The 1 Bitcoin Show- Lightning Network Coin Flip! Bcash fork foreshadow? Wasabi Wallet

Hello i’m meister the disrupt meister
welcome to the one bitcoin show today is August the 2nd 2018 strong hand
long-term thinking on confiscated well that’s important for today
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this week in Bitcoin that’s 4 p.m. in Los Angeles three new guests who are all
awesome ok so a video that I just watched it I think all of you should
spread the word about a lot of people ask me is there a good video for Bitcoin
beginners out there what Andreas Antonopoulos just made one
Bitcoin question and answers explain Bitcoin to my mother
so that’s what it is he explains Bitcoin as he would to a mother and it’s good so
you can send it to your mother I’m gonna send it to my mother actually I have a
note written right there to do that so check out that link below and Andreas
is a technical genius but he can break it down real easy to for the beginners
and that’s why he just he rocks the world
remember on Twitter at I’m tech bought tec HP alt that’s been blowing up steam
it bitcoinmeister is where you can find me there so I wanted to quickly say
everyone is you know all these people freaking out about the Fiat price one
Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin people I did want to say that you know what
sometimes people catched you know they sell the rumor by the whatever the rumor
probably is now catching on that the the ETF will be delayed and thus some people
are selling hey there’s a theory for you Fiat people who ask this kind of
questions why is it going who cares why it’s going down it’s all it’s nonsense
that’s not a good reason to give up your that’s not a good reason to give up your
precious Bitcoin just because you’ve heard that there’s going to be a delay
in the ETF decision oh my god what does that matter for the year 2020
strong hand people don’t be impulsive deferral of gratification until at least
after the 2020 having people pound that freaking like button all right enough
Fiat for today there is a I tweeted this out earlier there is on reddit there is
a comparison this is for all you tech heads there’s some of the tech heads out
there asking me about the wasabi wallet well there’s a comparison the pros and
the cons of the wasabi wallet versus Manero I mean the wasabi wallet is for
Bitcoin so we’re talking about and an enemy and immunity you know I’m not
amiss I look at that tongue twister for the Meister there check that out people
if you’re a tech head you’re interested in a lot of people to ask me that the
wasabi wallet and people asked about manera too so there’s a little
comparison I put this in the title I thought this was awesome a new Lightning
Network site Lightning Network coin flip that’s LM coin flip I T L n coin flip
that I T it’s just one of those little games you can play around with with a
little bit of Bitcoin on the Lightning Network something one of these things is
going to go viral one of these little funny little game gaming type of things
is gonna go viral one of these days it’s gonna be great for the Lightning Network
it’s gonna be great for bitcoins to be great for cryptocurrency
so maybe this is the one I don’t know I haven’t played around with it yet but I
thought it was it was in when I hear about one of these things I I spread the
word about it what was that other one satoshis plate
you know there’s there’s been different ones what a bum is gonna be a really
it’ll go uh go viral and it’ll be great just a matter of time and it’s gonna
have to be something that’s fun so that’s why I I I add that I want this
you know we all look we’ve got Lightning Network to do well we we know eventually
it’s gonna be huge and we know eventually bitcoin is just gonna be huge
all right speaking about bitcoin being huge and what we know eventually will be
happening Gabor gar backs tweets out steady increase in CME Group Bitcoin
futures open interests in the past few months the Bitcoin futures market is
maturing similarly to other commodity future markets my takeaway is that
professional interest is increasing and crypto market structure is maturing
Singh played out in commodities okay there’s a there’s your view from the
finance side of things that’s good that the Bitcoin future futures market is
maturing hey it’s going to happen eventually it’s going to get bigger and
bigger there’s just a voice out there that’s that’s talking about it so I
thought I would share that alright in the land of be cash there seems to be a
perhaps a foreshadow of the rumored fork that there might be crypto dividend abhi
cash soon enough for those who hold be cash whale Pantha tweeted out that BTC
com1 a bit Maine’s companies wrote a blog post crazy be cash and he links to
it in that tweet which I’ll into but they also added a list of opinion
leaders and then he goes on to say as LR correctly pointed out it faked Toshi the
fake Satoshi is it on the list or anyone from inching interested so you know you
got king of the trolls listed there you got you got a rocket man wound some
other dudes but the end chain guys were all left out fake Satoshi so
who knows aren’t they seem to be if they’re distancing themselves from the
end chain guys maybe it’s all written it’s all it’s all gonna happen we all
it’s it’s sitting stone already the end chain guys are gonna fork off their own
be cash they’re gonna have Craig cash or so who knows thought I would bring that
up though any I think if it works people are gonna be surprised the two forks
will add up for they’ll be worth more than the total would be – it’s just the
way of the way of the market the irrationally exuberant market it’s just
the way the 80 percenters work it hey remember deferral of gratification I
already mentioned that before but dudes stick with your Bitcoin you don’t have
your strong hand don’t try to you know all that all coins going out real quick
time to jump in no you stick with your Bitcoin people stick with me now I might
talk about an altcoin here just because I say it all coins name doesn’t mean
Adam says to buy it I said mineiro earlier I was just taught making a
comparison uh Henry law says Thank You handy for the ten Hank Hong Kong dollars
I only call big hat big coin cancer be cash or Bitcoin cancer I only call it be
cash or Bitcoin cancer all right well I don’t like that you know I don’t
like to say Bitcoin at all for any anything but bitcoins so I’ll just call
it be cash and good to see you there Henry law always uh always good to see
you okay in I’m confiscating all news let’s talk about things that can be
confiscated and let’s talk about using Bitcoin as the insurance against hard
catastrophic things happening South Africa to amend Constitution to allow
the land expropriation all right South Africans don’t say you weren’t warned did I think they can’t they can take
your land they can’t take your Bitcoin might you might want to diversify and
into some Bitcoin town because if your land gets taken away at least you can
leave with your Bitcoin given new farm in Zambia or or wherever
I say Zambia because I did here at one time Zambia was well welcoming farmers I
know people are like the Russians are going to welcome all the South Africans
here sure I mean whatever you can’t really gotta rely on yourself people
personal responsibility is the new counterculture if you are a farmer down
there I would definitely make some contingency plans and don’t rely on any
other country talking a big game you’ve got to figure out how you’re gonna get
out of there and how you’re gonna get your wealth out of there if your land
gets extra created which is a nice way of hat saying having your land stolen
for no good reason at all by the government’s it’s just absolutely
ridiculous we know how to properly use it as an insurance mechanism just to
diversify and settle because it’s preserve their wealth anyway and on that
note of uncompensated and you know Bitcoin not caring that this is a good
thing to after we talk about South Africa this is a good note to end on it
and I’m out of here dudes Alistair Melanie says Bitcoin don’t care
what age you are where you are from what color you are whether you are rich or
not whether you have a PhD or not whether you’re identify as male female
or something different and that’s why I care about Bitcoin all right that’s very
nice Alistair Milne thank you remember everybody I’m gonna be in Boise
speaking on the 8th that’s linked to below la speaking on the 11th that’s
linked to below Philadelphia speaking on the 18th that is linked to below crypto
coin con-com hope to see a lot of you real soon
I’ll be in Boise tonight I’m landing there late and I’ll you’ll see this
weekend Bitcoin tomorrow at 7 p.m. Eastern Time comin live from Boise
thanks everyone strong hand pound that like button I’ll
see you later bye

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  1. Good show again! Thanks for the possible ’BCash’ fork info!

    On a lighter note I hear that Film Director Jordan Bayne is into Bitcoin (and Litecoin) and will be getting more involved! She played ‘Wonder Woman’ in 1990s apparently! More ‘kudos’ than Kim Kardashian I suppose!

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