The 5 Stages of Crypto Mass Adoption

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today is video number two all pumped up because you know with one idea unleashes
another unleashes another unleashes another and I really wanted to talk
about the five stages that need to happen in order for mass adoption to
happen the five stages that have begun and will happen in order to have mass
adoption and the different phases that we’ve been through and that we are and
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adoption up so let’s get into it these five things that I’ve written here
this is not like my opinion this isn’t like up for debate
this isn’t like hocus pocus and just words
this is proven by people way way way way way more intelligent that I am who’ve
done many many many many different studies you know some could say it’s
from Harvard or wherever doctors psychologists and the human brain goes
through these five stages number one denial
number two fear number three anger number four bargaining and number five
acceptance in any major transition in their lifetime so whether you’re dealing
with just to give you a couple of examples
say for instance you’re dealing with a death in the family
okay to process that death your brain goes through these five steps in the
beginning you’ll be in denial that the person is gone number two you’ll be in
fear that they’re no longer there number three you’ll be in a state of anger
whether it’s at God or whoever is around you you’ll just be an anger then you’ll
go through a stage of bargaining where it’s like oh man I trade like this is it
as a for instance you know you could be bargaining you could be like man I I
would trade everything I have just to have a couple of like a minute or
whatever more time with that person you know and then finally you hit acceptance
and acceptance is where your mind your body your soul your reality are all
aligned okay so it’s not like your ideas and what you’re thinking what you’re
saying what you’re doing are all out of line is that that’s when they all points
come together and this could be with you know a loss of a relationship you know
when you go through a breakup you go through these five stages when you a death a breakup when you go to any major
life event so let’s just leave it at that because I’ve talked about this for
hours so basically how does this relate to crypto well you have to realize that
you know as much as you as much as I as much of us as a collective want you know
mass adoption and we want you know when moon and all these different things is
that on the flipside is that when that when that switch is flipped millions if
not actually billions of people are going
to be affected for both the positive and for the negative you know because what
crypto has to do with at its heart is finance and right now
the state of the finances of the world are are very very fragile and you can
kind of sugarcoat it as much as we like but you know crypto as much as it is 50%
you know good and going to bring our universe ice our civilization our world
into a new era of all kinds of positive things right you know
transactions will be faster they’ll be cheaper it’ll break through barriers
things are going to be held accountable on the blockchain on whichever chain is
being used at this point so that brings clarity transparency accountability and
so people’s actions are going to start to become held accountable and this is
in many different areas of life like just to give you one simple simple
example right now you can order an uber right and you pay a fee just for getting
in the car then once you’re in the car is that that meter is like put a little
bit of loop but as much as you know they say it’s precise and – the thing is that
it’s not because you know if you take the variable of driving in a Oberer car
and you take the variable of driving in a taxi car like a regular taxi is that
the two prices of going to the same destination will be drastically
different you know and that’s the way that uber got into it because you know
taxis originally just like Blockbuster had a monopoly over the system
so they were really charging because there was no competition so they were
cashing in cashing in but then uber came in with an idea it’s like whoa whoa
instead of you getting into a taxi and you don’t know how much it’s going to
cost you is that we can predetermine a price for you which is going to be much
less than the taxi but at the same time is that you know it’ll be good for us
because then we know exactly how much is charged before getting into the car but
what decentralization is going to do to uber is the same thing ooh BRR did to
the taxi system because with in decimal points which ever I mean there’s a
couple of new companies that are trying to go down this route but you know it’ll
be to the millisecond of gas used to transport that person it will be to the
decimal point of how much money will actually be needed to do that
transaction from getting to point A to point B and I pretty much can tell you
that there’s going to be another company there already is in Canada that are
looking to you know wring out the cost a little bit from uber so that they’re
going to be competitive and this is human nature
you know you need competition in in in markets that’s what makes it free that’s
what makes it worthwhile and so as much as monopolies are part of the system is
that monopolies are like empires eventually they all fall and new ones
are created I mean if you look throughout time and throughout history
you see no matter how strong or tall or wealthy an empire has gotten or got is
that the tide and the flow of life is that you know what goes up must come
down and what is down must go up so you know you had the fall of you had the
Egyptians which were I mean everything was laced in gold with the Egyptians you
had endless knowledge with the library of
Andrea I mean the Egyptians Plus you know they were into magic and protecting
and all this different stuff right so if you look at that it started with the
Egyptians this Empire and you know the fall of Alexandria the Library of
Alexandria led to the fall of the Egyptian Empire and then with that there
was other empires after that the Roman Empire the Greek Empire you know and now
and now what I believe that we’re we’re heading towards is the fall of the
British monarch and not to say I think that it’s going to transition into a new
empire the reason why I say this is because if you look at the Queen the
queen is what a hundred years old I don’t believe that she can live forever
unless there’s a rapid science rapid science breakthroughs within the next
couple of years so that’s that kind of old way of running royalty is going to
change and I believe that the people who are in crypto right now this could be
sounding really out in left field but I think that we are kind of being groomed
to become the new 1% I think that there is a tide shifting and the pendulum
swinging and that all of these positions if you will because life whether you’re
at an actual job or a family or the way you know a family is run
it’s all a business I mean the ones that are successful you know the stuff
doesn’t just happen by accident unless that’s how you live your life and I know
I’ve done I live my life like that too and
you know but at a certain point it’s like you grow up and you you start
planning your future albeit you can’t plan everything in your future because
you know life always has its own plans for you
but my point of all this is that I don’t even think that most people in crypto
right now especially early adopters I mean we’re so early in this that pretty
much any / ñè any coin right now or a master node or company with legitimacy
utility is that it’s going to be life-changing in about two to five years
at the very minimum you know it could take longer I mean who knows I don’t I
don’t have a crystal ball I mean look we’re already like 10 plus
years in with Bitcoin but I don’t think that that’s going to take us as much as
long to create the mass adoption for XRP or etherium or any really other coin
because you know it’s like a dam you know once you get the hardest thing
right is to get that first crack in the dam but once that first crack is in the
dam the time that it takes for it to is not anywhere near the amount of time it
took to fill up the dam or to break through the wall so I think we’re past
the point like we have like Bitcoin is the crack in the wall of the digital and
the real life finance wall this barrier that’s been between the 1 and the 99%
and the reason why I’m talking about this is because there’s lots of
different subjects that I that I think about every single day I think there’s
lots of subjects that many other people think about during the day and what I
try very hard not to do is to think of things in like a scarcity
mindset because a scarcity mindset in crypto is not good like a scarcity
mindset in crypto it’s like oh it’s only my coin that can succeed and none others
like to me know we are going through the biggest transition and transformation
and revolution and evolution but there has ever been in the whole entire
existence of the planet you know this isn’t gonna happen overnight and just
like back in the day when there was free markets you know just like you see in
those those movies like Troy or Alexander or whatever when they go to
those little things and they had their little bags of coins you know and each
person is selling one thing you know because it didn’t have conglomerates is
that to go into the blockchain to get a decentralized world around us
where taxis buses schools hospitals grocery stores police stations airports
what else all of these things are going to be decentralized and when I say
decentralize is that they’re going to accept crypto they’re going to be on the
blockchain they’re going to be in a digital ledger everything and everyone
that is in that institution or building or system is going to be correlated
tracked and accounted for now the reason why I say this is because right now out
of the five steps towards mass adoption I really think that we’re only here
we’re only at fear right now we’ve gone through denial because denial was you
know bitcoins just paper my bitcoins just monopoly money
bitcoins not going to change the world bitcoins this bitcoins that bitcoins
this you know and and make no mistake each coin independently
like XRP is going through this right now you know other coins are going to go
through this process individually but we’re also going through it collectively
as a group so right now cryptocurrency has moved past stage one because stage
one was denial stage one was this is a scam crypto Bitcoin whatever you want to
call it it’s not worth anything and has no value now what triggered us to move
from denial to fear is what happened in December when Bitcoin hit 20k because
that was one of those cracks in the dam and when that crack happened people were
like whoa there is actually value behind Bitcoin whoa wait a minute
what do you mean that I’ve always been dealing with digital money oh yeah
that’s right when you go to the bank and when you’ve been banking for the the
whole process of your life up into this point those numbers on the computer
they’re digital money they’re cryptocurrency it’s just gonna be called
it cryptocurrency you know it’s like back and back in the day when there was
cavemen and women you know they would point at the Sun they would point it you
know rocks they wouldn’t say oh that’s the Sun and that’s rocks they’d be like because society wasn’t evolved enough
and it’s like right now we’re going through the process of reteaching and
relearning everybody what the actual terms and words are for the you know
existence that they’re living it and and it’s very and and fear right getting out
of denial is the first step you know because nobody can help themselves and
nobody can help others while you’re in a state of denial so that’s the biggest
breaking point you know when they say it’s hard to break the ice like breaking
the ice is the hardest part so the fact that we’re we’re out of the denial phase
this is the guests greatest accomplishment because
it’s really all downhill from here and then all uphill hopefully fingers
crossed but yeah so right now I believe that we’re only at level two fear
because in order to explain cryptocurrency to people is that the sad
the both sad and bittersweet truth is that’s you know money in terms of people
understanding it to date is really completely off the chart of what it
actually is you know money has had value over the
years because people gave it value because back in the day you know when
you had a piece of paper money there was an equal amount of gold that represented
it that was acted as collateral for that money and so whether you had the paper
money or you had the gold is that you knew both things were reliable
trustworthy and whatever that’s where the expression comes you know my words
good as gold but somewhere along the time around the 1930s when the banks
they were no longer public public they were privatized is that the world the
economy shifted into a privatized banking system now I’m not here to
spread fudge to spread foam like to do any of that type of thing everybody who
watches anything on the YouTube you guys know what the talking points are from
here do your own research go down whatever rabbit holes you need to go
down but it’s going to be a journey like there’s things that I realized that I’m
saying on my channel and there’s things that people say on their Channel and
everybody right now like if you were to think about life as we’re all playing or
in like a video game you know you have some people that are playing at advanced
expert level you have other people right now in the world in life in your life on
YouTube or whatever and they’re playing like at a
intermediate level or a beginner level or a novice level
you know just like I know that and I’ll use this example you know it’s like I
know my son is very intelligent but am I gonna start talking to him about things
that are over his head no and that’s why you know when I went down the truth
movement the rabbit hole of the truth movement you know it’s very it’s very
consuming there’s lots of different things that you need to research but at
the end of the day at the end of the day what we’re doing right now today is
going to change the face of the world for the better hopefully and that’s the
only thing that I’m thinking about right now because you know one of the the
reasons why I stopped going down the truth movement because you know I was
following all kinds of different people hearing all kinds of different things
but at one point I had my own personal breaking point you know I’m like there’s
all these different people in high-level agencies or stuff like this but we don’t
know all the facts you know we don’t know and for the most part we don’t need
to know all the facts because 90% of the population is and you know you can take
this any way you want but like 90% of the population they’re sheeps and sheeps
are cute they’re they’re great they’re fun they’re they’re happy-go-lucky
animals and they like to have their their day-to-day you know whatever you
know so are you going to try to change a sheep into a wolf and when I say wolf
this is like somebody who fends for themselves thinks for themselves you
know guards because a shepherd needs the wolf or I believe it’s the wall for it’s
a dog anyways something to to guard and keep
safe of everything I’m pretty sure it’s wool but anyways so why do I say this is
that there’s just like three different types of people in the world there are
the sheep there are the shepherds and there are there wolves and everything is
a symbiotic relationship you know there’s like a quote that I heard and
you know not to become a religious channel I I don’t one thing that I I do
and I don’t like about religion I don’t like that it’s so separate and people
again like crypto are you know tribes when I believe at the basis of
everything whether it’s you believe in Buddha or you believe in God or you
believe in what is there Shiva all these different things to me these
are just different colors to describe the same thing a rainbow
you know something higher than us something more purposeful than us and
that we’re all here to serve you know and why is that important
it’s because even even in the Bible it says you know there is a time to was it
there’s a time to reap there’s a time to sow there’s like a time to to to kill
there’s a time to grow there’s a time for like sleep there’s a time for wake
there’s a time for pretty much everything like Cara frames but
basically what I get from that quote myself you can comment below if there’s
something that you get differently but what I get from that is that throughout
our life we have to go through different things good things bad things we have to
learn to you know when to go full force when to back down when to sleep when to
you know go full force when to you know expand and
when to contract and this whole balance in life you know and again there’s a
balance in all of us between good and evil there’s a balance between us and
being happy and sad there’s a balance in between us of being right and being you
know politically correct and there’s a balance between just everything hot cold
Sun Moon everything you know and when people you know because I really I don’t
know how this is going to play out a hundred percent the only thing that I
can say that I do believe is that the fear the fear portion that we’re in
right now with crypto is probably like fear to me and anger these are going to
be the hardest milestones to get over into the adoption and the mass adoption
of crypto because there’s going to be a lot of different things at play and
there’s going to be a lot of people that are going to be angry about different
things I mean you have people who are right now angered by the thought of
robots replacing them you know in jobs because they chose not to study or to
learn about what’s going around them in their life they kind of put their hands
over the ears closed their eyes you know like this like did you ever see that
there’s a thing it’s with monkeys it says hear no evil speak no evil whatever
right and it’s like this is what the people do it’s it’s like oh if I don’t
talk about the subject if I don’t address the subject if I don’t whatever
then the subjects not going to happen just like I’m pretty sure that there’s
about 80% of the population right now who is like like you say the words
crypto and they’re like so and the reasons why they’re doing that is
because the reality that they’re living in is
not prepared for it and it’s only human like it’s only natural it’s only human
whatever but eventually and I think one of the catalysts is and like I said this
channel it’s not trying to be conspiracy channel these are just logical ideas
with the information that is freely at hand on the internet for anyone to
research or to look into is that with the state of the finance in the
financial world right now with all the banker bailouts that we’ve been through
with all the different things that are kind of brewing under the surface right
now is that I think a couple of things either you might have to happen or
actually will happen in order to trigger us to go into the third mode and then
the fourth mode I think that if things because right now you have Fiat that is
on its way down you have crypto that’s on its way up hmm and the transition the
ideal transition time would be Fiat is going down at the same rate that that
crypto is going up so that they can meet in the middle somewhere
balance off and then the transition from Fiat to crypto can be one that is easily
digestible for the masses that is going to be something that happens relatively
quickly within the next couple of years so that we avoid any major like
depression like not like what we’re going through right now like a global
depression where you know this is like thoughts but you know the
US dollar could crash if it crashes that’s going to in my opinion send
crypto and gold skyrocketing you know so hopefully that there is X RP or some
other like global coin or combination of global coin and x RP and whatever other
currencies that could be aetherium litecoin Tron I mean he is meeting with
Warren Buffett so that would be a start but all of this are different things and
so when the anger portion of the mass adoption of crypto kicks in I believe
it’s going to be from one major catalyst and it’s going to be the catalyst where
you know and there could be there could be many you know there could be the
catalyst of people waking up one day and overnight or what seems overnight I mean
taking years of course or months is that you know you could wake up and just like
was it there’s major companies who laid off hundreds of thousands of people
overnight is that one day people could just I don’t know they’ll wake up and
you know instantly like all the all the Walmarts all the all the kind of like
Burger Kings McDonald’s is that they like closed all their employees because
they have robots behind the cache and they have robots making the food or or
whatever you know that would be a to the economy you know you have self-driving
cars that are going to be a reality in in less than probably five years I would
say the way that Elon Musk is working on this so you know within five years you
also have to think that lots of people who are taxi
drivers bus drivers that’s a huge portion of the workforce who is going to
be out of a job you know so what I actually think is that before we can
have mass adoption of crypto is that many many many many many many many many
many people are going to be I I hope and what I I I hope for the best is that
people are going to probably I don’t have any insider information but I would
think logically that the step that would need to be taken is that these people
would have to be transitioned on to government assistance or some sort of
program to lessen the blow for them because I believe that when crypto
actually does shoot up and when all of us have been waiting so patiently with
our bags and our masternodes and this that and the other thing is that the
difference in the economies you know like crypto millionaires or even
billionaires and trillionaires I think that we’re gonna I think with crypto
we’re gonna see the world’s first like trillionaires and not from people who
you know come from wealthy families I think that there’s and I could be wrong
but these again are just my thoughts I’m not a financial adviser please do your
own research do not invest in anything more than you can handle
I mean these are all natural and logical things and I’m just reiterating them so
that you know but I am just documenting kind of my process in the journey
hopefully anything that I says helps anyone in any way manner fashion and
that’s the the only thing that I can they can say on that subject but I truly
believe that the new 1% and the new one like you know there’s expression kind of
like this is the new black like you could say I don’t know
Krypto is the new black or whatever it’s like a fashion term right like this is
the new black because black is so classic so so amazing right but
basically is that the 1% is going to be the new 99% in my opinion and the new 1%
will be the the point zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero one
and I don’t know if you follow me on that one I can maybe try to draw on the
board but right now let’s just see if I can do it
like right now you have the one percent you have the one percent well sorry I
have to do this backwards you have the one percent and you have the 99 percent
okay and so because because crypto is you know wallets like people don’t talk
in in one two three they talk in like point you know zero
zero zero zero zero say nine just as an example right but there’s all that point
dot that so my theory is that people you mean anyone right now who is invested in
crypto this early I truly believe it’s like synchronicity and we kind of have
been chosen to lead the pack and to have these financial gains if you will to
push to push the next generation forward so it’s like the the new
the 1% there sorry the 99% the ones that are like chosen and kind of and kind of
groomed for this right now are going to become the new 1% whoops the new 1% and
the current 1% they’re going to become the new the new point zero zero zero
zero zero zero zero zero zero twenty five seconds late or twenty five minutes
later zero zero zero you know whatever eight percent the ultra super super
wealthy elite crypto people but I believe that people who are invested in
crypto right now who are like the everyday woman and man if you will is
that we are kind of going to be the new bumper the new bumper so you’ll have
this is like lower to middle class upper class to kind of like elite and then
from here you’ll have here which is the super wealthy elite buh-buh-buh-buh-buh
a life will continue on and you know but it’s going to you know no group no great
empire was ever built beside another empire you know every great empire is
built upon the ruins of like another empire like the ashes of the previous
Empire so that takes us we’re at the denial phase
right now oh sorry we we’ve done the denial phase we’re currently in the fear
phase you know where people are fearful of what crypto can do that’s why
regulation is in place and then when regulation does start to become in place
then we are going to move into the third category which is anger because people
will be mad that the wool was over their eyes because they’re sheep and they’ve
had they’ve had tens of years to prepare for this and people have been telling
them but you know when you choose to cover your own eyes and put your head in
the sand well unfortunately you’re gonna get hoodwinked you’re gonna get you know
there so that’s that face and whether the anger is just from you know being
out of work missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime
because make no doubt about it all these people that are laughing at you laughing
at me laughing at anyone in the crypto sphere irregardless of whatever tribe
you are in whether it you know is that us as crypto we are one you know so
whether you’re in Bitcoin whether you’re an X R P whether you’re in Tron and like
corn and aetherium we have an obligation and a responsibility to be at each
other’s back because we’re all fighting for the same thing that’s just my
perspective I mean I’m not talking about the IC OS and the coins that scan people
I’m not talking about those people I’m not talking about the people that come
into the community just to profit off the community and to do so at any cost
I’m not talking about that I’m talking about the people who are in crypto right
now who have been through pretty much I don’t even want to say the worst of the
worst because honestly no one knows how how this is all going to play out
I know that well was it Warren Buffett or something said something oh no it was
like in a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio the gangs of New York you know there was
blood on the streets when New York was was born and what does that mean that
means that all of the different people you know had to fight to get their
empires had to you know do the different things and you know you have to go
through things that aren’t fun so that’s part of the journey that’s part of what
separates you know top people from the lower to middle class people is that you
are willing to do whatever it takes to help humanity get to that next step and
it requires sacrifice it requires you putting everything that you believe
everything that you have everything that you know you could possibly have on the
line do you look at anyone – in the course of history who has ever achieved
anything very work like noteworthy or whatever is that they had lost
everything because I believe that it’s the way of the universe – you know it’s
kind of like when to me it’s like kind of like a test from the universe you
know like just you know just like if you want to get your driver’s license you
need to take a driving course and they need to know okay this person can park
they can do this they can do that those other than that I think it’s kind of
like a prerequisite in life to be wealthy or successful or to do this well
yeah and the other is to have everything completely removed from you so that you
know it’s the universe of universes way of knowing okay they can handle the
worst you know because it’s very easy to deal with problems in life when you can
just throw money at it you know but it’s quite another beast to live in life when
you don’t have the money and you have to solve problems you have to keep people
alive you have to feed food and and clothe and heat and all these different
things you know it’s very very you still have like I’m not saying that when
people have wealth that they are completely untouchable from pain or
emotion or so no it’s the same in that respect you still gets added things even
if you have money you still get anxiety over things if you have money like I
think that’s a big misconception of people like they just think oh if you
have money you have no problems no that’s not true you just have different
problems now bigger problems so it’s like to me that’s the life’s way of
saying okay if you can deal with nothing and having nothing and still coming out
of that a winner a champion a fighter or whatever then we will give you the
whatever and you run with it and then you have your your kind of moment or you
have your opportunity to make a difference in this world because that’s
the only that’s one of the only reasons why I am pursuing crypto as passionately
and as full force as I am is because I have my son and my son is what motivates
me and I know that in order to take care of my son
at the level that I know that he deserves to be treated and to be you
know in this world and to have the different things is that um we live in a
society that it requires money and I want him to be and to continue being as
happy as healthy as security you know whatever and that’s half of it you know
because it also requires me being present and me being able to have
quality time with him because not you know everything for a child is based on
money but you do need I mean to me this is just like logical as a parent is that
it requires both you know so whatever your reasons are and every single person
in crypto I mean there’s probably different
degrees of why people are invested and it’s all different and it’s all the same
at the same time you know I mean like there’s probably some people not
probably there are there’s there’s some people who are investing in crypto
because you know they want to get out of this like life sucking draining job they
have you know and it’s going to provide the platform for them to do so
I mean they can already do so but it will subconsciously provide them the
security that they need in order to do it you know there’s other people who are
in a life like strangling relationship but they can’t leave that relationship
because either they owe money to that person they’re entangled with debt with
that person they you know they fear that that’s like the best they can get you
know so they’re in crypto because they it’s like the shackles are kind of
released because with money comes comes like confidence and power and respect
and and you know you don’t have to I mean not that if you don’t have money
you the biggest lesson in life that I believe that I’ve learned and that other
people could learn is that whether you have wealth or not is that you you
should and you should always keep yourself and it’s like a level like a
standard of living a standard of letting people treat you in your life you know
just because you may not live in a royal castle you should always make sure that
the person and the people that you surround yourself with treat you either
like a king or a queen and if they don’t treat you like that and I’m not talking
about like that they’re your servants no I’m talking about like that they treat
you with an air of respect like your time is worth something to them they
don’t take it for granted they don’t disrespectfully talk to you
they don’t you know there’s just a million and one things but if the people
or the person you’re with does not treat you like the king or the queen that you
are then keep on stepping and so that’s like so
you have some people you know who are in jobs that they hate that they feel
trapped in and crypto is going to be their way out you have people who are in
relationships who feel like that’s their prison and crypto is their way out you
have people who have family members or a family member or they themselves or
someone that they’re close to you know is dramatically like their health is
just really not good and they have medical bills that they’re paying and
you know it’s like crypto wealth could bring those people to a level where they
could get checked and they could get tested and they could get healed and
they could do and that would release like a whole bunch of stress and
pressure from from that person who’s in crypto or the person that they want to
do it and you have people who are doing it for like I’m in crypto because of my
son points now that’s it because everything that I’m doing is so that
he’ll have a better tomorrow like everything that I’m trying to plan I’m
trying to accomplish and I’m trying to to do like even these videos I do these
videos so that you know I don’t take any single tapes or grant it and I’m I
always get one okay I don’t want to cry I don’t because this is a very uplifting
I hope this is like uplifting for you but it’s uplifting for me to make this
these videos and to talk about these things because I truly believe that lots
of people are lost right now so I’m trying to be like a shepherd I’m trying
to guide people to you know whether it’s shepherd or bridge or whatever but I’m
trying to connect people with the solutions I’m trying to do my best to to
be a bridge you know until we have a bridge in crypto
and so I think the anger stage like I said this is going to be part of I think
it’s going to be the most painful stage of crypto is when people just start to
realize that they have to take control of their life but that the things that
they relied on whether it was you know their job or their their this or though
that is that it no longer exists in the form that they were kind of promised you
know like I’ll give you an example when people in the 1950s they went to college
or university mostly I think college was just enough you know and it was like
they there was a goal like okay you go to college you get a good education you
get a you are you will get a good job and from that good job you can get a
good house and from that good house you can raise a good family and from that
good family you can you know leave a legacy and and whatever but somewhere
along the line right is that the cost of living got so so that it was like now
that that kind of road to happiness was completely destroyed so you know you
have people who okay now it’s not just go to college now it’s like okay well if
you want to get a good job and and whatever then you have to go to
university so then you have all these people who go into debt to get into
university and then they spend more time in university I mean and some people
just stop it at college but at that point right there’s two things you
either have people who go into extreme debt or they can’t they they didn’t go
into debt but however they they get out of college and there is no good job
waiting for them you know it’s it’s actually it’s actually in their peril to
have gone to college because most people and most companies to save money right
now just hiring people for free so that they
don’t have to pay the benefits so that they don’t have to pay they’re like
trying to hire people who will just work for free to get the experience that they
need in order to do whatever they want so now you have like this
this roadmap to just chaos you have people who you know go to college they
don’t get that good but they okay good education in brackets but I mean they
don’t get that good job that was promised to them in the movies and in
this that and the other thing and then they don’t get the good house to live in
and then you know because both parents or one parent or whatever now has to
work all the time and then it’s like there’s a breakdown in the family and so
now there is no like good family like you don’t see Leave It to Beaver
families I mean you do kind of see it’s but it’s like fake it’s not it’s not
real it’s Instagram right but behind all of those perfect families there’s
families that are are breaking daily you know they’re breaking from debt they’re
breaking from just like overwhelmed anxiety because they don’t know where
they’re going who they are what like what their place is and so I I believe
that that’s going to cause a lot of people to be angry and it’s our job to
put out that fire it’s our job to let them know that it’s not over like this
is the as much as it may seem like the most painful the most stressful the most
whatever time in life or in history is that you know just like in anything you
know like when you’re graduating from school it’s like scary because you don’t
know what’s on the other side and and you’re crying because you know the life
that you knew or you had whatever it’s over and I think as we move towards
decentralisation I’m sort of the crime I think as we move towards the
centralization and robots it’s gonna be like that like there’s gonna be a lot of
people who are clinging so hard to the past and yet there’s so much opportunity
for the future if we can stick the course and if we can you know contribute
to the solutions and not be part of the problems and so moving on that so the
bargaining stage will come after the anger stage the bargaining stage in
crypto you know I think that’s going to be friends and relatives it’s going to
be like Oh like like Oh didn’t you invest in this didn’t you invest in that
and oh can i buy some op oh you only paid you only paid like 30 cents like
sell me a couple or whatever like that’s when it’s like when you’re gonna start
hearing that from friends family and all the different things and that’s like at
your own discretion to do however whatever I already know that I I hate
talking about money with people I really don’t like it I hate asking for money
it’s the most uncomfortable thing in the whole entire world I hate talking about
money and breaking out of that like now me today as as a mom as a crypto preneur
I am completely at ease with talking about money and crypto and you know I’ve
come to a relationship where where is that I do like I I don’t want to say
well I do kind of like I I love crypto I’m in love with it
you know and that was like that’s a that’s like a like a programming that’s
a mindset that you have to have for yourself because like if you’re not
wealthy it’s not something that’s taught to you so you have to you know pick
yourself out whatever situation you are do the
research learn about the different things and you know that’s one of the
things that I I learned I was my own biggest I like my own biggest problem
you know because what we what we put out into the world our thoughts our ideas
all this different stuff contributes to the person that we are so my kind of
resolution for stage number two when this does start happening and it will
because you know you I other people we’ve been talking about crypto I mean
we’re on public platforms people will know that you’re invested in crypto and
we’re invested at a very early stage so I believe that when people start when we
get to this point bargaining you know oh can you somebody digitally I have
already kind of devised a thing right now where I’ve already made a list of
people that I plan on giving money to and money crypto there’s a certain
amount and I’ve already cuz to me right crypto is like winning the lottery
so the worst thing in my opinion having now researched money and crypto and
financial wealth and investments and you know how to create cash flow and passive
incomes and all these different things is that it’s not something that just
happens you need to plan it you need to write it down you need to be accountable
about it and you need to start thinking about it and start working on it right
now so when it hits this stage I already
have different like envelopes that I I’m planning to give to the people that are
most important that I cherish in my life who have been there for me through all
kinds of different all kinds of ups and downs just like the bear market you know
there was a quote there was a thing in the thing it says something like if you can’t what was it something like
if you can’t handle me at my like 90 percent drops you don’t deserve me at
like my 900 percent gains or something and that’s the way that I feel like I am
like I know that my brain and and the way that I talk and act in different
situations sometimes is a bit much for people to handle like for some people I
feel like they think that I’m all over the place and it’s just
oh please calm down or just please oh but the people who are in my life
whether you know it’s you guys listening to this right now are the people who
have been supportive and positive and encouraging on in YouTube or Twitter or
even Instagram I like appreciate you guys so much and
you know I just hope that with all of this is that the the things that we end
up receiving is that we just give back really to make a better world and I’m
not saying like oh you know whatever like no like you can change so many
lives if you just plan it out and try to do something just something positive you
know whether that whether that is like 10% of like your portfolio or 20% or 30%
or 40% but I would strongly suggest you now while there is kind of like this
calm before the storm and before all of this stuff does take off is that you
take the time for yourself and write down a plan a plan a went like what you
want to buy like what you want to give what you want to invest in what you want
to you know do and and mark it down because it’ll it’ll keep you focused on
the target you know and the target is fine for me anyways is
financial freedom and you know to secure a life for my son and I and my family
and from that from that strong foundation then to be able to help the
world around me to as much of a limitless possibility that is like
whatever God and you know the universe and whatever term that you want to use
right like that’s what I’m thinking you know whatever I can do to help move the
world and people forward like use me I’m here like I am so ready to just go with
this and to run with this and to be part of this and to to help people because I
just feel like there’s going to be so many lost people and you know the the
bigger the platform that I have that we have as a community in crypto you know
and that we support each other and that we do get this information out to each
other instead of you know we’re wasting so much time and I know I’ve been a part
of it and I have contributed it to it and I’m not proud of it you know but the
more attention and energy that we put on in-house fighting on bickering on doing
all these different things that takes away from the actual goal that takes
away from being in abundance because when you’re grateful for what you have
in crypto and not encrypt it when you’re focused on an abundant life you don’t
have time for scarcity because all these different comments they’re coming from a
scarcity you know a scarcity that you know a coin may not be worth it or not
make it or that you know one person is going to have more than the other person
does is that this is all scarcity you know yes different things our top have
been tough but we just have to be tougher so on that note is after we go
through that phase and to me the bargaining phase this is going to be
like when we go through the next major bull
run because it’ll kind of be like the equivalent of you know if you win if
there’s a lottery you know and and when they call the lottery numbers I’m like I
don’t know say it’s on a Friday and everybody knows that you like bought a
ticket on Tuesday or something like that then it’s like Oh bargaining time but
after that all subsides is that we are going to move into the acceptance phase
the acceptance phase I believe is going to be out of all of the phases actually
the least the least stressful I think that when people realize that this isn’t
something you know that they kind of it’s going to lead to the next evolution
of civilization you know we are headed towards the next evolution of society of
the world I even believe that you know with everything that’s going to happen
in the next 10 to a hundred years you know the next generation or maybe even
sooner maybe the next 50 years maybe maybe you’ll get to be a part of
it I don’t know nobody knows how long we’re here for but I just know that I
feel like we’re heading towards something huge and I don’t want anybody
to miss their chance to you know make it on the rocket ship to the moon so I hope
you have a great day two videos today so please if you can if
you think that I gave you or brought you any value today please hit the like
button which would be I think here hit the subscribe button I think also is
here it’s probably wrong it’s probably right here just kidding actually I’m not
I think it’s here alright anyways leave me

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  1. Friggin love you. Deep talk. People don’t realize the world you can’t see. Manifest. Anyway, proud of you. JP

  2. Unfortunately yes, it maybe another 5 years before we see BOOMing results and everyday use by retailers. We will have some moments of Bull run but they may be few and far between and not long lived nor huge. I maybe a little dim but WHAT exactly are/is masternodes? I have been to the site but I haven't found what it is exactly. Sorry.

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