The BEST Privacy Coin Of 2018! ($XMR, $XVG, $PIVX)

What is going on snipers Nayeem elevator here I hope all of you guys are having a wonderful day today this going to just dive right into our daily cryptocurrency Analytics for today what inspired me to make this video as a community consensus poll that we recently took on Twitter if you guys are Following our official sniper’s tubes twitter you had the opportunity to actually participate on this we have about 449 votes here, and we asked the question what is the best privacy coin so far we have 36% dinero 51% Virg Surprisingly 5% Z cash and 8% pivots now. There is an individual here named Dave Ibrahim shout out to Dave he actually contributed this actual graph here showing the differences between colossus Virg – Manero and pip x there’s other coins like – that enabled the private send feature How we’re just gonna dive into the technicals here because I implore you guys to open the door of? Education looking at these coins look at the fundamentals because it’s not all about technicals but we can definitely see what is the best coin to invest in in the next couple of weeks that has the most potential let’s Go ahead and just dive right in So you can currently look at the graph that we’re seeing here This is our free trading view chart the resource is in the description below if you right-click this you can insert indicator We’re gonna be utilizing the volume the three moving averages the RSI and the MACD or the moving average Convergence divergence you guys click Fundamentals and type in all of those names and then actually pull up all of those indicators we have our three moving averages set to the inputs of the 50-day 100 a and the 200-day moving average the 50-day being the Red the 200-day being the blue and obviously this would be the 100 day we’ve got the RSI down here the volume down here the Candlesticks of course and the MACD which are all important indicators that we’re gonna be utilizing today looking at the one-day chart for Manero you can see we’re starting to see this run-up and a little bit of recovery from this initial Consolidation where we found some strong support right around looks to be 1.1 million Satoshi’s here And now we’re starting to rise back up by the way We’re using Satoshi’s because most people trade in bitcoin right that’s very important to notate being the fact that a lot of people like to look at the USD charts especially when looking at coin market cap But Satoshi’s are extremely important especially for more of advanced traders Do you guys want to start getting into that zone into that level you guys want to start using Satoshi’s and being? understandable of what satoshi values are and what And losses look like in satoshis, so looking at this current graph here You can see we’re forming this upward trend here with these higher highs And then you see these lower lows down here seeing these rising prices Looking like we’re actually going above the 180 now pretty much about let’s say from that 100 a 21% away And then from that 50-day It looks like we’re at about 10% away from that not bad being the fact that you can see right around this time period we were almost 70 percent away from that 50-day moving average looking at the price levels And we’re where they are headed we can actually assume here in terms of Graphing that we are seeing this upward trend right now And you guys can actually trade this on this trend being the fact that it’s pretty stable here You can see these really clear support and resistance lines that are forming here within this graph now What’s most interesting about this chart here in my opinion is the fact that you can see that? We’ve continuously bounced on top of this 50-day back and forth back and forth going in and under that 50-day moving average And it looks like the best times to buy Manero are really where these 50 day moving averages fall on top of these candlesticks So looking at the prices now seem to me a little bit Overpriced only being the fact that you can see with this initial run up We saw this huge consolidation which a lot of people that bought around these prices aren’t even look to Sally you can see there’s a lot more volatility with This run-up than we saw here where this was more parabolic this one is more gradual You can see this is starting to form in and close in on each other which could have eventually Converge with each other so if we actually pull up our chart here This is another resource that we have probably more important that the trading view chart to be quite frank with you because this one can actually teach you and you have a Community to connect with the link is in the description below once again the trading view chart here Though looking at these support and resistance lines You can see we’re starting to converge kind of like a falling wedge But this is really the opposite of what a falling wedge is the falling wedge is really a descending pattern This is more of an ascending pattern so looking at this in my opinion you can almost Reverse-engineer this falling wedge and say well if this is how the breakouts look This is typically how these reversals are going to look now. This is an end-all be-all However looking at this chart are fairly high you can’t admit that obviously volume increased that took the prices a lot higher Volume is starting to decrease you can see MACD is starting to lean back down. You can see these RSI levels Well are pretty much on top of 45 which is the higher ladder aspect of this RSI chart look in here This is really where prices were pretty good here. You can see we’re in the bottom portion now We’re in the top portion of this RSI so in my opinion This was really the time to buy this was the time to sell if you were going to take some profits And I think in order for somebody to put a position in Manero and have an actual Reasonable cost to do so for a long-term investment. It should be down in these lower RSI levels now if your swing trading it It’s definitely a coin if you hope that one hour that has extreme volatility and that means that there’s a lot of Opportunity to make money with your swing trades the reason I switched over from traditional markets and Forex over to cryptocurrency was because of the fact that there was extreme volatility and cryptocurrency versus a lot less volatility in traditional markets and Volatility is the one way as a day trader as a swing trader You can make a lot of money and especially in an emerging market. It’s also a place for value investors That are a little bit more on the risky side now once again. You never wanna invest more than willing to lose This is a financial device however It’s important to note that so looking at Mineiro right now if you are swing trader a day trader It looks like there’s an awesome chart here You can see these extreme parabolic run ups that happen and you see there’s these ascending support lines these Ascending resistance lines that you can actually trade upon But as a long-term hold if you were trying to get a good position And if you’re trying for the substantial amount I think prices could get a little bit lower Only being the fact that we’re so far away from that 50-day and that 100 in the 200-day Typically when we’re below that it looks like that’s usually the best time to buy on this and then once again you can see that Moving average is also extremely parabolic our size a little bit high and MACD looks to be Descending just a bit right now And it looks like the best time to buy this Once again is down on these MACD levels are also on their lower lower levels, so looking at this graph You can see MACD is low prices were also low so that’s kind of what I’m looking at for XMR looking at total market cap 5e and 330 dollars right now you can see exactly what we were talking about here in the technical chart here total market cap Just approaching 600 billion once again an amazing feat for cryptocurrency being the fact that we were under 300 billion a couple months ago So exciting to see that let’s move out to pivots because this is actually one of the trading alerts that we posted here within our Patreon trading alerts if you guys are receiving our snipers trading alerts We talked about this being a great swing trade And it’s like a lot of these Privacy codes are kind of following the same trend here where they’re actually going on these ascending patterns here Just kind of going up forming these channels So you can see here very similar here with pip X where you’ve got these ascending support lines these ascending resistance lines Forming this channel here where it’s a great swing trade back and forth if you guys are on our patron We actually posted this and I told you guys as a swing trade this was up here I said it’s probably gonna start dropping down, and these are really the best buying levels It seems like here because you can see even with the RSI it follows a very strict Support line you guys do know you can start drawing support lines on these RS is for you those of you new to RSI Over 70 over baht under 30 over sold MACD you’re looking for these crossovers. There’s a fast line here in blue There’s a slow line here in orange any time these cross you can see that’s typically where these price swing right so these are showing The price swings while the RSI is a better indicator for entry and exit points in my opinion You can see this parabolic amount of volume that just kind of shot up out of nowhere It’s actually exactly what allowed this to start taking off but looking at this it looks like once it touches this 50-day You can see that 50 days right along that support isn’t that awesome right? So this is another great indicator here, so the 50-day moving average right here in red. You can see us It’s following right along this line that we’re drawing here It’s not going to be exact once again, but look how closely tied it is to that moving average It’s riding right along there So as soon as this touches that 50-day most Likely gonna go back up so if you guys are looking to make some quick swing trades a lot of whales will make tons of money in this manner putting in several thousand dollars while they’re at those 50 divisions when they know it’s gonna start going back up and then as soon as It goes back up They sell up here and they just buy and sell buy and sell buying the red selling the green every single time works right so Once again, this is a financial advice But it has helped me and it’s helped many different traders and trading so that’s pretty much what we’re looking at for pivots pretty simple here you guys already knew about this if you’re receiving our trading alerts and If you guys can see here There’s also these very clear Support levels that continue to form as it starts to go under that 50-day so anytime it goes under that 50-day I would be careful and setup those stop losses because you can see if it goes under it pretty much has this whole room to Go down, and then anytime it drops under that 50-day pretty much drops a lot So be careful with that 50-day moving average But you can definitely start trading this on this upward trend being the fact that resistance levels are all the way up here at 170,000 satoshis we have a pretty long way to go to allow these channels to kind of form up Not that that will go all the way up But there’s certainly a possibility and during that time you can do a lot of different ring trades there to ensure maximum profitability so looking at pip X 561 market cap here million dollars Ten dollars and thirteen cents here ranked number 55 right now so a little bit smaller of a coin. However definitely They’re in the game so if we pull up our chart Let’s go ahead and move on to the verge the one that got pumped right huge pump here and the volume tons of price levels Parabolic increase now. We’re seeing that consolidation here looking like a descending triangles forming here you see these Horizontal support lines you see these Descending resistance lines which are an indicator over a dis of a descending triangle once again? If you pull up our trading view chart, you can see exactly how these descending triangles form That’s why it’s such an important resource I implore all of you guys to get on our disk or there’s a mobile version a web version a desktop version There’s so many versions of this to allow you guys to have extreme accessibility so you see this horizontal support Descending resistance forms that descending triangle with that negative breakout now my opinion if this does break out there is another dilemma here We’re riding on top of the stripping average right now So this could possibly be good price points if you are looking to purchase into verge I would follow this rule I would say to yourself set up your stop losses Under that 50-day if you want you can even set it up below this previous line now when I say stop-loss Typically you’ll want to use stop-loss alerts because sometimes these wicks can trigger those stop losses But definitely set up stop losses because if it goes below that 50-day moving average There’s a high probability that I’ll probably drop down to that 108 and possibly even the 200-day like you saw with Pivots you see here with this chart. You can see how there were points in time Where it had these parabolic run ups bounced off the 50-day bounced off the 50-day But then eventually broke under so you don’t want to catch yourself in that position if verge breaks under you want to be able to Buy at these really low prices where you can see this 200 a caught up here this one actually broke through the 200-day and over Here you can see the 50-day actually up with the price where we went ahead and jumped over And I’m actually interested to see this Fibonacci if you guys know how to use the autofit i’d highly recommend this to be watching our Live streams you guys know we’d like to use this BAM look at that clear support on that Fibonacci So it’s not the one the 200-day. It’s the Fibonacci that found support here, so look at that awesome Machi works like a charm, so look at that verges total market cap once again. We’re currently at 1.3. Billion could be a little bit high for such a new coin because I did find this article that I’m gonna put in the Description below you can show this guys some love crypto Oracle whoever this is shoutouts to crypto Oracle But if you look at verge one of the things about verge very new very fast block times of course questionable black paper public info, but very new and 1.5 billion for me or 1.3 billion don’t match up, too well
So I would be careful with verge if you are trading this at this price level if you bought at these higher highs then unfortunately You trap and that’s fine That’s what this channel is for to help you guys learn And that’s why I am so I’m so passionate about making these videos and teaching you guys and educating you guys because I know how it feels I was in the Market alone I remember starting with traditional Stocks and only having a hundred dollars to invest and then trying to turn that into another hundred dollars And then sometimes losing that until I found mentorship. I found people that had different perspectives understanding where the philosophy really lies is between the psychology the technicals and the fundamentals and then Crossing those together having a dynamic perspective on the market is what steers that so once It’s are on our discord the link in the description below. Hopefully this video helped out I’d love to hear some feedback in the comments below And I’d love to start a discussion on what other privacy points you guys recommend and with that being said guys once again our Twitter we’re gonna be posting more consensus polls and then basing videos upon those because I think this is an awesome way to almost get a Decentralized approach on our video, so thank you guys watching and snipers out You

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  2. naeem, do you ever plan on using a more fundamental analysis approach when it comes to coin analysis? ta is well and good but doesn't really do much in terms of picking out solid projects from the rest to hold for long term. i feel like this is particularly true for privacy coins with so many different choices out there

  3. Naeem, long time viewer and patreon here. When discussing privacy coins, I think Bulwark (BWK), Colossus Coin XT (COLX), Enigma (ENG), and Digital Note (XDN) get overlooked too often. I'd love to get your take on these privacy coins!!!

  4. What's your thoughts on Smartcash? They have privacy feature as well as just rolling out their masternode function. Requires 10000 coins but u can also stake the coin for wallets over 1000 coins.

  5. when you reference the RSI under 30, do you mean anywhere in the 30-39 range, or are we talking literally under 30 at say a 29.99 range?

  6. Instead of clicking the ruler tool to see percentage change you can hold SHIFT then click and drag. Just a little faster haha.

  7. Thank you for your detailed analysis Sniperstube! I completely agree that privacy coins are important in the crypto world and they'll continue to be trending in 2018 as well. Just ignore what happens to the whole market right now and look in the bigger picture. Privacy coins like XMR, DeepOnion, PIVX etc. are all going to explode in the near future, because they offer something, that other coins can't. Take DeepOnion for example, the guys are killing it with their TOR integration and privacy features like DeepSend and I'm sure that such projects will have a lot of success in the future.

    Keep up the good work, can't wait for you next video!

  8. I admit those coins are good but best? Seriously, they are in the billions cap, its hard for them to moon like they did before until the large flow of money enters the market again….which isn't anytime soon. I think coin or token that support an easy to use, trade, add new users and buy bitcoin with fiat platform like Robinhood will have more appeals now.

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