The 1 Bitcoin Show- Spencer Dinwiddie tokenization, Crypto employment, Libra, Cryptopia, IRS, Q&A!

Hello everyone this is adam meister
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fun times and yet BTC Meister is the code for the bit piggies uh it’s funny I
I wanted to share I met to share this the other day I get a lot of interesting
direct messages on Twitter to say the least they’re just I mean this is where
the big boys play so people are gonna always try to bribe you there’s so many
spammers out there and clearly this must work they just send you unsolicited DMS
good afternoon interested in advertising in your
account can you provide a price for promo tweet slash retweet so this person
doesn’t say who they represent at all but they want to bribe me for a tweet
because I have eleven thousand followers or whatever and so if I get something
like this just imagine basically everyone who has similar numbers than me
or more or less they’re getting they’re getting solicitations like this and you
better believe they’re selling out to so be careful if you see someone posting
some something that seems too good to be true yeah it’s probably because they
were paid to do it and so yeah it’s I mean this is if people want to sell off
their reputations like that I mean that’s that’s what they’re gonna do
probably 80 percenters just love that stuff they’ll probably get them more
followers if you sell yourself to like the latest I see whatever that I mean I
SEOs aren’t the bad now but whatever the fad is now you know big connect to
connect to point whatever what’s ever coming down online
they offer you like $10,000 and you you pretend you’re retweeting you retweet
them and it’s all good right no it’s not all good that that’s why you’re here for
the insider information you’re not here for bribes information but I just want
to put that out there that if I’m getting this and I get all sorts of
nonsense but this one was easy and easy Cher just to put it in perspective
you better believe a lot of people are getting this all right pound that like
button yeah people are so any there’s been a lot of
people lately in the Bitcoin space it seems like they must be bored and they
say they’re starting to like worry about you know what goes on in aetherium total
waste of time check out yesterday’s show for more about that I think I think I
meant to mention that yesterday yeah guys if you’re bored if you need drama I
don’t know what to tell you man for me it’s exciting just to have a strong hand
if you get bored think about what you’re gonna be doing in 2021 that should be
exciting then that should be the future should always be exciting so if you’re
bored in the present I don’t I don’t really see why anyone but I mean people
want people want movement in terms of the price I I even checked the darn
price you better believe tomorrow there’s gonna be a long portion of time
I’m not gonna know anything it’s going on in Bitcoin but I’ll be watching some
interesting movies on that flight that United flight yeah they’re free well
they’re free for play paying the plane ticket but don’t worry I will be in
coach with the regular people because I am a regular person you better believe
I’m not wasting my money on first class or some other gimmick out there now I
thought you might wealth in Bitcoin not in leg space what’s here what are we a
block digest has a tweet out there that I referenced yesterday
Jeb Andrew who has been on the show before he’s on the latest IRS insanity
he’s talking I haven’t watched the video yet
sure it will be good and I’d love to hear Jeff’s I’m not gonna have time for
a few days but you guys might so if you get bored watch Jeff Dan Drew talk about
what he thinks is going on with the IRS and all their new rules for Bitcoin and
the crypto dividend stuff and their their question on the schedule one do
you own it the proposed question I hope he talks about that let me see what my
elite friends in the chat are saying I see mentions in their use of usage II
ami is in there Gaston Cruz is in there hello baby
Long Beach in the house all right of course to vows in there okay no one’s
got any questions that we Zane type in bitcoinmeister all someone says I have a
big nose yes I do that’s it debts you must your grain 80%
or her fancy sets and graphics your your noticing the nose and not the
information you’re gonna do well in life okay now let’s see law master says here
are the numbers of employees of crypto companies based on my research and I
don’t exactly know you didn’t really get this from LinkedIn but he says LinkedIn
is a very is not a very reliable source but he does see shares this information
I’ll quickly go over you can check out the tweet bit Maine has 1800 people
coinbase has 1100 who OB has 1100 click consensus has 800 crackin 700 finance
550 ripple is a company they have 450 ok X 400 circle 350 bit tracks 300 Tron
foundation 250 bitstamp 200 Gemini 200 block 1 180 bit FedEx 130 it’s a growing
industry hey you you could get a job it clearly
these are pretty decent numbers there I mean that’s pretty that’s amazing who
was a coin base 1100 people I mean there was no such thing as coin basing it back
in 2013 and there’s an opportunity out there and I I want to see all these
companies let them all grow let there be more
companies that’s that’s great for the space that it’s the spaces in employing
people and it’s a creating holders and creating all sorts of creative ideas so
good job I don’t agree with all this companies I’m not a fan I guess of all
because I get a lot of them are exchanges but since you guys are
gambling on exchanges they need big tricks has 300 people working for them
thanks to you guys gambling hey you’re making them richer
that’s your Jessie urge Isis where the big boys play uh okay now we’re going to
talk about Spencer Dinwiddie and we’re going to talk about Facebook’s Libre and
I’m gonna preface this by saying I would never buy what did we tease token or
libras coin I only buy Bitcoin but and I value my wealth and Bitcoin but I think
they should be allowed to exist okay in their own ways they will shake up the
financial system and wake up more people to Bitcoin
okay so Spencer Dinwiddie is trying to offer a token based on himself but I
mean that that will change the way people look at financial systems you’re
able to buy into an NBA player he plays for the nets and of course Libre we
already know that’s a corporation printing their own money competing with
countries so that’s going to shake things up now with that with all that in
mind what I just said booty back in Israel but I can tell Aviv
says and he is a guy who says that he’s the thing Facebook libras gonna happen
he he doesn’t like altcoins but he does say he’s a Bitcoin maximalist definitely
to be clear my prediction aside I am strongly opposing the cowardly action by
governments of the world versus Libre I think they should let them be separate
money and state I love that man pound that light button separate money and
state but the state is too paranoid about it man the states right now they
want to have they want to have control of full control over money
so they’re picking on Libra and Lieber isn’t easy it’s an easy target because
so many people hate Facebook and so many people are envious of Mark Zuckerberg I
mean they’re people in some of these threads where people are logically
saying stuff like like Judy just said they’ll say no Facebook deserves this
Zuckerberg is horrible I mean emotion and you’re not you’re not helping
yourself in the long run you’re basically being an informant to the
government you hear like yes government you’re awesome
hey please attack the people I don’t like that I’m envious ah please
maybe someone’s envious of you maybe they should take you out too I mean that
that’s what people don’t think of but but but going going on on this same
subject matter we have a Bryan Armstrong at coinbase saying something feels very
unamerican about this two senators writing to Visa MasterCard and stripe to
ask them to withdraw from Libra and the great Ansel Lindner responds I wonder
what Bryan thinks government does exactly this is an extremely naive
thread his very business coinbase is built on the protected side of
uncompetitive regulation okay so he Ansel is absolutely right yeah Bryan is
Bryan you are correct that if something does feel unamerican about two senators
trying to intimidate the companies to not support Libra but at the same time
coinbase exists because of these same senators making rules that you need to
have permits to sell Bitcoin and to do exactly what coinbase does that there’s
these Trump the government’s sending out setting up tremendous barriers to entry
okay so coinbase benefits from senators doing arbitrary things like this it’s
not arbitrary they’re getting bribed they’re being supported by by various segments of the corporate world
it’s unfortunate that the government is for sale in that way that they will they
will follow the lead of larger corporations that send them certain
support and will then construct regulation that will benefit companies
like coinbase yeah uncompetitive regulation I’m not a fan of it at all
neither is the great Ansel linor but Bryan Armstrong on what one end he
doesn’t like them red super regulating Libra and he has some business interest
in Libra too I believe pony base does but but he he benefits
just so much from government interference so let’s just boil it down
to that government he doesn’t like the government interference trying to in
trying to intimidate companies but at the same time his company exists because
of what exists at the tremendous level that it does with hundreds of employees
that I just referenced below above yeah because of government interference that
is why you that’s why coinbase it exists in the
state that it currently does so a little bit yeah it is a naive thread I hope it
was just naivete and not something sinister I cannot I cannot read Bryan
Armstrong’s mine here it is bottom line government you shouldn’t be interfering
anything crypto related this is where the big boys play let people fail let
let Joe Schmoe down the street for me set up his own exchange no they’re never
going to do that though but so we have coinbase
okay uh now no Shane is in the house what’s up Shane man I’ll be on the west
coast for a few hours tomorrow man thank you for having me have a strong hand
Shane said it’s always good to see Shane in here yeah it’s a person I know for
real life from my uh from my past and my present he’s I saw him a year ago now a
little over a year ago I’ll get back out there 2020 hopefully
man Wes coasting it again all right so let’s uh strong hand those Shane good to
see you seriously uh what do we have here this Spencer Dinwiddie well first
of all I will really tweet from a from pump he says I’m interviewing
Spencer Dinwiddie to mark this this afternoon I guess I was today for the
podcast we’re going to talk about the NBA his plans to tokenize his contract
and much more so again let’s go back a few years in time we would be going wild
for an NBA player to appear on it on a Bitcoin podcast what look how much
progress into the mainstream Bitcoin has I mean we he just had a sitting
congressman now he’s having an NBA player NBA player on some levels for the
80 percenters it’s bigger than a congressman this is big and I got you
know Spencer Dinwiddie I would never buy his token but he’s I do like that he’s
fighting the NBA he’s causing a big stink he’s causing people who watch
basketball to see what is this what’s going on what’s this Bitcoin what’s his
cryptocurrency what’s tokenization why is the NBA against this so he’s doing a
service for it for spreading the word he’s also changing if he’s successful if
he token eise’s it himself he’s he’s laying the groundwork for you know we
have now stock markets if you want to sell portions of your
company he’s not a company but you gotta do it on stock markets people have tried
to do it the ico way they’ve gotten smacked down big time
I believe that one day the ico thing it’ll be a little bit different but it
will be real real companies will I see oh okay they will issue tokens and then
real people will so if this if he’s successful this will stir up companies
against a way to save this NBA player can sell stock in himself which is
basically doing why can’t we sell stock in ourselves why why do we have to go
through all the regulation and the rules and this that and the other to get on a
stock exchange why can’t we just do what he just did and I say you know what this
were in a big boys play why can’t they do what he’s going to trying to do okay
it doesn’t hurt me a lot of people gonna say well
you can ripoff little old ladies with fake companies that’s true this is where
the big boys play though and if little little old ladies can
still play in the stock market that will still exists there will still be a
regular stock market for the traditional people who don’t feel comfortable in
this Wild Wild West but I don’t believe in the nanny state trying to take care
of everyone and saying you you can’t you can’t tokenize yourself or you can’t
tokenize your company and it is risky I believe your tokenizing a company or an
individual they could just rip you off so easily it’s so it’s so easily it’s so
easy to rip someone off but if someone wants to take the chance and if an
individual has a good reputation and develops that reputation over time this
could be a big thing so yeah I I think I like the innovation I like the
innovative aspect of what Dinwiddie is trying to do so there I linked to his
the the a pomp thread and you can check out Spencer he he I mean he mentions his
Twitter his Twitter account so you can just click on it there and I link to an
article from the NBA from Nets daily just talking about this obviously they
don’t support it so um what an unfortunate name that guy has yeah he’s
six foot five though vention so he can get away with Spencer dinner
Dinwiddie yeah that’s how you pronounce it Spencer Dinwiddie
okay so Krypto Pia starts liquidating its assets for creditor repayment it’s
date the date is still unknown no I’m mentioning this because they had a hack
at the beginning of the year and if you were keeping your Bitcoin or your
whatever they had a lot of ridiculous off coins on there if you’re keeping
your all coins there your Bitcoin there you’re not getting back dudes these
things happen there was a time when crypto PIA no people though it’ll never
get done it won’t get hacked the BitFenix will never get hacked big Trek
though these other ones never never it’s in the Hall of Fame of the the you
know the BTC – ease of the world the the exchanges that were so well known at one
time and now just don’t exist anymore because they were hacked inside job who
knows what it was but and then you had these stories that just keep hope alive
for the and I feel bad for the people who kept their their coins there but
you’re not don’t don’t bet on it I mean the mal Gough thing is still not settled
and they actually might have the Bitcoin maybe it’s you don’t want to get into
this situation where you’re waiting five years three years six years just
wondering wondering wondering and it’s just on your mind and it’s slowing you
down and it’s probably preventing you from buying more Bitcoin okay so that’s
just that’s your reminder of the day that these things happen we haven’t had
a hack for a little while I don’t think but so I just want to remind you crypto
Pia happened and crypto Pia still has to figure out how they’re going to repay
everyone because we’re not going to repeat all right everyone pound that
like button bang the Bell button to get reminders when I go live tomorrow’s show
who knows what time it will be at but I’ll get one in there spread the word on
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there now to check out the most recent shows and we do have a new show every
day even when I am travelling across the entire world for hours upon hours in a
plane and yeah I will I will tell you one thing Wednesday’s show will be very
late at night because it will be there it will be Oh it’ll be Thursday in
Sydney bite bite and who knows I’ll see you guys later I’ll say hi to you guys
in chat bye bye

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