The 1 Bitcoin Show- Over 50% of your net worth in BTC? Self-censorship cure, Non-tech talk! CNBC

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
August the 8th that’s eight eight twenty nineteen strong hand be read beasts Dow
your wealth in Bitcoin having height on confiscate one Bitcoin goes one Bitcoin
yeah I’m offended by selling don’t follow on all coins in motion five digit
realm okay today is the August 8 tomorrow is Friday
August the 9th and around this same time tomorrow is this week in Bitcoin because
remember this is the one Bitcoin show but tomorrow Friday is always this
weekend Bitcoin and Saturday is always the beyond Bitcoin show but who is
tomorrow’s special guest I said yesterday was a guy that hadn’t been on
the show for a long time yes tomorrow Friday August 9th around the same time
tobey’s makes his return to this week in Bitcoin oh yeah it’s always a blast when
tone bays and the bitcoinmeister adam meister the disrupt meister get together
so turn about tomorrow around the same time Friday August 9th tone base will be
on the this weekend Bitcoin so that’ll be a fun time ok and yeah there’s some
people that have asked me like yeah with wise tone never been on your show before
oh you guys are newbies if you knew that tone have been on the show before you
probably have more Bitcoin than you have now tell Matt like but alright now let’s
see hello my elite friends always good to be with you here in the evening in
Tel Aviv oh you guys are elite remember that that
first goal is to get that one Bitcoin then 2 then 3 then 10 then 100 then 200
alright and yet you dudes are elite if you are a bit coin holder so few people
around our Bitcoin holders right now now who is
this this tweet from defrost 94 it is a clip it’s a video clip for those of you
who like fancy sets and graphics found that like button because you know you’re
not getting the fancy sets or graphics here there it’s it’s a CNBC clip they’re
talking to pump and some like some guy on the show at the end of the clip now I
didn’t see the whole show but the end of the clip just really it sums up the
mainstream narrative and how it’s so unfortunate that people think but like
this is true the guy says with all the he says it’s reckless for you pump to
say that bitcoin is a safe haven with all the hacks okay so the guy I don’t
know if he’s just trying to fund it or most likely he doesn’t understand he
knows that there have been these exchange hacks but what’s that matter in
terms of Bitcoin being a safe haven investment if you own if you truly own
Bitcoin you control your private key so it can’t be taken away from you if you
haven’t owned an exchange if it’s not your Bitcoin I mean it’s ridiculous
Bitcoin itself cannot be hacked but these people conflate the two – I
don’t know what their rationalities I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt maybe
they’re just confused but this is on CNBC okay so there are a lot of people
interested in investments interested in assets that hear this nonsense and they
don’t think bitcoins a real asset because that when in fact it is the best
asset out there and you got I did the people credit who watched a CNBC at
least they are interested in assets they want wealth because in order to get
wealth you have to have some type of asset but when you guy we have a guy on
there saying with all the hats it’s not it’s not a safe haven you’re reckless to
say it’s a safe you the guys actually being reckless by spreading a lies about
Bitcoin then it’s hackable I mean again so for those of you
you don’t get it to this very day if you’ve got big coin on exchange it’s
really not yours is in fact it can get stolen from the exchange you got it
getting on your treasure or your ledger whatever way that you control your
private key it is yours it’s not getting hat okay it’s not
getting hanging unless you’re good unless you’re give away your your
recovery seed never ever do that of course but watch the clip and again the
clip was uh tweeted out there not because of what the guy said in last two
seconds what the guy says in last two seconds that’s my big takeaway from it
okay I got I look at things a little differently than some people I’m not in
it for there was something you know be a the reason it was retweeted is because
pomp like burnt down or something he said something if you don’t
understand Bitcoin you don’t you don’t believe in cryptography burn great yeah
that’s that that’s not my big takeaway is that you’ve got a amaze this is what
mainstream people are still saying that it’s hackable and that thus you’re
you’re reckless for saying that it’s a and again it was a week it was
definitely a week reply but I do people weren’t gonna think it’s people who
don’t people are gonna say oh the guy says hackable and they’re gonna keep on
spreading that nonsense alright that’s linked to below everything I told
Madden’s videos links below and of course follow me on Twitter at Tech Balt
TCH be alt that is I’d say that’s the epicenter of the bitcoinmeister
ecosystem because I tweet out these shows and my podcast own audio podcast
only shows we’re gonna talk about the audio podcast in a second and the
interesting demographic that’s been listening to the podcast maybe it’s a
foreshadow of things that come I don’t know but here’s our milne actually
coincidentally commented about pump not about that segment but he says it may
seem crazy to some that pump has over fifty percent of his net worth in
Bitcoin however anyone that held since 2015 when it was around two hundred
dollars has nearly sixty X it would only have taken a 1% Alok
about a 1 percent allocation to debt to a 50 percent over 50 percent allocation
now so this is a really a really great point if you’re talking to some
old-school Bitcoin guidance in holding this is 2015 and you ask him what his
allocation is in Bitcoin it’s going to be tremendous and it’s not because they
made a tremendous initial allocation is it 60 X since then so that is a
beautiful way if you had around 1% of your allocation of your route in Bitcoin
den and you didn’t touch your Bitcoin well now it darn well it’s over 50% and
yeah of course I you know I don’t think it’s a big deal to have over 50% of your
wealth in Bitcoin heck I think it’s great again I you right now I understand
you can’t start off with that one percent allocation maybe you will be the
same thing is gonna happen again in 5 is gonna 60 X again I don’t know you never
know it’s worth it to try to get into 1% Oh get one percent allocation in the big
point now ok if not if not more again I’m not giving financial advice I’m just
saying obviously I don’t even own a house
anymore ok so clearly my wealth is over 90% in Bitcoin ok I have a major asset there you go so I don’t think it’s wrong
to have over 50% of your asset Bitcoin is the asset of the future of course
it’s great to have over 50% allocated in Bitcoin yeah I mean I’m I’m walking the
walk of course I’m not over 90% in Bitcoin oh well this is a big fall oh
well I mean I that’s the way I planned it out that’s the way I planned it I
knew I was like I told myself you know I’m gonna get this and I want a certain
level of wealth by a certain year and I attained it and then some of course
alright yeah it did better than I thought it would which is great always
creepy alright so moving on and get planning out it’s just you got
action you can’t just talk there’s so many technical guys for back in 2015 who
probably to this very day can explain all the technicalities of Bitcoin much
more so than I can but they never bought it they were just like studying it as a
science project they talked the talk they didn’t walk the walk they were
talking such impressive technical talk did they actually buy it
no there’s no pour some of those dudes and that’s really unfortunate it’s
really unfortunate you can go back to my videos I said by 10 by 10 if you bought
10 you you’re pretty darn happy now all right uh the importance of oh yeah so
let’s talk about non-technical people okay I keep going back to this Dan’s
happy arrow video it was this the fourth day in a row I mention it it is linked
to below the traditional finance guy who was raving about Bitcoin who said it’s
the truth machine the security truth machine this guy is not a technical man
at all this is a finance man I after thinking about this video more and more
more this is one of them but this may be the most important non-technical
interview of all time and it really it really might be because we need in the
space because to so many people out there who they’ll watch a technical
video and they will dad is the best thing ever oh I love that technical
guest that you had on oh they explained so many things about the the liquid
network in all and buying all this other’s tech some aspects of the
Lightning Network liquid also and their day and then I’ll be then the next step
would be well what did they what did you learn and then these people ain’t going
to be able to tell you what they learned okay and that’s really important that’s
really that’s important because didn’t learn a darn thing they’re just they
think they owe this guy talks so much technical know if the person even
telling the truth with all the technical mumbo-jumbo they’re throwing out there
so sometimes you gotta hit and again you can enjoy if that’s a pastime of yours
to hear people talk technical and not understand a word they’re saying I guess
that’s not very productive for me I know that this world has a lot more people in
it that understand finance they understand technical computer science
type of stuff okay and so dad’s happy era he’s no computer scientist he’s no
programmer he is a finance guy a man who’s made himself incredibly wealthy
and he just lays it out there in terms of how this thing is changing the world
and it’s a completely different asset class and that you should just hold it
you should just hold it okay and his the way he puts it all out there in this in
this interview is very convincing very persuasive and I just don’t see how
anyone anyone with uh the so finance knowledge and who has dabbled in finance
before won’t at least be tempted to get in the Bitcoin after watching this video
so that’s why I think it is such an important minute you send it to your
friends you send it to guys that are in their 50s and stuff that I’ve invested
in the stock market and they will get this might trigger them this really
might or any of you guys in their 30s and 20s 40s who who have a mini earth
scared off like some of the technical mumbo-jumbo that is thrown out there
about Bitcoin you don’t have to understand any of the technical stuff
any of the technical stuff to appreciate the greatness of Bitcoin okay to
understand what what it can do for individuals across the globe and what it
means that the paradigm change that that that we are living through that this is
part of a golden age baby pound that like button and yeah so okay maybe I
should I promises lest I’m gonna mention the dance happy era I mean that I’ve
never even heard of do before be honest with you but he rocked I mean it was a
that was a slam video and it was the brazilian guy interview I think he’s
Brazilian hurry he’s name it sounds like a Portuguese name anyway
moving on moving on bitcoin is the cure for self-censorship town that like
button you know they’re they’re Sony P and I’ve conveyed this message
many different ways when you work for a corporation or when you value fitting in
you are not going to save certain things okay because you don’t want to lose your
job you don’t lose your friends you don’t lose your status okay you don’t
will lose your wealth you don’t want to get cancelled okay this is canceled
culture that we’re living in okay so people self-censor that’s the worst type
of censorship out there not someone YouTube and in your video when you make
a youtube video but you’re scared to say what you really mean okay and that
bitcoin is the cure for that it could if you value your wealth to Bitcoin if you
got a stockpile a Bitcoin who cares if you get by who cares if you lose lose
your friends or friends who cares about fitting in you’re in the Bitcoin overlay
man you can say when you I mean that’s what I say what I want because over
ninety who said my wealth is a Bitcoin I’ll have a job I don’t have a
traditional job I could get fired don’t know don’t have a house that can
get stolen from me don’t don’t have an easy little target like a house that
could get vandalized if people don’t like place yeah
that’s extreme no one should ever do such a thing but again that’s that’s the
big point is a cure for its freedom big it is freedom in the Bitcoin overlay so
I invite you to join me here on this faraway Island that is so nearby okay
October 17th to 24th I’ve mentioned this before I leave well first of all I’m
here in Israel until September 25th and then I’m in Baltimore in between
September 25th and October 17th for the Jewish High Holidays and to take care of
some things with my family and they’re always got to take I always got to go
back to bottom or at least four times a year but October 17th to the 24th is the
first leg of my Australian trip I will be in Sydney Australia
those that week and then for the next month
October 24 to November 24th or so I will be Natalie Australia
but I’m bringing all this up again because I know most of you here on
YouTube you watch my show here you watched of the big whatever one Bitcoin
show but there’s a growing number of people who like the podcast version this
show great they don’t like fancy sets or graphics they don’t need to see my face
that’s that’s great them really don’t they’re actually paying attention to the
content and they don’t leave it they don’t get to chat or anything like that
so the the audio again sports meister calm yeah the podcaster their anchor
host them and then it distributes them and everything but I’ve been looking at
the numbers okay and in Australia there’s like an over-representation it’s
really grown fast in Australia the podcast them not the YouTube numbers has
always been around like 2% of my YouTube viewers have been like from Australia
but on the the podcast weights of 20 percent say it’s really high all of a
sudden and most of them are from Sydney where I’m going to be so I hope to meet
someone you dudes maybe you’re listening right now yeah why you guys think this
is it might be because the podcasts are posted at odd times which aren’t odd
times in Australia okay there might be very good times that they get posted
maybe Australian people appreciate podcasts more maybe they’re better
without listening comprehension than rest the world again it’s my number two
country on my podcast it’s like number four you know on the videos again it’s
USA Britain and Canada or top three it makes sense with the videos and then
Australia but again I’ll show ya beats Britain and Canada on the podcast I mean
maybe you guys have some theories uh it might be the timing might be the
listening comprehension and I don’t know but I’m happy to see everybody in and I
will be seeing quite a few people with especially that first week in Sydney cuz
I do know a few definitely some people have been on the show before has
obviously I will see he will appear on the show but we’ve got
some behind-the-scenes stuff I’m working on I don’t know if I’m pretty I can say
and anyway there’s a big there’s a female from Sydney who’s been on the
show before Adrianna who’s great she’s been on the
show before this week in Bitcoin show and she’s big there and hopefully what
we’re working some things out over there so we’ll see what happens she’s great
she’s great and so I’m excited about going to Sydney
alright but maybe some of you guys in the notes or if you’re listening on the
podcast you can email me at Adam at Tresor help calm or follow me DM me at
tch BLT on Twitter and tell me what’s up with people from Sydney just like loving
the podcast is again it’s Australia’s is big on the podcast and then out of
Australia it’s coming from Sydney alright so I’ll be happy to be there
again even if the numbers weren’t that way we’ll the pike is IB I’d love going
Australia I’ve been to Australia every single year since 2015 and I’m trying
again this is my second time in Sydney but the most of the trip will be to
Adelaide and I’ve never been there before so now I’ve been after a delay
I’ve been in the top six cities in Australia in terms of population so I’ll
be able to give everyone a full report on which one is my favorite each one has
that each one has an awesome I love Australia I don’t like the Sun in
Australia though man that thing is powerful it burns you yeah I got to put
thick sunscreen on me when I’m running and I’m dark okay man and I don’t you
don’t run at noon there oh my god alright keep on innovating so here’s a
technical article from Bitcoin magazine all right now I’m talking about
technical stuff that I don’t understand is the first part I definitely
understood of this article it’s is it by Erin I don’t even know but this is again
the second half does get technical so some of you might lose it and I lost him
a second yeah this what is this here revamped idea Bitcoin vaults
mate and exchange hacks for good the revamped idea for Bitcoin both bolts
made and exchanged for good and yeah it’s basically two
private teas and if you steal one and the other one will get the funds back
read it it’s not a perfect thing but but there’s
some logic in it if if a hacker is trying to hack an exchange knows that
it’s a Bitcoin bulked type of address they probably won’t bother because
there’s a way where it can end up where the hacker gets nothing but then the
exchange ends up with nothing you discern and no one ends up with anything
which would be bad but then why would a hacker even trying to hack it at that so
anyway read the article it does get technical at the end but it’s innovation
and I say keep on innovating people technical people finance people
marketing people this is the space this is the space to be in if you’re
complaining you’ve got no excuse come over and compete get a real asset and
live in the Golden Age and show your creativity people all right guys around
the same time tomorrow Friday turn Bay’s only this week and
Bitcoin show follow me on Twitter a tech book i’m adam meister at the big point I
had a meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember subscribe the
channel go to disrupt meister to calm lets disrupt meister i come to see all
my old videos I will probably say hi to you using the chat if all is going well
see you soon bye

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