Hey guys welcome to a One-Day Tactical
Trader workshop that we’ve got in there at the Radisson Blu in Canary Wharf
we’re live trading all day and it’s so important that people who have either
got no knowledge in forex trading or those who are trading before are on this
workshop trading live, getting confident with their trading
personality and matching it to their trading style so it’s very important
that they understand both variables and see how they can profit from the bigger
picture… And I can’t believe it I’ve made it to one of her events here in London Canary
Wharf and the most important thing I learned
today is the personality test and learning new things about forex, trading
myself for the first time, so overall a good experience so far! Hi I’m Nigel Moss I’ve come down for the
Fortunate Academy training day with Hither Mann, I came just over a year ago and
did the similar sort of thing to this but without the live trading experience.
I think it’s a very informative day and it’s given me what I need to soon
hopefully move forward with forex trading! Let’s give a couple of parting
points, what would you say to these guys if they want to trade, if they’re young,
older than you whatever age what will you say to them? Definitely definitely try it,
don’t bother with demo because demo isn’t gonna help you in any means, if you win some it’s not really there, when you have your own money in the game and
when it hurts here when you lose it, that’s what will shape you to be the
best trader! We want you to trade BIG money so Fortune Academy is providing large funds
to trading students so that they can see safe trading give decent profits and
make up to £200,000 annually in just 3 years! And I’ve managed to do
6 live trades as well today which I’m really really happy about because I’m completely new to
trading. If you put strategies behind something if
you have a good mentor, if you have structure to what you do
then really the opportunities are endless and I’m really excited to start my
journey. So it’s an incredible opportunity, I want you guys get
involved. Hopefully see you in the next one!


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