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linked to below hello my elite friends I am feeling energized today I was last
lecture was really late got some good sleep and did my 46 hour fast a few
hours ago and baby I am good to go and so you those in the chat you want to
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save all my super chat questions there alright let’s start off with a tweet by
another guy who’s been only this week in Bitcoin show before Phil Geiger down in
Austin Texas I’m truly I am a truly terrible investor
I’ve never studied finance read literature about trading technical
analysis or work with a financial advisor I just buy and hold Bitcoin
while working my day job I’m only up 55 X or my investment is that bad
can can an expert from Wall Street help found that like button dude that’s the
attitude you took control you don’t need a third party telling you what to do you
don’t need to fit in to the Wall Street people to the traditional finance people
to the tea with the tea a people know you’re doing it you’re going your own
way with your Bitcoin you’re an awesome investor but in the I but but people you
do nothing you buy and hold you say that’s nothing compared to what these
fancy people are saying you know it’s not about the fancy set
some graphics it’s about long-term thinking having that strong hand and
never letting go that big coin that’s a strategy that’s a real strategy they’re
not this nonsense of coin flipping do not FOMO on all coins pound that like
button though okay Russell oh come of what he plays for the San
Diego yeah excuse me Los Angeles chargers well this dudes emotion he’s
putting his money where his mouth is where he’s organizing something at least
he’s got a tweet out there any site Bitcoin is calm and I went to below and
I’ll read what it says I hope you’ll join me in LA I believe this is in
September for an educational event designed for Bitcoin rookies I’m excited
to share Bitcoin is with you because I believe the way that you finish that
phrase Bitcoin is and the way you understand Bitcoin is a very
consequential question for every person alive in 2019 Bitcoin is many different
things to a wide range of people for me it coin is freedom above all else
well great Russell I am great Bitcoin I’m happy to hear that bitcoin is
freedom to you and that you’re spreading that word of freedom to rookies in the
LA area you are a famous person so there are a lot of 80 percenter types who are
just gonna be like oh I want to make some money Russell’s cool gonna happen
but they’re gonna change they’re gonna learn about saving they’re gonna learn
about long-term thinking you got some guests lined up got some speakers you’re
going to tell them about freedom and about being independent in controlling
their own financial destiny not relying on other people so this is news this is
great news you maybe you heard it somewhere else I don’t know that’s kind
of new as you get here on the bitcoinmeister channel that’s a hardcore
grassroots stuff and maybe bring in many people from the LA area many people who
most people will think would never be in the big does Bitcoin does not
discriminate anyone can get in so it’s great that a guy like Russell is
bringing it trying to bring it to the masses so pound that like
button rustle Oh Khan for reaching out to Bitcoin rookies because I Hey
everyone said everyone’s a rookie at some point in all in whatever field
begin in to be at the NFL or Bitcoin oh yeah feeling elite how my elite people
doing out there yeah you can say Brussels an elite football player okay
you’re an elite Bitcoin holder because you’re watching the one Bitcoin show you
know to get that one Bitcoin than two then three than ten so on and so on long
term thinking and again you’ve that you understand what means the value you’re
out the Bitcoin people are like I don’t want to go sell your big why would I
sell my big coin I mean I think it is money that that’s my wealth in the
future you’ll be able to use your Bitcoin to buy but right now you could
buy things with Bitcoin I mean right now I’m sure if I went to some developing
country and there was a guy who understood what Bitcoin was there he
would trade me a lot for it for a Bitcoin put me up who knows
give me a resort I don’t know but uh yeah I truly got a my wealth and pick
but I don’t think about cashing it out into dollars what the heck this is my
money this is the ultimate money all right yeah oh yeah when would he what’s
the name of it the the security truth machine yeah all right
so again sports moisture calm you can get all my podcast and yeah there’s some
shows that are only an audio podcast form I actually into one specific one
below click on it check it out the podcasts have been growing quite a bit
and I think it appeals more to the 20 percenters because there’s no fancy
social graphics they want the content so I’m proud of that
I’m glad that people just want to hear they don’t they don’t need to see this
t-shirt so you can get t-shirts link to below and of course these dudes in my
enmity and Alberta Bitcoin solutions what are they bitcoin solutions that CA
or BTC Edmonton I was what I was in enmity now I was in a meeting about a
little over a year ago a love a love Alberta best province in Canada well
yeah in many ways it is I mean there are some good provinces out there
I don’t pick favorites I love you all all Canadians now uh-oh whoa what do we
have here coin desk a coin desk Lauren Adams talking about a coin desk article
well the reason I bring out this freaky coin desk article is because this KC
dude I mean I don’t know if this was his fault but on the front page of coin desk
they have clickbait uh currency war with China
Trump’s currency war is big coins do-or-die moment that’s what it said on
the front now the art title is Trump’s currency war with China could be
bitcoins do-or-die moment well first of all yeah
Trump’s currency war is bitcoins do-or-die totally clickbait because
that’s not true but Trump’s currency war with China could be bitcoins do-or-die
moment no no there’s no do or do or die moment
for bitcoins just another moment they’re going to be plenty of moments where
countries or do foolish things and in terms of Finance I mean that’s what a
bureaucracy is all about government bureaucrats are always making mistakes
that’s why we want our own private money that’s why we don’t want to be involved
in a financial system that’s controlled by governments that’s why we opt into
the Bitcoin overlay okay yeah opt into it so they’re going to be plenty of
countries doing plenty of silly things that should wake some people up they’re
not do or die moments for Bitcoin for individuals they should be wake-up calls
it’s not about Bitcoin doesn’t care Bitcoin doesn’t care it’s about
individuals caring about their financial future when something like this happens
but in terms of it the currency war each other with with China unpacking the one
and the trade war tariffs etc etc this is this is a situation that involves
higher-level finance I mean guys who are investing in commodities and into into
large corporations that do trades between China United States and if they
make mistake they make the mistake it’s the end of the world they can diversify
into so many different asset classes okay we and when I’m talking about when
we’re talking about countries making financial decisions that impact
individuals have it Argentina what’s going on in Argentina right now
they’re a I believe it’s a socialist you just want some primary election and now
it appears that he might win the the big election and become the next leader of
Argentina and that the threat of more financial instability perhaps printing
of the peso more who knows that affects a lot of individuals in Argentina that
could wipe out their wealth and that so they need to get into Bitcoin if they
wouldn’t preserve their wealth okay we’re talking about Trump’s currency war
China’s currency war some of these high-level traders that are divestitures
diversified in so many different assets they don’t me they’ll they will
financially survive this this situation so you know painting it as such a big it
is a big worldwide you know China and then I say she was to tremendous the
biggest economies on the planet so yeah it’s uh it’s a big story but is it when
you boil it down to individuals something don’t like what’s going on in
Argentina is much bigger to individuals there then then this situation is that
that coin desk is front paging but let’s and and let’s go to the situation in
Argentina right now they just today because of the the pace are lost a lot
on the dollar and on Bitcoin and if you look but this what’s been going on in
Argentina last week big point is at an all-time high in Argentina in terms of
peso it is it’s higher basically and it was in the old days when the 2017
all-time high that were used to the United States same thing basically in
Uruguay now because you’re is some of the spillover is going into Uruguay what
happens in orange you know there’s always an effect in
Uruguay but the the Uruguayan peso is not losing value as fast as the freaking
Argentine peso it’s okay actually the Argentine peso is now worth less than a
year ryan peso which is unbelievable you know considering I mean Argentina is
such a more much more productive and populated country than Uruguay but again
they they have been through this before did you have a president who had some
was logical in terms of what he had to do in terms of finances but the people
there they there are a lot of 80 percenters they want someone to take
care of them so just just in Argentina currency tumbled and the cost
– was this the cost to insure against a debt default swelled a day after
opposition candy Alberto Fernandez now is he feeling very that Christine Annie
Alberto Fernandez I do much research into this won a primary election stoking
concerns of the populace come back just two months before the presidential vote
all right so is he related that cristina fernandez is that her son i don’t i do
not know that i mean i mean anyway cristina fernandez was the last
horrifying leader they had over there she was originally married to another
president continent and it seems to be a trend ins in countries in the what like
the wife why not which mostly qualified if she was the wife I’ve heard that
somewhere before don’t pound that like bump for that but
pound that like button for me saying that because I could say anything anyway
but the point is Uruguay Argentina they are serious countries okay they have
running boy I mean there’s a lot you’ve never been here before you on what South
America no they’re very European like countries you’re walking around every
state places for everything is modern but but they don’t they are terrible
with their currency and they inflate it away and so people are used smart people
by ways to protect their wealth okay and that is Bitcoin
that is what they beginning in two and we have been on
this show and on a few other shows people have brought up Argentina in the
last two years whatever I was in Argentina and Uruguay a little over a
year ago and I was in Santiago which is different Chile is different is is not a
financial basket case like Argentina is they have freedom much more financial
freedom they don’t try to meddle with things like Argentina does but the point
is in a in a country that’s composed of the voting population that Argentina is
you should have known for quite some time to getting the Bitcoin okay and so
a lot of people did get in the Bitcoin I mean they were they were buying
Bitcoin when it was supposedly at all-time highs in dollars and they’re
doing fine right now in terms of protecting their way because they would
have kept it in argentine pesos i mean it’s it’s falling so much since uh just
over the last two years over and again they’ve had a good financial leader
recently um and now they’re getting scare they’re about to have a bad boy so
this this is the life in some of these countries we are not familiar with this
in the united states or canada really about what goes on in butyl i’m in your
when Argentina are safe and beautiful you really can’t tell when you’re on the
streets that there’s financial mayhem behind the behind the scenes but again
if you’ve got a bank account you surely can I mean I oh yeah when I’m walking
the streets of Buenos Aires I don’t have a back so it doesn’t affect I’m just
buying stuff and I have I do I did notice how they would very happily take
my dollars at the bus station I’ve mentioned that before but but this is
the point is this this is not in serious countries where it is safe where it is
nice they’re not third-world countries or anything like that this kind of thing
happens and this is why there’s a you this is a use case for Bitcoin
protecting your wealth for all those peoples all hoarding is horrible or
what’s this about a preservation of wealth and the people should be spending
they should be spent no no this is you have to say they do this is the pure
exam what’s going on in Argentina all right
Pat pound that store a value store a value people there’s so many there’s so
many haters out there later good for now how did it become a store of value coin
go to Argentina you’ll see how it did it’s it’s beautiful down there pound
that like it protects people against government ignorance which will never
end and it’s just it’s a different level of incompetence in every country so
Argentina’s it always reverts back to incompetence again it’s South African
incompetence is worse sometimes but they have other checks and balances that have
kept the rand better than the peso lately but again plenty of dudes in in
South Africa for other reasons know that they gotta have that mentality that they
have in Argentina again the big point preserve your wealth talked a lot more
about or just you know that I thought it would
who’s this MC Klein says whether it’s and I don’t agree with this tweet but
I’m sharing it so you know what mainstream people are willing the tape
to take up the Union whether it’s free for whether it’s choosing these four
four oil tanks safe deposit bag boxes security guards insurance or wealth
managers there’s nothing unnatural about being forced to pay to preserve your
wealth no now there’s something very unnatural about being forced to pay to
to preserve your wealth you know you think you’re preserving your wealth in
the bank and then all of a sudden they they’re like oh yeah $60 of feed here or
negative interest rates etc etc know that I know you don’t have to take that
you don’t have to take that that’s what bitcoin is for and that’s
what uh the smart people in Argentina have realized a long time ago
no they don’t have to play with their inflationary pay so they don’t have to
value their wealth in an inflationary pay so uh – and that is it wealth that
isn’t paid I mean their wealth is it being preserved so again you don’t have
to pay to pay exorbitant fees to to some third party to take care of your
wealth okay take responsibility personal responsibility is new counterculture you
get in the Bitcoin there there are no exorbitant fees that to guard your
wealth you you are guarding your wealth on your own you’re taking so again I
think maybe in the old world before Bitcoin it there was nothing unnatural
about being forced to pay to preserve your wealth but no it’s not it’s not
natural anymore baby it’s an abomination pound that like button going biblical on
you there baby with abomination and natural God and then you can support
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Andreas Antonopoulos has another great video about it is about security it is
about Mesabi ver samurai a little bit if you played at 1.75 speed it only takes 6
minutes of your time so guys a lot of you have had questions for me about
security and about are you gonna do a video of wasabi and and samurai and
security there’s your video right there take six minutes and stop watching my
video right now go it’s linked to below Andreas Antonopoulos he talks about the
security options that are out there already Lightning Network helps with
privacy okay there are many different options you can combine them intertwine
them you need to learn about them there you gotta understand them but there’s
already ways to gain the privacy and of course you can make if you’ve already
registered in the exchange where you give it away your you stand in your your
ID well I mean you’ve already taken a step in the wrong damn a big step in in
the anti privacy direction but if you do some of the basic privacy techniques
that andreas brings up you’re ahead of so many people so he says there’s just
you know he gets contacted by so many people who want the state of you know
the state of the art and they’re super duper apparently and again for those
people if you even understand the stuff you’re ahead of like 98% of the people
out there so you’re already you’re already very
good with privacy compared to some of your Bitcoin peers so he focuses on
education and learning privacy practices and one thing that he points out that I
think it’s great is the more people practicing privacy the bigger the
privacy heard and so the more effective it is it’s herd immunity there he
explains it better than I did just then but it’s very logical you know the more
of us that do care about our privacy the more people that are on the private side
of things and it’s better for everything so so do try to learn a little bit do a
little something and again he brings up lightning that work is gonna be is gonna
help with people’s privacy because most do absolutely nothing watch this video
played at 1.75 speed I could understand it fine it’s like six minutes out of
your life and in that way I don’t have to make a video for you you don’t have
to ask questions he takes it’s really good stuff he makes
great videos so uh and he’s a classic also Vinny Lincoln is a classic now
somebody don’t let Vinnie and everything like that prevent but I still read him
and everything he’s a smart man I do not agree with everything he says to say the
least but he’s got he’s got wisdom out there
sometimes he says we need to stop using the term unbent
as if banking is the solution let’s not assume the world needs everyone to have
a bank account in order to be able to function within society what the world
needs is the ability for every human to be able to transact effortless
effortlessly effortless and I I agree with that pound that like button to that
you don’t need a minute when we say it’s a be your own bank okay that’s it that’s
a way to explain it but you you’re not really your own bank you’re able please
Bank requires so much information okay they do a bank implies approval you are
a human that’s able to transact effortlessly with Bitcoin it you know it
doesn’t require filling out any forms being approved of you don’t have to look
a certain way have to have an income requirement and
you don’t have to present an ID to be in Bitcoin it is it is effortless less
effortless okay right there so I like the line of
thinking he’s going there with not using the term unbanked because again a lot of
people are unbanked and they’re gonna stay on that but they’re gonna become
Bitcoin and that is good that that should be what they should what eighty
per what what the unn the so-called unbanked should be aiming for to be able
to effortlessly transact and effortlessly save not have to rely on a
third party that requires ID etc etcetera alright so good job Vinnie
pointing out who it’s a yeah Financial Inclusion fight fan he talks it that’s
that’s a word I don’t exactly like that term either but again if you are a big
coin you’re financially included you are you are that’s the key to financial and
anyone can get into it just that there’s certain people out there so older so
many barriers the financial inclusion in this world oh woe is me
let me scream and cry no get in the Bitcoin there you go there’s your answer
it’s over you’ve got including financial okay with this
oh yeah I mentioned the my ice link to a podcast only podcast of mine audio
podcast only link to below something I noticed in the comment section here on
YouTube there are there’s a new form of spammer out there that seems to be
taking advantage of tethering because so many people in the space have heard of
tether there now like stammers out there that are just like Hayes tether airdrop
or tether this tether that just like using tether as a term to attract people
to click on their links that will I don’t know where these links will take
you of course i erase all the spam that’s left there but it just it seems
like some of these uh these scammers and spammers are taking a new approach there
their word of the month to confuse and attract
people their clickbait word is tether but what will be next from them but I
mean they do it so much people fall for it I guess they’re the rookies out there
they look cool man I mean I can get some free tether it’s been in the news lately
these guys are giving it away it sounds good I don’t know what it is
must be good heard it a lot and they keep on repeating it better click on
this random link on a YouTube video don’t do it but yeah they it’s it’s
clearly been in the news so much that the scammers just can’t not lay off of
it again and again it’s it tethers tether tether people were traders
usually – so if you have a mild interest in that you’re likely to be more of a
gambler and a chance taker and you’re gonna click on something horrible so be
careful so today I’m wearing this shirt at synagogue I’m wearing this shirt and
a religious guy comes up to me again I’m in Tel Aviv religious guy he comes up to
me and he says Bitcoin is like yeah and he’s like he says he’s aetherium
developer he’s from st. Louis I said I went to watch you in st. Louis and it
was great it was great so again I was in motion this coats identity it was this
shirt a couple weeks ago that some guy on the street asked me where the Bitcoin
out to see was so again if you’ve got Bitcoin shirts you wear it out in public
you’re in motion you’re again you’re getting the conversation started your
your marketing Bitcoin and so yeah I met I met a guy who’s an aetherium developer
he’s he’s a good guy again he’s obviously interested in all sorts of
cryptocurrency and again for those of you who are into
all the conspiracies out there about why don’t you reach people why did they do
so well uh-huh because they’re they’re always learning they’re very interested
in this learning is instilled in uh in the Jewish culture I gotta say this I
gotta say this is a this guy isn’t like the same guy is me but he’s got that
learning and great ingrained in him he’s always grew up with Orthodox and
everything like that and I gotta give the Jewish people credit we are always
learning we we get we didn’t stumble upon
we didn’t stumble upon success we everyone had a chance to get him he was
cryptocurrency okay everyone still has a chance to get it but it seems like the
places that the only places on earth where I’ve got stopped because of the
shirt I’m wearing is in Israel they’re the only people that have yeah I’ve worn
Bitcoin t-shirts all over America no one’s ever stopped me and said Old Vic
one it’s only in Israel if this happens to me and it’s it’s not that conspiracy
people it’s uh everyone’s had a chance to learn about this stuff and just some
people are more proactive about it you can be like it also don’t be envious be
be like them be like the people who go out of their way to learn I’m saying
always be learning it’s not just a catchphrase it’s a lifestyle and it is a
lifestyle that pays off for people and again there’s a lot of hate out there
out in the world for people who have success okay and people trying to make
up conspiracies about why they’re successful they only help each other no
they’re they’re learning okay they’re learning and they they when you’re
learning you get involved with other people who are learning you attract
other minds and just about you bounce off from each other so it was good it’s
great it’s great that this shirt really I hope I wish these people everywhere on
earth would stop me and start talking about Bitcoin wherever I go it would be
great it would be great but again everybody on earth has a chance to get
into this thing everybody had on earth and they can go whatever they way they
want him that guy went the etherion route I didn’t ask if he owns any
Bitcoin alright and uh what else do we have here we talked about that oh one
final thing I want to include with here fork cast dot news I mentioned that a
few weeks ago I said I look into it a little bit more I said it might be a
coin desk competitor well I’ve been disappointed yeah corny desk is better
than forecast not news it’s clearly like a blockchain dot a blockchain not
Bitcoin like 2015 whose style site and you know it does have an Asian focus
which I thought was going to be interesting it’s a lot of fluffy
blockchain II all coin and stuff oddly enough it’s based in
Hong Kong and not one story is about the situation that’s going on in Hong Kong
and maybe that sums it all up for you that it’s you know they got a tonne a
party-line or they’re not into anything controversial and that’s why they’re
just going for these like clickbait like tokens stable coins type of articles so
idiot now I have not been impressed it has fancy sets or graphics but hey
man don’t let that stuff lying yeah it’s not that but I did mention in a while
ago I thought or a couple of weeks ago I thought it had potential
I haven’t seen any potential from it gotta give you an honest truth i’m adam
meister the bitcoin month maybe they’ll change their ways again it’s in Hana con
they’re in the belly of the beast right now but it’s kind of blah the the the
publication is prank blah i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
meister subscribe his channel pal that like bond Annabelle one click on those
squares my elite friends I will say hello to you soon bye-bye

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  1. i just finished "The Bitcoin Standard" / i now understand why bitcoin works & why it is unique and can't be duplicated. I have a different view of the few alt coins i currently own. My hands have become stronger.

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