The BANNED BITCOIN Super Bowl Commercial 2019. Mainstream Media Tried To Bury This Crypto Ad!!

my name is Tyler crypto currency trader and youtuber extraordinaire today I'm here to invite you deceptively to join my paid for crypto currency trading course he a technical analysis fuck no this is Tyler now Bitcoin short it wrong it hundred x levers my charting skills will make your head jungle decent in triangle right here find their line everywhere right out of this when you cannot all that only 999 dollars and 99 cents per course sell your wife sell your house sell your kid sell that little shit of a dog smart give me your money only nine billion classes left so this is not a natural course you not yet dumb fuck I never pay work with no training course for pay for group these youtubers who lure the unimportant are trying to fill their pockets with your hard-earned cash by showing their garbage starting skills I see hoes and views on crypto market example dark and ballina Superman crypto crew University for Bitcoin crystal 99 Oh Patrick course you know and so many more the best information on cryptocurrency Twitter do some analysis or technical analysis is always redo not fall for their traps

46 thoughts on “The BANNED BITCOIN Super Bowl Commercial 2019. Mainstream Media Tried To Bury This Crypto Ad!!”

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  3. I KNEW it!!! BTC is a scam and druggies use it! Good thing CBS protected us. The next thing you know pot stocks will want commercials saying you can kill pain with DOPE! The mainstream can't have that… LOL…(Hilarious stuff man).

  4. I haven't kept up with Philakone in a while now, but people seem to want to ignore that he put out mountains of free content for years. Like a ridiculous amount. Whether he's accepting money for paid classes otherwise doesn't really take away from that. People also act like charting isn't relevant, and that's retarded.

  5. Oh, this is funny. Tyler is such a hot mess…."Lines here, lines there….lines everywhere!"…..hahaha haha!!!

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