The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 70- Bernie Sanders on Rogan, Johns Hopkins firing, Chicken hearts

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on oh my oh my it was a classic he made his return to the building baby he was
back ok so this show by the way we’re going to talk a little bit about Bitcoin
but it is the beyond Bitcoin show so we talked about all sorts of different
subject matters and this first one comes from the Baltimore Sun and I’m just
reading a bunch of things right here please excuse me
alright the Baltimore Sun the article says Johns Hopkins professor fired after
attempted sabotage of students sitting over private police force okay so let’s
let’s back up here some students at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore I’m from
more originally and for a short time I lived near after college I lived right
near the the Charles Village the main campus of Johns Hopkins okay and this is
what this story was about some people over there didn’t like never gonna have
a private security force oh woe is me instead of relying on Baltimore’s
publicly funded uh efficient police force they were gonna protect themselves
oh well no there were students you thought that was horrible it was
terrible he had a sit-in okay and they weren’t gonna leave until they promised
not to have a private security here’s the thing they’re the building they were
sitting in there were people there there were storage facilities there computer
computer storage facilities with servers computer servers with people’s research
projects with important research that again but there’s all sorts of graduate
students undergrad students they’re professors of doing research to have it
stored on servers and they needed their research and apparently wanted to be
damaged or something like that so Along Came this guy Dan Povey professor Daniel
Povey okay and he’s the he got in there he and I think he took some people with
him he broke into the hit a counter-protest basically broke into
where they were protesting and he was attacked they where he had scratches on
him and anyway he gets fired for this he gets fired room is that again the scene
didn’t look very good because of the political correct uh and and the people
who set this up I mean they knew what they were doing the protesters were
mostly or maybe all a minority and he comes in there as a white man and in
this politically correct day and age at a university in a liberal University
you’re gonna look like you’re the oppressor and they’re just the victims
and so he got fired if he gets fired for this so one can expect that you’re
probably singing some well he’s he’s working
private institution that’s liberal you know he this is this is what happens
again he’s not to put but he let out a blog post and this blog post is great
but he does not apologize he has conviction for what he stands for
and that’s what this story is about daddy
although the son says he it was he gets you know they painted it in a negative
way of what he was doing and I’m sure people are trying to cancel him prevent
him from getting other jobs now he is not giving it he is not apologizing and
some of the stuff that he says in his blog post I’m gonna read you some of it
it’s linked to below the sun article is linked to below because i sounds like
some of the things that i say um he says i don’t need the approval of victim
groups to bolster my self esteem and I’m capable of weathering a little outrage
and the ending in parentheses it says the the fact that I have career options
helps obviously now I want to point out something there that’s a very good thing
he admits it yeah it’s easier to fight this when I have a back-up plan and
that’s why you all have to get into the Bitcoin over okay his backup plan was a
big coin okay but if you have something that they cannot take away from you it’s
easier to stand up and to be loud and do a blog post and not cower okay yeah now
again he doesn’t so I give him a lot of credit in the world he doesn’t mean his
backup is his new job in Scott but he still could be canceled these people
still are gonna go after him and everything so he deserves credit for
still standing up for himself and I’m just pointing out and he admits that he
if you have a back-up plan if you have long-term thinking it’s easier to get
through these challenges so he said and he goes on in in the blog post he says
man up America you’re better than that leave that ideology to the man haters
and racial agitators that generate it stop apologizing and start living your
lives Eddie and I love it and limit living your lives and not worrying about
what other people think and not fitting in and your there’s all sorts of
people want to be man haters and agitators what don’t do that you don’t
have to play their game you don’t have to play that game live your life don’t
worry about any who as for me I may not have my job but at least I still have my
dignity and my independence of thought I’ll leave you with some words of Bob
Dylan I ain’t sorry for nothing I’ve done I’m glad I fought I only wish we’d
won and he says please rescind my regards to Hawaii I guess it’s not some
office in Hopkins and say that thanks to them my career prospects have greatly
improved sayonara PS I’m aware that some people are trying to cancel me and get
me fired for my next shot see if I care yes I have lots of other career options
when this whole thing started I told my friends if the worst comes to worst I
can always go to China or Russia again you could pack up and move that you can
do that with Bitcoin too but I’ll tell you this though whatever happens I will
never apologize and I will never back down I know the normal script is that I
am supposed to get down on my knees and say please accept me back into your mix
liberal America I accept that I was wrong no way fu and that is awesome that
is awesome no apologies conviction individualism
and this is a pound that like button because this is things that I sense
stand for you can breathe the entire blog post it talks about a few different
theoretical scenarios and he is not politically correct and it’s great it’s
something that really deals with but what I try to preach here on the beyond
Bitcoin show so I found that I found his words to be inspirational and you can
apply it to your own lives again he’s got that mindset okay so if I get fired
from the next shop I’m just in another country and just pick up and start again
you got to be able to have that attitude to always be in motion to be a man again
with Bitcoin it makes it that much easier he I don’t know if this Bitcoin
not that he’s got job he’s got his asset is his mind
that’s something that has just forgotten in mainstream culture yeah use your mind
to figure out your problems okay and in mainstream culture is all about
worshipping the victim saying you’re sorry to the victim and still getting
cancelled and he’s not going to do that he’s not getting on his knees and giving
in to all of this nonsense oh good good for him good for him
so again here on this channel we found that like button make success cool again
that’s what I’m trying to do man and evilly you guys are elite if you are
here in his strive for greatness strive for greatness let’s talk about health
real quick in Israel I’m in Tel Aviv just and I think I’ve had this delicacy
before and it’s not really everyone should have this their cheap chicken
hearts in America we just throw away the chicken hearts
hey aren’t delicious I just thought it’d be I got a big bunch of them I actually
buy them and they they were delicious just delicious delicious chicken hearts
and they are healthy for you people were trying to UM villainize and then make
them seem like they’re unhealthy vilify them excuse me
they have a lot of cholesterol in them no no it doesn’t matter if something has
a high something with cholesterol and it doesn’t necessarily give you high
cholesterol and high cholesterol that isn’t necessarily a bad thing either
we’re not gonna get into the whole that whole debate right now but chicken
hearts are delicious they are healthy they got back they got prone to UM and
they are yummy I love him a lot all right you’re on Brooke and who I’ve
talked about a lot lately on this show he it makes a he gets into the debates
and he talks about the aoc type of crowd the virtue single worse and that the way
you should counteract them because they try to say they’re on the moral side of
things you make a moral case when debating virtue signalers like haters
AOC is not moral it for taking from others okay and to force the centralized
planning on others your morality is don’t take away by
force as opposed to you’re obligated to give to those deemed weak by the
government so that’s what they they’re more their so-called moral arguments all
they’re all these weak people out there they’re all these villi they’re all
these victims we’ve have to give to them we must get to them you must get to them
as the leaders of them as your elected leaders we must force you to give to
these victims and they say that is morally right that is morally wrong you
have to break that down yeah okay so people might be in bad situations and
but that doesn’t obligate me to give to them I can choose to give to them but it
isn’t is morally wrong to force me to give just people you deem to be victims
okay if I want to give to them that is fine but again so you you you dig into
their that argument that way because they just finally say it’s the right
thing to do no matter what the cost it’s the right thing to do it isn’t the
right it is not right to take from others by force okay and that’s what
you’re suggesting so you take it down to that level with them all right I want to
talk about it I’m jumping all around here I noticed that my podcast versions
of my show sports the audio podcast they’ve been doing great in
Australia and I asked why on a recent show and an Australian said to me that
in Sydney where they’re doing really well their people commute to work and
they’re in their car a lot so maybe that’s why your shows are doing well
your podcasts are doing well in Sydney Australia and then I never really
thought about it that way because I don’t drive at all and I don’t have a
car and I hate getting into cars I hate I especially hate driving cars how about
that I hate driving give me the girls okay it’s fine but this is the point if
you’re forced if you have to commute to work in a car I you are in motion your
mind is in you’re making the most of it if you’re
listening to the podcast so great use of that time sitting on your butt in a car
again you’re not being physically active but you’re getting your mind active by
playing my podcast and other podcasts too so great very good
so guys if you’re in cars a lot get the podcast version of the show sports
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that i mean excuse me bitcoinmeister on on what’s it called steam it yeah that’s
still around they haven’t that’s a whole nother story
if that’s for a bitcoin show i guess okay now bernie sanders bernie sanders
he was on the show Brogan show unbelievable it’s come to this Joe Rogan
is getting a top supposed top-tier Democratic presidential candidate let me
see my hair their hair looking nice today
again it’s not about looks dude it’s about the content found that like button
so Joe Rogan of course he’s on YouTube but I just listened to it was I’m
cooking my food when Joe Rogan is interviewing freakin Bernie Sanders on
there and it’s it’s clear to whoever’s working for Bernie’s campaign and to
probably a lot of cavities now it’s becoming obvious that they need to
appeal to some 20 percenters to some people who just at least don’t blindly
watch TV that they got to go beyond the TV clips and that also is there probably
some Joe Rogan is probably so darn popular on the Internet
he’s got plenty of 80 percenters watching too he’s just got a big
audience and then if you’re gonna win these popularity elections that you’re
gonna have to get onto these shows like Joe Rogan okay that that’s what is now
becoming obvious and that this and again it’s linked to below
deserves a lot of credit for this because he was the first one I gave him
to consider a minor Democratic candidate for president he forced this basically
he got on he went on all sources shows beyond Joe Rogan then this marianne
williamson woman got on and now i think they’re all realizing you know what this
is helping this is helping the minor candidates we got it we got a got it got
kind of get every vote that we we I get every vote out there possible so it
shows that the mainstream media networks of TV networks are losing it here there
there there it’s it’s becoming more disks to centralize and again I’m not
saying Joe Rogan is a hundred percent great and that some of the so many
Internet’s so much on the internet is nonsense but I give some I give credit
to Joe Rogan busy he’s not all about nonsense he’s got real stuff on there
they’re ok these these mainstream networks on TV it’s all nonsense it
really is all so I’m it’s a positive now the funny thing is one of the first
thing does that I say it’s burnt pretty Sanders people his advisors have
realizes I don’t think he’s realize this at all because one of the first things
he says is that the TV networks should be forced to give every candidate who’s
in European countries every candidate gets a certain amount of a free TV time
hey the dude is being watched by over 7 million over 7 million views or close to
7 million views all on the Joe Rogan show of people watching Bernie Sanders
so far and he’s still yelping about we need to force net TV networks to cover
him to give him free airtime he wanted get he probably wouldn’t get that many
attentive viewers ok these are the seven million people chose to listen they went
out of their way they had to click then they were again putting it forcing their
to be it like on at a certain time on TV or on radio taking away from the regular
broadcast schedule this deck that’s ridiculous interfere with private cook
but that just shows you Bernie Sanders mindset okay
is it Bernie he doesn’t see how the Internet has revolutionized thing how
private corporations have again this is on YouTube this is Joe Rogan their
private private they’re doing this on their own okay and and so he Sony it’s
just I find it ironic that he’s still saying that no the network should be
forced and in every candidate a network time who cares about that that works now
Bernie come on you’re on this show and I do want to say that will trump in 2016
was on the a Jones show can we even say his name
and so maybe maybe he originally started there does but no it’s Andrew yang has
took took her to a next level because he’s been on all sorts of shows so maybe
he learned it from Donald Trump I don’t know I don’t care but no credit prank
goes to credit goes of those guys that Craig goes in those times they did that
it was a rig it was an original thing to do to go on a Jones and and now Andrew
yang going on Joe Rogan and inspire and many other shows ben shapiro and
inspiring this so again now now that now that marianne williamson Andrew Yang and
now Bernie Sanders have been on Joe Rogan I there’s gonna be a lot other the
other ones you know from Montana and Colorado or wherever some of those dudes
are they’re gonna they’re gonna be on to and so I expect to see Democratic
candidates on all sorts of other shows very soon III would it would make the
most sense for them the ones that the middle tier ones especially and again these people aren’t gonna
change your lives so don’t waste too much time listening to them but he so I
I did watch it I did this usually listen to it because what Bernie represents is
Main Street a lot of what’s going on the mainstream today and I’d like to see
what the mainstream hate that is out there and it’s anything it really is
envy he goes off he blames the wealthy for so much and again you have to
imagine how would have another segment of the population was blame
like this in such a manner if you named some minority group and
just blaming them for all the problems and that they need to be taxed more and
in just scapegoating let me just imagine that but in the mainstream world it’s
all like to blame all your problems and scapegoat and scapegoat the envious and
be envious of the wealthy instead of changing your own lives and it taking
personal responsibility and Bernie just opieop personal responsibility is the
new counterculture Bernie Sanders is not kind of chemical
true he is mainstream culture he’s the blame culture that dominates the victim
of culture that dominates the United States in Western world today he says
that the ages of between 0 & 4 that’s the most important years for kids and I
agree with I I agree with that and he says the public education that he says
the public schools are the answer that we need better education we need they
need to take care of the kids at that age I believe he says something like
that that public sure and let me tell you something to let me know it is not
the government and the government should be worried about kids that are 0 to 4 K
maybe even say public schools but the government should be taking care of the
kids that are 0 for absolutely wrong because again I agree that that is the
most important time in your life when you’re 0 to 4 and that’s why we’ve had
so many problems in the culture today is because there are so many people out
there that are having kids and don’t take care of their kids and abuse our
kids that are zero to four years old okay and in this fist leads to physical
and mental health problems and crime problems and in all sorts of life
problems for it’s okay for kids at had so the government is not the solution
the solution is parents to take care of their kids don’t get into a situation
where you cannot take into care your kids and you think the government is
going to give you the solution because they’re not they’re not giving solutions
now and if they do try to take a bigger role in it you’re just gonna have people
say oh my god I’ll just have more and more
kids and the government will just handle the problems and you know it’ll be
getting worse the kids need real love real parents
when they’re between 0 & 4 years there’s no there’s no substitute the government
is not a father or a mother so interesting that Bernie and he goes on
to talk about you how people are having physical and mental issues and I agree
people and it does stem from childhood trauma a lot of times and you’re less
likely to have a trauma if you got a mom and a dad to care about okay and that’s
about personal responsibility if you have a kid that that it’s still a part
of you okay between 0 & 4 it’s you’re bringing this Kim you’re
taking care of you cannot think that the the the society as a whole or is going
to take care of okay but again steal from the wealthy because you have kids
and that you can’t take care of and that’s no personal responsibility and he
is no personal responsibility Kennedy and thus that’s why he is a supe ocular
in the mainstream victim up blame culture what he’s talking about which I
disagree with strongly is there a popular so he keeps talking about it and
I’m proud to hear that I have nothing like this no I’m not I am NOT the things
he says in this just blame a game this blame game stuff
I’m so proud but I am NOT into putting victims on a pedestal I mean two people
solving their own problems not searching not begging Bernie Sanders to steal from
rich in order to serve solve their problems and escape them you you created
you you create the problem you saw the problem that that should be the first
option right there all right all right and so the interesting they said he’s
talking about guns and gun confiscation basically he wants to take away Pete
some people’s a certain types of guns i but but he did bring up something that
he he he framed this as a negative he says
American citizens have more guns than the US Army and he thought that was
negative think that’s ridiculous I think that’s
great that’s the whole point of the second amendment so that the army so
that the government couldn’t enforce tyranny upon the people that the people
could fight back conform militias against the government so I’m good I
don’t know if that statistics correct that the American people have more guns
in the United States Army that we play now there would be great if that’s true
he tried this painting as a negative again I don’t know if the statistics
right but if it is right it’s beautiful all right and then again you read the
comments section under Joe Rogan show under this interview huh so much love so
much love for Bernie said he’s so smart he’s so he’s again the emotional appeal
to emotions but blaming the race because everybody wants a scapegoat and taking
away from the rich I mean that is the easy that’s the easy way to appeal the
people in them individualism is the accomplishment
people want collectivism that is the default so perfect so there’s a lot he
gets on a purse here’s gets a lot of love in the comments section and it just
shows you that is the mainstream culture you guys be in the counterculture so you
don’t have to rely on fitting in in that culture okay in the mainstream culture
so you’re in the Bitcoin overlay and you don’t you don’t have to worry about what
decisions Bernie’s gonna make his present not that it’s gonna become
president you don’t have to worry about politics you’ve taken care of yourself
you’ve got your Bitcoin you can get out if the situation gets bad MarketWatch
pound that like button has an article and it says half of young Americans say
their degree is irrelevant to their work I’m glad they’re they’re realizing that
now you know your liberal arts degree has nothing to do with your work yeah so
what’s the point of going to college that is the bigger question and he said
and to people in the art the article says people are looking at alternatives
now dad years all sorts of different combos of learning and about one in five
generations II and young Millennials say they may choose not to go to college
interesting one in five that’s twenty percent is that just a coincidence that
20% of young Millennials and generation Z’s say
that they’re not they may not go to college that’s great that’s great data
24 senators are rearing their heads among you maybe that’s what’s going on
again the high to issues make people think and that’s great great it’s great
that people say wasting is this worth it now people are waiting to know that’s
good because dude you don’t necessarily need to go to college again there are so
some some social benefits to it but to go to something like lower to your
college and this is kind of fun just trying to appointment you just get a get
a job finding some way to make money hustle whatever bitcoin there’s this in
this realm of of just this golden age this time of abundance
there’s so many different paths you can go on you do not you don’t need to fit
in with college anymore it seems like more and more people are waking up for
that so good yeah blame game is a sickness don’t catch it there’s gonna be
no collapse people there’s gonna be no collapse ambition is good and it has
been forgotten though by the victimhood culture okay by the people who are
expecting to not collapse there’s nothing wrong with ambition if people
turn make you feel guilty for having ambition get away from those people okay
living in fear is the norm waiting for the end instead of creating new
beginnings okay personal responsibility you can wait for the end which is not
going to come or you can create new beginnings you can be in motion ambition
that’s creating new new beginnings don’t know what’s wrong with this world today
where ambition is vilified unbelievable again and the movements the popular
movements of today seem to they’re not about you know they’re talking about the
victim but they don’t want to promote they don’t want to help the weak per se
it seems like they’re more interested in pulling down and bringing down the
strong and successful and the good that that’s that’s their technique you know
oh there’s all these oppressed people out there instead of helping them or
we’re going to help them is by bringing everybody else down is by hurting the
strong by vilifying the successful by saying ambition is wrong that’s again
that that is force that is for if it was just about helping the weak go do it man
that is awesome help the weak but stealing from the rich
to help the weak taking from the middle class to help the victims the people
that sociopaths deem to be victims know that that is immoral at all okay so
again you can do any if you’re not hurting me if you’re not taking away for
if you’re not affecting me that’s great if you’re not stealing for me if you’re
not forcing me that is awesome you could do whatever you want to do out there
okay if you’re not forcing other people all right I mean you can see you you can
say oh this this minority group I’m gonna bring them up I’m gonna give them
my money I’m gonna create institutions just for this minority group that’s
great if you’re forcing me to fund it well that’s a different story that’s
immoral okay so beyond I say to people be only
offensive it be in motion and the defensive is when you are defending
yourself and worrying about enemies that you created okay
so creating enemies to defend against so the bankers the bank it’s all about the
fact we have to protect us against the bankers and just they they have to be
taken they have to be taxed heavily okay now just be in motion be on the offense
it don’t create scapegoats what I mean is create create a new business create a
new business create a new way of thinking great Craig Craig Craig that’s
being on the offensive defending your vilifying always having an enemy to
defend against that’s not productive Larry so I could say something like
let’s worry about Bernie there’s less he is their enemy let’s try
to stop him let’s be be defensive against him no don’t
what I say is don’t worry about Bernie Sanders getting through the Bitcoin
overlay worry about yourself and create in the Bitcoin over that’s what other
topics do we have here I don’t watch my usual so I’ve been talking a lot about a
guy named ant a Pierrot who is a traditional finance guy who has like
loves Bitcoin now and the reason I’m bringing up him on this show
he is not even a Bitcoin guy he’s a finance guy but he says if you’re under
30 get into the Bitcoin space so I just wanted to say that’s an emotion type of
advice on and it pertains to this to this show the beyond Bitcoin show
because there’s a lot of people wondering alia what type of job should I
get what and he’s a finance guy he says getting the Bitcoin just won again I
link to that video I look for that video below and it’s if you have you probably
already watched it as I mentioned all three other of my shows that some of you
only watch this show if you want to if you want to get
enthused about Bitcoin watch that if you’re a non Bitcoin person watching
this show with a few of you are actually what do we have here is a tweet from now
do that next time I’ll do that next time and I’ll do that one next time to pound
that like button follow me on Twitter at Tech ball okay and I’ve said this before
and I just want to again reiterate offer solutions instead of sympathy now you
have to wonder there are some people out there who who live in this uh in this
they actually don’t want solutions they live in the sympathy zone and never they
don’t want to accept solutions even when they’re given solutions it’s very odd
it’s it’s it’s that victim mentality and you have to wonder about the people cuz
i i sympathy is nice but i want to give out solution okay you’ve got a problem
I’ll save I’m sorry for your problem here’s how you fix your problem okay but
there’s just so many people out there they just want people to say oh I’m
sorry you’re I’m sorry for your problem you’re a victim you’re a victim I’m
sorry for your pride people get the jollies off of that I don’t the sympathy
zone they’re in you’re in the sympathy zone and they never they never want to
leave this simply so they don’t want to be in motion
I guess it’s it again in the land of abundance that probably again with a
stun late they’re living comfortably and then just like the attention of people
feeling bad for them this is out of Uruguay in a press release the foreign
ministry advise avoiding cities such as Detroit Baltimore and Albuquerque where
she said are among the 20 most dangerous cities in the world setting in to eka so
this is hilarious I you guys know I’ve been to Uruguay a few times and I have
relatives in Montevideo when and I called Montevideo the baltimore of south
america now the reason i thought about Monday there is the Baltimore of South
America because it has some old architecture and because it’s it’s um
Baltimore is always bypassed people go to New York or go to Philadelphia they
go to DC and I’ll just drive right through border but it has better known
East Coast cities right near it and they’re just the same of Montevideo
every people know in Oakland Sarris they know Rio
you know Santiago and then okay then Montevideo
so it’s like it’s like Baltimore that ranking of DC Philadelphia in New York
and Baltimore it’s last and Montevideo is like last when it comes to Santiago
Rio and in Buenos Aires and Montevideo but I will say this Nazi video is safer
than Balt it is it doesn’t have a rampant crime the board what does it
does have some crime though there there but it’s nothing compared to bottom
maybe it may be mounted a mods if there is might not be a safe to
Santiago say it probably isn’t it probably isn’t but it’s not but the
funny thing is now we have in America everyone’s making a big deal the Trump
said you know so-and-so about Baltimore but we’ve got South American Nations and
your way is it mean it’s it’s a good nation but it’s not the richest nation
it’s nothing richest nation in South America it’s probably uh what’s the
second-most free nation how about that in terms of politics
well maybe its third now what I’m saying is they’re saying not to go to Baltimore
okay so for all of you trying to have this fake outrage over Trump I mean you
got countries like Uruguay say don’t come the ball I mean this problem is in
Baltimore that brought can’t we just speak the honest truth that we have to
lose to hide from the truth now the United States part of the reason also
that you’re going did this is because the United States said said the gave a
travel warning about Uruguay all right hey let me tell you some guys you’re
you’re much likely to get jacked in Detroit or Baltimore than you are in the
USA State Department gives a lot of travel warnings now some there is basis
for okay but some it really blows it out of proportion especially if you were
used to living in a place like Baltimore or Detroit or Cleveland or Cincinnati or
wherever okay so Jeffrey Epstein killed himself today
apparently I think it’s a waste of time even I worry about these same things
it’s it’s ridiculous what do you gain well conspiracies this conspiracy he did
horrible things he did horrible things a lot of powerful people did horrible
things it’s a shame that he got away with it but at least it’s good that he’s
gone it’s good that he’s gone it’s good so he didn’t really get and he didn’t
get away from him in the next uh he’ll be punished severely I mean if you
believe in God he will be punished beyond compare
so now but again really developing conspiracy theories around it and
worrying about it now in watching video upon video video I know a lot of you
want to do that it’s not a good use of your time
learn about big constant how about that how about that all right today or
tonight started the Jewish holiday tisha Bob which is the saddest day of the
Jewish year there have been many calamities that have happened so
tonight we start the fast and and it will last until tomorrow night it’ll be
twenty four and a half hours here and Tel Aviv it depends where you are how
long it is it’s around twenty five hours give or take and so no water no food my
voice is so you don’t want to talk too much Dorian obviously and I’ve started
out by talking a lot so that wasn’t the best idea but if you’re doing a fast
like this here’s some recommendations if you’re doing it’s a dry fast and I don’t
recommend your doing a dry fast I’m doing it for religious reasons when
usually my faster water fast but twice a year tissue Alvin Yom Kippur are long
water or long dry faster over 24 hours and so what you want to do is have a
meal beforehand brush your teeth before hand and drink right before it starts
right before it starts to drink a bunch of water when you feel it in your stock
and then you’re fun and they don’t need water and again this is especially
recommended if you’re in a place like Tel Aviv where it is 88 degrees every
single day and this sunny every single day it has not rained once since I’ve
been here and so don’t go out tomorrow I’m gonna go outside the goodest
synagogue and then I’ll go back in here again
I got my air conditioned on so I’m fine it’s fine let’s try so that’s my
recommendation and again I my home eating I never by the way with brushing
your teeth and eating and all that stuff I I did I had my timing the perfect
Meister timing you eat then you don’t brush your teeth for until about an hour
afterwards and then you don’t drink water until an hour after that so I had
a spaced out perfectly and then after I drank the water four minutes later the
fast start it’s all right so that’s a little bit too much fast talk for you
guys but yet as many calamities have hit the Jewish people on this day so we
remember them and we hope for no more calamities and for the temple to be
rebuilt in the Jerusalem made happen soon all right now let’s see because the
temple was destroyed this day it’s one of the hard worst calamities
ever now for the Jewish people one there’s so many human now but again
we’re not let’s not live in the past we remember that we are I don’t I’m no
victim here we will build that temple again we are successful again but we
remember we remember so that these things will not happen again but we are
no victims okay now scammers taking advantage of
social media zombies worshipping victims that’s right I’ve titled this some part
of the show okay so it’s social media people
everybody loves the portray themselves as victims and a lot of this victims
stuff apparently Instagram I don’t participate in Instagram I don’t do that
at all I don’t have an Instagram account if you ever see one has anything to do
it’s not me but apparently you know you put some sad pictures up there you get
you get a following that’s the way it works and yeah my voice is good
my mouth is getting dry now for well anyway but but there’s an article in the
Atlantic about the Sudan meal project and similar accounts claim to be helping
but they are really just a ploy to get more followers so these people are
saying they have something to do with the Sudan they’re gonna help people in
the Sudan but he’s just the way and they’re just pure scammers and but they
know that this type of thing will trigger people in search and everyone
will play oh I want to help I want to help the people that are starving and
they won’t even know what they’re really helping because his article goes on to
say that some of the way that these fakers have sad words they’re not even
telling the truth about what’s going on in Sudan we’re committed to donating up
to a hundred thousand meals to Sudanese civilians the Sudan meal projects bio
read the accounts only post promised for every short reap for every story repost
this post gets we will provide one meal to Sudanese
children and you will help spread the awareness of what’s happening in Sudan
but no one can send meals to Sudan in the way the viral Instagram accounts
claim it’s incredibly difficult to send meals to Sudan said Jo English a UNICEF
communication specialist so again people just wanna virtue signals so much they
won’t even look into what they’re supporting and the stammers know this
and the scammers know this and they have just created these traps for the virtue
signalers so guys if you want to give to a charity you know look into it don’t
just get it onto some viral charity on supposedly charity on Instagram that
will make your followers think you’re awesome because you repost it in and
that you’re so virtuous no that’s not that if you really want to help people
out figure out find ways to really help people out if it sounds too good to be
true it is too good to be true they’re gonna send a meal with every repost come
on I only can fall for that anymore and me and apparently you can’t even get
meals in the Sudan all right time that like button i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister disrupt meister subscribe the channel like this video share this
video bang that bell button if you need a
reminder of when the show premieres or whatever to get the reminder up now
we’ll be back to the regular one Bitcoin show on Sunday because of course there’s
a new show here every day and this is beyond Bitcoin show click on those
squares to see some of the past shows below I will see

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