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everyone this is a meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
welcome to the one behind show today is February the 22nd 2020 and these we’re a
nun confiscated with Las Vegas strong hand I’m confiscating Bitcoin is the
next Bitcoin best guest in the space is her laughing he’s got this laptop and he
does this showing it change it for years and years
alright so chip traced is here say hi trace tell everybody what’s the third
law the Ferengi the fringe the Ferengi with the big ears on Star Trek
yeah the the merchants the traders yeah so the third rule of acquisition clearly
states to never pay more for an acquisition than you have to
palmarès never buy Bitcoin paying more than you have to pay for it okay so say
it say it again the official law yes so the third rule of acquisition never pay
more for an acquisition than you have to okay so did you have a good time here
today alright super fun we did bitcoiners man we’re having a we had a
great time talking to I really and you know this dude knows right here he’s not
a he’s not a fan of all coins but he knows if you get a freaking altcoin for
free if you get a crypt of dividend you’re turning into a Bitcoin yeah if
you don’t want the thing yeah for sure you know maybe you wanna wipe your wipe
your nose with it or something but no I mean like the what is worked really well
is selling them as soon as you can but sometimes you get a head-fake like with
stellar you know I sold that as fast as I couldn’t then went up 25 X so you know
that was a that was a learning experience
got that one for free that one guy got it for free man i stellar was great yeah
man well I you the MWC we were we were talking about that a lot of people did
well with that and but and keep on doing well people you know you don’t know
what’s gonna happen all Roma Q is a question is it worth it is it worth
paying 10% above spot for kyc free bitcoins that’s everybody gotta make
their own decision what you want to buy North Korean
terrorist Bitcoin for 10 first airing people few word special guests what’s up
friends hey I’m a weak-ass invitation to trace on Twitter trace is the real
America guests in the space hello my elite friends I forgot to say that
remember if you got questions I got answers I am really tired but I’m trying
to we’re trying we’re we had a real fun time today there’s some great you were a
surfer Jim you want to say hi there’s a guy named surfer Jim okay okay
you can watch this guy you’re in motion because you gave out a card you gave out
a card with all like the best ratings on you this card trace traces help and I’m
trying to help trace now so I I made a business card that has resources signal
radio and aroma qox bro McHugh makes a good point
kyc free Bitcoin ATMs are still available in Canada yeah do that then
just there’s KYC Bitcoin ATMs in a lot of countries yeah you get model since
now people know it’s you say some stuff to the crowd yeah assuming Satoshi
Nakamoto is dead you just might become the world’s richest person I don’t think
how do you feel I you know that there are very few regrets in life but one no
regret is that I didn’t buy as much Bitcoin as I knew I should my regret is
I never took boating no what do you think about dogs
we have American Idol this year that gets brought off you like though
if it was all right if it all doesn’t attack Dobermans we were making I just
look at them and they turn around and okay so you don’t but if one really I
try to attack you would you kick it no I’d stare at it you stared ok ok ok this
is a topic for okay guys beyond the beyond Bitcoin show will be on Sunday by
the way beyond because shows reschedule for Sunday for this special show by the
way this is a new shirt I’ve gotten free shirts here yes yeah he’s linked to
below he is like it’s at a Canada what is it huddle a brand I see a it is
linked to blow up up hook this into the rotation it’s two squirrels with an
acorn there there ha tooling other than grasshoppers yeah yes so interpret it
interpret it any way you want to people you can get this shirt link to below
everything’s linked to below pound that like but what was your favorite part
today I mean do you have a food was good oh I didn’t eat I’m in the middle of a
95 hour it’ll probably about now be over 90 hours this this it makes you strong
it gets you a strong here in fast man it’s a bit the more and more winners are
you subjugate with the desires that’s how you get discipline and yeah that’s
what I tell these is boy so many dudes don’t have the discipline they’re asking
me what do you think a litecoin that’s not discipline think is that the rabbits
running all over the place squirrels yeah you know you gave
horrible like you get beaver or whatever that is honey bad party that sorry
tone-tone did a great job today it wasn’t just 5% women it was like 10% of
the women there was there was a well lately oh what’s wrong way Lou oh I like
that opening outfit she was where there were
guys walking up it but then she got a journal she got to her sweat suit later
she’s over there somewhere in the sweats even fancy sets the graphics were here
today this when you are a big coin holder you can see I can get fired for
saying it that’s what this is about you want that
freedom you want to talk about the second see women in this SCLC stones
abyss and we’re so we’re gonna go we’re gonna go to the post party today I don’t
know what’s gonna be strippers damn it we were all on world crypto Network
earlier I was this is your debut is waste is your debut race this is your
debut you were on world that’s linked to below he’s probably going live still
right now so guys check out I was on there Jimmy was on there we talked about
the scam ease and I don’t want I don’t mention those people’s names that arm up
for the scam use but they’re just so they’ve gotten so much attention but
we’ll see who we know did you even vote they’re all the scam yes people I’ve
ever seen in my life right I mean was hard to decide oh she’s
a toe she either I split it for me fake toshi and Zimbabwe you can’t transfer
more than a million yeah there was something very important what do you
guys think there was a guy on stage has said that what Hester’s peck Pierce has
this three-year safe harbor idea okay so that that all these I SEOs or whatever a
questionable projects will be able to do whatever they want for three years and
the the guy and I never thought much of it but I don’t really care that much but
the personal stage made a great point he said if that happens the price of
bitcoins going to the moon because the whole world is going to get it it it’ll
give it the the stuff below Bitcoin it’s like this kosher mark and everyone won’t
be scared anymore for three years and they’ve got a pile
in I never thought of it that way yeah I mean we did the innovation sandbox bill
in Wyoming a lot of states actually are copying that bill that’s the first build
a copy because you know you have to have innovation in order to get progress
are we just gonna keep like using radio and newspapers right like I mean we got
to have innovation otherwise we’re gonna fall behind against you know China or
Russia where we’re stuff other stuff could happen so you know it’s good to
see the regulator’s deciding to you know free free stuff up and I think that
actually happened because that would be huge it would blow Salon Wyoming to like
we have a sandbox bill okay okay well that’s why I mean but but to do this on
the federal level there are a lot of people a lot of big money entities that
are scared to get into cryptocurrency and thus Bitcoin because of all the the
possible things that is the security bubble so she’s saying that for those
three years they’re not securities I mean that’s basically Wow I mean I don’t
know exactly what the proposal is but you know anything that’s gonna free free
stuff up and let the creative entrepreneur out is gonna going to be
good for you know experimentation and stuff like that yeah so I I am up for
that because I did think of it gave me a new perspective that a lot of people run
into the space here’s something simple that a mirror said at the very beginning
she about what you could do as not a developer simply wear t-shirts
definitely that was one of the things he said there that was a that was a very
good presentation she post on Twitter yeah yeah that was something she said
she said she’s been tries to be very efficient with her time she doesn’t try
to hold hold back Jockamo anymore that was that was so guys be be really
efficient with your time don’t hold back your loved ones from
from wasting their time on Twitter let me tell them but just don’t don’t
physically waste your time if they’re got a personal responsibility is new
counterculture you tell your loved one not to waste their time if they’re
wasting their time you don’t waste your time waiting to stop them from wasting
their time yeah well I mean this is there’s so much to the human capital in
this space like what were you doing there in crypto winner
were you watching like whatever the TV shows are I don’t even know because I
don’t even have a TV right right I’m reading books I’m reading papers a lot
of this stuff like you got to be constantly educating looking for for
that innovation that’s out there whether it’s evolutionary or disruptive dude
trace was reading source code when I came up to him he walks the walk he lives a life he’s a really he talks
it’s it’s great run this fun guy like would max said max Adina some people
want to be slaves and some people want to be free and you can’t help the people
who want to be slaves yeah yeah Joe and I say that all the time like don’t waste
your time try to be the Bitcoin mommy trying to get everyone to get everybody
to do the right thing they’re just some dudes it just want to do the wrong thing
but don’t waste your time on those dudes down yeah yeah it was weird just seeing
your Max Keiser just walking around that was there were there were all sorts of
people in Ron golf is here walk around with this I get a workout I don’t I
don’t belong to a gym okay bro meet you you guys have more questions and traces
all you ran will American Idol make is a busy man I clear my day you know I try
to only put out signal no noise so you know I’ll have you listening to traces
podcast back in 2015 got me to sell my car and ride a moped around in the
desert so I could stack sad and how’s that work out for you and then I took a
boating and that’s all like your that time preference and making trades with
your future self it’s huge you know and it has to do with like
are you allocating your time and your attention because education is a key to
opportunity and it like I mean there’s what like 200 and something episodes in
my archives like you know some people when they first learned about it they go
back and listen through the entice you look at the archives and if you do the
best ones are traced like breaking down the quarterly reports on Bitcoin which
you used to do you get a real slice of what was happening like likes a quarter
to 2016 you get to go back and listen to how people were thinking at the time
yeah in it I mean it’s just it’s so important to man it’s so important to
develop all that human capital because then you can recognize the opportunities
when they come by like if you can’t recognize the opportunity and it gets
handed to you on a silver platter and you like pass on it oh man like ooh
that’s that’s gonna that’s gonna sting right like they’re like Peter Schiff we
actually people talk about Peter Schiff today there is some peat there was gold
talk out there we had it all to some good leadership put-downs I enjoyed him
yeah it was great you know I was eight bucks you know we were gonna do an
interview and he didn’t want me to make him looks you know he didn’t do the
interview yeah with Kenneth Ian Dury future money
trends we’re in Palm Springs with Max Keiser actually like insider info yeah 8
8 bucks you know eight but eight dollar Bitcoin and Peter Schiff like it’s still
still not seriously it’s what’s it at $9,000 minus eight dollars that’s all
wrong well yeah I think people would also like we had guys making bait
predictions Max Keiser did this classic four hundred thousand again I know
everyone loves that that got a lot of clickbait all around the YouTube but so
everyone once max geysers that everybody had what’s your what’s your prediction I
don’t do I don’t man more than today we’re one day closer to the all-time
high one mid coin went all I’m going to say the stock Clamato
price it’s going to go above that price I can predict that I mean that’s saying
a hundred thousand by the night at 2021 above the model price yeah well people
start chasing the rabbit man and you come on no idea where people go when
they start chasing that rabbit total they build San Francisco 800 people yeah
and when they discovered gold they’re hot earlier set the price floor we set
the price floor but you know momentum traders they take this you know yeah in
the booster rockets on the Saturn fire like they take us there in this the hot
lers take all that saleable float off of like you don’t get the trade though at
the hottest coins right so who we can get explosive when you have a really low
float coin like yes V you know Calvin’s coin piece of dog crap you don’t know
when the whole games going to end because like you could just get totally
taken out I liked what you said on your panel which is that by buyer of last
resort is actually more higher conviction than parlor laughs yeah yeah
you know because you catch that falling yeah yeah catching the falling knife is
way more conviction than ha telling the falling knife and you have to have the
financial ability to be a buyer of last resort so you know that’s another you
know another key aspect is having your powder dry you know and not necessarily
no debt you know extra lots of liquidity cash flowing businesses you can huddle
while you’re being a scared little bitch but to be a buyer of last resort you
have that true Brit catch that knife let’s see here’s a question because I
think townsman come on trace what are some more Easter eggs we can listen for
in your podcast I have found a few that you mention is make an appearance here
before the post party tell us it’s Oriole colors you do that for me
right you guys you made it the Oriole colors for me can everyone see what that
says the guys here just made a limited a small batch oh well these are all the
house that exist Wow – like three or four they’ve already given away wow this
is this is uh this is an honor to thank you so what were your pilot for the day
man oh you know I just a successful cop I’ve
got my holidays that everyone that showed up had a good time oh yeah you go
to a lot of conferences these days right I go around there I guys go a lot of
places like did you have a good time yeah man it was a blast and I and you
became more relaxed as the day went on yeah you’re exhausted down there as the
day goes on yeah like in the beginning you got to make sure everything works if
I mean putting together a conference is not easy and I didn’t even do all the
work you know my I have a team that that does all the work
but it’s great it was a success so this is Danny’s thing you pump for the scam
use about two hours yeah and so whatever you’re live on YouTube to everything
maybe I depends if we have a live she’s gonna be taped though it’s definitely
gonna be paid but this can be hilarious those days were freakin hilarious
it will either be live or it will be premiered like Monday’s like later this
week either way it’s gonna be our line so what what’s your favorite all coins
oh Bitcoin Bitcoin Cass Tech coins you know they regularly reset test net
because the people used to start that was interesting they brought up that
whole night coin is the Bitcoin test net again I thought that was a play data all
right Thank You tone you exhausted part of the uncompensated conference and our
poker tournament so check these out they will go on sale on a tone based on
website only 50 of these and three originals so there you go oh the artiste
I definitely come down to other conferences you gotta come to
Malta that’s another big one that’s coming up in March and we also have the
financial summit for traders and hedge funds all right thank you tone raised
you’ll return to this weekend Bitcoin soon enough don’t worry I’m busy
he’s a busy doorman okay we got a questions hash good great half tone get
you a steak the nerd via the parties at the nerd okay
yeah there are different a lot of nerdy s here so someone said for Tony get me a
steak no I mean isn’t I’m in the middle of a 95 hour fast dude and look how much
freakin energy I have I’m gonna run to when I get back to LA
I’m running tomorrow baby you rarely get back it’s awesome and I I
think we had there’s there are a lot of people here today you Richie Rich was
here wan was here uh there was I I got a whole list of names of people that were
here it was just it’s cool ugly goat he showed oh yeah he’ll be on the show
that that was history we got all sorts of people but the true honor is that you
Doc’s yourself dude somebody wants to know trace what will happen to Bitcoin
if Daddy Trump doesn’t win the next election he they didn’t properly type
the bitcoinmeister nothing man the way he’s winning for sure yeah check out the
I think about this Bitcoin prediction mark oh yeah yeah that’s a cool have you
checked out that Bitcoin prediction market one was that yes yeah yeah you
can bet on Trump or Sanders or blue girl why they had one last election right uh
yeah the odds were like 3% on Trump plus my bitcoins that locked on the yeah that
went up so it was like a 50 X return yeah it was crazy yeah okay and you’ve
been very precise s I told you people notice this trade show I say that a lot
you’re doing that’s okay yeah yeah I can’t be associated with that he
was on he was on a Bitcoin in the boys he was on a show and he just said the
altcoin name once that’s all he said the coin that shall not be named
he likes that protocol he like I just don’t want to say it like you’re we’re
in a Bitcoin only conference here but I’m glad you watched that lady show
that’s pretty impressive you saw the tracing that lady show there good but no
he’s not pumping he’s not pumping that coin not yet oh now you’re a starter
yeah I think people can figure out all right here we go again saw trace on Wham
s everywhere what he said wham wam was a band from Michael Michael right
George MUC was great guys he was a great one his videos the hottest and guess
what but he had some hot women maybe we’ll maybe they’ll be stripping that
well they’re like 51 years old now but who knows where you can Vegas traces a
dragon concur what’s a dragon man I don’t know one of those it’s all for
more Bitcoin yes it is all when you guys get the crypto dividends it’s all the
more Bitcoin that’s that’s that’s what we’ve been trying to tell you
Judy cash was the greatest present greatest I dumped it immediately I wish
I could have it just took forever to get the liquidity and it’s done been able to
sell at all but that’s the amazing thing is
that that that MWC thing it got up to ten percent thanks to the one dude who’s
lying you know or whatever not that we were just talking about it I said it
what is this here world alternative media
oh yeah Josh Josh oh he was on a dead guy I don’t know any casualties we can
attribute to this year’s proof of keys do you think there’s you know maybe
let’s keep doing it was killed oh here’s Frank Brad Cassidy I knew he was gonna comment
on this we loved George Michael here in San Francisco
Shrek represents the boys up there by the way the guys up there with no kids
and that enjoy the company of other men are the perfect dudes for bitcoins the
gays have disposable income exam about I love right I love Frank Frank is proud
he’s a gay man in San Francisco he’s got a real estate thing up there all right
whenever he’s only no income no kids always talking about the gay men in
crypto no one has a gay man in crypto show I want to do that one day
maybe there’s a oh we’re getting kicked we’re getting out of here because I
brought up the gay man in crypto well turn base next year that’s what tone
vases thing is gonna be the gay man in crypto Frank will be there who knows I
don’t know the other gay man in crypto they’re there plenty of them no in
Seattle my body up in Seattle is a gay man and crypto okay I’m Anna meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember subscribe this channel like
this video share this video check out the links below pound that like button
and you know you pound whoever you want to but really value your wealth in
bitcoin that was a funny one tomorrow we’re gonna do up beyond bitcoin now
we’re gonna party with the elite holders that were here today best guests in the
space you never know what you’re gonna get here bye guys

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