The 10 Best Places To Live In Tennessee – Best Small Towns and Cities

Found in the southeastern region of the United
States map, Tennessee has in the recent past been considered one of the best states to
live in the country. If you are looking to move to a state crammed
with beautiful scenery, deep-rooted cultural traditions and where the cost of living is
low, Tennessee is just the place for you. Here are the 10 best places to live in Tennessee: 1. Franklin. Although it is considered a part of the Nashville
Metropolitan Area, Franklin is still an incorporated city with its own city government. Median home value is significantly lower than
Brentwood’s at $320,000. And while household incomes cannot come close
to Brentwood’s $140,000 (triple the state average). The area has been recognized nationally for
its fabulous schools and an abundance of nice community opportunities. Franklin also provides a glimpse of American
history through its intense historic sites relating to the Civil War, with a much-loved
downtown. The crime rate for the area is significantly
lower than the rest of the country, making it a very safe community to live in. Plus, the commute to Nashville is only around
a half hour to 45 minutes, meaning that you can still work outside of the city while still
enjoying the suburban lifestyle afforded in Franklin. 2. Nolensville. A small suburb of Nashville that is home to
almost 6,400 residents. Nolensville is one of the best places to live
in Tennessee, but its small size makes it ideal for those looking for a town with a
close-knit community. Little wonder it remains a hot preference
for families with children – it is one of the places with the highest percentage of
growing families. Properties are some of the highest-priced
in the state, averaging $316,000, but that is perhaps because Nolensville sits between
two of the largest metro areas in Tennessee, Nashville and Murfreesboro. There are excellent schools in the area, with
a booming local economy that sees the residents take home $108,000 on average per household. 3. Mount Juliet. Mount Juliet is a Nashville su burb located
in Wilson County, some 20 miles east of the state capital. The town is nestled between the Cumberland
River and Percy Priest Lake, a location that has earned it the nickname “The City Between
the Lakes”. With a population of 28,000, this town is
just the go-to place for anyone looking to start a business. It was named one of the most business-friendly
cities in Tennessee by The Beacon Center, a non-profit free-market think tank. Cost of living in Mount Juliet is average,
with homes fetching at $210,000. The residents enjoy fairly high-income levels
which average $76,000. 4. Gatlinburg. A mountain resort tucked away in Sevier County,
Gatlinburg is a popular vacation destination due to its prime location on the border of
the Great Smoky Mountains National Park along Route 441. Now, the town remains a scenic mountain destination
and inviting for tourists. Full of outdoor adventures and picturesque
views, visit in the winter to go skiing or snowboarding,
or in the summer to whitewater raft, fish, or hike the hundreds of miles of trails in
the Great Smoky Mountains. Gatlinburg, a charming town for both outdoor
lovers and those less active. 5. Jonesborough. If you are looking for a place with historical
roots, Jonesborough is the oldest city in the entire state. A historic landmark for the state, Jonesborough
is also considered to be the center of the abolitionist movement in the Confederate States
during the American Civil War, and published many articles on slavery during
this time. Jonesborough isn’t just about history, though. It is actually a pretty nice place to live. It has a population of a little over 5000
people. The median household income is around $45,000,
which is just a little above the state median. The median house value is $150,000, which
is extremely affordable with that level of income. And the market has been on a steady rise for
the last five years, making it a good time to get in on the ground floor before the market
gets too expensive. 6. Arlington. Located just a few miles northeast of Memphis,
Arlington is a great community of about 12,000 people. What makes it an amazing place is the incredibly
high median household income, Arlington sits at $94,000. What makes this even better is that the average
home value is only $200,000, meaning you can get a great house at a good price while still
making more than most of the rest of the state. Real Estate value has been pretty stable over
the last five years, which means it is a little stagnant. However, this is mainly due to a lot of people
planting down roots and not moving. Arlington is a great city for raising kids
since 87 percent of the households are families. The residents are well-educated and crime
is pretty low, especially compared to Memphis. 7. Spring Hill. Spring Hill is a town near the city of Nashville
that is located in Maury County. It has transformed from a sleepy little town
into a thriving urban center with a robust and balanced economy exploding with jobs. There are almost 33,000 people living in Spring
Hill, one of the fastest growing towns in the state. This growth is fueled by the presence of many
big-name employers who include the likes of General Motors, Ryder Logistics, Kroger, … among
a bunch of others. This explains the high incomes enjoyed by
residents in Spring Hill, averaging $80,000 per household. This, coupled with nice schools in the area,
makes this town an ideal place for families and anyone on the hunt for well-paying employment
opportunities. 8. Collierville. Regarded as a suburb of Memphis, Collierville
is located approximately 30 miles outside the downtown area. It boasts a population of slightly less than
48,000 who are mostly well-moneyed considering, this is one of the most affluent areas anywhere
near the big city, or even the state for that matter. Families take home a staggering $110,000 on
average, and when you take the cost of living into account,
you can’t really help but marvel at the affordable life in the state of Tennessee
as a whole. Homes fetch at an attractive $270,000, which
is just about the cost of a gorgeous three-bedroom mansion – nestled in one of the state’s
most desirable areas. 9. Jackson. The bustling city of Jackson, situated in
West Tennessee between Memphis and Nashville, has a diverse population and enjoys a good
business climate, top-rated hospitals, award-winning schools, affordable housing and many recreational
opportunities. Jackson ranks sixth most affordable place
to live in the US, according to Fortune Magazine. The downtown district of Jackson is a place
where many people work, and it is also where more and more people are calling home. Apartments, lofts, and single-family homes
are available, and numerous stores and restaurants are located within easy walking distance for
the residents. Residents have easy access to Interstate 40
that has seven exits in the city, and also available in the US. 10. Murfreesboro. If your idea of a nice place to live is an
upcoming town with an absolutely booming economy, your heart would love it in Murfreesboro,
a town in Rutherford County where 120,000 people call home. The high population might have you believe
this is a concrete jungle, but quite on the contrary. Murfreesboro is chock full of parks and greenways,
the latter of which stretch for 12 miles, with more set to come. The mid-size city is rich with history and
historical sites, including the famous Civil War battlefield, the Stones River National
Battlefield. Nightlife in this city is bustling, and the
locals often describe its music scene as that of Nashville but “without the crazy”.

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  1. The true about Tennessee is this! All of the high paying jobs are in Nashville and Memphis! This is why your most affluent neighborhoods are around these two cities and as long as you stay in the suburbs you really don't have to worry about crime! ?

  2. Franklin, Spring Hill, Murfreesboro, Mt Juliet, Nolensville?? SURE if you don’t mind living amongst a bunch of damned liberal Yankees!!!! The majority of these people will never get it! LEAVE YOUR FUCKING LIBERAL IDEAS AND VIEWS WENCH YOU CAME OR TAKE YOUR ASSES BACK WHERE YOU
    CAME!!!!!! DAMN!!!

  3. I’m from NYC and I’m moving to Tennessee… Can’t wait?. I’ve made a lot of money while living and working in NYC all my life and now I’m ready to purchase a BIG ASS HOUSE and live like a KING out there….

  4. I was looking for a guy named Charles Morn. Can someone help me to find him. He's from Tennessee too. Thank you

  5. Me and my husband live in Minnesota. I have been here since I was born and my husband most of his. He and I are very tired of winters. We are talking about moving..he initially wanted Texas .. I gravitate Tennessee. Our children will be grown in years. Really doing some research.

  6. Low crime rate are you kidding me?? Every time you turn the TV there is some type killing. I live in TN there is a shooting almost everyday.

  7. I can agree with most of these except any town near Memphis. Memphis's crime rate has skyrocketed in the recent years and any city near it is ultimately not a good area to live.

  8. Yay more people coming to Tennessee hopefully not people like one of our neighbors..
    It used to be a cute small one story 3 bedroom 2 bath homes neighborhood. very small front and back yards.
    But now smack in the middle one of the neighbors has over TEN 10 TENNNNNNNN!!!!! Vehicles parked on driveway in grass and parked along their neighbors sidewalks right and left…
    all brand new cars mostly Cadillacs. And couple hummers..
    Meanwhile one of the many kids in that house rides around on a bike with dry rotted flat tires.
    During the week 90% of the neighbors cars are gone but theirs are always lined up and packed on the driveway.
    They must all carpool to work. Lol
    oh but it gets better they’ve expanded the house!
    basically turned their tiny back yard into more house..
    I’m just waiting for them to turn the front yard into a parking lot..
    Thank God we’re only renting.. can’t finish building our house fast enough..

  9. Memphis awful. Nashville is ok. Suburban areas are good. Now, I've lived in very bad neighborhoods…and nice ones. For me do not go to rural backwoods towns. Stay away unless you'd like to be around meth addicted idiots!!

  10. U suck at ur job. Jackson a small town thats nice to live n? Do ur research atleast damn u have no idea. Jackson is almost as bad as memphis. Lmao terrible

  11. This is so untrue. I lived in Nashville all my life and there is nothing true about the cost of living here and/or our surrounding counties. It is very expensive… The cost of living is rising, traffic is terrible when commuting to jobs or anywhere. The value of the State, the City Officials/ Leaders, and Historical Landmarks are lowering and being destroyed due to over crowding. The poverty rate is extremely high and overlooked as well as the the crime rate is ridiculous. So please please please do your research. The world famous "Country Music City" and State is not being truthful.

  12. I've lived in or around Nashville all my life I'm 75 years old the people here very conceited and stuck-up not friendly at all

  13. the home less people around Nashville has gotten out of control there are so many people sleeping on the street and begging tourist for money that it's became impossible to enjoy their trip

  14. Hard to believe little old Spring Hill only had like 545 people in the early 70’s,and now almost 33,000 people!Wow!

  15. I am a born and raised Gallatin, Tn native and I still love here today. But when it’s talking about Spring Hills, Tn they actually show a picture of Gallatin. It’s the picture with Fred’s and McDonald’s in it.

  16. ??As someone born and raised in small town Tennessee, I would never live in ANY of the “cities” mentioned. The areas mentioned are the highest cost, higher crime, overcrowded, Liberal areas in Tennessee. Very few Tennessee residents would choose to live in any of them.

  17. These are all good towns, I guess, but I'm giving this video a "thumbs down. First, because there's no mention of Clinton, TN. That is possibly the most picturesque town in the whole state. I would love to live there. Second, the voice bot mangled so many place names it was a chore to hear. But, then again, the uploader probably pronounces Appalachia as App-uh-lay-shuh, instead of the Tennessee way of App-uh-latch-uh, so go figure.

  18. They leave out the part that the tax system is regressive, the GOP/Southern Baptists control the political end and good paying jobs ARE NOT easy to find in the state. Liberal Progressives would likely be happiest elsewhere.

  19. ????…..uh….NO! I live here! I was born in southern Florida (Gulf coast) but lived in TX…WV…MI….OH….and Iowa and this place has NO employment opportunity unless you live in the metro area. I live 18miles outside of Cookeville and…yeah…. it's only a good place to RETIRE!

  20. Everyone says theres no job opportunities….. Don't you mean jobs you don't want to do? There are plenty of places hiring and the cost here is super low hence the lower pay.

  21. Let me just say, as a Franklin resident, if your moving here, "Wipe your feet" before you get here. The reason Middle Tennessee is so nice is we are conservative. That doesn't mean we are racist, misogynist, or not accepting of people who have philosophies other than our own. It means, most residents believe in the rule of law, family values, and family first. It's a town where you can have a Trump sticker on your car and it won't get vandalized, just like you could have a Hillary sticker and not get your car vandalized. You can be pro choice, and you can be pro life. So, if you decide to move here, have an open mind. OH, and by the way, if you're expecting "Bucolic," I can pretty much guarantee half the people you meet will be better travelled, wealthier, and better educated than the people from where you came. In other words, "Wipe your feet," and leave the attitude at the airport.

  22. I decided to watch this just to see what it's about since I've been living here for 14 years at the time of this comment in 2019 im in the middle east of tn i guess you could say i like it

  23. All jokes aside .Sounds like all WHITE STATE.
    As figure speech. Just where are those mountains . Sorry to say If any one knows
    the difference from Hills of Tennessee
    From google
    Appalachian Mountains, often called the Appalachians, are a system of mountains in eastern North America. The Appalachians first formed roughly 480 million years ago during the Ordovician Period. They once reached elevations similar to those of the Alps and the Rocky Mountains before experiencing natural erosion. From maps
    Its easy shown.
    Memphis . 338 feet above sealevel
    From google Johnson County at an elevation of 3,100 feet. (955 m) while the highest 
    incorporated town or city is Mountain City, which has an
     elevation of 2,418 feet 737 m)
    Found in North East
    Johnson County
    By a map hightest point
    Persons below poverty
    You might try walmart search in the
    County to see if there one. Note if your having marriage issues not illegal per se to sleep in your car in TN, but most places (both public & private) don't allow it. I do know that you're not allowed to stay overnight in TDOT rest areas. Pilot Travel Centers & some Walmart stores provide free RV parking spaces.
    In short its a great getaway state From what its your choices
    As long your white
    You will look like
    another white person
    shopping at wal mart
    Tennessee is considered a safe Republican state. In 2016, it stayed that way with Trump winning the state with 60.7% of the vote. May sound bad or funny
    Updates are behing
    on google.

  24. Tennessee used to be a great place to live until all the middle easterners the Yankees and The Californians moved in we used to be considered part of the Bible Belt we're people tried to live correctly now too many LGBT idiots are here if you're one of these people have mentioned please don't move here move somewhere else

  25. I moved to Cordova, Tn. from Texas almost a year ago. Memphis area has lots of beautiful site's, museums, tours, etc. Worst thing I've experienced is the people. They are very rude and unpleasant. Maybe it's because I was born and raised in Tx or because my people raised me "right", but I agree with all the Tennessee folks. Don't come here, go to Texas. It's essentially the same but with lower taxes, nicer people and authentic Tex Mex.

  26. Seymour Tennessee isn't a bad place to live,and you're about 30 minutes from Knoxville an about the same from Pigeon Forge,and Gatlinburg.

  27. I live in chattanooga tn
    And they kill every 12 hrs here
    Most of these jobs still pay minimum wage $7.25 per hour
    Rent is high every damn where
    I was born here but moved away a couple times an i still haven't met any good ppl young or old

  28. i lived in tenneessee for 16 years before escaping to michigan dont move there its pretty but it SUCKS…. youve been warned

  29. I was not going to leave a comment but now I have to I live in Gallatin and it is a nice place in Tennessee to live it got left off the list but if you pause the video at 6:38 that picture is clearly Gallatin

  30. Clarksville is now one of the best places to live according to Money Magazine… it’s amazing. I got in on the ground floor…

  31. Hey, you left out north western Tennessee! Its beautiful here! Land of Ky lake & Tennessee river! Small towns. Yes Jackson is nice but come a little farther north. Crime isn't bad. Check it out!

    Never mind. We like it just the way it is. Don't need extra people! ?

  32. Yo Jonesboro is ok but the city's surrounding Jonesboro ( Johnson City, Erwin, Elizabethton, Kingsport and, Knoxville) are not good places full of poverty, drugs, violence, and racists.

  33. I live in TN and the areas showcased, are high dollar areas … expensive to live there! TN has some beautiful areas, just stay out of Memphis!!!

  34. If you are smart.. I'm not, try it for a month I will guarantee you will want to move some place else unless you like leaving home at 5 am and not getting home till 6 traffic is horrible and homes are outrageous unless you want to live in a dump or make six figures and can afford to piss away money on a extremely overpriced house… If you don't believe it come join me in Nashville and see for yourself

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