The Best Cryptocurrency to Buy | Massively Undervalued Altcoin Revealed

today we're gonna be talking about what I believe could be the biggest hidden gem in the cryptocurrency space I believe this project has massive upside potential so I want to give a quick shout out to David Bernstein for alerting me to this project you can follow him at odium dot tech so if you go to odium dot tech you can click sign up for updates and follow along keep in mind that this is not financial advice just my personal opinions so let's dive in and learn about metronome this is a pure cryptocurrency meaning it's intended to be used in payments it's intended to be used for transfer of value it's intended to be money I am going to demo this product in this video so you should stick around for the demo but I'm gonna start off with the team keep in mind this is a fifteen million dollar market cap cryptocurrency and they have a team that is really mind-blowing ly impressive so you have Jeff Garza who's the CEO and co-founder and the chief designer who is Jeff Garza well he is a contributor to Bitcoin core he actually worked with Satoshi on Bitcoin so this is somebody who is an OG in the cryptocurrency space and he's also the co-founder of block and block is a revolutionary revolutionising enterprises with blockchain technology so they're actually you know partnering with some of the biggest names in enterprise discover Citigroup fidelity Barclays so you have to keep in mind that this is a very well-connected team the next co-founder is Matthew Razzak and he's a co-founder and Managing Partner of Silk Road equity which is a global investment firm he has invested over a billion dollars of capital in many different industries and previously was a principal at Advent International which is one of the world's largest private equity firms and they managed over 15 billion dollars in cap so I just wanted to touch up on the team first so that you guys can see that this project is backed by some really big names and this is gonna make a huge difference in my opinion please keep in mind that this project is very technically complicated and I'm doing my best to simplify it so I'm gonna start off with a feature that I think is fairly digestible which is cross chain portability so metronome can exist on different block chains depending on what the user wants to use to secure it so right now it exists on aetherium but in the future you will be able to choose the block chain that you want metronome to live on okay so I'll give you an analogy to make this a little more simple you can think of the underlying blockchain like a train track and you can think of metronome like a boxcar that sits on top of that train track so right now a metronome exists on the etherium train track the boxcar sits on the etherium train track right but if you wanted to use neo you would just move the boxcar metronome to the neo train track and this is part of the reason why metronome was built to last because you can actually hedge against the success of some of these different blockchain platforms and the asset is not entirely dependent on one blockchain because it doesn't have its own blockchain it's dependent upon these platforms and they do this using something called proof of exit receipts it's very very interesting and a pretty novel if you really want to dive into the deep technicals I really recommend reading the owner's manual but we're gonna keep it really simple and metronome can exist on top of different block chains the next thing you need to understand about metronome is it's not distributed through mining it's actually sold at auction this is very different than what we normally see with a cryptocurrency so they sold all of the initial coins in an auction and every day newly minted metronome are sold in so I'm gonna read it to hear new metronome minted daily at infinim at the rate that is greater than 2880 metronome per day or an annual rate equal to two percent of the then outstanding supply per year so this has an infinite inflation there's no max supply but it's limited to 2% per year and this is actually a great number a great target number for a stable currency so I really love this economic model I think it's genius but we're gonna take a look at how this auction actually works because I'm going to participate in the option I saw people online saying that this is very greedy that the team is auctioning off tokens and taking profits for themselves this is complete BS guys this coin is governed by smart contracts so none of the money from the auction ever goes to any team members it goes into smart contracts that end up helping and supporting metronome so I'll show you how those smart contracts work but just to just to summarize what we talked about metronome is distributed through options and it has a 2% annual inflation rate per year and it is governed entirely by smart contracts want to clarify what I said about the inflation rate at first the inflation rate is higher than 2% but it eventually stabilizes at 2% infinitely so this is the supply schedule take a look at it if you want the numbers on the inflation rate okay I'm whipping out the owners manual to go through the four types of contracts that govern metronome the first is the metronome token and ledger interacting directly with the blockchain this is how users settle peer-to-peer transactions and it can be used as a distributed store of wealth this is the familiar ERC 20 token standard with custom functionality for improved security and transfer the token contract is followed by the off contract a user purchase purchases metronome through the options contract and when a user makes a purchase the contract minced the metronome for the user the options contract then sends the proceeds to the third contract which is called the proceeds contract a hundred percent of the proceeds from the initial supply option and each daily option are sent from the auctions contract to the proceeds contract so guys you can think of this as a self managing savings account no one's touching this money it goes straight from the auction to this smart contract okay then every 24 hours the proceeds contract sends 0.25 percent of its contents to the fourth contract which is called the autonomous converter contract I'm going to show you the katana –mess converter in use as a part of the demo which provides it with available etherium when a user that sends aetherium or metronome to the autonomous converter contract the contract returns metronome or aetherium respectively at a rate determined by the contract since the ratio of tokens in the autonomous converter contract determines their relative value we expect arbitrage to keep pricing approximately accurate so this is a way that you can on chain convert aetherium to metronome and vice versa and this is very very cool it's an awesome way to actually purchase metronome without having to do it on an exchange I'm here inside of the metronome desktop wallet and we're actually going to do a demo here so these are the two types of smart contracts I was talking about here's the auction contract and looks like the auction doesn't start for around 3 hours so I'm going to circle back to this but I'm gonna go ahead and use the autonomous converter contract to buy some metronome so I'm gonna go ahead and click convert here and I want to put four-and-a-half ether into metronome so I'm expected to get around 530 metronome here and I'm gonna uncheck this box just because if the price changes it won't work so let's review and convert so it looks like I have to type my password in here and I'm going to go ahead and confirm and success so now it's gonna be dependent upon the etherium blockchain so we'll circle back you can see it's pending and oh there you go it already went through so now I have 531 metronome in my wallet it was that easy that's pretty awesome and now I also have the option if I want to convert this back I could take the metronome and convert it back to a theorem so this is a really awesome autonomous exchange option so I'm excited to see how this auction works I've never done it before so I'll see you guys in a few hours and we'll try that out alright the auction is starting so we're waiting to confirm the option start well let's see what happens here guys so basically my understanding of this is that it will start at double the current price and then every 60 seconds it's gonna drop a percent so it may take about 50 minutes for us to get into the area where people could actually be buying metronome because I'm certainly not gonna pay double the price so let's wait and see how long this takes okay so here it is it happened there's two thousand eight hundred and eighty metronome available and right now the current price is three dollars and 53 cents so I'm not gonna buy them I'm certainly not gonna pay more than the current price in the converter of a dollar eighty so every minute this should drop and I'll be back on around the time that I would actually buy these okay guys so I'm in the auction and it looks like we are under the converter price so this is where okay the converter price is once six and the current auction price is also a dollar and seventy six cents so this is where it starts to get interesting because we could see some arbitrage opportunities I'm not gonna buy first I may miss the auction but that's okay with me because I want to see how low this actually goes so you know here's the countdown every minute we're gonna see this price decrease and hopefully we get a good opportunity to buy some cheap metronome so the converters 178 the current price is 176 so this is this is a better opportunity than the converter right now oh they're all gone they're all gone I already missed it so yeah guys when you start getting around the converter price and it goes lower people are gonna pick it up for the quick profit and you just saw that happen I missed it that's okay with me I was you know it only went two cents under the actual converter price so not a huge deal but that's how it works and this happens every single day very very interesting that's the end of my metronome review I hope you guys enjoyed it I'm actually gonna try to get Jeff Garza to come on this show I've heard him talk about some really exciting plans for metronome and I want to dive deeper and figure out what they're trying to do I know that they're talking about working with processors and having a lot of different infrastructure built up around this project I do think that this is very undervalued in the crypto space and obviously I am purchasing metronome again this is not financial advice but this is just my opinion so I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did smash the subscribe button subscribe to block wolf and we will keep you informed on these types of developments so thanks for watching and we'll see you in another video

19 thoughts on “The Best Cryptocurrency to Buy | Massively Undervalued Altcoin Revealed”

  1. All the proceeds of the daily auction go to the smart contract which also feeds the converter. Genius idea. Will definitely go very far

  2. This one will go into history as the biggest mistake of not getting in early, most people don’t understand the fundamentals of this unique Gem until it’s too late.

    It’s like explaining Bitcoin to the world in 2008, 99% of the people would declare you are stupid, wrong and a money grab.. Metronome is going to be massive, everything about it just makes sense and is well thought out, from the currency to the team this project goes above and beyond

  3. I think Kriptomat is the best option for beginners, because they have low price, crypto license and direct fiat pairs.

  4. I think a tokenomics discussion would be valuable to further explain why this is the "biggest gem" iyo…I don't see it…it's infinite inflation vs 0xbtc fixed supply…and 0xbtc is a tenth of the mcap….only upside I see is it's "portable" but who is actually coding the portability…I got the sense that it's up to the community and the team isn't going to be doing the code for every chain. Other upside is it's use as more stable money, which is great, but as an investment, I need more convincing, why have my mtrnm be diluted when .radix otoh is supposed to be a stableishoin that will act like a savings acct and u earn more if there is high demand

  5. i love when u do this type of videos, great work i still remember about ravencoin, that wont be forgotten also im following horizen and seems quite interesting

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