The Art of HODLing: A Beginner's Guide to Cryptocurrency Trading and Investing

if you want to read the whole book link in description register and listen for free 30 days have a nice listening the art of hardlane a beginner's guide to cryptocurrency trading and investing after determining your minimum required rate of return it's time to do a bit more research for huddling cryptocurrencies that have the highest chances for success in particular you must research on the average rates of return on your prospective crypto currencies particularly if you plan to buy those that are already being publicly traded why it's because tokens been sold through AI cos don't have past prices to compute average returns with for illustrative purposes let's say that after doing your research you find that the average annual returns on Bitcoin etherium and litecoin were 30% 20% and 25% respectively if your minimum required rate of return is 18% which of the three would you choose chances are you'd go for Bitcoin without batting an eyelash because it has the highest average annual return at 30% I wouldn't say it's wrong but what I can say is that it's incomplete why when comparing actual returns to average returns they're rarely the same actual returns aren't equal to the average but they tend to be within the range of the computed average in most cases this means that actual returns can be higher or lower than the computed average by up to a certain amount thank you for listening reference to the book in description

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