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the show Nima will be on the show he’s been on the show before a great guest
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over the counter hype OTC hype there’s all sorts of Bitcoin OTC hype up there
out there I think you gotta be calm people you know sometimes you can get
way too excited about good news either good news also I don’t want my came a
talk on that like button okay so I’ve seen no proof of the following but here
is in an article from Forbes now I think any what Billy bam bro wrote this
article I and how billionaires are buying up Bitcoin and this is about an
supposed o TC desk okay one of our clients approached us and said they were
interested in in 25% of all Bitcoin currently
available dad-dad eonni said there are a number of
entities who want to dominate the market now that is a huge claim this this OTC
desk maybe they’re just saying it to bring customers in or to get them a lot
of attention because this is definitely getting them a lot of attention someone
wanted to buy four million Bitcoin over 4 million bitcoins ok that that’s what
they came to this person said I want a quarter of the market now if that
actually happened if someone were able to do that somehow they could have just
do it at one trading desk they would have to go on two exchanges the price of
Bitcoin would it would skyrocket incredibly it would be like nothing
we’ve ever seen before and everyone everyone loves a story like this ok I
find it very hard to believe I find it hard to believe that it’s 100% true at
least you shouldn’t get that excited about it I have seen so little proof
that so you know everybody see you gotta go out you see I have seen so little
proof that any OTC exists any and so this is the complete this is the other
side of the spectrum that like oh so someone has the ability to that they’re
they’re bold enough to go to no CT see this and want a quarter of all Bitcoin
in existence what I have seen since April the first and I think maybe some
people will agree with me is we have seen price spikes that have clearly
coincided with large purchases on exchanges which means that people who
really want Bitcoin aren’t going to these magical mystery tour
OTC desks that kind of exists might exist like to promote themselves so they
get customers exist they’re actually going to exchanges and buying large
quantities of it and that you know then we get a public taste of what they’re
willing to pay and the price goes up in terms of Fiat which you’ll see I’m just
saying you know stories like this are great they’re they I mean they make you
feel good but don’t get carried away in this OTC hype here is
another here’s a tweet and this person uses the
term dynastic elite again I mean that makes you seem envious and and in
scapegoat II here anyone can buy Bitcoin we should be happy that that I’m asked
if you’ll eat I’m tired of this dynastic elite you know we could try our own
destiny don’t blame it on and this person isn’t directly blaming it on the
elite but it just it gets at me it pokes at me a little bit when people just talk
about the elite the elite that dynastic you lead oh the cause of all our
troubles now well here we go here’s the here’s a tweet apparently he apparently
huge bidding war among dynastic elites who can’t even get 10% of the OTC
Bitcoin by orders filled only a matter of time until market reflects a true
placed price discovery which will explode all no point corner heads cause
Bitcoin value as far more as far above every million-dollar projection okay
dude this guy provides no proof of this at all none whatsoever
I don’t know where he’s getting this and I’m glad the guys excited but where his
brute proof that these so-called elite elites can’t get 10 percent of what they
want on OTC and that Bitcoin will you know every million dollar projection is
it’s it’s far above it the value right now is far above every million dollar
projection I don’t I don’t know I I need proof that these OTC counters even exist
okay and I’ve seen very little proof of that at all again and I know and people
love to retweet stuff like that fee you can’t get too carried away what I
will say is that yeah in terms of Fiat the Bitcoin price in the future will be
a lot more when will it happen are there magical mystery tour OTC desks
right now I don’t know you have a strong hand and I don’t want people to be
disappointed when the great revelation of the OTC yes elites doesn’t happen
because it’s not gonna happen anytime soon probably that this is what’s really
been going on on the OT see markets the richest men in the world
have all but they couldn’t get their hands on Bitcoin and there’s no Bitcoin
available and it’s now worth two million dollars that it’s now don’t hold your
breath for that at 1:00 again that would be great I
would love it I would love it if someone really bought a quarter of all the big
women existence it would be great but don’t get too carried away and again you
know I am the biggest Bitcoin fan on earth but I got to keep it realistic for
the people out there I got to keep it realistic and I can’t I can’t make these
quick baby these click baby predictions and click baby statements that are
possibly based on completely nothingness all right what I can do and what I did
do is buy Bitcoin okay I knew that you know something great would be happening
in the future so instead of like getting it it’s so exciting about all these
tweets and do nothing I bought Bitcoin so there you go
practice what you preach there Meister so the great yesterday show was watched
by the great Hass McCook in sydney australia who i will meet in person when
I am in Sydney October 17th to the 24th and then I will
be in Adelaide October 24th to November 26 and I’m obviously already looking
very much forward to it but has heard me say well what what percent of the days
of bitcoins existence has it been worth over $10,000 the dude comes out with a
chart a tweet and that comes up with another chart in the tweet it’s showing
the great numbers showing how early we are in this ok in the 3700 98 days that
Bitcoin has been alive here are how many days it’s been over certain prices over
a dollar two thousand nine hundred seventy seven days over ten dollars two
thousand five hundred forty seven days over a hundred dollars two thousand two
hundred five days over a thousand dollars only 800 48 days over five
thousand dollars four hundred fifty eight days so a little bit over a year
over $10,000 only eighty days more details in the picture which again it’s
linked to all this is linked to below everything I talk to you is linked to
below Platt found that life on twelve point one percent of all the days of his
existence it’s been over five thousand dollars two point one one percent days
over ten thousand dollars so that’s not many days point six eight
said a bitcoins of the days that Bitcoin has existed it’s been over 15 K 0.13%
over 17.5 K so we will one day look back on this and say wow Bitcoin was a homing
2.6 8% of his days as it was only over 15 K because in the future it’ll always
be over 15 K not always be over 16 K again that’s for you Fiat freaks out
there pass in his us updated graphic history says 2.9 percent of its life
Bitcoin has been over $9,000 which is not again not very long at all and he
actually tweeted that out before today’s Punk he picked that number on his own
and he’s quite funny that a little later on on this very rollercoaster of a day
for all you Fiat freaks out there that yeah it was another day that it was over
on $9,000 but again the days like this there’s only been two point nine five
percent days like this in history of Bitcoin so far and that just puts in
perspective how early this is and yeah volatility is uh it seems like it’s back
again and but did the volatile what would cause today’s volatility some
people think it’s there was a bye Nana started mop margin trading today I
linked to something that talks about that I I don’t really care about the why
behind it may I as I’ve said to people we have wild roller coaster days like
this all the time the Bitcoin could go up by $400 in an
hour and then drop up to 500 by 500 dollars in two seconds later alright so
UK Bitcoin master says bitcoinmeister I’m addicted to your shows dude Bryan
found that like button check out his show from earlier today where he
interviewed Jeff dan drew and out of courtesy for Bryan because I got
courtesy for my people I made sure I did this show after his show was over
respect brother pound that like button all right now and check him out I didn’t
look to show below but look at you become master and watch all his dark
shows and he’s got good guests baby he knows what it makes a good guest so what
else do we have here oh yeah my reminder to everyone the public service
announcement I’m doing every single day crypto dividends you get crypto
dividends when you hold your Bitcoin when you properly hold your Bitcoin and
again this is a little-known fact about Bitcoin that people will not talk about
for some reason if you hold your because again there’s a lot of people that want
your to give them their Bitcoin your Bitcoin and for them to do things with
your Bitcoin and maybe they’ll give you a little something for it or maybe
they’ll lose your Bitcoin again you control your own Bitcoin you won’t lose
your Bitcoin and you’ll get interest on your big point by claiming the crypto
dividends okay and we we’ve had plenty of shows about that in the past so
Bitcoin math meister that’s so kind dude dude Brian you are a kind man happy
birthday by the way it was Brian’s birthday recently should all uh we
should all be have a happy birthday to when we have a birthday and wish him a
happy birthday moving on ah and again that’s your
public service announcement it is insider info its insect you get all
sorts opposing insider info here it should be insider info that crypt of
dividends exists but hey most people are just happy with their clickbait titles
talking about ridiculous things trying to say million dollars now million
dollars tomorrow alright so speaking about ridiculous things in the crypto
space oh you’re saying bsv is the next Bitcoin on that I was parked okay
Bitcoin is the next Bitcoin but again there’s some people that are just
totally confused individuals and they’ve drank the kool-aid they like Jim Jones
and they believe what Jim Jones says that a PSP is the next uh-oh I can’t say
because it’s not it’s just an off point it’s a freak coin now here here’s the
thing I you know bsv is having their they’re gathering in Toronto today where
I know all the Canadians are also two NBA fans and so and I said it would pump
of course its centralized but there was another pump late last night I was like
why did one now happened is nothing’s even going
on well o link to below you can see that billionaire Calvin got it he was on
Bloomberg keep a bloomberg interviewed him put him this guy they put on
legitimate supposedly legitimate TV and he’s you know saying how bsv is so great
so a lot of people pumped up to two hundred fifty forged dollars it was and
again I don’t buy your mom I all coins in anything I buy I look at the the
Bitcoin price it was worth about three percent of a Bitcoin suddenly suddenly
and and what once people lose we saw this video apparently and I maybe this
wasn’t the main reason but this was this had to be a definitely part of it when
Bloomberg gives you free publicity but what I found fascinating about it is
that you know rebel gambler billionaire Calvin he straight up says he wants he
likes regulation he wants regulation oh wow what a what a what a guy what again
and again this is where the big boys play see if you can say like things like
this and yours in this space if you want it but I can just like let’s just say
how ridiculous we we’re a compliance compliant the word compliance up and
makes me barf he wants to be a compliant coin compliant I mean it’s like follow
the leader follow the leader I mean again that’s what that’s what being in a
cult is about being compliant you know drinking the kool-aid following Jim
Jones and again he knows what the truth is he probably he was if the pump he
wants suckers to buy it and sure enough it didn’t it didn’t stay three percent
for long Alistair Melanie actually tweeted out an interesting chart that
shows someone just dumped 25,000 VSV at market or BitFenix so someone had enough
of its own one of their 3% on their big three percent and they got it so good
for them they dumped it and hey again it is crazy that the people bought into
this thing and again it there will be days in the pumps again now think of
some other gimmicks some other copyrights some other thing it’s very
centralized it’s a maze it just it just baffles my mind that people believe it
and hey you know give him credit they convinced Bloomberg to put it put
him on there when your centralized you have a leader you can you can do things
like that when you have two leaders or a big a big funder he’s the big funder he
actually has money Calvin he is a real billionaire as opposed to Jim Jones fake
Toshi who has I mean he’s just the bomb basically he’s a conman that just makes
up you know leeches on the people like that and terror bear says bitcoinmeister
thank you for the consistent content that’s all thank you I’m glad I’m glad
you appreciate a new show every day terror barrier terror bear seriously I
uh I’m glad when people notice that’s every day every day conviction I’ve got
the convinced strong hand spec spec temir agenda says Bickle Meister do you
expect any relevant pullback on Bitcoin my goal is to acquire no less than 25
Bitcoin before the run you I’m gonna put it in perspective told this story before
I got there was times when I was buying Bitcoin and that comes oh well I won’t
I’m not gonna buy it might is ten more Bitcoin I’m gonna buy when he hits 770
and it never hits seven somebody hits 780 and now I look back I’m like oh my
god that was insane so there will be a time when you look back and say what was
the difference between 8,000 and 6,000 so I mean could it go back to 6,000 sure
I could go back to 6,000 sure I don’t I can’t make predictions like that it’s
very unpredictable I mean I they me today when the nine thousand dollars
that was pretty unpredictable maybe maybe they’ll never go back to
seven thousand again but the point is is that one day you’re gonna look and be
like what there was a difference between 8,000 and 6,000 so I know you want to
get it first cheapest possible but to don’t don’t worry too much about the
Fiat price what what I like about you’ve got a goal you want 25 Bitcoin you want
25 Bitcoin so just try to get 25 big you’re valuing your wealth did Bitcoin
don’t worry too much about the Fiat price you never know what’s gonna happen
in this game alright and Brian actually said I can
reveal this I know how he said it was the big 60 his bahía his sixtieth
so he said it I he put it in the chat so I’m putting it out there thanks guys for
all the questions by the way people keep on throwing them out there I got I got
my eye on the chat when I see that orange thing pop up there alright Adam
again more news about the boxer the future heavyweight champion of the world
hopefully he is Adam cannot kwon Aki again watch yesterday’s show I talk
about this is a he’s probably ranked at number eight number seven in the world
heavyweight boxer he will hopefully get a heavyweight he’ll get a title shot one
day he he actually watched this video because he pinned the tweet on his on
his Twitter account you can check him out I linked to him below so he says
well first of all I think he should ask for his next payday in Bitcoin that
would force a large entity to buy up a lot of Bitcoin it would create a huge
news story for Bitcoin – so who pumped this it would pump it through marketing
it would pump it through someone buying a lot of it that you know having debate
he should say yeah I’ll take him I’ll take a 3/4 of my usual payday I’m gonna
put words in his mouth but I mean it’s a suggestion here take 3/4 or 1/2 of your
usual payday say it get me a Bitcoin I’ll take it that way and the story
alone might pump it back to the – back to what he would have earned anyway who
knows I mean it would be a huge story and and again the entity that pays him
would have to buy a lot of Bitcoin you know the guy gets paid you know hundreds
of thousands of dollars millions of dollars a fight someone that would also
have to buy a million dollar difference it would it would be quite a story but
he he replied to some of the some of the suggestions out there he says I have a
better idea I have a fight coming up soon let’s have Bitcoin sponsor me here
is my Bitcoin address and people sent them so Bitcoin people sets up some big
coin so again that’s one way you can Bitcoin get sponsor ahead of you if you
send the Bitcoin to his big Bitcoin address that’s a story – it’s not as big
of a story as if he took all of his uh he took his next payday in in Bitcoin so
let us wish him luck since he is he he if he becomes a heavyweight champion of
the world he will up it’ll be good for Bitcoin
he’s a huge fan of Bitcoin he’s got a casa note and everything like that all
right roaming Shusett bitcoinmeister don’t
listen to traders and hot chicks with fancy sets and graphics tomorrow bitcoin
could be a thousand dollars or a million dollars nobody knows the best time to
buy it now yeah you know I was speaking about hot chicks and in magical charts
forth I mean I rent when I was on Santa Monica Boulevard the other day I ran by
the fortune teller so the fortune teller usually isn’t a
hot chick but the fortune teller fortune tellers remind me of these uh ta I mean
it’s just it’s reading it’s a palm reader it’s a palm read it I mean it’s
it’s it’s completely ridiculous some of the ta out there I mean there might be
some logical reasons behind it but it’s nothing that can upset don’t list don’t
worry about it valued about the Bitcoin long-term thinking most of the TA is
palm reading most of is deathly palm reading and yeah so sorry fortune
tellers you’re notoriously not hot they usually got warts on their noses right I
mean I guess that’s the caricature of the palm reader alright yeah yeah I’m in
a Bitcoin overlay so I could say politically incorrect things like that I
mean and that is for me you know there’s some people try to start drama on
Bitcoin now about what can you see oh we need diversity and all that the point of
Bitcoin for me when you you know you’re in Bitcoin when you can just say
whatever the heck you want and all that stuff just bounces off yeah so yeah say
I’m not politically correct you can’t fire me
I’ve got big coin I you can’t take it from me so yeah okay and we talked about
the boxer and uh what else do we have here okay we’re talking about South
Africa in a second I want to uh Chris BTC said what is your opinion on coin
mixing is it we’re cycling cold-storage coins through wasabi wallet it’s
something to try it’s something to try do I mean it’s try a little bit a little
bit at least it’s it’s something I’m again I’ve not I don’t have wasabi while
I’m very curious about it very very very very curious about it so I think it’s
something if you got it and we try it with some of your I mean I’m not gonna
recommend this to uh beginners but once you get the hang of it and once you in
count understand what privacy really is about and you know kind of go back in
time and say well I wasn’t very private then you should start to consider it and
start to experiment with it so it is it’s I’m very curious about it’s a very
very good question Chris BTC the having show sends a twenty Norwegian krone up
what’s up in Norway do what does it cost with months of Airbnb recommend well
yeah I know I recommend Airbnb seriously I will say this the United States has
through taxes especially the state of California has not has made Airbnb not
so cheap Australia there are great deals on Airbnb it is cheaper for me to stay
in Sydney than it is in Los Angeles it’s ridiculous and and so the longer I stay
in a place like Sydney and you know the I was the plaintiff is more its
Americans I mean you should go to Australia and so some countries are
cheaper than others and I would say in your country of Norway dude there’s a
big difference between Bergen and Oslo Oslo’s a lot more expensive than Berlin
they were better deal at least last year I’ll tell you that Bergen was and again
Norway is not that cheap on I think I think I think Bergen is cheaper than Los
Angeles though I think again cheapest place for Airbnb that I’ve ever been to
is us is Johannesburg is your Habsburg oh my god what a pleasure
oh what a play you get anyone can live the bit that should be your friend you
know there’s some you know the security issues in South Africa know what you’re
doing there but if you’re like from Baltimore and everything like I am you
can deal you could deal alright that was a little tangent there but this is it
has to do with Bitcoin because people ask me well why how are you
you’re a Bitcoin you travel all around I get good deals Airbnb you could get and
again I have something and I save fiat so again it’s about and again I know by
I don’t go out to dinner I don’t I don’t get coffee
I can’t I’m running in LA right around random Highland south of Santa Monica
there is a Starbucks someone look it up it’s a few blocks south of Santa Monica
on Highland a Starbucks it’s 9:00 a.m. people should already be at work there
is a huge car line at the Starbucks going it’s it’s going out onto the
street there’s so many people in line so they they are burning gas they are
getting Starbucks they are not working you’re not getting paid I just it’s just
and then there to say people say oh I don’t have anybody I have no savings
they help me out but they owe CEO get rid of my college tab give ye with the
middle of the day you’re buying because you’re guzzling gasps I did gasps
crossed a line in California and you’re trying to get a Starbucks Aisha everyone
falls for it what 80 percenters it’s unbelievable it isn’t that hard to do
what I do you just have to have the will you just have to the conviction people
are addicted to fitting in and ridiculous things really really it’s
it’s sad and I’m glad my memory just I’ve seen it twice now at that Starbucks
running by there and they’re sitting getting fatter and I’m running spending
no money getting healthier I’m in a completely opposite work world Bitcoin
overlay all right do you prefer super shat or do you have a venmo
I don’t have a venmo so I prefer super chat I’m gonna get you don’t have to you
know to donate it’s fine it’s fine I know I don’t need it I don’t need it I
appreciate these support I love it but uh yeah
all right whoo and okay we’re moving on what is this South that show yeah I
brought I brought your Hannes Berg South Africa here’s an article South Africa
people and by the way all right we’ve been talking about South Africa on the
show since 2015 since I’ve been in since I visited South Africa
so people like the great JC they’ve prepared themselves okay date they’ve
lived in South ever so many years they’ve seen the so the the rand lose
value many many times South Africans in the know you have little excuse that you
hadn’t already gotten the Bitcoin back in 2015 when I was at the first Bitcoin
net conference that that was there that was in that was in Cape Town that year
actually so I mean I love the people of South Africa it’s still early but dudes
you’re gonna keep on getting stories like this and here here’s the story
Johannesburg that their top 40 stock index in South Africa slumped 7.3
percent this month as of Tuesday’s clothes currently it’s on track to be
its worst performance in the past 20 years so stock market of course is
tanking in South Africa because the gut you know the international investors
have have confidence in the in the reckless government over there you can’t
blame them the ran losses value if there’s threats of confiscation of land
so that they’re leaning they’re going toward this ridiculous authoritarian you
don’t know what your possession really is type of a system but again the wit
and and so the article also mentions that the local Bitcoin volume is going
up good good the people should have prepared while a while ago you cannot
value your wealth and ran their you cannot value your wealth and in South
African property you cannot value your wealth in South African stocks value it
in Bitcoin South Africans so I mean you still it’s only gonna get worse it’s
only this and again you’ve seen it before it’s it’s it’s inflated and you
all your wealth has been inflated away numerous times slowly but surely and now
use it as insurance it’s a way that you know get out of a system there why
anyone and again you can identity you’ve got your wealth and bitcoin everything
else is pretty darn cheap there you know to feed yourself it’s it’s amazingly
cheap feed yourself in Johannesburg and
Bitcoin printers said bitcoinmeister I don’t need a lot of stuff darn grateful
and that again yeah who needs a lot of stuff it so that’s all about fitting in
and fitting in is overrated hey just sat sent $4.99 the super chat
Thank You Man stay in motion Adam heck yeah baby I’m
staying in motion you better believe it I got that conviction brother all right
Merman Q says a bigger oyster if we activate they hyper Bitcoin ization and
people only accept Bitcoin for goods and services how hard will it be mentally to
spend precious Bitcoin well I don’t believe that is going to happen again I
am I’m not a hyper Bitcoin ization guy I know Anders was on the show what was it
two weeks ago you should watch that this weekend Bitcoin that’s his big thing man
he loves hyper and people love when he talks about that but no if that actually
happened he wouldn’t be very hard mentally to spend precious precious
Bitcoin but that’s that’s all you could spend so if there was hyper Bitcoin
ization it would ease the mind about selling I mean that’s that’s what that
would be the unit of account that’s what you’d have to spend so it would be it
wouldn’t be that bad it’s in the current situation that we’re in right now where
there is no or even close to how a cryptic organization
no we’re even close to dollar hyperinflation nowhere even close for
that that that people even that that coffee places even accept Bitcoin so
it’s very difficult to to wrap my mind around giving up my precious Bitcoin for
anything right right this second in terms of small purchases and so offended
by selling still pound out like fun all right and Titan boss actually said
offended by selling right around the time I just said it I didn’t read I
didn’t see you say that but like we were thinking the same thing
ah okay let’s let’s keep on moving on here it’s been a long show but it’s been
a fun show remember disrupt meister calm there are over 1300 of my a shows are
there yeah I’ve been doing this a long time first show was back in 2013
alright great it what is this I want to read oh yeah well maybe I’ll save this
for next time because we’re running out time alright that one I’ll say for next
time it’s linked to below I’ll let it be a surprise
Doug Caicedo he’s got it he’s got one of his classics out there one of these 80%
or clickbait type articles he’s promoting eight an altcoin guru that
guru and it’s it’s a total click bait for gamblers here what to say
Bitcoin won’t be the only winner of the crypto rally yeah guys don’t I mean Doug
Casey’s had said some good things in the past he’s been stuck long he’s been
waiting for gold to go through the moon go to the moon since 1981 he he I guess
he kind of realized that Bitcoin is is a living Gold’s dream but he still gets
caught up in these these guru people who have who just recommend whatever all
coin they feel like it done you didn’t make there’s nothing behind this stuff
so again that title don’t get too excited about it
bitcoin won’t be the only winner of the crypto rally no it really will be over
the long term there Doug it will be and I know Doug you know about long term
because you know since 1981 gold it hasn’t been what you said it would be
long term all right what is this famous thing alright and that this might be no
no I’m gonna skip I can’t skip this brad sherman the guy his infamous speech it
was on May the 9th since then bitcoin has gone up almost
50% price surged is it a coincidence or did Sevcik savvy investors say you know
what government mildly thinking about not banning bitcoin this ridiculous sky
brings up something this is a this is what makes Bitcoin spike this is what
bitcoin is all about you know what stuffing is may be illegal it goes up in
value you know just ask the drug people so yeah you can click on that article
and finally I wanted to give this this guy is in motion
he’s got a site feather feathered Indian calm welcome to the feather Indian
trading post our mission is to fashionably spread fiat fun and he’s got
these hats selling and Roaring Twenties gentleman’s
hat genuine leather gentleman’s hat with a
beautiful handcrafted waterproof band made out of Venezuelan boulevards the
rise of Bitcoin during the 2020s is inevitable there will be a new age of
prosperity and this is the Hat for you while you enjoy it so it looks like a
hat from the 2020s from the 1920s but you’re wearing in the 2020s and it’s got
a venezuelan boulevard a little band around it it is hilarious go to the site
the dude is in motion he does accept Bitcoin now you’re well spit coin though
so you mean you can pay him in cash though of course – of course and web
city up in Seattle says bitcoinmeister is our guru no I’m not I don’t like that
I don’t like the term group when I use guru I say it’s poking at the people a
little bit you know you gotta be your own guru you’ve gotta be your own guru
do not blindly follow you know the Maharishi like you know George Harrison
and all those dudes did all those dudes they were called The Beatles pound that
like but yeah you don’t need a guru behavior beat your own guru I’m just the
guy keeping everybody’s hands strong and just showing it is a leading by example
conviction deferral gratification that’s what it’s all about
great show yet again bitcoinmeister brian says ok we will add it with that
we will end it with that thank you very much Brian thank you everyone i’m adam
meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember town that like button
share this video like this video bang that bal button and yeah click on
those squares that you see right now if you’re watching this tape tomorrow this
week in bitcoin i have 10 a.m. in los angeles 1 p.m.
back in Baltimore in 6p and in London see you guys then bye bye

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  1. The combination of Halvings, people locking down their coins, and increasing adoption will give a huge shock in the market. Am I right Meister? 💥🚀🌍

  2. It’s coming! Bitcoin mining reward halving 2020..🌔..🛰

    ‘The biggest supply shock in the history of financial markets’""""

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