal what you have rather than work hard or do it themselves. This is a CONSTANT issue in the business, entertainment and media world right now.

    This "takeover" attitude also runs pretty deep within the Bitcoin twitter-sphere. I follow quite a few Bitcoin "maximalists" (and some of them describe themselves as such) and they take things waaaay too far sometimes. There is no reason for Bitcoin to overtake and "destroy" the banking system. There doesn't have to be an end-all-be-all. That's ridiculous. They're acting just like the Feds pushing FIAT onto people. Let the market decide. Bitcoin has the best argument so far and there is no need to push it down people's throats to intimidate or put fear into them to do so. Basically cause FOMO. I'm glad you are very level headed and approach people with a realist point of view Adam. No fear. No doom or gloom. Just facts.

  2. Adam… Litecoin will have the same stock to flow ratio as Bitcoin… only with a 3 year delay… Could Litecoin move to Bitcoin heights you think? 😃 (feel free to answer it in your next show if you remember)

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