The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 71- Ragebait, Debt, Offal, Second-Handers, voting validates theft?

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there I am in Tel Aviv it is 10:30 at night here almost so let’s let’s just
start with beyond Bitcoin remember people we’re going to talk about
subjects beyond Bitcoin it’s not just about Bitcoin it’s about light life in
general so I heard you Ron Brook mention the term second hander a second hander
and it’s a a 9r and term and here I looked it up and I linked to the
definition below I think it deals I talk about second handers a lot and avoiding
that type of mentality they have no concern for facts idea
work they’re concerned only with people they don’t ask is this true they ask is
this what others think is true basically they want to fit in and I you know what
I say here fitting in is overrated so yeah they’re one who cares about
appearances they live through what others think of them not through their
true accomplishments a second hander does not live through his his true
accomplishments he he moves to what people think he is accomplishing so
he’ll lie about it or he’ll virtue signal about certain things that aren’t
even accomplishments you know he fits in in order to fit in he’ll give away to
some noble calls that the that the mob think thinks this is noble just to fit
in just to live through them it’s a virtuous signal and it’s he’s not proud
of his own accomplishments of what he really did to even earn that money that
he gave away he’s just more so what more concerned about what other people think
of him so he he he he stands for nothing he lives through other people he’s
second handed so check check that out check out that definition I thought it
was a very interesting term and it pertains to what I talk about quite
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alright CNBC talks about a problem compulsive spending compulsive spending
whizzes the average American has thirty eight thousand dollars in debt a quarter
of which comes directly from credit-card charges ouch
in December 2018 consumer debt overall had a record for twenty dollars
experts say a significant this debt can be explained by what they
call money disorders according to Clontz many money disorders are often the
result of underlying psychological issues like anxiety depression or trauma
he says that treatment requires that people think about their behaviors and
feelings toward money okay yeah you definitely got to think about your
behaviors if you’re depressed just don’t spend money on stuff don’t spit I did
stuff isn’t gonna sex isn’t gonna help you become a better person okay isn’t
gonna make you a happy person stuff it’s gonna put you in debt actually and then
it’s a vicious cycle at that point you’re gonna be like oh I’m poor I’m
helpless I need to get the more debt so I can get more stuff to make me feel
better so money disorders I think they’re
trying to to put it in a different perspective like it’s something that
they can’t control themselves oh I’ll have this money to sort of no you don’t
have long-term thinking dude so the real cure of money disorders is long-term
thinking and not being impulsive and trying to find happiness through meaning
it’s instead of stuff and and using your brain and understanding that you’re an
individual you don’t have to keep up with the Joneses okay but hey some
people do get a temporary buzz and there are thirty eight thousand dollars in
debt this for those of you who are not in debt this should make you feel very
happy does the average American is thirty eight thousand you’re one step
ahead of the game and if you’re not thirty thousand if you’re less than
thirty thousand dollars then hey Gooden hey you’re making progress to not being
in debt you’re just a step ahead of the game to
get it-get understand what real assets are and what building wealth is and that
you’re gonna have a future and you’re gonna need you’re not gonna want to work
a lot when you’re old you’re gonna want to have assets that make you money all
right – Val de kress sent ten Canadian dollars he says what are your thoughts
on this beyond meat and plant-based foods oh I’ve got it I’ve got something
on that seems like they’re playing on 80% of psychology if you don’t want to
eat meat there are tons of in the hunt lab creative food yeah dude at that last
point is really important if you don’t want to
eat meat eat vegetables that aren’t created in a lab that be on meat stuff
has all sorts of weird oils in it I believe it’s got um one of those very
unhealthy oils in it like why can’t I think of the name right now so yeah the
beyond me thing is a lot of hype a lot a lot of hype again if you don’t eat meat
that is cool but you want to pay a lot of money for something that is probably
not that healthy this guy it’s got canola oil in it I believe you want your
ingredients list just to be like one ingredient like if you eat an apple what
you wanted to say Apple if you eat cow meat you want to say cow meat okay if
you want if you’re gonna eat something that you’re I’m not even meat I’m they
any meat well then you’re gonna eat this thing that they call fake meat that’s
gotta all these chemicals and stuff in it and again it’s a but some are
gorillas just have that many chemicals in it and it might only I’m only have a
few but it’s got some canola oil and stuff in it that is not good for you I
think it is a lot of hype and I think it’s for people who don’t do their own
research they think they want a magic sure they’re like okay this is gonna
make me healthy if I eat fake meat this is gonna no that’s not a magic sure
that’s not gonna make you happy you excuse me healthy figure out what what
brings you health too much carbs is it you know too much of anything is not is
not too healthy it can be overkill I shouldn’t say that but yeah look looking
to to do a balanced diet and you don’t need things that are processed with
chemicals and stuff seriously all right Anthony Manero sent 229 in all right
yeah this is the on bitcoin of course there yeah yeah I said 229 in Euros I
knew someone’s gonna ask this your thoughts about backed well guys I’ve
been talking about back ever since the moment it came out I said it was
eventually going to happen and then it’s going to be good when it eventually
happens this is where the big boys play is just another step closer to it coming
out their announcement okay so again I believe in the year 2025 to
me it’s already happened and that’s why I bought Bitcoin when it was cheap in
2016 in 14 13 to 15 okay so guys if it
happens tomorrow I know they just had a big press release great they just had
great big press release if you’ve been following the story for over a year or
whenever it’s been we knew the day was coming it’s gonna happen they’re gonna
get in they’re gonna need a lot of Bitcoin it’s going to happen it’s a
positive this is where the big boys play you can complain that you didn’t you
don’t have Bitcoin because back bought it all but they haven’t bought it on yet
and they haven’t they haven’t they haven’t gone in large scale yet and all
their competitors haven’t come in yet so yeah it’s a story we’ve known about it
for a while it’s going to happen I’m gonna talk about this probably you on
pry it out tomorrow it looks like tomorrow I’m gonna have a guest from
Hong Kong keep your fingers crossed pound that like button but probably on
Monday so again that’s a little bit of Bitcoin for the beyond Bitcoin show but
guys it’s um I mean if you don’t think tremendous financial organizations that
can play all sorts of financial games with Bitcoin aren’t going to get into it
then I don’t don’t buy Bitcoin then you just think it’s gonna be the same amount
of people were just gonna have it now that are gonna have in the future
did I don’t know why you’re even interested in this it’s going to happen
okay all sorts of huge players are in that’s why we say this is early still it
is early still the big players aren’t in so it is a positive I’ve been saying
it’s a positive all along it just hasn’t happened yet and just weak people
getting announced announcement says it’s getting closer and yet we’re one day
closer but we were one day closer before the announcement also so I I don’t go
too crazy over that they had a press release it’s it’s you should be happy if
you didn’t believe before now you believe great great I’m glad you got
convinced to it so let’s move back to the the Beyond part beyond Bitcoin show
here again trace Maher he was great yesterday so check that out if you you
want to learn more about the Bitcoin and he talked about gold from your golden
holders I do not agree with him on everything he said about gold and a part
of me wonders I mean I asked him a straight-up question what has a greater
chance of 10 axing and he says big point and I said why would any like 25 year
old want to buy gold okay so but he likes the feel Golden’s hands and watch
history show like hey a lot of leftist out there they want you to
sacrifice for the common good or to sacrifice for others that that is moral
that that is just and they guilt you because of that if you don’t want to
participate in a program where you are gonna have to sacrifice for others don’t
fall for people do not you do not sacrificing for the common good
is moral sucker for sacrifice sizing for others being forced to sacrifice
brothers being guilted if you want to do that you can do that but being forced to
sacrifice for the common go to sacrifice for others is not moral it is not rights
and any philosophy that is based around forcing you to sacrifice for others to
guilt in you into sacrificing for others is not moral so you know with socialism
a lot of people call this a democratic socialism because it’s it’s being voted
in everyone’s voting everyone’s voting to steal for businesses or to steal from
others okay voting to steal property private property is still fact even if
you’re voting for it voting isn’t some miraculous cleansing mechanism okay if
if you have a system where you can vote to steal from others it’s not a good
system it’s it’s theft okay so no voting does not make theft legitimate it does
not and so there’s gonna be a lot of people what we voted in the socialism
bus or we with democratic socialism we get to vote to how much we steal from
the gas companies or how much we steal from the one-percent no that’s not
that’s not right you’re still stealing it’s immoral
the system is immoral so that’s that’s the argument you you you are you bring
up against socialism okay like wait yeah sure we’re helping out poor people
but any you can voluntarily help poor people forcing me stealing from me to
take to to give to a group that you think is poor you think is is in bad
shape that’s not right you’re still stealing from me alright and voting
doesn’t make it kosher dude it does not it does not and that’s that’s part of
the trick that’s out there these people that put voting on a pedestal voting to
be a very nasty mechanism it’s a nasty it’s a nasty business man if you don’t
have checks balances if you’re not in a in Republic
in a constitutional republic if you’re just in a pure democracy that people are
going to vote to steal from you and it doesn’t make it right
all right just want to throw that out there and standing like you’re on Brooke
I’ve been listening a lot to him I guess all right let’s see here in the chat
what’s going on there have you heard of this the Israeli band
infected mushroom no I have it Bosh but there’s a lot of bands here and there
Lada unfortunately there are a lot of people on mushrooms and marijuana in
Israel this is like you know this free liberal country where you get to you
know kill yourself if you want to guess and they’re slowly kill yourself by
doing things like that poisoning yourself I won’t say kill yourself but
that’s that’s it’s your personal responsibility if people want to get
stoned all day and then complain they can do that that’s that’s separate Hey
but maybe the ban is a good man I’m not into new bands not in the new bands and
I haven’t listened to music since November because my father died in
November and I’m mourning and I can’t listen to music until the mourning
period is over which is a year after his death so I I even know I haven’t heard
them know it despite being in Israel it’s hard to learn about new bands if
you know listen to music so nerd two one eight eight said to 180c do you run a
full note no or mine no I will never mind never know it’s why it’s not my
thing and I encourage people not to mine it’s a it’s a nasty business and there’s
so many scams out there and no I don’t I don’t have a house I don’t have a home I
go from place to place so I don’t have a full node set up at the home that I
don’t know all right because I don’t I don’t have a place to set it up or
anything like that I really don’t I you know people are going a full bonus is a
great contribution to the Bitcoin ecosystem there’s a lot of ways to
contribute to the Bitcoin ecosystem and you can do it any way you want you can
you can do a new show every single day of the year you can run a no vegan you
don’t have to contribute to the pig that’s the thing about Bitcoin you’re
not the contribute it’s a big play at all you’re not to be involved at all
just holding is a great contribution to the Bitcoin ecosystem next what I just
suggest for people to do is I think long term I don’t you don’t improve the
Bitcoin ecosystem which is added bonus but for themselves holding Bitcoin is
very beneficial for a person incredibly beneficial for their long-term wealth
all right let us let us move on here okay we talked about the voting and this
I’m missing this on the show the the other day but how I my system I have a
system system over goals you want to set up a system and if you if you if you
have a good system you’re going to accomplish so much and so much it’s
going to come to you and you don’t have to worry about you know you’re not the
stress about your goal okay you’re not the stress about your goal but sometimes
you know your system is working when you hit a period where it’s a pain to do it
every day to follow the system every day you trudge through the challenge and you
get it done and that’s that’s an accomplishment every day you you live up
to your system is another accomplishment so for example that YouTube just changed
everything August 5th they stopped making doing a
live show easy and so it was a challenge but I kept them doing a new show every
day I trudged through it there were some frustrating times and now Hey look I’m
live again and I had shows that weren’t live that were freaking awesome also bad
the trace was awesome so I’ve I’ve learned more about the I made my shows
better best guest in the freaking space pound that like button of course but I
do like that the tape shows and they do give me a little bit more freedom when I
have the option to do these tape shows and I learned a new way of broadcasting
live I’m doing this a new way so it’s been very beneficial and so yeah system
over goals you’re always you’re really in motion the system is all about you’re
in motion constantly so you’re you’re meeting new people you’re accomplishing
new things that you never knew where your goals that weren’t your goals
you’re just accomplishing and making yourself better all right remember pound
that like button follow me on Twitter attack vault-tec HB alt okay move on the
republic a republic protects minority rights in a democracy majority can vote
to steal from the minority or hurt the minority there you go for those of all
people who are minorities who are saying like Oh democracy is the key again the a
democracy a pure democracy they can vote to destroy you they can vote to imprison
you okay that’s that’s why they wrote the constitutional republic and the
Constitution protects protects the rights of minorities okay and then
that’s the best if there’s going to be a government and it appears that people
need a government that you want one that really protects the rights of minorities
and protects freedom protects people’s freedoms okay because democracy
democracy is just an overused term that people do not understand they think it’s
just this feel-good term that cures everything when it when in effect it can
cause incredible amounts of problems it could again it can cause minorities to
be absolutely destroyed and wealth to be stolen a Scott Adams brings up a point
about the mainstream media or people in general some people like to package
coincidences and turn them into conspiracy theories and yet that’s
that’s the best way if you want to create a conspiracy theory just find a
bunch of coincidences and combine them all together and find a you know a
single thread in common with all of them and package them and then you got your
conspiracy there because they’re a bunch of coincidences out there so yeah Scott
Adams made a very interesting point on that I see we got a super chapped hang
on a second oh yeah I’m going to talk about Israel in one seconds why 2025 is
such an important no it’s not an important year Anthony manera sent 229 a
Euro 2020 25 session important compared to other years it’s not I pulled it out
of my butt I’ve just mean I’m living in the future i I’m living in I’m living in
my mind already knows I mean no rush I don’t care when it happens I know it
will happen this has been my mentality since the beginning I mean there were
people who are who are like one day there’s gonna be segments one day
there’s gonna be lightning Network one days there’s going to be all these
things that are now in our past and I knew they were gonna happen and that’s
why I got in one day they’re going to be big huge stories on TV about Bitcoin I
knew that was gonna happen with a one day the masses are gonna know about
Bitcoin and then that happened to 2017 one day there be although there was a
time when no bulb bug will talk about Bitcoin there was a time with none of
the doom and gloom channels were talking about Bitcoin I knew all of that was
gonna happen go back into my archives and you and I this is what some of the
stuff I’ve been retweeting on Twitter for 2015 or 2016
I’ve been saying all this stuff is going to happen eventually okay some of it has
already happened now in 2019 if you know the stuff is gonna happen with Bitcoin
it centers around Bitcoin the Bitcoin is gonna be bigger than the freaking
Internet then you really should be you have no excuse for not getting as much
Bitcoin as possible so what I did was I got as much big point as possible that I
felt was going to make me an incredible Rick incredibly rich person one day okay
and so that’s why I live in the future I I know that these things are all gonna
happen eventually so I in the present I’m gonna position myself in a way so
that I will in the future I will be very happy so that this of 2025 is not a
necessary important year it’s just a year in the future that most of you
can’t even grasp as most people don’t have long term thinking again one of the
simple exercises I developed in 2016 was 2020 long term thinking it wasn’t that
long and I know I focused on a specific event the big point having hole hold on
to your big point until 2020 I said and you’re gonna be very happy you just have
to learn the technique of not being impulsive and deferral gratification so
all the things I’ve just said are just enforcing my strong belief in creating a
life system around the furrow of gratification and long term thinking and
not being impulsive you’ll be a very healthy person a very happy person all
right the next and again 2020 25 is after a
2020 for having even so but that it’ll be great so when I’m running around in
Israel I saw this on the I guess a building that the la cude which is a
the party owns a three huge posters of Menten Yahoo with Trump one of the
posters than the other poster I mean these are tallest as a fusion as a tall
building mug Netanyahu with Trump Netanyahu with Putin and Netanyahu with
Modi the Prime Minister whatever he is Prime Minister of India is that what his
title is Prime Minister of Israel of India anyway it’s just it’s the way that
what he’s doing he’s marketing to the voters that want to see a leader with
power with power that means a lot to some people they they picked their
leaders because they are affiliated with strong international leaders so that’s
what he’s going for there’s a lot of people like people like Trump in Israel
some people do like trumpet Israel people like Modi in Israel well they
probably don’t exactly know who he is but they see their leader of a seven
million person nation standing with a man who is a leader of a over a billion
person nation and they’re like well that guy is an Indian and you know he’s in
terms of a billion that’s a pretty serious candidate and then of course
what Putin does a lot of people that have tried do not like Putin here but
they know he is serious and he is powerful so this is a guy this is a
technique they use in politics in Israel a persuasion technique and again I’m not
into the whole and in Israel you vote for a party and he’s the leader of the
lacunae party and this is a way you know because there’s so many small parties
and and what they what they try to convince you of is is you’re throwing
away your vote if you vote for one of these small parties for me I think it’s
cool if you want to get a small party into the Knesset this is another voice
but the other technique is you want a serious party and a serious party is a
man the standing there with these three powerful leaders so this is what I see
on the streets of Israel the elections of us is coming on in a month in
September 17th I believe it is or maybe I’ll see more signs
that’s my commentary again I don’t support Laocoon I I support the does a
hoot I think they should get more that’s a small party that isn’t in
right now and I think the more voices that are in there the better the better
and that’s you know who’s a corrupt them on many lever he’s a typical politician
and the stick dad I wouldn’t but I wouldn’t want to have me a picture of me
with Putin I would want to I want to be proud of that but he’s whatever he’s
trying to win voters over town that like one yeah they’re 80% voters in Israel of
course there are of course there are eighty percent of voters don’t think
when they vote me in Israel of course let’s see there’s all sorts in Israel
all sorts of apartment there’s Tom eNOS party in Israel too that’s actually in
the Knesset there uh what’s their name they only have like four or five seeds
and they might say they’re not communists but they are oh damn III
forgot their name but they legitimately the communists that they they have no
belief in anything that the State of Israel even stands for all right
founding principles of the stadium is really have no don’t care about that
well I mean but that’s the freedom in this you could be anything in this
country you really can I mean you could be an Arab citizen and be elected to the
Knesset and start yelling in the Knesset to destroy the country I’ve been
imagining that in the United States Congress if you elected a you know a
congress person from Minnesota or something that started screaming you
know we should destroy that you or maybe we’ll see something like that soon I
don’t know I mean but hey that’s you deal you deal with it you deal with it
again people could say freedom of speech in the United States we have freedoms
each in a lot of countries you don’t have freedom of speech all right okay
wasting time on politics I get you gets into its soap opera I’ve already but I
have you shown what you would people were like you’re an Israel plus what’s
going on in Israel show us Israel well you’re not really your speccing Israel
behind me now but I’m telling you what I’ve seen out there and don’t remember
people take care of yourself don’t live through these politicians none of them
are gonna set solve your problems another one we’re going to solve you
guys solve your own problems what do we have here you know one of my friends
says he likes when I up bring up the huh the Torah the Torah portion was I go to
synagogue every Saturday something I noticed in the tork Torah portion and
again this the the speed in Hebrew afterwards I don’t know what
the rabbi is saying it was the Shema the prayer the Shema it’s taken from the
Torah and that was part that was at our portion this reach to my denial and I
had that the whole Shema I was it oh let’s take the Shema Dory to our Torah
portion okay most of you’re like what the heck is he talking about
that’s where my friend who watches this show found that like button but yeah
there’s a famous part of the Torah and it’s from that era portion Jews say that
prayer and also just ignore massive but I thought that fascinating this was the
Torah portion where it actually says it in it all right moving on this is behind
Bitcoin town that like button jeet what oh no no no no no no I’m going
to talk about ruling elites here ruling elites God ruling elites
you don’t have to listen there are always people who complain about role
ruling elites and this is negative if you think politicians are ruling elites
and you do not have to listen to them you do not have to listen to them you
can ignore them you can ignore you know their people say the ruling elites
decide who’s the victim victim roots groups and they define how society is
set up and so you define yourself through being a part of the victim
groups that the ruling elites supposedly have set up or part of a battle against
the this the ruling elites and the victim groups that they set up okay
you’re wasting your time I mean what would happen if you just ignore all of
that stuff and acted your best personal interest okay it involves not being a
cog in a machine which is the simple answer most people most people opt to
being a cog in the machine to be comfortable okay and and then just
complain about the machine itself like oh the ruling elites control this system
which I am a cog in it’s so unfair it’s so wrong I’m gonna waste my time
complaining about it know it just pretend that doesn’t even exist do what
is best for you without hurting other people individualism is the
accomplishment so the next time you hear people and there’s so many people in
YouTube that are like oh we must overthrow the ruling elites who must
change the ruling elites we must change the victim groups that they set up and
define who the true victims are we’re the victims it’s really know just ignore
all that stuff and do what is best for you and just laugh at all that stuff
like okay yeah the people in the machine who depend on
all that I guess they got to worry about being a cog in the machine and who’s the
elite and who’s in charge of the machine and who’s the victim in the machine but
if you’re if you just take yourself on the machine and you’re an individual and
you focus on your own accomplishments and you’re in motion you’re fine and
again if you’re in a city where every you’re just it’s just dominated by some
system you can move you can move if you’re in the country you can move there
there options to get out of being like under the thumb of others if you feel
that you’re under the thumb of others there are ways there are options of
getting out okay um okay she ignore you can ignore bad ideas and promote your
own ideas live your own life and get out just leave systems you mean you don’t
have to be tied down to one location I mean that’s why part of my little
philosophy and you don’t have to be friend you can give you don’t have to
fit in you don’t have to keep your friends they’re not truly your if you’re
living a system where you feel very uncomfortable with the system and the
way your friends aren’t you didn’t have to maybe they’re not your friends
anymore you just leave you don’t have to fit in you can go to another place where
you do fitted sheet says he brought me in a tweet and I went to below below
telling a rational reactionary bait oh yes there’s some people who know how to
bring up topics that are going to bring up outrage and fake outrage in people so
they get a lot of intentions they’ve got a lot of attention and thus a lot of
clicks and they build their little brands okay and in this situation there
was a woman out there that was using Bitcoin wealth distribution being
outraged at so few people have so much Bitcoin she’s being
outraged over it and in spend just that’s random you can get a lot of
Bitcoin still you can be wanting that in a free market there’s always going to be
a minority that wins that does better because they’re in motion they’re
proactive so there’s nothing to be guilty about if your system is going in
that direction means it’s a free market that no one is forcing anyone to do
equality equality of outcome is forced if everyone ends up with the same it’s
force they’re no rage bye and don’t get fooled into getting wasting all your
time on social media related tweets or posts that are that a rage because
that’s what they want you to do because you’re helping build their brand your
you’re helping build their attention business alright another tweet by Jeet
this is a retweet and this one is involves a best swear word actually so
I’ll be careful but it’s it’s about Bitcoin
he says it’s about Bitcoin I agree if we ain’t effing up each other sleeping
schedule it’s not real and then he says Bitcoin if we’re not effing up each
other sleeping schedule it’s not real I gotta say then there is a good point to
that Bitcoin has definitely is a 24-hour thing for me at times it doesn’t mess up
my sleeping schedule but it is real dude it is the future it’s a if something is
important if something is earth-shattering important real it yeah
it’s gonna it’s not just going to be during nine to five business hours okay
it’s not going to be going on just during times that are convenient for you
it’s gonna be waking you up it is something that is is dominating and huge
so I I do I do enjoy that tweet and I think there’s some other things in life
that are that are that big awesome like if you have a child if you give you give
birth to a child that is uh there’s the tree together its Epping it’s F in your
sleeping schedule up it’s definitely real it definitely is a priority it’s
definitely something that’s so important okay moving on
Baltimore Sun and again I’m from Baltimore originally here this is this
is this is a reminder of the Golden Age we’re living in online sales account for
just over 3% of the 700 billion dollar grocery industry some estimates some
estimates show and this article is about people in the Baltimore area they don’t
go to the giant anymore they order their food online they have it delivered to
them I mean what a comfortable world we live in what were three percent of the
people already are taking advantage of this and I don’t and it’s not just the
wealthiest three percent either it’s just people that you know that they
value gave up their food delivered to them some moments it’s diverse your
signal to show how written who to show to others how great they are they don’t
feel like going to a supermarket they trust others to pick out their food for
them again picking out your food I mean you want to see at least maybe I’m
old-fashioned you’re gonna feel that food you want to see that do you want to
get the best deal on that fear the food in person okay
but some people trust others enough and want to and want to pay a fee for the
convenience of having delivered to their house okay and tech in the glory of
technical innovations allowed this to happen okay and this is from the
Baltimore Sun and it’s not like the bottom of region is the wealthiest read
the point is is that there’s so many people out there who vilify the people
that the innovators who came up with this technology that allows people to
even do this and that’s that’s that’s just a shame that as a society as a
whole today would rather focus on all the the starving people who can’t afford
through deliveries instead of the people who created technologies that are in
that are just allowing such a golden aged to take place but again live your
life you know don’t don’t be envious if you can’t afford that kind of thing
that’s great that’s alright who cares it’s it’s not a necessity it’s
definitely not a necessity at your food to you I think I think in his waist I
definitely think it is a waste now again if your time is that valuable then I
then okay there’s that then there’s a legitimate point to it okay but we are
living in a golden age for all those people say oh it’s such a sad sad time
no it’s really not the convenience ease I mean a hundred years ago you had to
you had to kill your own animal then or brogre own food and 200 years ago or
whatever was and now you just type push a button and the food comes to you dude
and and T Val says do you believe minimum wage should exist and I
absolutely do not believe it should because it should not exist at all
no it’s for it’s forcing private businesses into to paying people you
private businesses should be able to pay whatever they want to pay that it’s now
that’s that’s its force its market manipulation it’s government into total
government interferences it’s it’s it’s a travesty it’s a complete travesty and
completely against the minimum wage all right what else do we have here but most
people can’t say that because they want to fit in with their friends and they
can’t agree have fired from their job do you say something like that which I mean
again is the there’s no emotion behind it it’s just it’s it’s pure money I mean
it’s it’s theft when you’re when you’re the government says business you must
pay your employees this much you must take away this much of your your revenue
and distribute it to your employees instead of you know repaying yourself so
it and it’s it’s unnaturally messing with the natural business cycle and when
there’s there’s always cost to that then then the entrepreneur will hire less
people until but then the government will force them to to to hire a certain
amount of people then he’ll just go out of business and you’ll have one less
innovator one less business and that’s just bad all right making when it comes
about in session on natural way if a business fails on the zone that’s good
and you know competition destroying compete compete don’t complain well
that’s complaining when you when you for saying when you force a minimum wage
onto a business giving in to the complaints and not not
allowing a business to compete naturally it’s putting some unnatural restraint
now going on to what’s this talk about this together no no no no we’ll talk
about well there was a climate change guy on ben shapiro okay and i don’t
agree with the climate change he went again if you believe if you think
climate changes is man-made and everything
there are he brought up things that you as an individual can do and let let
there be a debate about climate change and people are truly scared about
climate change there are so many in things that individuals could do without
being forced to do these things okay without being forced without the
government saying some mandate chain you know forcing you to changes you can
construct arguments and and logical reasons why you isn’t individual you
know it might be better for you to do XY and z and it will be better for the
environment but it will be better for you also okay so there’s there’s ways
that individuals can benefit from doing things that are also positive for
climate change okay but this is what someone can you can watch this ben
shapiro I give Ben credit all the credit in the world for having someone on the
show that disagrees with him and this I commenter said this innocent while the
vast majority of this guy’s rhetoric is nonsense there’s exactly one reasonable
idea if we were to distill it all down if each individual took a small action
toward a goal it would have an enormous effect the key is pursuing that among
individuals and not subversion through government action okay you don’t need
the government action you individuals can decide on their educate the people
on the world problems explain how they can choose to change and how that change
may be good for their health so again this guy was saying that people should
just give up even meat and if everybody gave up eating meat that this would have
that climate change and he said he gave good reasons not at all that I agree
with but while you should stop eating cows or not eat as much cows or not eat
as much this down the and how that could be healthy for you
and and then the look if people voluntarily did that if they knew
they’re making themselves healthier then it would help this guys greater cause of
making the earth healthier and perhaps it really doesn’t make the earth
healthier but again he wasn’t saying had the government forced this upon people
and that was respectable that is respectable so if you think the end of
the world is coming for whatever reason but individuals can make choices that
will make themselves better in the visuals and at the same time it will you
know stop the end of the world then share the argument compete in the
marketplace of ideas go ahead you don’t have to force it upon people to have the
government force your ideas upon people and so speaking about food and maybe
this is good for climate change also we were talking about offal last week okay
and Americans are so wasteful with their food and that in some countries you know
there’s a cow they kill the cow they eat every single part of that cow America
know that this is a complete opposite what happens here so maybe in your
according to that Ben Shapiro guys theory he didn’t talk about offal at all
but how about if we just everybody learn started to realize like wait a second
you know these parts of turkeys taste great cow guts taste great or cow livers
taste great or all these other internal organs of all these other all these
animals that go to waste all this stuff tastes great and thus we wouldn’t end up
needing as many towels there as many animals as we needed before this would
be this would be awesome for the environment supposedly but it would be
good for people’s health too because this opal it’s just it’s better than the
regular muscle meats that you’re used to eating of these animals okay so and if
you’re an animal activist you should be less animals will be killed if you
encourage people to eat opal okay to eat these many pounds of animal that just
gets thrown away in the Western world so don’t let a piece of animal go to
waste you mean and that that’ll help save your
precious animals another thing I want to say
and I went to opal if you if you want to see all sorts of different types of oval
out there again a gizzard gizzard is delicious
I love gizzard but I mean and imagine for other people some people just don’t
know to even try gizzard if so many Americans started eating gizzards you
wouldn’t need uh to kill you wouldn’t need to kill as many owls and again so
you’re saying oh what’s wrong you know let businesses do businesses would be
run more efficiently animal animal producing businesses food producing
businesses would be much more efficient if they could use more of the animal you
know it would save them money it would be good for everyone
Hey another thing going back to son mentioned the thick meat thing book
before you know talking about this golden agent we’re living in and
everyone trying to vilify the age that we’re in and the tech not you know that
that people doing medical research is bad or research on animals is bad and
etc etc they’re getting close to where they’re gonna be able to grow animals
without brains just pieces of animals in the lab okay imagine that then you won’t
even need to kill animals anymore this summer you’re gonna be Co its Frank and
me it’s Frank to me oh I mean if if let them let them experiment let them
compete let people I mean we’re living in such a time this is excite to me it’s
exciting you don’t have to eat the fake meat they’ll still be real meat out
there but it won’t be the meat grown you’re gonna have to eat the meat grown
in lab I’m very curious I I hope that all sorts of coming you know a big
pharma all these people that are vilified the big big pharma companies
out there know if they come up with a way to grow cows cow meat or pig meat in
in labs well that’ll be great I mean that could you know everyone says
there’s huge hunger problem in Africa or wherever then if they could just grow
meat and labs you could set up a lab in Africa or whatever to grow all that all
the food you want all the meats the healthy meat you want and so I find this
fascinating and we don’t hear about it that much because so much of it is
vilified but let them keep it keep trying to get closer to growing animal
because you’re not killing an animal that way there’s no nothing is being
hurt or any there’s no I don’t think there’s no moral argument against it at
that point if you’re just taking some cells and then it turns into a slab of a
slab of Turkey or a salmon a salmon slab okay it’s it seems and this this is
severe and we’ll see you know how it interacts with the human body and
everything like that but if people want to experiment with themselves and guinea
pigs and even be my guest whatever okay but if they’re you know
there’s some we’re not gonna get into that but I find it fascinating and let
me see oh my god people be the same thing okay no that’s just a comment
they’re never stop stay in motion centered 221 88 dude I don’t intend I’ll
stop it I’m going a million miles per hour even at 11 o’clock at night here in
Tel Aviv if you’ve met me in person you you know that I’m always going up balls
to the wall baby a million million miles per hour pound that like button Native
Americans had no crops and used every part of the Buffalo nothing wasted yet
Bosh that is that is the truth man nothing nothing wasted that’s that’s a
way to live your life I mean you don’t have to lie I don’t waste and think long
term alright so we talk about climate change and Oh full no we’re not going to
talk about that and we won’t talk about that one either
let’s keep going what we’ll save that for next time as I think I did talk
himself quite some time here let’s thought list this James clear says
habits will form whether you want them or not whatever ever you repeat you
reinforce whatever you repeat you reinforce this is true this is true so
you wanna again that’s like if you set up a system make sure it is a healthy
system definitely big history is a healthy system because
becomes a habit it definitely becomes a habit so be careful what those habits be
careful with those uh not so healthy things are doing but if you start
getting addicted to them well the habit will form the habit will form
whatever you reapeat you reinforce so try to repeat the good stuff try to
repeat try something successful do it again do it again
alright and we’ll do that and that we’ll do that one next time there’s so much
here alright I’ll leave it with this one there there are a lot of people out
there they get degrees okay from universities and they feel like the
degree is going to magically entitle them to a job and that and I think
people are convinced of that like if I get this degree any degree I’m gonna
automatically get a job and that is just not the way things or work out anymore
okay you know and that’s why people pay so much for these degrees cuz they think
well if I get a degree in it could be degree in anything I will get a job I
will be entitled to X Y & Z you are entitled to nothing if you get a degree
okay so with that in mind with that in mind though here’s a treat for safa dean
almost anything you want to learn is online for free or just 1% of the price
of a college degree paying for college is choosing to massively over invest in
credentials at the expense of learning ok so if you really want to learn you
can learn for free and if you want to learn in order to get a job or to better
yourself in order to start a job then go find the sources online for free that
are going to get you toward their okay and create a system a learning system
with it where you are going to end up gaining more and more information that’s
going to make you more and more valuable of an employee or of an entrepreneur
just gaining skills don’t just learn to get a piece of paper learn as part of
your system of improving yourself okay and again if you’re really interested in
learning it is all out there it is all out there you do not have to pay for it
so don’t make up after four years don’t say like oh I was
ripped off no I mean you beforehand you were entitled to nothing you were
entitled to nothing it wasn’t going to be a magic everybody was a magic pill
that’s gonna fix everything a degree is not that magic pill it’s not that it
takes work and dedication and having some sort of system and and improving
yourself okay and you could do that for a lot cheaper than then what college is
charge right now so think of it that way fitting in is overrated if you just want
that degree to show off the people yeah that’s that’s not the best reason for
getting a degree but again this is a person responsibility is new
counterculture you get if you end the pain throw that and you’re gonna have to
deal with the consequences but know that the options are out there the free
options are definitely out there and it’s just it’s just what a world the
Internet has given us what a golden age of learning opportunities that are out
there in fact and it’s every day is getting better every day’s is getting
better so create a plan create a system educate yourself and live outside the
box be willing to move be willing to just not worry about the magical elites
that controlled you control yourself baby pound that like button bang that
Bell button I’ve had a much the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
subscribes channel like this video click on the squares that hopefully going to
appear if you’re watching this tape and all right I am going to end this podcast
there whatever what is this video right now by pushing this newfangled button
see you guys in the chat pound that like

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