The 1 Bitcoin Show- Not your vault not your gold! Venezuela lessons, wealth tax, lottery

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Bitcoin was great Jeff Dandridge enure was on Bitcoin Tina
was on russell spears were on that was friday show check that out
yesterday’s beyond Bitcoin show was great talked about Venezuela I talked
about the wealth tax and we’re gonna talk about that a little bit today also
but you you should check out that stuff the Saturday show if you’d like when I
talk about subject matters that go way beyond cryptocurrency but that can be
tied back into cryptocurrency and on Friday’s show I forgot I think it was I
think was Bitcoin Tina said wool in bitcoiners clothing yeah there are a
lot of wolves and bitcoiners clothing out there now again there’s some people
who are that are great they a lot of people can do charts that doesn’t mean
their rules necessarily they’re people that are true bitcoiners that talk about
the price and everything I mean tone rad they’re they’re good
guys but there are so many Oh got there there are a lot of wolves and bitcoiners
clothing out there and I have we talked about that on Friday a little bit all
right so let me let me tell you that something else about real life here
afternoon there’s a an article out a tale of three vending machines and it
shows three vending machines in the California in a California grocery store
I assume it’s Los Angeles let’s pretend this is Los Angeles and the article
really is about Aztec oh that it’s easier to get an Azteca voucher than
buying your big coin at the Coinstar machine but what I would I’d liked about
the the article is that it actually showed a lottery machine a movie machine
will you buy the movie with Netflix machine I guess it is I’ve never done
that never and then the coin star machine now
and again it’s not that easy to get your Bitcoin off the coin store machine
apparently but but the point the point is is like if you’re in LA you’re you’re
at the you’re at the grocery store where do you think most people machine or what
machines or most people are going to be interested in they want to get their
movies or they want their lottery tickets and how many people are actually
gonna take the time and say you know I’m I’m a saver I want some Bitcoin that is
the state of the world today I thought those three machines explained
it pretty well you know the 80% of the people they’re gonna want their lottery
in there and their movies and that satisfies most people their lottery
ticket which is a total waste of money and their movie they get a little high
off of that and the number they’ll never consider
Bitcoin and it just shows you how ahead of the game you are if you don’t value
your wealth and freaking lottery machines and Netflix if you’re in the
Bitcoin you just show that so I I had a completely different take on that
article but you could read the article of again it was more about as techo
being easier than than the dying Bitcoin at a vending machine anyway there’s New
York Times article out I didn’t read the whole thing but Matt Odell tweeted it
out I think this is very interesting despite bitcoins dive a former Soviet
republic is still betting big on it tax breaks land deals and cheap energy have
spurred cryptocurrency mining in Georgia yes the Republic of Georgia not not
Georgia near Florida Georgia The Beatles song song about in a and back in the
USSR okay that that Georgia which of course is it’s okay anyway so it wants
to be a digital data leader Georgia Georgia gets it says Matt O’Dell they’re
playing for keeps who’s next bit fury has given our
country many things including a path to the future he said when you have a
ticket to get onto the world map he added you should use it now there we go
those people on Georgia they’re out there on the right track that this is a
way to get onto the world map it maybe they’re maybe they’re buying up a lot of
Bitcoin to they should be the position themselves well so in the new in the
future in the 2020s in the 2030s there won’t be some well some countries that
are quite wealthy that or we consider just we don’t know that most people have
never even heard of now not that that’s saying much I mean most people on the
planet they don’t really know about many other kind Americans how many country
again when I say in Georgia most Americans are like oh yeah Lanta I’m
going to the Superbowl yeah they don’t think but but anyway yes interesting
article from the New York Times interesting New York Times would even
write an article like this we’ve and yeah the world map is is it changing
because of Bitcoin Antoni traveler cent 20 dollars in the super chat dude and he
says strong hands Tony thank you very much for the support here’s a strong
hand for you and I just want to remind everyone I’m wearing the all good lab
shirt now these guys in New York they’re in the Bitcoin check them out all good
lab comm they sent me this nice hipster a Bitcoin shirt I wore tonight at the
Tel Aviv Bitcoin embassy oh yeah I’ve been all around tonight definitely I
even took a nap tonight it’s a long story it’s been a long day but Tony Tony
traveler I hope you’re traveling all around and yes
strong hands okay someone said gold is the rock cool I’m gonna talk about gold
in a second dude pound that light but bitcoin is the rock though bitcoin is
the rock I was gonna read an article by Haskell cooking comment on it I had no
time to do it has I’m sorry I mention your article tomorrow once I’ve read it
I want to get it fully Hass is great he’s now he’s recovering
node like all the Australians they are recovering from Australia Day which was
what it was on Saturday was was Australia Day yes yes it was I guess it
was I I was in Australia for Australia Day in May 16 I was in Melbourne and I
saw that the fireworks it was just like fourth of July and of
course I just like walk outside saw the fireworks for free then went back inside
again don’t need to pay to go to some party or something like that no need to
get drunk either but I know a lot of Austrians do get drunk on that day so
keep going back going back well we’ll talk about hats McCook tomorrow so eat
man Adele had another tweet out there not this one is not as positive he says
this is the point in the cycle where you burn a bunch of bridges getting into
pointless circular arguments online and you know what he is right unfortunately
there are a lot of people who are frustrated with the Fiat price so
they’re getting a little testy they’re getting into arguments on and battles on
Twitter when I have always said this is a waste of time this is not a productive
use of Twitter crypto Twitter Bitcoin Twitter whatever you
want to call it you can learn so much just by reading and I can I share a lot
of tweets here I retweet a lot of tweets and I as as many of you knew I don’t get
into these battles at all if people start with me on Twitter totally ignore
them I don’t think I’ve ever gotten into any sort of battle but I mean there are
like hardcore battles on there it’s just a waste of time total waste of time
you’ll regret it eventually be in motion and it just gets you into a negative
vibe if you start to follow these battles and you get into these battles
your hands will get weaker you’ll think it’s all about battling you’ll forget
the whole point a Bitcoin and it’s not about getting into arguments improving
who’s right and ringing come on it’s it’s a way be in motion create creative
business around Bitcoin don’t get into a little nitpicky arguments again and
there are so many people that their hobby is nitpicking and that’s that’s
not a good hobby feet really I just wanna remind everyone to be elite start
it starts with one Bitcoin okay there’s all this lightning node
talk out there lightning no directory where you can use your lightning where
where you can buy things with lightning vortex was talking about I’d link to I
linked to various links below directories of I mean some of them are
kind of vague and some of them are aren’t exactly all lightning stuff you
can check it out if you if you’re wondering about where you can buy stuff
on the Lightning Network check out the links I have below here we go well panda
has a tweet this is about Venezuela and I used it in my title because I think it
it’s something it’s well it’s a lesson from what’s going on in Venezuela not
your vault not your gold rhymes actually better than not your keys not your
Bitcoin now what what’s he talking about they’re not you’re not your vault not
your gold what’s he talking about well here here a pump or pump whatever
you want to call him he says Venezuela just tried to withdraw 1.2 billion
dollars of their own goal out of the Bank of England they were
denied this request by the bank if you don’t think unsensible unseasonable
money is going to become the standard you’re absolutely nuts long Bitcoin
short the bankers yep you then as well and Madhu Madero
dude you should have bought Bitcoin you should I got you should have thought of
this you know personal responsibility is a new counterculture you you’re playing
around with this petrol thing and you’ve got your gold in England well it’s not
really your gold they’re not giving it to you dude that’s a lesson people you
think you’ve got some gold and some vault somewhere
is it your vault because it’s not your fault it’s not your go and also even if
you had gold in your vault I mean someone could take your vault
someone could hijack your vault someone could how about this for you just get
your Bitcoin they can’t take that’s on confiscate oh yeah anyway and maybe you
have a secure vault but you need to transfer your gold how you gonna do it
you’ll put the gold in your car and they put it on a plane with you know that
this is why Bitcoin he’s digital gold whites Gold 2.0 hey but Maduro he didn’t
realize it or Shabbos didn’t realize it he thought keeping their gold with
England was a good idea not a good idea but at least the world can learn a
lesson from it and you know understand the the value of Bitcoin in such a
situation so let’s uh let’s again I want to I want to mention up a lot of a lot
of rumors about Venezuela going on a lot of people trying to paint it as if
what’s going on there is it going to be good for the people I mean the people
have suffered under this rule and some people are like all but yours just
doesn’t want China to get power and okay have you guys watch the show before when
we’ve had guests from Venezuela on I mean this is not about China in the USA
this is about the people in Venezuela I mean they’ve had to deal with some
nasty stuff and they’re tired of it this isn’t some made-up thing so here’s
something from someone that you know well first of all I linked to a tweet
from ruder Reuters Venezuela that actually taught
about this also but my buddy in Venezuela says as the u.s. does not
recognize Maduro as president the new the new one Juan wydo
is in the right to name the new CEO of Citgo which is the company that handles
the oil sales in the US that means that they can take away the control of the
main sources of income of the Maduro regime which is checkmate if you ask me
the economic crisis will get worse for some time but I think this is the step
we need to end this once and for all without money the government will not be
able to bribe the military forces and they will sooner or later turn their
backs on them I’m pretty excited this is really good news again this is from a
real person who’s Venezuela he doesn’t care about China or the United States he
just wants to get rid of this this leader and if they have to bankrupt them
then they have to bankrupt him at least this regime will be gone and they will
be able to live better freer lives in Venezuela not have to worry about Petros
and hyperinflation and how they gonna eat and again this
Guido guy likes Bitcoin apparently we’ll see how we’ll see how this all develops
but there’s so many people that are just natural and they’re so pessimistic when
they hear the United States is is favoring this new guy their loyal it
must be bad it must be bad it must be in the interest of the United States so it
must be bad this isn’t natural this isn’t going to
be good for the people now sometimes the United States does support some very
good causes or gay people so don’t be a pessimist if you’ve watched this show
before I think you’ll be quite optimistic about what’s going on now
that the people are are on the move there and they’re getting rid of this
tip the situation that has been horrible for them for quite some time and again
getting the Bitcoin now Venezuelans a lot of you already have this isn’t over
yet take personal responsibility just in case this all drags on for who knows how
long all right speaking of a Venezuela Elizabeth Warren has come up with a new
tax proposal when I talked about this on yesterday’s show
she wants it’s called a wealth tax if you if you have over fifty million
dollars in wealth in assets she wants to tax you at two percent every year for
two percent of what you have it’s over fifty million dollars in value okay and
this is something and she again she’s not president United States she’s
probably not gonna become president United States but they’re sure the
Democratic Democrats are leaning this way they are hateful of the of the
wealthy that the leading candidates are a leading thought the thought leaders
that are on that side or on the left of the United States and even in the right
on the right people there’s so much jealousy and envy of people that have
wealth and they want to take away wealth and this is wealthy people then get
wealthy because they’re stupid and they’re long-term thinkers and this talk
of a wealth of tax will get them thinking and they’re in motion type of
people if they can turn some of their wealth into Bitcoin without anonymously
acquiring Bitcoin this will help will protect them from such situations now a
lot of people who have Bitcoin the government already knows what Bitcoin
they have so having Bitcoin would not you would self to pay the wealth tax
which would is not cool it’s not cool but a way wealthy people could get
around that is just they could leave the United States they could get rid of
their citizenship now part of the part of the warren proposal would be to find
people charge them more for getting rid of their citizenship citizenship if they
try to avoid the wealth tax so but but again this might be good for Manero also
let’s see how anonymous mineiro is if it looks like there’s gonna be a wealth tax
then maybe some of the wealthy will start to put their money into anonymous
cryptocurrencies where no one will know how much they have again the wealthy
people do know how to to buy Bitcoin and honestly I think over the counter I
think I think they have that ability but there’s some people who might be if
Elizabeth Warren or someone likes her becomes president who likes a wealth tax
there’s some people who are going to be wealthy because of Bitcoin who
it will be unavoidable they the government will know how much Bitcoin
they will have and they will be subject to a wealth tax based on the amount of
Bitcoin they have but you know there still again you’ll still have your
Bitcoin you’ll be able to leave the country and get rid of your citizenship
and pay the fine but this is interesting situation it could it could lead more
people to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency all this talk of wealth tax and and taxing
the rich and hating the rich the rich again the rushing to get rich because
they’re stupid and and I do hope I hope this does backfire on all the people who
want to steal from the rich I hope that all the rich are like let’s try out this
Bitcoin let’s try out this Manero let’s try this cryptocurrency stuff good I
would love that pound that like button so here’s a tweet from qubit idiot an
issue is the centralized weakness of ripple that ripple is a company and then
it is a huge target if you’re a current or former partner investor customer
employee of ripple and you want to share anonymous tips regarding the company’s
XRP sales marketing or general business practices you can do so with our team
off the record and it says it’s it’s this Masari group they came out I talked
about this on Friday’s show I mean basically they’re saying that ripple
well then ripple tries to part of their big plan is to you know stay number two
or three on the coin market cap chart and that involves printing of ripple or
manipulating the numbers which is easy to do from a sentiment with a
centralized company and you become a target for lawsuits when you’re
centralized company also so yeah that’s that’s a just reminds us of other yeah
ripple people Bitcoin cannot be investigated Bitcoin cannot be sued
there’s no there’s no tarp Bitcoin is not a target ripple is that’s just
another reminder here is a quote someone sent me I’m sorry
forbearance this is again a link to the dude below forbearance is to wait
patiently no rush no anxiety a simple joyful holding back of what is
due carlos castaneda i like that forbearance pound that like
button better Rica kanga who’s been on the show
before says if you want to avoid distractions here there here is a nice
website that tracks Bitcoin only projects it’s a Bitcoin – only dot-com
do they might even be too I might they might be so strict you know Bitcoin only
though they might not even list me on there because I mean I talked I just
talking about Manero does that like exclude me from their Bitcoin only
YouTube channel people I don’t know but there I also link to the Twitter guy six
there was 6100 to Bitcoin his name is who is into Bitcoin only okay that means
someone you just want to do Bitcoin only stuff check that check that out if you
want companies that are just strictly Bitcoin only we did lightning companies
before and now there’s some Bitcoin companies
I was listening I was watching stet stefan molyneux the other day and he was
he had some guys on they were talking about the movie hoaxed and they were
saying you know we’re going to need to make our own banks it’s really come to
that and I thought about it I was like yeah dudes of course but you don’t need
to make your own bank you already can be your own bank because a Bitcoin you can
already opt out of the bank’s it’s already here dudes
bid your own bank with Bitcoin we don’t need to make our own it Rizza never
saying we need the big hair on you too we need to make our own patreon this
than the other we need to make our own banks it’s already there it’s easy as
1-2-3 and Molyneux should have said that he didn’t say that in the conversation
they were having but I just wanted to bring that up there now
we don’t need to make our own bank Bitcoin is already our own bank that
lets us opt-out of the banking system where we don’t have to worry about being
censored by our banks because bitcoin is unsensible it Sun confiscate Abel so
it’s really cool we don’t need to make our own back sit there they’re already
there bitcoin is our own brand our own us
Swiss bank account in their pocket or whatever you want to say
finally here’s something from long hash data
he says bitcoin has more daily active addresses than a theory on Ripple be
cash and yose combined alright that’s an interesting article see if that’s an
important statistic to you I mean bitcoin is the rock it sits on a whole
nother level it’s on a whole nother level it’s number one than number two
who knows what’s number two under bitcoin alrighty that’s the end of show
pound that like button banging that Bell button click on those squares that you
see there subscribe to this channel i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the
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  1. Molyneux has some crazy views, liks this: "If you don’t get married and have kids, your married friends will drift away, because they are so busy and have such different lives.‬
    ‪By middle age, you will end up having to kill decades trapped in an underworld with other lonely broken people that no one wanted.‬"

    Why would any sane man marry a woman in 2019?

  2. Hey dude, the bitcoin fees are still absurdly expensive today! DASH is the best friend of Venezuela, DASH is saving Venezuela today!

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