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what's going on guys welcome to blue collar crypto I hope everybody is having a great day and I want to wish everyone all of my viewers a Merry Christmas thank you everybody who's been supporting me watching me throughout this year I really appreciate you guys be blessed have a great Christmas and enjoy this holiday season want to make a quick video for you guys today just talk about a few things I want to actually look at some technicals I hope everybody's enjoying this Christmas rally by the way this Christmas pump that's nice it's been lots of fun so I want to look at some charts actually do something a little bit different look at some charts and just make a few comments also talk about what I feel like is the best news that I have seen in a long long time in this space you know lots of people want to talk about back and what that's going to do this space and and I get that and I get that it's gonna open up new new monies new institutions coming in it's gonna it's gonna just sort of open the floodgates so more people can can invest in crypto I get that I'm more interested on the policy side and on the regulation side because I feel like that could be much more um positive as far as a catalyst for the market or much more detrimental depending on how regulations go so I want to talk about the bill that was introduced and we'll get there that the token taxonomy Act will get there but first let's take a quick look you know at coin market cap why not because it's a good day BTC dominus is back to 50.9% if we break 50% guys I'm gonna get excited okay I'm just gonna get excited that's that's a good one what we have seen and I had mentioned this and a couple videos ago about a week go that we hit the market the total market cap dropped down to the big even level of 100 billion dollars and it bounced off that level okay that's that's essentially what happened it was a psychological barrier and remember we hovered at 200 billion for a while but we bounced off and a hundred billion and that seems to have been the bottom now it's very feasible because of that psychological level um it's very feasible feasible that we could have bottom you know I'm not gonna say for sure we could go back and test these levels we couldn't go back and test one hundred one hundred billion dollar market cap level um but that could be the bottom knock on wood I hope so I'm sure you guys will let me know what you think in the comments below another thing I wanted to point out which I pointed out in a previous video is corresponding to the 100 billion dollar total market cap we also bounced off the 200 weekly moving average which is sort of the last line of defense when it comes to TA when it comes to technical analysis so that was right here we bounced off of that so between this and the hundred billion dollar total market cap it's kind of makes me believe that we we sort of hit a floor there and now we've seen quite an impressive rally you know guys especially with the altcoins strong volume I wanted to show you this okay this is the neo four-hour chart you know and if you look here we're about to see a cross and a strong cross in the moving averages the last time it did this and it you know the volumes the volumes been strong Neos been pumpin but the last time it crossed like this it's tried to cross a couple times and never really it was kind of tested but the last time it really crossed was back in look back in December last year and look what happened since okay look what happened after that then of course we had the reverse the death cross come in and and the down of momentum these technicals I think are looking very strong for neo alright um and there's not much resistance until we get to the 24 2500 satoshi range so I think we could at least run till there um you know but and if it gets there and if it breaks through this it could be off to the races for neo so I think neo is a great play right now you know assuming this forward meant some forward momentum could continues now if we also look at man you know so I'm basically I'm looking at looking at my bags guys man we already had the cross and I don't like this big red candle right here I don't like that I want to see how this plays out but you have the same similar situation positive momentum you know the moving day and moving averages crossing so some some very good indicators guys in these you know in these all coins especially the all coins that I like all right let's jump over I want to talk about this you know this news right here and shout out to Steven Heidi check he's the CEO of rich protocol he's one of the more competent minds in the space I've talked to him and um you know I think that bridge protocol is a is a nice little project but he wrote an article actually and he's staying on top of this which is very relevant you know the token taxonomy act now this was introduced by representative Warren dairy Davidson and Darrin DeSoto a Republican and Democrat so that's important point guys is that you know America is so divided right now this is actually a bipartisan issue this isn't a partisan issue issue the Republicans don't own it the Democrats don't own it and um that that could be very important especially as we're leading into a new Congress that is controlled by the Democrats but essentially what this act is saying is that you know the old way of determining whether or not digital tokens our securities is antiquated which I could not agree more with all right the key to this thing and why it's such bullish news in my opinion is that they're the legislators are on the right track this is the first time I've ever seen um you know the legislators sort of you know what I was confident that okay they're getting it you can't judge you can't weigh asset buy a 1946 US Supreme Court decision involving a Floridian citrus farmer that's what they're doing right now they're determining whether or not these are securities by this you know by an eighty-year-old law about oranges okay it's ridiculous it's square peg is trying to fit square pegs in a round hole okay digital tokens are not securities all right they're not commodities they I would even argue that they're not even utilities okay they're digital assets and they need their own set of regulations that are modern that and you know the language that's coming out of some of these articles and the statements that these guys are making these sponsors are making are very bullish in the sense of they're saying we want to treat this just like the Internet we want to treat it as a as a tech revolution we do not want a stifle innovation or growth we want to get out of the way but we want to protect investors we want to protect consumers so um that is that is a very bullish approach and mindset to crypto in my opinion and you know I can just feel right now the libertarians watching this video saying we don't you know why do you why do you want the government involved why do you want regulations guys we need some sort of regulations we need the lack of regulations right now has Kaz crippled this has crippled this market and played a huge role in the barrel run we've seen this year because it allowed scams to go while that allows the whales to manipulate um you know it just it creates this Wild Wild West environment where you know where the little guys just gonna get pummeled this was mostly symbolic the fact that it was introduced on December 21st because Congress is ending okay so can't get anywhere um by the end of the year they're they're gone well they're you know they're fighting over they're fighting over the wall all right but this this bill isn't going anywhere this Congress but the fact that they did introduce it tells me that they're testing the waters they want to see what kind of feedback they get they're throw out there floating it they're floating it out there so I really hope to see this game momentum um you know in the next Congress this is to me this is much more important than than backed okay or then than any sort of derivatives or investments this is this is huge if there is a regulatory framework in the United States guys that is crypto friendly and that doesn't discourage projects from launching here from being headquarters here from you know catering to US investors it isn't that's a game changer that is a game changer for the entire space shout out I keep seeing her name Kristin Smith I want to know I have a few questions I want to know who wrote this bill because the sponsors don't write it then right at the lobbyists right it but I want to know who wrote this bill and who's really pushy and pushing it I see Kristen Smith and her name is tied to blockchain lobbyists lobbyists Kristen Smith um and I want to know more about these the sponsors the Soto and Soto and Davidson I you know it says however it's important to know that digital assets will still see regulation says blockchain lobbyists Kristen Smith she continues stating that the job would fall to the Federal Trade Commission I've also mentioned this in my other videos it's not necessarily the SE C's job to regulate tokens okay we all are scared of the big bad SEC and we think it's their burden it's not it's the Federal Trade Commission that's who it should fall under at this point however I would take it a step further and I would even say that we need a new Commission okay a digital asset Commission a DAC and not an SEC but a DAC um to create a whole new framework and regulations friendly regulations for the digital revolution that's kind of my opinion that's where I'm at right now but I'm gonna be watching this closely guys and I will keep you posted on it all right those are my thoughts today like I said everybody having a Merry Christmas I will see on the next one thank you for all your support be blessed

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  1. Great video! I like Elastos and Neo too, but i think it is monoric, that every project has its own currency. I think that is the point, why nothing else than Bitcoin will succeed.

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  3. Merry Christmas…. i don't really care if it's the bottom, i can't be bothered stressing about that because it's simply a guess.
    It will take off (or not) whenever it feels like…. not when anyone wants it to.

  4. Don't believe cook marker cap it's corrupt and criminal just like most of the exchanges, fake volume, fake prices

  5. Merry Christmas Jeremy, thank you for your quality content this year, I believe things will improve significantly for crypto in 2019.

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