THE APOSTLE PAUL | The Hypocrisy of AskDrBrown | A Warning To All Israel

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ask dr. Brown and a warning to all Israel so we got some stuff we’re gonna
get into today I know some of you guys saw the interview with vocab Malone and
dr. Michael Brown the other day so I’m gonna address a few things on there or
one specific thing on there but we’ll get to that and the warning for all
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today’s study with a Bible verse though we or an angel from heaven preach any
other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you let him be
accursed as we said before so say I now again if any man preach any other gospel
unto you than that ye have received let him be accursed
that’s Galatians one eight through nine that’s from the Apostle Paul who some
people don’t believe in so let’s talk about Paul’s calling the event now
before I do get started I do want to put that out there some people do not
believe in the Apostle Paul’s writing and it’s not just Israelites it is
it’s people within Eurocentric Christianity that don’t accept Paul and
there are Israelites that don’t accept Paul so let’s talk about Paul’s calling
and this is this is interesting when you deal with people that don’t accept Paul
because it leads it leads down a certain path and today I’m going to show that
path that it leads down for really for everybody Christians and Eurocentric
Christians and Israelites and Saul was consenting this is a little bit of
background just so you know Acts chapter 8 verses 1 through 7 for those who are
just listening this is Saul before his name was changed this gives a little
background of the type of person he was I know most of us know the story but
we’re gonna go over it again and Saul was consenting unto his death and now
this is referring to Stephen and Saul was consenting unto his death and at
that time there was a great persecution against the church which was at
Jerusalem and they were all scattered abroad throughout the regions of Judea
and Samaria except the Apostles so everybody has been scattered except the
Apostles because the church is being persecuted and devout men carried
Stephen to his burial and made great lamentation over him as for Saul he made
havoc of the church entering into every house and hauling men and women
committed them to prison maybe that’s hailing anyway he was
grabbing up men and women and sending them to prison he was going house to
house to round up Israelite believers in Christ therefore they that were
scattered abroad when everywhere preaching the word so it was largely due
to Paul that everybody got scattered so now the word is gonna spread then Philip
went down to the city of Samaria and preached Christ unto them now this is
important because if we go back to the old other side than the Gospels when
Christ talks to the woman at the well what does she do she gets up and tells
everybody so Samaria has already had the seed planted back when Christ was
talking to the woman at the well so now Philip goes
to Samaria he’s gonna preach Christ unto them and the people with one Accord it
means everybody was together gave heed unto those things which Philip spake
hearing and seeing the miracles which he did for unclean spirits crying with a
loud voice came out of many that were possessed with them and many taken with
palsies and that were lame were healed so the woman in Samaria lays the
groundwork so when Stephen comes back and says hey that guy the woman told you
about that’s the Messiah and he showed the miracles to back it up this was due
to Paul going house-to-house and causing everybody to scatter so this is just a
little bit of background on Paul so now when we get over to excuse me when we
get over to Acts chapter 9 the next the next chapter we see Paul has an
encounter with the Messiah and saw yet breathing out threatenings and slaughter
against the disciples of the Lord slaughter means he wanted to kill them
went unto the high priest and desired of him letters to Damascus to the
synagogue’s that if he found any of this way he’s referring to what came to be
known as Christianity the followers of Christ and for those who are confused
the word Christian just means Christ follower
it wasn’t an invention is not some great conspiracy it’s it’s semantics that
people are playing with the word Christian means Christ follower so that
if he found any of this way whether they were men or women he might bring them
bound unto Jerusalem so now he’s getting permission from the high priest so that
he can go lock these people up simply for believing in Christ and as he
journeyed he came near Damascus and suddenly there shined round about him a
light from heaven and he fell to the earth and he heard a voice saying unto
Him Saul Saul why persecutest thou me and he said who art thou Lord and the
Lord said I am Jesus whom thou persecutest it is hard for thee to kick
against the pricks and he trembling and astonished said Lord what will
I’ll have me to do and the Lord said unto Him arise and go into the city and
it shall be told thee what thou must do and the men which journeyed with him
stood speechless hearing a voice but seeing no man now this is important that
we understand this because this is not Paul writing about himself this is Luke
writing about Paul this is Luke giving Paul’s testimony so for those who don’t
know but Luke wrote both the Book of Luke and the book of X so this is Luke
giving Paul’s testimony not Paul vouching for himself we’re gonna come
back to that so now Paul is blinded and he’s gonna be
forced to go into the city and he’s gonna be forced to get help from
somebody of the way that he is persecuting or what no it comes to be
known as Christianity he has to get help in order to get his vision back and then
later on after Paul gets his vision back Paul is going to go about preaching but
let’s look at some of the reasons why Paul was chosen scripture alludes to the
fact that Paul likely spoke at least three languages – for sure and likely a
third and this is from Acts chapter 21 verse 34 through 40 and some cried one
thing some another among the multitude and when he could not know for certainty
the tumult he commanded him to be carried into the castle so this is after
Paul gets arrested and when he came upon the stairs so it was that he was born of
the soldiers for the violence of the people for the multitude of the people
followed after crying away with him and as Paul was to be led into the castle he
said unto the chief captain may I speak unto thee who said canst thou speak
Greek Paul says can I have a word with you and he says well can you speak Greek
why would he ask Paul that he says art not thou that Egyptian which before
these days made us an uproar and led us out into the wilderness 4000 men that
were murderers so he looked at Paul assumed Paul was an Egyptian that could
not speak Greek but spa Paul could speak Greek and now here’s what Paul says but
I Paul or say but Paul said I am man which I’m a Jew of Tarsus a city in
silica no Silesia I’m sorry a city in Silesia a citizen of no mean city and I
beseech thee suffer me to speak unto the people so he’s speaking to this guy in
Greek and when he had given him license Paul stood on the stairs and beckoned
with a hand unto the people and when there was made a great silence he spake
unto them in the Hebrew tongue saying so he spoke to the officer in Greek and now
he stood up and spoke Hebrew now Paul is from Cilicia which is a Roman city so
it’s likely Paul spoke Latin as well because Paul is a Roman citizen
so Paul Paul likely spoke Latin Greek and Hebrew again the the scripture
doesn’t specifically say he spoke Latin but it just makes sense since Latin was
the language of Rome and Rome was the Empire in charge and Paul was a Roman
citizen it makes sense that he would speak Latin and we see here from the
scripture that he definitely spoke Greek and Hebrew now Paul identified his
earthly citizenship we’re going to touch on all this because I’m touching on this
for a reason Paul identified his earthly citizenship
this is Acts chapter 22 verse one through six men brethren and fathers
hear ye my defense which I make now unto you and when they heard that he spake in
the Hebrew tongue to them they kept the more silence and he saith I am verily a
man which am a Jew born in Tarsus a city in Silesia he’s given the background yet
brought up in this city at the feet of Gamal ill and taught according to the
perfect manner of the law of the father’s fathers and was zealous towards
God as ye all are this day so he was raised and taught in the law this is
important because Paul grew up in the law and a time where all the people
practiced the law and he said he was zealous towards God as they all are and
this is going to be consistent and this is again this is Lou
giving us the testimony of Paul not Paul speaking for himself
Luke is is documenting what Paul is saying but this is Luke and I persecuted
this way unto death you mean I killed people that believed this binding and
delivering into prison both men and women as also the high priest death bear
me witness and all the estate of the elders from whom also I received letters
unto the Brethren and went to Damascus to bring them which were bound unto
Jerusalem for to be punished that’s what we just read he went there to get
permission and then that’s what he went out doing was persecuting house to house
he said and it came to pass that as I’m as I made my journey and was come nigh
to Damascus about noon suddenly there shone from heaven a great light round
about me so Paul’s testimony is consistent and
again this is Luke documenting this we see the event happened now Paul is
sharing this testimony but Paul identified his earthly citizenship and
I’m gonna make this point in a minute but you will see that people under
Eurocentric Christianity specifically white Christians are 100% fine with
nationalism and I’m not talking about hate group type nationalism they are
perfectly okay with somebody saying I’m from India I’m an American I’m proud to
be an American Mexican Italian Puerto Rican they are fine with people
identifying nationally with where they are from now Paul was a Pharisee we just
saw a second ago he said an X according to Luke Paul said that he was a Pharisee
so if we go to Philippians written by Paul himself Philippians chapter 3 verse
1 through 7 finally my brethren rejoice in the Lord to write the same thing
finally let me start over finally my brethren rejoice in the Lord to write
the same things to you to me indeed is not Grievous but for you it is safe
beware of dogs beware of evil workers beware of the concision for we are the
circumcision which worship God in the spirit and
Jois in Christ Jesus and have no confidence in the flesh though I might
also have confidence in the flesh if any other man thinketh that he hath whereof
he might trust in the flesh I’m or he’s saying if anybody is thinking about
trusting in their flesh I have more of a reason than anybody to trust in the
flesh he says circumcised the eighth day of the stock of Israel why would Paul
say that why is he saying he has more reason to trust in the flesh than
anybody and he’s giving you his credentials again Paul is making his not
only the fact that he’s a Pharisee gonna be known but Paul is making some other
things known circumcised the eighth day of the stock of Israel of the tribe of
Benjamin a Hebrew of Hebrews as touching the law a Pharisee concerning zeal or my
cause persecuting the church touching the righteousness which is in the law
blameless but what things were gain to me those I counted loss for Christ so
Paul is establishing a few things here Paul is letting you know that he is
definitely an Israelite and he’s Pro Israelite he was against the church
that’s how pro Israelite he was because he’s like we got to follow the law we
got to follow the law we got to follow the law and so he started persecuting
the Christians tell me when this sounds familiar how many of you have heard
these so-called law keepers we got to follow the law we got to follow the law
and they condemn the Christians Christian just means follower of Christ
and Paul was doing the same thing until Paul had his experience we’re gonna keep
going and I’m gonna come back to that part right there so first Corinthians
13:11 says when I was a child I spake as a child I understood as a child I
thought as a child but when I became a man I put away childish things so the
Bible tells us we just saw Paul he broke down his whole ethnicity one more time
circumcised the eighth day of the stock of Israel of the tribe of Benjamin a
Hebrew of Hebrews that’s his ethnicity he was
you to understand who he is and he is talking about the flesh he said he has
more reason than any to trust in the flesh and this is why it’s important
Paul looked like an Egyptian and some cried one thing some said another will
go down let me jump down to acts 20 this is acts 21 37 and as Paul was to be led
to the castle just read it he said unto the chief captain may I speak unto thee
who said canst thou speak Greek art not vowed that Egyptian and to the right of
the picture you see an Egyptian you see the color they painted themselves I
don’t care what these movies show you you see the colors they painted
themselves so Paul identifies himself as a Hebrew or a Jew of Tarsus down here in
verse 39 but the guy mistakes him for an Egyptian Paul has already told us he’s a
Hebrew we’re gonna see that again and again come up Paul made his heritage
known again I am verily a man which am a Jew born in Tarsus a great city in Silla
Silesia yet brought up in the city at the feet of Gamaliel
and taught according to the perfect manner of the law of the fathers and was
zealous towards God as ye all are to ye all are this day so Paul again he
identifies himself as a Jew he’s speaking in Hebrew and he was mistaken
for an Egyptian and we see this right here this is Akhenaten King Tut’s father
we could see from his facial features he is not a European we can clearly see
that he is a negro we have eyes we can see this just like we saw the other
painting where they painted themselves brown this is King mo type the third I
believe it is we can see from his facial facial features he is a negro
and over here Romans 11 again Paul refers to his heritage or his ethnicity
and I’m getting to a point with this Romans 11 verses 1 through 7 I say then
hath God cast away his people god forbid meaning no for I also AM an Israelite of
the seed of Abraham of the tribe of Benjamin he lets you know what his
ethnic origins are God hath not cast away his people which he foreknew know
ye not what scripture says of Elias or Elijah how he maketh intersex
intercession to God against Israel saying Lord they have killed thy
prophets and digged down thine altars and I am left alone and they seek my
life but what saith the answer of God unto him I have reserved to myself seven
thousand men who have not bowed the knee to the image of bale or ball however you
want to pronounce it even so then at this present time also there is a
remnant according to the election of grace and if by grace for those of you
who are teaching the law if by grace then it is no more of works otherwise
grace is no more grace but if it be of works then there is no more grace
otherwise work is no more work grace means you get it regardless of what you
do even if you don’t deserve it that’s grace so keeping the law doesn’t earn
you grace you can’t earn grace we’re gonna come back to that later in a
different teaching but I just want to point that out while we’re here right
now but anyway the point is Paul is letting his heritage be known he’s an
Israelite of the seed of Jacob of the tribe of Benjamin he’s saying God has
not cast away his people for those of you out there teaching replacement
theology in the Eurocentric Christian Church I don’t care if you’re a black
pastor or not the church did not replace Israel right here Romans 11 says it God
did not cast away his people Israel still is important because Israel is
important to Bible prophecy and for those of you who are trying to insert
the church where Israel should be in Bible prophecy that’s why your
eschatology is off that’s why nothing is making sense to you and you’re wondering
why hasn’t the rapture happen and all this other stuff you all teach because
your whole entire eschatology is wrong Paul identifies a Jew which I went over
several times but he says right here acts 21 39 I am a man which I’m a Jew of
Tarsus city of Silla Silesia a citizen of no mean city and I beseech thee
suffer me to speak unto the people so Paul identified as a Jew a Hebrew
Israelite and he tells you is from the tribe of Benjamin he’s a Pharisee this
is Paul’s background Paul identified as a Hebrew and in Israelite again
Philippians circumcised the eighth day of the stock of Israel of the tribe of
Benjamin a Hebrew of Hebrews touching the law a Pharisee we also know Paul was
black and again we see this Egyptian right here let me go back this is King
Tut’s sister her name I can’t think our name right now but I will in a minute
meritaten this is meritaten princess meritaten we can see that she is not a
Caucasian we could see that she’s a negro same thing here we see what this
guy looks like right these are Egyptians so Paul is making it
understood what his heritage is his ethnic background so why do I keep
saying that and this is gonna bring me to white Christian hypocrisy and I’m
talking about dr. Brown of as dr. Brown and the other clowns that he brings onto
his show to speak on behalf of Israelites but he won’t invite an
Israelite on his show so if you missed the previous study angered by a foolish
nation please watch that after this it will explain so many things so now this
hypocrite dr. Brown on his show has the nerve to say that the bottom line is
that Israelites are not in Christ we are not saved and we need to be saved
basically I’m paraphrasing him so I have a link in the description so you guys
can go look and watch that my issue wasn’t with vocab this time however I’m
sick of vocab thinking he has the right to speak on behalf of Israelites about
what we believe when he gets it wrong over and over and
over again these people keep inviting him to talk to them about us but anyway
that’s my main issue is vocab trying to speak on our behalf on this show so dr.
Brown he says we aren’t we aren’t in Christ because we know I’m not even to
say we believe we’re Israelites we know we’re Israelites we have the evidence
and yet this dude is gonna say that we’re not in Christ because we teach our
heritage like Paul was doing that’s the reason I was stressing so much and so
many times about Paul teaching his heritage Paul did the same thing we’re
not doing anything different they claim we’re making race a central issue by
saying hey we’re Israelites no we’re not making race a central issue we’re making
their racism a central issue the reason that they come and say well this is
divisive is because they are racist and they want to be divided not once when
any of us were in Eurocentric Christianity did we come to them and say
hey you know what why Jesus is divisive we didn’t say anything most of us we
just accepted the fact that they believed in white Jesus and he was on
the screen now even though we didn’t believe it white Jesus we didn’t let it
divide us from them but as soon as we start saying hey this is a lie he’s not
white he looked more like us than like y’all they say well that’s divisive
that’s because they are racist and they want to be divided from anything black
they don’t want to worship a black Messiah so they have to feed themselves
to lie that he was all colors or he was no color or he was Middle Eastern even
though there are dark black middle-eastern people they they are
ignorant of history again go watch angered by a foolish nation that study
will break it all down so they claim we make race a central issue right and yet
as we can see right here in the the images Charlton Heston as Moses as a
white Egyptian so how is it that Israelites are making race a central
issue how is it that we’re making or where we’re downplaying salvation in
order to talk about race when you guys go out of your way to cast white people
as Egyptians which we just saw are clearly black people in Africa
your movie studios go out of your way to cast white Israelites in your movie even
though the Bible says they look like Egyptians which we just saw our black
you go out of your way to make Jesus white when we know that he’s an
Israelite which we know look like Egyptians which we know are black based
on the pictures we just saw so it’s not us making race a central issue it’s you
people like dr. Brown making race a central issue dr. Brown is okay with the
lie of white Egyptians he’s okay with the white lie of white Israel he’s okay
with the lie of white Jesus he’s okay as long as white Christians continue to lie
about Jesus being white and present him in a manner that’s acceptable to him but
if we tell the truth us Israelites tell the truth about the color of Christ
suddenly we’re not in Christ and we’re making race our central issue you guys
are paying millions of dollars to put together these movies with lies in them
you come to us with lies and need to get mad at us you tell us where the problem
for pointing out the fact that Moses is not a white dude in Egypt
doing any kind of anything in African Sun walking around leisurely anything
Moses wasn’t a slave he wasn’t walking around hanging out in
African Sun period because he wasn’t white I’m saying if you let me back that
up if he was white he wouldn’t be going out there do any of that stuff Moses
wasn’t white which is why he could go out there and observe what was going on
this is why the Israelites could be slaves and euro Christians and you’re a
Christian said Eurocentric Christian teaching Israelites can be slaves for
400 years in Africa but in their mind they were white in Africa for 400 years
we know they weren’t slaves for 400 years those of us who have done the
research but the fact is they teach this nonsense white people in Africa slaves
for 400 years building pyramids but you have to be a nation full of ignorant
people foolish people to believe that and yet they say we’re the problem when
they come to us with these lies because we pointed out no they’re the problem
why are these Christians these people who call themselves Christians you claim
you believe in the book why are you lying to us why are you defending a lie
and then why are you getting mad at us for telling the truth
the Bible says the truth shall set you free you guys should be embracing the
truth not fighting the truth it shouldn’t matter of race isn’t that
important it shouldn’t matter if they’re white or black and once you know the
truth you should say okay now we know the truth let’s be truthful and
corrected instead you say no you guys are the problem you guys are not in
Christ you’re not saved no the fact is you guys are probably not saved which is
why you’re defending a lie and anyway share this video I want
people to understand that people like dr. Brown are a disgrace to Christianity
in my opinion because he’s over there defending a lie and demonizing us for
telling the truth for no other reason that we did what Paul did and identified
who we are racially and ethnically tribe of Israel so let’s talk about Paul’s
message now that I’m off that rain well talked about Paul’s message what message
did Paul bring so we saw what Paul looked like he looked like an Egyptian
which we know are black and then Paul make no mistake Paul was pro-israel Paul
was pro-israel you seen he said I am a Hebrew of Hebrews he was a Pharisee he
was brought up in the law he knew the law and Paul’s message is similar to
Malcolm X so when he went preaching to the Gentiles in Romans 11 this is this
is prior to Romans 11 but coming up in Romans 11 verses 13 and 14 Paul
identifies who he’s talking to he identifies who he’s not talking to
but trying to make jealous he’s talking at more so and then he tells you why he
says why I speak to you Gentiles he’s not talking about the Northern Kingdom
and here’s how we know he says in as much as I am the apostle of the Gentiles
I magnify my office if by any means what Malcolm X said by any means necessary
what Paul say if by any means I may provoke to emulation them which are my
flesh that’s Israel Israel is of his flesh he’s talking to the Gentiles to
provoke Israel he said to provoke to emulation them which are my flesh and
might save some of them Paul said by any means necessary I may get is real saved
any means necessary go watch my study angered by a foolish nation I talk about
how God’s plan was to provoke Israel to jealousy by using the Gentiles and again
Paul gives an example so this is this is right here Romans chapter 11 verses 13
and 14 Paul says by any means necessary to save
Israel we come back over here to first Corinthians chapter 9 verse 17 through
23 Paul gives us an example of him living them any means necessary message
for I do this thing willingly for if I do this thing willingly I have a reward
but if against my will a dispensation of the gospel is committed unto me what is
my reward then verily that when I preach the gospel I may make the gospel of
Christ without charge that I abused not my power in the gospel for though I be
free from all men yet have I made myself servant unto all that I might gain the
more so Paul saying I’m a free man but now I’m gonna make myself cervix
that was the whole point in the book of Acts of them telling us he was a
Freeborn Roman citizen he’s saying I’m making myself a slave I’m doing this
willingly so he says for though I’d be free from all men yet have I made my
made myself servant unto all that I might gain them more and unto the Jews I
became as a Jew because he knew the law that I might gain the Jews to them that
are under the law as under the law that I might gain them that are under the law
to them that are without the law as without the law being not without the
law of God but under the law to Christ that I might gain them that are without
the law to the week became I as week that I might gain the week I am made all
things to all men that I might by all means save some
and this I do for the Gospels sake that I might be partaker thereof with you so
Paul was preaching a message of any means necessary he was a black man
preaching the message by any any means necessary to save Israel so those of you who say Paul was not
called and Paul is a false apostle and Paul is of the devil and we need to get
rid of pause works Paul has references and other parts of
the Bible so for those saying that we need to get rid of Paul it creates a
chain reaction and I’m talking to both the camps and those in Eurocentric
Christianity to say we cannot trust Paul and that Paul is a false apostle we just
saw Paul’s background so now we’re gonna check Paul’s references what happens if
we throw out Paul we’re just gonna play with this for a minute there’s thirteen
thirteen books epistles whatever you want to call them written by Paul
letters all of that thirteen of them so what happens if we throw out Paul Paul
lived with Peter for two weeks so in Galatians 1:15 we find out that Paul
lived with Peter for two weeks but when it please God this is Galatians one 15
through 18 let me see yeah one 15 through 18 but
when it pleased God who separated me from my mother’s womb and called me by
His grace to reveal his son in me that I might preach him among the heathen
immediately i conferred not with the foot not with flesh and blood neither
when I up to Jerusalem to them which were apostles before me but I went into
Arabia and returned again unto Damascus then after three years I went up to
Jerusalem to see Peter and abode with him fifteen days so he lived with Peter
for two weeks and one day so him and Peter know each other right this is
Paul’s testimony right we for those of you who don’t believe Paul anyway this
doesn’t matter but the fact is Paul lived with Peter for 15 days so that
means Peter has known Paul face-to-face he’s lived with the man he’s talked with
the man he spent some time with the man he’s had a chance to discern this man
now if we get to the book of Peter we see the Peter endorses Paul as an
apostle so let’s read 2nd Peter verse 3 I’m sorry 2nd Peter chapter 3 verses 13
through 18 nevertheless we according to his promise look for new heavens and a
new earth wherein dwelleth righteousness wherefore
beloved seeing that you look for such things be diligent that ye may be found
of him in peace without spot and blameless and account that the
long-suffering of our Lord is salvation even as our beloved brother Paul who our
beloved brother Paul this is Peter writing also according to
the wisdom given unto him hath written unto you
so he’s vouching for Paul’s letters he’s saying Paul’s letters were written with
was written with wisdom any saying Paul is a beloved brother Peter is fully
vouching for Paul as also in all his epistles speaking in them these things
he’s saying Paul is telling you the same stuff I’m telling you so now if we got
to throw out Paul we got to throw out Peter but let’s keep reading he says in
which are some things hard to be understood tells you why some of these
some of these people who want to throw out Paul want to throw them out because
they can’t understand which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest or or
wrestle with or grapple with I have trouble with they that are unlearned and
unstable have power a problem with Paul this is Peter telling you this so for
those of you who say throw out Paul and you’re keeping Peter Paul is vouching
for Peter and he’s saying those who have problem with Paul are unlearned and
unstable as they do also the other scriptures unto their own destruction so
if you guys are around anybody telling you to throw out Paul you should be
second guessing them right now if you still believe Peter ye therefore beloved
seeing you know these things before beware lest ye also being led away with
the error of the wicked fall from your own steadfastness but grow in grace and
in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to him be glory both now
and forever amen so he’s telling you the people who have trouble with Paul are
unlearned and they have trouble with his scriptures as well as the other
scriptures hopefully this is starting to explain some stuff while you guys see
certain things in some of these Eurocentric Christian circles and some
of these Israelite camps not all of them some of them because they are unlearned
and I keep telling y’all some people are not called to teach
they just want to go out there and teach the word they haven’t bothered to read
the whole book and I don’t care who gets offended by what I’m saying right now
every time I do something somebody gets offended so it doesn’t bother me if you
get offended but the fact is if they’re tossing out Paul according to Peter
they are unlearned and why would you be following somebody who the Bible Peter
an apostle of Christ calls unlearned so anyway for these people who throw out
Paul now you have to throw out first and second Peter because Peter says I’m
teaching you the same thing as Paul t-that Paul is teaching you
he calls Paul a brother and he says Paul is beloved and he says Paul is filled
with wisdom so now if Paul is not any of that if you guys are saying Paul is a
false prophet and a false apostle and he’s of Satan then so is Peter because
Peter is part of the conspiracy to sell Paul to the church and at the very least
Peter is lacking discernment which means we cannot trust Peters discernment
because he lived with Paul for two weeks and he’s still calling this guy a
brother whom you some of you who and your infinite wisdom has deemed Paul to
not be of Christ because you know more than Peter who lived with him for two
weeks but let’s look at Luke we just looked at Luke and acts um
acts 9 but Luke is also gonna say Luke said Ananias was told by Christ that
Paul was chosen that’s an axe chapter 9 verse 15
because remember Luke was given the whole Testament Luke was the one
recording acts so now Luke has added and a Nyhus to the equation saying hey this
do vouch for Paul in 920’s in Acts chapter 9 verse 27 he says Barnabas took
Paul to the other disciples and vouched for him so again these people are saying
they know more than Luke who was there and they know more than Peter who spent
who lived with the man for 15 days there they’re telling you that there’s a
conspiracy to get Paul accepted and Paul’s really a false apostle so we have
to toss out Luke so let’s keep reading because Luke is going to endorse Peter
because remember if Paul’s false and Peter said I’m teaching the same thing
as Paul and I’m endorsing Paul as a brother then Peters false and Luke is
about to endorse Peters in the Book of Luke chapter 6 verses 12
through 14 well actually 12 to 16 and it came to
pass in those days that he went out into the mountain to pray and continued all
night and pray to God this is Christ and when it was day he called unto him his
disciples and them of CHO of them he chose twelve whom also he named apostles
so I want to point out there was more than twelve because he chose twelve of
his disciples and later on you’re gonna see 70 of them get sent out we it’s a
lot of stuff that we learned in Eurocentric Christian doctrine that
isn’t necessarily in the book he didn’t only have 12 he had a lot he had at
least 82 at minimum because he sent 70 out and he had 12 so that’s 82 anyway
and when it was day he called unto him his disciples and of them he chose
twelve whom also he named apostles Simon whom he also named Peter and Andrew his
brother James and John Philip and Bartholomew Matthew and Thomas James the
son of Alphaeus and Simon called zealots and Judas the brother of James and Judas
Iscariot which also was the traitor so right here Luke is telling us that
Peter isn’t a disciple also called an apostle so we have to throw out first
Peter second Peter Luke and acts because if
Luke keeps vouching for Paul and Paul is a false disciple it means we cannot
trust Luke we can’t trust Luke and Luke is also saying that Peter is an apostle
and Peter is vouching for Paul so we can’t trust Peter either so we have to
try throw out the thirteen books letters epistles of Paul we have to throw out
first and second Peter Luke and acts so what happens if we throw out Paul what’s
what’s the chain reaction of that I mentioned this we got to throw those out
that’s 17 out of the 27 books of the New Testament or in other words 62 point 9 6
percent because some unlearned person doesn’t know how to deal with Paul
Scriptures and so now they’re saying well we’re just gonna get rid of Paul
this is all in the Bible I’m showing you that right there Peter said that they
aren’t unlearned now Christ chose Peter according to all the Gospels not just Lu
and all the Gospels echo Luke in one way or another so if Luke doesn’t have any
discernment about Peter and Peter doesn’t have any discernment about Paul
and the other three Gospels are mimicking or not even mimicking are
similar to what Luke is writing we can’t trust any of these Gospels Mark Matthew
or John so Christ he chose Peter in John chapter 21 verse 19 through 22 will read
that real quick this spake he signifying by what death he should glorify God and
when he had spoken this he saith unto Him follow me then Peter turning about
see if the disciple whom Jesus loved following which also leaned on his
breast at supper and said Lord which is he that betrayeth II Peter seeing him
saith to Jesus Lord and what shall this man do jesus saith unto him if I will if
I will that he tarry till i come what is that to thee follow thou me so Christ
chooses Peter according to John and according to some of these people out
here both Eurocentric Christians and some of these Israelite camps Peter’s
discernment about Paul is wrong and this is John saying that Peter was told to
follow Christ so the testimony of John can’t be
trusted either because he’s vouching that Peter was chosen and according to
these people Peter does not have discernment see there’s a chain reaction
when you start to throw out books of the Bible don’t let these people trick you
into getting rid of your faith just because you came out of Eurocentric
Christianity so let’s use some common sense people with less knowledge of the
law than Paul are trying to use the law to claim that Paul is contradicting the
law remember Paul was brought up in the law in a time when they still had a
temple when it’s in a time in a time where people were the whole community
was about the law Paul was a Pharisee he knew the law and some of these people
haven’t even figured out they were Israel for longer than a decade and they
are over here trying to teach everybody else the law and trying to tell you that
Paul doesn’t know what he’s talking about and Paul is contradicting and we
need Paul they spent less time with Paul than
Peter I mean they haven’t met Peter singer Paul a single day in their life
and they’re trying to tell us Paul is a false apostle even though Peter calls
him a beloved brother even though Luke vouchers for him a nice vouchers for him
Barnabas vouchers for them and yet they want to tell you Paul is a false apostle
understand spiritual warfare does not stop just because you came out of
Eurocentric Christianity it means you are closer to the truth so the closer
you get to the frontlines the more intense the fighting becomes I’ve said
this before when you’re way off in the distance not thinking about religion you
don’t have much conflict or confrontation but then when you start to
look at religions you have a bunch of stuff to choose from and then when you
narrow it down to the Bible the first thing the biggest thing you’re
confronted with is the live why Jesus white is real white Egyptians white
white white white white everything everything has been whitewashed and then
they’re teaching you to worship and one people they don’t call it worship but we
know what it is they teaching you it’s okay to put up the Christmas tree even
though it’s pagan it’s okay to mess with the bunnies and the eggs it’s okay to
engage in Halloween it’s okay to do all of this stuff that the Most High says in
your Bible you shouldn’t do and I’m not even talking about law-keeping
I’m just talking about not disrespecting the Most High by practicing idolatry
they tell you it’s okay to do all this and they give you a white Jesus on the
cross they give you this white guy who went to Africa to hide and they tell you
this is the Messiah this is a level of spiritual warfare and then for those of
us who break free one of the first things we see we see the changing of
doctrine through the camps not all the camps again not all of them I’m talking
about the ones specifically to teach the stuff that I’m referring to
not all camps suddenly many of us start to believe the old salvation isn’t for
everybody and yet when we were in a church reading the Bible we could
clearly see in the Bible to salvation was for everybody because we believed it
we said okay Israel gets salvation and the rest of the world is salvation but
some of us wake up and suddenly they say oh wait I’m Israel so everybody else
can’t possibly have salvation how does that change
that doesn’t make sense but go go watch the study angered by foolish nation I
talk about how God said he was gonna move us to jealousy because many of us
would wake up we get jealous and say wait this is mine you can’t have that
you guys have taken everything else you can’t have this and yet he said I’m
going to move you to jealousy with the cultureless stupid people go watch the
study we don’t suddenly need to throw away 62.9% of the New Testament just
because somebody that can’t understand Paul told us to there is no reason to
throw away 62.9% of New Testament just because some unlearned person according
to people Peter has told us well Paul’s contradictory we don’t understand Paul
so we don’t we don’t use Paul Peters told you these people are they’re
unlearned and they wrestled with the Scriptures all of the scriptures Peter
says this so stop letting these people teach you if somebody tells you throw
out Paul stop letting them lead you period I don’t care who it is I don’t
care I’m mad they get how mad you get if somebody doesn’t accept Paul they don’t
accept Peter and again I showed you the chain reaction
we don’t suddenly have to become obsessed with hate and Esau because
other people are doing it this is a level of spiritual warfare and I’m and
my study brotherly love I’m gonna touch on this subject but we don’t have to
suddenly hate Esau and be obsessed with Esau because we suddenly find out that
they lied about who Israelites are and where the real Israelites the Bible
tells us to preach the gospel the good news but we don’t see that on these
corners with some of these camps so how is it that many of you think just
because you came out of your eccentric Christianity that suddenly you’re in the
truth and yet we see all these things that are contradictory you come out of
Eurocentric Christianity and you encounter a group of people that tells
you now salvation isn’t for everybody throw out 62.9% of your Bible hate this
dude over here because he’s Esau and preached hell and death and slavery and
rape forget the good news stuff spiritual warfare increases the closer
you get to the truth and the front lines so it comes to the question are you sure
everything is what it seems to be and I’ve talked to y’all about coin tell
Provo for that the whole point was to figure out who the violent people were
stop the rise of a black Messiah the discredit people discredit the
leadership discredit anybody who would come forward later on as a possible
leader before they had the chance it’s an information it’s an information war
which turned into a physical war of assassination but consider this for a
moment the camps are almost always the first images people see they’re
boisterous they’re loud on the corner they’re dressed different they stand out
and they they preach hate a lot of the times they preach death they preach
slavery that’s not the good news and it’s the first images they see is that
coincidence or is that planned and I’m talking about spiritual warfare here is
that coincidence or is that planned you have to ask yourself that the media uses
those same images to demonize all Israelites that’s why we have clowns
like dr. Brown on there saying well we’re all hateful and we’re not saved
it’s because of these images they see they don’t see images like pastor Omar
now even though I don’t agree 100% of what pastor Omar teaches they don’t show
images of let’s see well-spoken level-headed Israelites like pastor Omar
they just don’t again is that coincidence or is that on purpose and if
the camps were some of the camps not all of them if these camps to go out there
and preach if they weren’t doing that the media wouldn’t have those images to
show they would have to make up images or find somewhere to get images from now
those that are coming out of your eccentric Christianity often look at
those groups and they think it represents all Israelites because I’ve
had people thank me since I started doing to ask an Israelite series people
have left comments saying that they thought one thing about the Israelites
based on the media and so those that are turned off by what
they see in the media completely go away from the truth sometimes and they say
you know what let me just get away from religion altogether or let me go look at
Islam or Kim it or anything except the truth of what’s in the Bible when
normally they would have looked at it so is that coincidence or is that on
purpose and I keep talking about spiritual warfare anyone that is even remotely hateful or
violent is recruited into the camps and probably documented by law enforcement
this is what they did their coin tail Pro they would have them infiltrate the
organization’s something in this case I believe some of them may have been
started by these these alphabet boys the the law enforcement agencies in order to
start keeping a catalog on who seems to be hateful because that’s one of the
objectives of coin tail Pro is to identify all militants all black
militants so those who are not militant like that are not going to join the
camps only the militant are going to join the camps so now they have a
database and those who are turned off by everything they see aren’t going to get
away from the truth we’re talking spiritual warfare here on multiple
levels the closer you get to the truth the harder that warfare is gonna be so
let me end with this verse John chapter 15 verses 1819 couple verses if the
world hated you you know that it hated me before it hated you if he were of the
world the world would love his own but because you’re not of the world but I
have chosen you out of the world therefore the world hated you this is
not to Christians this is to the Israelite believers in Christ this is
not to the modern Christian Church they did not replace Israel the world hates
who the world hates Israel the world doesn’t hate Christians most of the
world identifies as Christian billions of people identify as Christian in one
denomination or another the world hates us
we say we’re Israel where we’re not saved we’re not in Christ we’re evil
we’re satanic we point out the people that are lying to us we’re the problem
because they’re lying so those that have eyes to see they see those have ears to
ear they hear they hear for those of you who have not grabbed your ultimate Bible
companions yet make sure you grab them they are lined and dotted notebooks that
I made specifically for Bible study notes there extra maps weights measures
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66 thoughts on “THE APOSTLE PAUL | The Hypocrisy of AskDrBrown | A Warning To All Israel”

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