The 1 Bitcoin Show- The INX fiasco is a lesson in being careful about what you call a scam, Ethereum

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everything I talk about is linked to below so while on Twitter today I
receive a a DM from none other than ties n informing me about a story that I
really wasn’t paying attention to at all because I don’t get caught up in drama
really but this is important because this is about the word scam and how the
word gets abused by so many in this in the space so let me just make it clear
if you haven’t gotten this for me yet one coin and bit connect those were
stamps okay that’s it’s it’s pretty clear and to me I leave it at that you
know what it’s obviously something that’s based on completely nothing
that’s just there to rip people off that’s a Ponzi scheme whatever it is
it’s it’s a scam and then they pointed out people might try
argue with me about it like they did pick your nose don’t understand bit
connect but they’re not patient I’m a long-term thinker and then it blows up
and everyone stand up and that’s it then everybody learns their lesson personal
responsibility as a new counterculture we all move on okay we all move on so
but for some reason in this cryptocurrency space and I have been in
it for quite some time 2013 my first video found that like
button people like to use the word scam to describe anything they don’t like in
cryptocurrency okay and that’s a definition I actually got from ties in
and some of you might say well it’s very simplistic definition well it’s a good
definition okay of the way the word scam is being tossed around it gets it gets
tossed around to a point where it has lost all meaning it’s like not all most
of its meaning it’s it’s it’s lost its possessed it’s like in politics the term
racism what’s it mean anymore if everybody’s it loses important it loses
its its real definition and you know if people like me who used the word scamp
we’re trying to warn people we’re trying to be helpful here we’re not trying to
rip on something we don’t like we’re trying to be helpful so it’s lost its
helpfulness and with with all that in mind
Tizen tells me about something called a INX okay and weird crypto and security
token exchange INX to raise a hundred and thirty million
dollars in landmark IPO so I I saw that title on Monday or Tuesday whatever and
of course I ignored it I don’t care about IPOs I don’t cover it i I’ve seen
things like this before I do I see yo yo yo pal man like Bono and yeah but ty
says you know he for her ty tells me to check out his video about this and I
like the Ty’s video below let me it’s filled with curse words he says
bitcoin core which is obviously I don’t agree with him saying that but he brings
up some interesting points played at 2x by the way I don’t agree with everything
anti Zen says on it definitely doesn’t don’t agree with everything that he says
on it but you’ll get the point and you’ll probably understand his
frustration a little bit here because for people involved with this IPO this
landmark IPO which uses which is involved which deals with a theory okay
it’s got to do it’s it deals with the theorem we’ll get into a second one has
to do with the theory on sampson mal whale panda fluffy pony and Charlie Lee
have all invested over a hundred thousand dollars into this IPO again
this is their personal businesses is public record because it’s a it’s an IPO
it’s with the SEC you know they can value their wealth in initial public
offerings if they want to but the problem here that ties in points out is
that they these guys say a theorem has no use aetherium is a scam a theory on
this a theory about fear and whatever aetherium is the enemy and they’re
involved in a major financial in death I mean you guys out there do you go
investing in hundreds of thousands of dollars of the things that you think are
scams do you do that I mean seriously do you invest hundreds of thousands of
dollars into things that you think are scams so this is what they have done and
I’ve said all along that aetherium is not a scam and it’s clearly not useless
okay and if that hurts some people’s feelings or whatever okay it shouldn’t
bother you at all that aetherium is not useless and that these guys who are
heavily involved in Bitcoin and of course Charlie Lee and uh and fluffy
pony are involved in all coins also that they they they have they also clearly
think that aetherium clearly has some use if they’re investing hundred
thousand dollars into something that deals with the theory now you if you’re
a Bitcoin guy like me you know bitcoin is next big
let aetherium have its magical world of whatever it does over there let it do
whatever it does over there great go good luck
love it bye-bye yes how does that affect me freely it really doesn’t affect me it
does I can I don’t need to have an enemy I really don’t want to have enemies I
don’t know who likes having enemies I define me
I’m not defined by what I hate okay and it’s it in the space there’s so many
people that love the color theory mascara and it’s what these guys but
again fluffy ponies made videos about – being asked an almond that’s is one of
his big things you know he was airing a lot of you weren’t around for this but
he he was a big – basher there used to be like the Monaro verse – drama back in
the days that does that still go on I have no idea um no it doesn’t go on
anymore because – used to be more privacy in their marketing okay they
don’t mark it with privacy anymore so he’s forgotten all about that I guess
now let’s move on to aya next INX filed a a draft prospectus with the SEC on
Monday to say 130 million dollars in INX tokens which are based on the theorems
URC 20 standard io next token holders will also be entitled to forty percent
of the company’s net cash flow from operating activities but not as equity
holders per the prospectus now there are people in crypto Twitter that are there
– pointing out this is kind of odd that these guys who coughing scams are
investing hundreds of thousand dollars and just into scams and law master says
you and I don’t usually even agree with some of these guys but I mean I got to
point this out you have been reaching lately Judy he was counting on something
you said I agree that the project is using er c24 interoperability but people
are just pointing out it’s funny that some of the advisors have been saying a
theory of is useless or a scam and yet it’s used here it’s funny that’s all and
yes it is funny should we say that they sell again and this has come up
like these guys in the back side all right they abused the word scam they
really and so this is going to happen when you call everything a scam one day
you’re gonna be involved with something that you call this down because it’s
just it’s a matter of time if you call everything a scam
then you’re gonna you’re going to get yourself your hands into it and they
really got their hands into it I mean hundreds of thousands of dollars into it
so they’re to take take away this lesson go call thing stands and aren’t scams
all right a theorem has a use case they are used they are invested in hundreds
of thousands of dollars into it okay it’s utterly on me this is from SAS
somebody to SAS so ten X I think tie talked about this kindness video it’s
utterly amazing to me that people who have been using a bad word on aetherium
for years and calling a scam are now investing advising a company that is
issuing ERC 20 tokens I am at a loss of words at this point just absolute
insanity again I don’t think period people and and Bigfoot people should be
battling it’s it’s apples and oranges I am just pointing out be careful with the
word scam guys be absolutely careful with that word because it’s uh it’s lost
meaning it’s lost a lot of meaning one coin yeah that’s the stamp aetherium no
and it’s not going away a theorem is it going away just let it be good luck
bitcoin is still the next big point aetherium is an exit theory um alright
that’s good pound that like button let me see if
anybody have any questions all right nobody’s gain questions over
there super chat moving on Chris black said this I hang a one second let me
check that ok that’s good so many things uh with this new set up
here what did Chris black have to say crisp Lex said theory I’m a Bitcoin are
not at war very good point anyone who thinks now it takes it to the next level
here anyone who thinks this is lightly an insecure person with self-esteem
issues that causes them to cling to like-minded people constantly in search
of the friendships that elude them as a child either that or some heavy bags
okay okay baby some heavy bags okay a few
people all some Bitcoin is all with the word scam don’t get involved in the
drama aspect of this either you learned your lesson about scam that’s it man
that’s about it let me see what else we got here alright no questions in the
super chair just a bunch of scammers because they said something was a scam
they Bitcoin I don’t need to get involved with IPOs or I CEOs or eid i OS
whatever bitcoin I’d be very surprised if their investment in that it would
probably be better if they just invested there are hundreds of thousands of
dollars in the Bitcoin instead of some IPO but hey whatever we’ll see how that
turns out in the long run i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
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  2. Man… I've come to the realisation that you are the only true maximalist that everyone should aspire to be. Watch your video whenever I am feeling down – always cheers me up!

  3. Great show, Adam. Thanks for delivering new Bitcoin content every day and encouraging a strong hand mentality. Like button pounded!

  4. Is INX actually being built on ETH or they are just doing an ICO via ERC-20? There's a huge difference. Everyone in their right mind would admit that ETH is useful but only for launching ICO tokens.

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