The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 72- Success shaming, 20%er pride! Silent majority, UBI, Boise

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enough let’s just get into beyond Bitcoin because that’s where you that’s
why you’re here today you don’t want to hear about Bitcoin you want to hear
about beyond Bitcoin ben shapiro he came up he brought up a term called surrender
culture yeah that pretty much sums up mainstream
tremendous aspect the mainstream culture today okay you people just surrender to
political correctness they’re they’re too scared to give out differing
opinions that are different than the mainstream narrative and if they do if
they do get the guts to speak against the mainstream most of the time wasn’t
when they get a piled on by the mainstream they will just surrender
they’ll be like I’m sorry I’m sorry I didn’t mean what I say I’m sorry I
surrender don’t hurt me but the thing is when they’re
surrendering like that they just get pounded in more and more for ever daring
to go against the mainstream mob so do not be part of surrender culture who
cares about fitting in people who cares about fitting in if you’re gonna make a
statement if you’re gonna make a bold statement that is where you’re not gonna
fit in stick with it have some conviction okay because if you surrender
it gets it gets much worse than like saying nothing hey if you said something
and then you surrender it’s worse than saying nothing okay
all right moving on do MERS the do MERS of the world say that oh we’re about
they be saying this for so long but worldwide recession United States
recession is coming oh woe is me you know what I say to that well most of
you know what I say I say who cares I mean first of all they’ve been saying
that for a while but even if there weren’t work if there is to be a
recession okay we’ve all lived through recessions before but believe it in her
believe it or not you’ve lived through a recession before and is it the end of
the world no will you make it a personal recession
no it just because there’s a worldwide recession or United States recession or
whatever country you’re in is having a recession then argue does that mean
you’re having a personal recession and doing nothing and just saying woe is me
and just just continuing to do the same things that got you into your personal
recession relying on the government relying on others or are you gonna be in
moshi are you gonna learn are you due to switch things up okay that’s
uh and so you will not who cares if there’s a nation by recession that’s
going on you are an individual that can thrive under all sorts of circumstances
okay so it doesn’t matter who gives a darn if there’s a recession in the
United States people are still gonna be making money
you are an individual you do what you can do to thrive I know you could do
you’ve got a brain use that brain to thrive under all sorts of circumstances
so don’t let do not let you not go into a panic prison because of the recession
talk it’s not it doesn’t have to be a personal recession pound that like
button so let’s talk about some more collective panic here okay this is the
if Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away today let’s say if she passed away all the Sun
I mean how would your life as an individual change and I think thing
about that why do why are so many people I understand many people spaz out at the
mere mention of what would happen if she passed away I mean they are that they
are collectivist that much of collectivists that if they spaz
because it would be a win for Trump and and that would person that would hurt
them if Trump wouldn’t win first of all it isn’t it’s not a win for Trump okay
hey and who cares it’s it’s all a soap opera it’s a soap opera when you’re
putting so much of your personal time and value it just Supreme Court someone
who’s owns the Supreme Court or someone is present United States her her passing
way makes no difference in an individual life in like what would if she passed
away today how would your life be different on my on Monday or Sunday
would you would you be paralyzed would you could you not continue would you not
be able to do what you could do the day before when she was still no just break
this down into your everyday life you’re putting these people on pedestals when
they don’t affect your everyday life at all
it’s it’s all a time wasting excuse okay putting all this
drama into Ruth Bader Ginsberg and something that’s people most people want
to do that they just want to come up with excuses and they don’t want to
change their own lives so they they put all their faith in one person if that
person disappears then like what was me the world is oh is over now my life is
ending but no the Supreme Court does not own you unless you allow them to the
president doesn’t own you unless you allow them to and so many people whether
they hate the president or like the president they’ve let the president
owing them and control them and and take up huge chunks of their time so now
there’s I it’s unfortunate when a person passes away from cancer that’s that
happens but it’s not gonna I’m still gonna be able to be Adam Meister I’m
still gonna be able to follow my system a new show every day pal that like
button it shouldn’t affect you either okay mmm Namibia I’m thinking of Namibia
again lately I was in the middie I in 2016
I’ve mentioned this I think on my regular show but he danced on because
the Libyan dollar there they just print something called in the million dollar
and they say this is worth one South African Rand and it is it just is now
you can’t use them in the million dollar outside of Namibia you can trade it in
in South Africa I think for like 75 percent of a Rand but and then you can’t
use anywhere else but it is amazing that people how a country can so easily
create value out of thin air now again they think the people are docile the
people just accept it they accept their lot in life they’re like okay they can
our government could keep on printing this stuff as long as they take care of
us it’s worth what it’s worth we believe the story we can’t use this thing
outside our country but it’s worth what it’s worth here and it is a very
interest I talked about in another show because tether which is a cryptocurrency
that people use that people say is worth $1 people ask well why is it worth $1
it’s baseball nothing and people say well the tether has a bank account well
really don’t know if they have a bank account or not but it shows you I mean
if a country can pull this off with a useless fiat currency surely a
cryptocurrency can pull this off and it has a use case if it allows people to
that’s it’s it’s ridiculous it allows people to trade Bitcoin easier how about
that we’ll leave we’ll leave tethers definition at that but but again III
will I long for the day and it will be soon when the when crypto Gert when
corporations will be getting on board this same train of printing their own
money just like the midea does and giving it and saying how much it’s worth
and giving people more freedom to you know you can there’s many different
economic and economic systems you can be a part of and Alex actually talked about
this there’s the there’s there going to be the corporate coins the Bitcoin
you’re like totally you’re you’re pretty much corrupt country coins and then
you’re not so corrupt country coins and so yeah it just it is amazing Bitcoin
could free up so many people in the midea from that situation that they’re
in where their country can just print at will and they have to and they have to
deal with it but a man but they accept that they are the ones that are
accepting it if I was in the Midianite in the Bitcoin that you don’t have to
worry about that all right government is good for not very much but
let me tell you what government’s like to do in countries like South Africa I
don’t know if this has happened yet the stories actually from 2018 late 2018 and
so you’ll have to update me if you’re in Port Elizabeth now I want to say
something Port Elizabeth was a peak I was there in 2016 a beautiful city on
the Indian Ocean and what is I’ve something written down here about okay
doesn’t matter anyway uh the this article that I’m not getting to Port
Elizabeth is getting a name change here are three popular options they would
Africa the government you know they’ve got all sorts of lovely issues in south
africaís what the government thinking a pressing issue is to change the name of
a city from Port Elizabeth that’s the Old South in Africa we want to just
change the name I mean what difference is that going to make okay now I know
the government should be interfering government is a huge waste of money but
figure I spend money instead of renaming why don’t they fix you know the physical
infrastructure of the roads that are falling apart and then they can give
those roads names okay new names and that could be their naming thing yeah
again this this naming renaming stuff just appeals to the 80 percenters so
much it looks good on paper it accomplishes nothing its feelings over
facts the country still crime rate I was again I remember was a I believe was
Halloween I made it a month before Halloween whatever when I was there and
it’s 5:30 and it’s light outside and I’m running all of a sudden I hear a woman
screaming and the next thing I know I didn’t see I never saw the woman it’s a
broad daylight and these two young guys come poking just right past me one arms
got like a purple person his hand and another one’s got a knife in his hand
and again so he’s renaming Port Elizabeth going to
fix this this issue no no it’s not it’s not going to take government’s saw
that issue that I just brought up you know kids mugging women that is
definitely a personal responsibility type of thing it they’re not doing it
because it’s called Port Elizabeth they’re not doing it because whoever is
the Prime Minister people have to take force most bullying no you know that is
not that’s not a good thing to do you know the parents that raised them there
may be some issues there I guess but and maybe in this probably envy you know
they date they they value their wealth and stuff and so they want more stuff so
they have to rob a woman in broad daylight by the way so yeah
after I saw those guys run by me I got I you know I kept on jogging doing it was
in the middle of a run and then I you know I ran back to my air B&B
how’s the end of my that’s the end of my time out I think I’m gonna cut the run a
little short but anyway I I do wonder but again I
want to point out so much potential in Port Elizabeth I mean there there’s
definitely some ghetto aspects to it one of which I just mentioned the waterfront
some of it is like some of the beach is beautiful but then there’s some
industrial park that’s yet it just could have so much redevelopment if it was
just you know if you let the private industry take over and so the the
government having so much power there and were the government worrying about
renaming cities instead of making any incoming the potential of that city the
only beautiful Indian Ocean you guys that’s what I want to say you guys go
back to the archives disrupt meister calm October of October of 2016 I
actually did a show outside on the beach there at one point so maybe I’ll link to
that below I’ll have to find that I do link to everything I’ve talked about
this video is linked below and i link to that article it talks about them wanting
to change the name of Port Elizabeth and so I don’t and one of the names is they
renamed the region already uh Nelson Mandela Bay that that’s been the name of
the region for a while and so they one option is the calling like Nelson
Mandela City or something like that yet history
says he what he is own he only visited Port Elizabeth like twice which is
ridiculous so ridiculous it’s such a way but again that’s what governments good
for that’s what governments good all right so let’s talk about this Atlantic
his article from the Atlantic how life became an endless terrible competition
meritocracy prizes achievement above all else making everyone even the rich
miserable maybe there’s a way out oh my god
meritocracy oh it’s so horrible so let’s go back to before I review this article
let’s go back to the your moral base there is nothing wrong with being elite
and I’m gonna say shoutouts to all my elite friends that are watching this if
you value your off the Bitcoin if you if you’re trying to get your first pick on
your second your fourth content whatever you are elite if you know this is the
home of insider information you really you’re an elite holder if you were if
you again if you don’t if you don’t trade and flip and do all these
ridiculous if you’ve long-term thinking you’re not impulsive your elite already
okay so there’s nothing wrong with success
success shaming is envy but success shaming
that’s what mainstream culture is about today success so this guy who’s a
professor somewhere I think a gale he’s into he’s writing something all about
success shaming here now there are some interesting takeaways from all this okay
what fitting in is overrated that is true and so if you are just if you’re
pushing your kids to get into the best schools and putting so much pressure on
them to get good grades and so that they become the lawyer you wish you were it’s
just so you could brag to your friends and so they can brag to their friends in
the future and they get convinced that this is the only way to success in life
these these great colleges and great great you know high status job
supposedly like being a lawyer then yeah if and you’re not doing it because you
like it then hard work is easy it’s it that is you don’t work hard just to fit
in okay that that that is that’s the overrated aspect so I can see why if
you’ve got a whole society of people even smart people even people who
compete really hard whose end goal is just to fit in yeah those super rich
lawyers there aren’t gonna be happy they are going to be they are gonna be
stressful that what you have you have to take a few steps back here in in order
to be elite okay you can be successful in all sorts of things you don’t have to
go to these traditional raps at all you don’t have to be the richest lawyer
working his butt off just to get that tremendous house to impress all his
friends men being the best you can be in a field that makes you happy that is
great there’s always going to be inequality in
any free area of life though that’s what people there’s another thing people have
to realize whatever you’re going to get into get into something that makes you
happy but even in Bitcoin even getting in the Bitcoin there is there are going
to be people who got it into it and went gung-ho into it because they believed in
it they worked hard to learn as much as they could about it to make them
confident enough to get to make a plan to make a smart plan to get a lot of it
okay so there’s going to be an uneven
distribution in Bitcoin there’s going to be an uneven distribution in so many
different fields you have to get used to that
base and life okay but you do the best you can for yourself okay if others did
this guy’s complain about how so many people are doing so super well and there
and but he doesn’t feel bad for them he he mentions in the article you shouldn’t
feel bad for the rich you shouldn’t feel bad for the rich which again he feels
bad for the poor so he divided he devised all these plans all these ways
around the natural 80% 20% system of life that they’re 20% of people are
gonna produce 80% of the wealth okay in 80% of success in any field now again
you don’t have to be in that field you can go you can find your niche in life
where you’re going to be that 20% where you’re gonna produce 80% where you’re
gonna be way ahead of the curve so the this you know shaming meritocracy that’s
not the way to go on this okay there’s a meritocracy you it isn’t about
destroying yourself okay it can be if you are in something where the
hardest-working people are going to be rewarded but you’re not it’s not
something you’re happy about it’s not something that you really want but you
do have the abilities to work real hard yeah the merit a meritocracy you’re
forcing yourself into a meritocracy that you shouldn’t be okay you shouldn’t be
in that rat race get into get into another again to another field where the
where you love the competition and where you will strive and there is no shame
there’s no shame in being elite and for all the success shamers out there yeah
you people doing what you’re doing I’m gonna be in the big point overlay
enjoying my success and not and not having to worry about thing in to your
your mainstream culture so okay and just remember what you do with it would and
I’ve said this before what you do with what’s in your head is what brings you
success okay so if you magically gave everyone a degree if everyone was
allowed into Harvard all of a sudden and they got a magical piece of paper that
said they they have a Harvard degree no that wouldn’t automatically confer
success upon them okay it’s going to take but using what’s in your head and
so some work through that through what you have in your head to achieve success
there are no there are no magical simple answers in life you know I think a lot
of people don’t understand that that that stuff has to be produced by someone
okay there are producer in life and you’d be a complainer in
life you could be a hater in life but it’s the producers that everyone society
as a whole has a never-ending desire for more more more okay and so you’re all
producers are always going to be unnecessary so there’s it’s not there’s
not a limit out there to the amount of producers that are that are possible you
just have to be willing to to be a producer and and to find your little
niche there okay so always you can be ahead of the
pack you could whatever but you just got to pick a pack that you are comfortable
okay don’t let me stream Society define what is your success you know being the
Hollywood star that’s that’s what success is being a big-time lawyer being
a big-time doctor no that’s nothing that choose your own way define your own
success being a big coin holder that’s how I define success right there and it
does again this is it just assets get assets in life get it it’s not about
impressing other people with stuff it’s about assets real assets where there be
you know your assets for your brain knowledge is an asset wisdom people do
not people value youth over wisdom a lot of time we’ll get into that and another
thing wisdom is something that comes with experience and that’s why you know
we’re always gonna have the youth making their impulsive decisions which is great
they’re you so many people start out 80 percenters they become 20 percenters the
youth are mostly 80% sorry moving on town that like button and
check out is event horizon which is a psifas it’s a space channel okay very
interesting character that was on the show talking about genetically modifying
humans to be able to live on Mars and thus and we’re going to have a
technology one day there’s right now if you’re a human and they dropped you on
you would die I’m not obviously country but if you were human and you’re giving
me a shelter there and spacesuit you also would eventually get cancer and die
hard with that at this point but one day they’re going to be able to modify
genetically modify people before they’re born most likely – maybe you don’t need
lungs or something like that and so you will be able to literally belt the
technology will come about and I know this sounds scary but to change humans
so much that they could walk around on Mars so that you know it would be
negative eighty degrees and they would be fine
they would be fine and I never really thought of it that way that that’s a
solution to getting a mental Mars by creating Martians out of us now this
this brings up some it brings up some issues to say the least but first there
would be animal experimentation that would lead scientists to on a path where
they they knew they would be able to do this correctly I mean I’m not saying
this is gonna happen tomorrow but this is something that we can see we could
definitely see in this century I guess and you know just the way things are
progressing something like that although controversial does excite me because I
think expanding era and again if we got Martian humans there then they would
thrive and maybe figure out a way to get real humans there eventually
who knows I am definitely into getting human beings off of this rock one way or
the other now again people would just say well
then they wouldn’t really be humans anymore would they and that that is an
interesting question right there but the I’m just saying check out the video I
like stuff like that that’s way beyond Bitcoin it made me think follow me on
Twitter attack vault-tec HB alt remember that I don’t tweet much out off about
space mode it’s most of it’s about Bitcoin but you never know
ah what else do we have all right socialism is for those who want to
cruise through life I think I’m getting this from here on Brooke
I think I’m sorry I don’t want to misquote but socialism is is for those
who want to cruise through life who want others to make decisions for them who
want others to think for them thinking is the new counterculture people
basically again can you blame a childish mind someone just to just it’s easier to
be a collectivist that’s the default you’re born a child individualism is the
accomplishment so yeah socially if you want to cruise your life you want
someone else to take care of you someone else to make the city that is easy for
someone to take you to charity so we know when I was a kid it was life is
pretty darn easy you know my parents drove me places my parents you know
decided where I was gonna go to school my parents sick decide what I was gonna
eat it was really easy and then I just felt it my parents paid for my clothes
took me places and the rest of the day you know I played around watched TV did
all these things what a life that is and some people don’t want to leave that
like okay they want the government to be their parents but again so it but it
becomes a sickness you know they they don’t want to think okay and so maybe as
a kid that can be cool but as an adult I cannot imagine not wanting to think
controlling your own destiny is is a great glorious feeling being an
individual is great it’s great that’s that’s a path I go on but if you want to
get hit first responsibility is a new counterculture if you would put your
faith in the government and ever take care of you from cradle to grave
be my guest you know you know if you get if you get sick and then you rely
totally on them to take care of you good luck that’s uh I don’t think that’s
– pretty of a situation of it all right what do we and again we live in a hey
those people don’t value success at all they’re either the socialism that’s in
the success shaming success shaming right there don’t need
to don’t need to work hard you know just things should come natural from the sky
the government will provide any people I have no I’m not gonna be that if you
want to do that you can do that I don’t think anyone should be forced into any
system so if someone were to force me into that system I would be very unhappy
but now is forced me into that system and I’m not forcing anyone in their mind
into my system I’m not forcing anyone to watch this show with my views so if you
don’t like the views you can turn it off that’s the beauty of the free market
okay now what’s this thing I have here well in this world that we in this
country that we live in when we have that passed far ports and green cards
and the problem with it the immigration problem in the United States the oil
Iran brought brought this up it’s really a welfare system problem okay if we
didn’t have if the United States was not such a generous welfare state if we
didn’t have all this free stuff then the people who would come here would want to
work and would want to produce and wouldn’t want to live off of others okay
all right sis that’s that’s if you’re a person that’s into the wall and all that
stuff and the border instead I say take it make sure you’re
set up first okay as an individual first of all are you successful because it’s
not going to make you successful in life by worrying about these national issues
but if you’re already successful in life and you wouldn’t worry about a national
issue then worry about then be an activist I guess on the the the the
welfare state of the United States because again if there was no real for a
state here we wouldn’t need a wall we wouldn’t do the poor P people could come
and go as they please people had no problems at all no they they would
people would not want to come lit there would be nothing to live off they would
have to produce for themselves and the more producers the better that is great
and is that that’s great again there’s an unlimited need in society for more
more more so the more producers we get the better the better there we know that
we know welfare state at all so you’re on Brooke brought that up so but again
it looks to me that we’re not uh we’re not anywhere close to getting rid of the
welfare state so how about this if you were to be a citizen of the country and
you’re here illegally then you have to pay a passport tax you can buy make make
there be a huge tax on passport in order to get a United States passport here are
united to becoming a citizen let’s call it a citizen tax okay all right you pay
the fee instead of and so that contributes to the welfare state
let the new people contribute to the welfare state instead of the people who
are already here who have no choice in the matter okay they didn’t have to come
the people running across the border illegally everything they didn’t have to
come they thought they’re gonna get a UH you know some freebies and stuff well
okay you catch them and you say here’s the deal you’re gonna you’re gonna pay
you work this is gonna cost you now okay make it some huge again I mean what we
have right now is the people stuck here have to play you know pay tremendous uh
health care tax health care does the health care system is you know
controlled by the government now it’s basically a the price is uh is a tax on
the people so instead of the the people that were here originally having to pay
for the newbies have the newbies you pay for themselves
give you know give them the option give that but throw that on the table as a
possible solution okay III think some people might be into
that if you want to come here you need to help fund the social welfare state
okay they cannot we can’t take in freeloaders okay we so again be some
people gonna say Adam we’re never gonna raise a social welfare state okay we’re
never getting rid of the social welfare so great great so then my net my next
thing would say let let all the illegal it look the illegal immigrants pay for
not me let the illegal immigrants pay for it
and and then if they can’t then you know send them back at that point alright but
give them the option and you know give him some payment plans even maybe get
him on some people’s payrolls and say okay you were paying this student under
table now you’re on the payroll now they’re they’ve got a temporary visa
we’re taking this much out of their pay their their paycheck every month that’s
it alright and they won’t pay their way into the United States and and then
someone will be like oh that’s up there well then they can go back all right so
that’s that’s my little table man don’t worry about it too much
I didn’t I just you know I hear talk about it I just thought instead of our
taxes going up why don’t we you have some some immigrant taxes alright so but
again people it’s it’s not the problem is not gonna get solved illegal
immigration is not going to solve the welfare state isn’t gonna get solved so
as an individual what do you do what do you do because what I just talked about
was national policy there and I’m not too many as an individual though what do
you do you have real assets you have real assets like Bitcoin okay so that if
you ever got uncomfortable wherever you are you could take your real asset with
you and start anew in a better environment and again all of this social
welfare obviously immigration is paid for by the US dollar by printing the US
dollars so if you have no real assets you have no hedge against the US dollar
okay you are totally reliant on the US dollar so if your salary stays the same
and they keep on printing money and the NSA’s keys for printing money to pay for
all this and you are paying for this okay you are paying you are really
paying for this but if you have real assets that can’t be wealth taxed base
again real estate is wealth taxed but still real estate is better than having
no asset at all if you have real assets and you you are protected again
how all this is going to get paid for and it will continue people let go of
the system can’t continue it’s all going to know the system can’t continue
because the 80 percenters love stuff they love the welfare dollar and they
don’t realize that they’re getting poorer and poorer and poorer when they
have no assets so as long as you have assets if you have the best asset which
is a big point you’re you’re fine you that’s how you really fight against
these in Justices that the government has come up with the illegal immigration
and the big welfare system you have real assets you will be fine much better off
than the people with no assets move it what’s this Twitter thing here why do
people spend money to lose weight okay this is from I left them I don’t know
who this is but this link to the law why do people spend money to lose weight
it’s inherently a free thing literally don’t eat for a few hours you don’t need
a special low calorie snack drink water I have read several wrong answers below
the only right one is lack of discipline okay so that was a person
Percy suggested that and then people try to make up excuses and then that person
said no it’s just a lack of discipline okay you do not have to pay to to lose
weight you just need discipline stop eating just don’t need for a while just
drink water don’t drink soda it’s discipline is free people discipline is
free you just have to conjure it up okay and that’s if again if you’re able to
hold a Bitcoin if you if you’ve held a Bitcoin until passed the 20/20 having if
you made a plan you know in 2016 I’m getting Bitcoin I’m not touching it tilt
you have discipline you should be able to lose weight easily long term thinking
the furrow of gratification but some people will never get it cuz they’re
still living a child’s life uh was this the term silent majority was popularized
by Nixon then it meant then it meant people
who were silent because they didn’t care enough about politics to speak out it’s
pretty chilling that it can now be used to mean people who are afraid to express
their opinions lest a mob come after them that is a very interesting part of
surrender culture okay they again the silent majority out there they are
scared then a mob is going to come after them so that is why they remain silent
that’s how they surrender now some of them actually do speak up but then they
say they are sorry and then that’s that’s a worst form surrender but I do
think yeah we have a new definition of the silent majority now just people who
who want to fit in so much and are scared of a social media mob taking them
down there again fitting in is overrated let that I’ve had people criticize me
before it just makes it makes you a stronger person
you got a stand for something people you got a stamp or something now again again
not everyone is meant to speak up not everyone but if it’s like literally
hurting you to to fit in you’ve definitely gone the wrong way you’re
fitting in is overrated so if you’re getting sick to your stomach because
you’re keeping in what you really believe you should change your ways this
fitting is they’re not your real friends if you have to if you get sick you know
making up excuses why you can’t really talk the way you want in front of them
alright what is this del Ana Luka says this is this isn’t just don’t make you
think values are short-term cost with long-term benefits okay short-term costs
if you have values you have some short car but over the long run those values
are gonna pay off sometimes we forget that these costs are worth paying so
sometimes people have no values then we begin to decay
as we do not reap any long-term benefits so again you have no value you didn’t
pay the short-term price of standing for something so you stand for nothing over
the long term you’re not getting any benefits for standing for anything
you’re just falling apart over the long term it’s important to create systems to
remind ourselves that values are cost worth paying they are they are it is
worth it to stand for something because in the long term you’re going to be a
healthier and happier individual okay if you you know you’re just going with the
crowd going with the flow yeah the short term
that’s fun that might be fun but over the long term you’re gonna be worthless
you’re gonna be sick you gotta you gotta stand for something in life all right
so and that again is throughout from I did not come up with that tweet it’s a
good one you can link to it’s Luke tipple Odelle Anna Luca Iran Brooke has
a video is linked to below he talks about his his thoughts on Andrew yang
and you bi universal basic income and again he points out that you know Yang’s
got a solution for everything and yang basically feels the government should
have a solution for everything guys he’s very well-meaning Andrew yang you should
have come on your own solutions for your own problems okay now one thing that is
a little confusing about Yang is that I think on the website his website it does
say that he wants to get rid of it all welfare and replace it with ubi if he
but he did then he doesn’t really say that or there’s some ambiguity about the
whole situation and you’re on Brooke agrees he says if you be I replaced all
welfare all welfare okay everything that would be better because there would be
no because so much maintenance costs for the various where welfare systems that
are out there you know section eight cost money to maintain
food stamps cost money mainly all sorts of stuff cost money if it was just like
you get a ubi check every month that’s that’s not much of a maintenance cost
right there but and I agree with you Ronald
Brooklyn this if you’re if you’re just going to maintain the old welfare system
and create a value-added tax of every transaction in America to fund a ubi
that is horrible like this just it’s it’s a much worse situation it’s a much
worse tax situation a much worse social welfare situation because you’re gonna
have the old to old horrible welfare system and then a new one it’ll attempt
even more people to come into their country they’ll be even more of you it
just they’ll be more again now taxes on transactions I’d like value-added I like
the 80 over income tax but that’s not what they’re suggesting they’re
suggesting will still have the income tax and we’ll have a v18 navi 80 again
did that that hurts the offenders more than the savers which is great that’s
fine again I don’t believe in any taxes if if I had
my choice just like Iran said I would pick dat over income tax and anything
but it appears gang wants to have income tax wants to have the DAT wants to have
the social welfare system continue and have ubi
which is just a again had Bitcoin had Bitcoin you’ll have to worry about that
stuff James clear wealth is a game that
compounds health is a game that plateaus and then declines as we age we should
spend more time staying fit and less time making money increasingly working
to ward off the effects of aging and allowing the effects of compounding to
take over so there again it when you’re young you know when you’re under 50
years old and stuff and who knows what it is I don’t know now with technologies
with definition of young is but when you’re
still naturally healthy and everything you did you’re as productive as possible
and you set up a system where you you get assets that make you money so you
don’t need to work anymore so that when you do become older when you do when
your health does start to naturally decline you do become older you don’t
have to worry about making money anymore because your assets are making money for
you and you can focus on doing special things that make you healthy okay you
don’t want to be worrying about you know when you’re 62 years old oh man how I’m
going to find this job oh I got to work I got to work 50 hours a week 80 hours a
week or whatever but then you have no time to take care of your health to ward
off the effects of aging this is very important this is a long-term concept
people this is a deferral of gratification concept all right so work
hard when you’re young and set up a system where your assets will be able to
take care of you in the future and make money and so then in the future
when you’re hurt you can focus in on your health instead of worrying about
worrying about you where I’m gonna get my next job you should after a certain
age that should not be a worried all your assets should be compounding and
should be making you money all right so again I’ll repeat this mmt reparations
whatever it is whatever comes down the pipe the next big 80% are theory that
might be incorporated by the government in some way get what protects you
against this is real assets that cannot be wealth taxed bitcoin is the best one
okay bitcoin so again you could throw up your hands in the air and be like oh my
god mmm tea doesn’t work oh my god reparations shouldn’t happen and you can
just scream or you can prepare it just be typically alright but I’ve said that
a few times in this show palette like button
one thing I was uh I I have no car so wherever I travel I’m in Tel Aviv now
I mean I was in LA beforehand I see the city from a completely different view
then the masses who all have cars that have to drive I’d have to deal with all
of that drama so you know to meet so many people compare complain about LA
now that reasons to complain about LA but stop so much that the traffic the
traffic the traffic was nothing to me I walked everywhere I ran everywhere I
never had to my car never got broken into it was I have a car I never had to
pay five guys for gas because I never had a car it’s it’s awesome you see
cities in a completely different light if you don’t have a car
and Boise Idaho – I’ve heard people complain about it they they’re like oh
it’s so hard to commute in from the valley and the traffic’s just as bad as
hell when I was in Boise I ran everywhere it seems like just a
beautiful downtown and kind of quaint you know it’s so up-and-coming
everything very safe so like right when I’m running around Boise or running
around Tel Aviv – I see how safe it is I just love it and I’m not distracted by
all the car people the car people get into a mentality where they have to deal
with all the car drama so you just live a completely different life when you
don’t have to deal with the car drama and so that’s the benefit of being in
shape people right there when you can walk everywhere where you can run
everywhere like I can and where you know where you work for yourself and you
don’t have to commute okay or maybe you work for something figure out a
situation where you do if you do work for someone else where you can walk okay
in a city where you deal again the non-car culture I find it to be
quite liberating and I just I see life and cities completely different so I
don’t know if anyone else Washington this video has experienced that
shoutout to Boise though Boise I’ll end it with a shout left to them I haven’t
been there for well now little over a year and again it is the up-and-coming
city in the United States of America the city of the 2020s already people from
California are flocking there which a lot of people don’t like in Boise but it
is you know there probably was a time you know Denver was thought of as some
like backwoods place and you know first the insiders knew about how beautiful
day and now Denver is the huge big tremendous capital of the Mountain West
okay you know sports teams galore it’s trendy as anything it’s and the Denver
has its problems so I’ve seen Boise well one I don’t know
boys that would ever get that big okay but it is it’ll be important like one
day it’ll definitely be Portland like one day okay in terms of trendiness and
people just realizing how healthy and and a nice of an area it is a beautiful
and safe city in again it’ll become less safe probably over time but I mean it’s
not gonna become Baltimore anything like that I’m saying it’s the city of the
2020 okay and I invite you all to visit as I did and they’ve got a great big
point community that you should move there if you’re unhappy with a live in
the United States you know if you’re in some Baltimore type of situation where
you’re talking about like again if you were to live in a city not live in a
suburb okay you Boise is Boise’s where it’s at but here I linked to an article
about it below that I found fascinating that I did not even know this fact about
Boise when I visited there the times I’ve been there Boise is home to the
largest concentration of Basque people outside of Spain I had no interesting
yeah apparently they they came to America and that part of the country you
know they could herd sheep up there they could do a few things they could do back
in Spain back in Basque Country and Boise was it very convenient for
this so that’s that’s where they went it’s very very interesting and that’s
I’m always learning I’m always a getting interesting tidbits out there and I do
like to travel I like to see things in person and I like to like to see what
the like to make predictions about what’s completed the next week cities in
the United States and you know for you real estate Speculator I’m not I’m not
telling you my real estate there I’m telling you it’s a it’s a very you can
tell if you go there in person and you don’t have to commute from their suburbs
so that I am short commuting from their suburbs to the center of Boise isn’t too
fun if you know if you don’t have to do that you will see like this is this this
is what this is where the hipsters are gonna be soon enough
2020s Boise I’m sure you guys did voice you better be pounding that like button
because I just gave you guys huge shoutouts and yes PO can too
but probably Boise will be bigger will be more successful than Spokane okay i’m
adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember subscribe
channel like this video and you check out the links below town that like
button and yeah man i hope to visit Boise in 2020 or or 2021 see you guys

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