The Best 40 Second Bitcoin Commercial You’ll Ever See..

One Teargas granade – $16.49 Ten Ziptie Handcuffs – $13.95 One box of rubber bullets $17.99 One pair of black comabt boots $99 The realization that you pay the salary of
thug who’s smashing your face into the pavement with that boot while his buddies handcuff
your fellow protesters and fire rubber bullets into the crowd… There are somethings that banker controlled debt based money and forced taxation can’t buy For everything else well you fill in the blanks

10 thoughts on “The Best 40 Second Bitcoin Commercial You’ll Ever See..”

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    Understand small "c" vs "C" Citizenship. If you understand Article 1 of the 14th Amendment you will understand how to get free from the "Federal Zone." It is voluntary. The Feds aren't lying when they say that. You simply need to understand how. Mitchell explains it. Get free. Be free.

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