The 1 Bitcoin Show- IRS created some strong hands? In 2013 Wired destroyed 13 BTC for fun! MWC news

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still want to speak in Detroit of course I want to speak in Detroit dude of
course I want to speak anywhere now here’s the thing if you organize
something in the Detroit or people are actually going to show up because right
now in this space if you have a Bitcoin event it’s hard to get people to show up
and for them maybe a free event a free event if you went I’m afraid I’d have a
free event and have a paid event have whatever you want to do but to have like
a real pain event where people go to people are paying the go events in a lot
of different places attendance has been down people are still in that mindset
that bear market mindset we are not in that bull crazy and that’s unfortunate
that people don’t want to learn that people aren’t in that mindset because if
people aren’t in the bull mindset apparently they’re not buying either now
again you guys are 20% as you are buying and if you can gather up enough 20
percenters then that’d be my guess I’d be
to come to event in Detroit of course it would be in 2020 because I am booked in
2019 life gets a lot easier for me in 2020 in the 2019 okay
so moving on but but I mean we’re going to talk more about how there are some
bigger issues in the space right now about individuals not buying I mean and
that’s a personal responsibility thing as an individual I have already you know
got my share a Bitcoin and I know you guys out there as individuals or trying
to get more and more Bitcoin but there are so many big individuals out there
making excuses but there are organizations out there that aren’t
making excuses and that are buying it and it’s gonna end up one day you’re
gonna look back and in the some individuals are gonna be like oh I got
beaten by banks to this thing all right pound that like button everyone so here
is another sign of like who is actually buying this stuff we’re happy to
announce the release of the Gemini referral program you can now earn money
when you share our industry-leading app with friends so Gemini wants new
customers Gemini is development has a referral program that they are setting
up I got this in email I’m not even a Gemini customer I tried to sign up for
them a long time ago and they needed like a power bill or something
ridiculous and I never signed up all the way but they’re sending up every one
they got an email address – they’re sending emails saying they’ve got a
referral program so they obviously want more customers individual customers
there are not a lot of newbies in the visual newbies at least coming to this
space so hey that’s good for the strong hands that never ditch the space that
have been accumulating all along the week hands are being have been weeded
out and there are factors that are keeping up the price other than new
people coming in buying it it is not new people and we’ve discussed this one
shows a lot of people have discussed this new people are not coming into the
space at a very high rate at least if at all to buy Bitcoin and so it’s it’s just
it’s the smart heads that are buying it and there are a lot of people that are
not selling it the strong hands which is great and we’re going to talk about that
right now did the IRS with those letters help create a new generation of strong
hands the the tax fear that some of those letters sent in to people did it
create a floor a price floor where people were like okay I’m just not
selling and and and thus it’s not going below a certain point because people do
not want to deal with getting in the Fiat they don’t want to mess with the
Fiat realm now they got scary IRS letters maybe they had to do it once and
they’re like I don’t want to go through that again I don’t want to get this
letter again I don’t know if you look I look on the bright side of everything
IRS letters it scared people but it promotes a buy and hold strategy if you
if you buy Bitcoin in the United States and you don’t sell it didn’t you don’t
pay taxes there was no uh there was no transaction you just bought something
they did there’s there’s not a wealth pack so in Bitcoin in the United States
if you sell it then you’re into their room then you’re back into the Fiat
realm so hey man this this might have created a lot more strong hands out
there it definitely it probably scared away impulsive people from the space
impulsive flippers might have been like I’ve had enough of this I’m out of it
I’m out of here now I’m not even gonna I’m not getting to all coins anymore I’m
not doing anything and then people who considered coming into the space were
like oh I heard everyone gets an IRS letter I’m not getting into this I’m
impulsive and they were the ones that would mostly that probably would have
just been a flippin Bitcoin for all coins so it’s it’s hurting all coins
it’s it’s not a it scared off new people from coming
into the space space it scared off um we can to type people from coming in this
space but it’s it’s strengthened some people’s hands that are already in the
space and now really know not to mess with the fiat realm and you won’t get
well you might still get a scary on IRS letter but you won’t have to worry about
okay so yeah thanks IRS for creating some
more strong hands pound that like button with your strong hand hey I’m looking on
the bright side of things baby you gotta frame it in a positive way you can
always do that frame your life in a positive way that’s what I do baby
alright I want to make an announcement soft launch people uh yeah I know people
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Bitcoin life but I decide to start a bitcoinmeister Facebook page it’s not
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bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister hey that’s my slogan isn’t it pound that
like button hey that’s my slogan isn’t it strong again hey isn’t that my slogan
strong so many slogans anyway uh so here’s some news I’m just finding out
about that uh you know I have heard rumors about this before and now the
story broke last week this is from Australia I know I’ve got a lot of
people listening to this show sports meister calm you could listen to all the
podcast versions I’ve got extra extra podcasts you don’t get on video there
Sportsmaster calm but Australians like that apparently people could be jailed
for two years and fined twenty five thousand two hundred Australian dollars
just for using more than ten thousand dollars Australian in cash in
one transaction under a new bill being put to the Australian Parliament an
exposure draft of the legislation called the currency bill 2019 was quietly
introduced by Treasurer John Frydenberg last month under the proposed law all
cash transactions between businesses and individuals would be limited to $10,000
and any amount over this would be considered criminal ouch so here’s an
interesting take on this from a guy Philip Stowe
he says the Australian Government’s proposed ban on cash above ten thousand
dollars is not about reducing the black market economy or tax avoidance but to
lay the groundwork for negative interest rate policy prevent a run on the banks
and to increase the banking sectors power now the last thing I don’t care
about the banking sectors power that’s that’s not my worry I don’t use that
terminology I don’t vilify the banking sector but well if they conspire with
the government well no that’s not cool when you’re when you’re conspiring with
the government that’s not cool but bankers do serve a purpose but ignoring
all that does this lay the groundwork for a negative interest rate policy and
basically debts prevents people from taking huge amounts of money out of the
Australian banks and keeping it under their mattress but it’s cheaper under
negative interest rates to keep cash under your mattress than it is in a bank
now it might not be as safe or maybe it is a safe so that’s a very interesting
point that this guy brings up but you know there they might be doing this for
virtue signaling also just saying oh we want to look good to our constituents
that we were preventing black market stuff it’s a power grab for the
government to keep track of everything it’s a combination of everything that
you just said alright so interesting Hey so no matter
what reason they’re doing it for you can combat it or you can make it for spirity
theories about it and do nothing and just complained that you can’t get
$10,000 out of the bank or you cannot get in the Bitcoin and you can do
whatever you want with your Bitcoin with that with that type of real money there
with that type of cash okay and what is this coin metrics data that this is
interesting lest I will fifth about 50% of bitcoins
current realized cap is mate and this is all linked below everything that I’m
quoting is linked to below is made up of coins oh and if you have questions you
guys can do the super chat because of course this is live just checking if
anybody else’s sent that okay yeah I answer questions in that super chat I’ll
see it so about 50% of bitcoins current realize cap is made up of coins that
have a cost basis which is greater than current prices this is down from 74%
which were in the red on January 1st 2018 now there’s much there’s a much
more solid base for Bitcoin built-in at the three thousand to twelve thousand
range than before and Nick Carter basically sums that up by saying this
thing that are in a report I don’t know if Nick actually said this this
signifies the capitulation is most likely almost complete yeah we cans be
gone since a majority of the coins that were bought above 13,000 have now been
sold oh you weak hands you should have just
held on a relatively large amount of Bitcoin ownership is now concentrated in
the three thousand to twelve thousand range which is setting up for a
healthier base hey dudes use strong hands you’re stuck with it
you’ve got it you paid between three thousand twelve
and twelve thousand a lot of people be patient just be patient they’re gonna be
some spikes wait until after 2020 having and then come to me okay
pound that like button alright here is a interview Glenn Beck interviewed Tim
Poole and the only thing that pertains to Bitcoin is at the very end at the one
and it pertains to Facebook Libra at the one hour and 29 minute mark
Tim Poole is complaining about Facebook Libra and how it’s bad because it’s
gonna they’re gonna be able to turn people off financially in the future and
again if you’re worried about that just get in the big point I mean you don’t
have to accept Facebook Libra and you don’t have to worry about this but he
says Libra is scary Tim Poole says Libra is scary and it’s
not scary dudes it’s not scary that’s but it’s all it’s awesome because
it is a corporation competing with governments with government money and
that is something that is different okay we should want this diversity of money
we should want the real thing which is Bitcoin we should want countries to have
it could have their currencies and we can want we can have companies
corporations with their own money you don’t have to participate in any of
those ecosystems anymore we have that we have ways to opt out you can opt out in
the Bitcoin so the thing is that 80% are so darn complacent they will never get
into so many of them won’t get in the Bitcoin they’ll accept their Libra coin
they’ll accept their fed coin and when they get turned off when the few of them
that gets turned off by Libra and get and can’t buy a darn thing and can’t use
the credit card anymore then they’ll just complain when they should have just
gotten the Bitcoin in the first place so to me it isn’t scary it’s gonna on board
a lot of people onto a Bitcoin so I welcome it this is where the big boys
play let Libra compete you can fight it all you want and try to scare people
about it it’s not scary it’s not scary at all if you know what you’re doing and
you understand that even if 2% of all the people who end up with Facebook
point get into Bitcoin that is freaking awesome and that’s thanks to Mark
Zuckerberg and the dudes over there wanting to be the wealthiest people on
the planet Earth hey forget good for them they want to create they want to
print their own currency good let them I think they should be able to then Maxine
Waters Maxine Waters goes on a trip to Switzerland this is
on the government money government dole she goes to Switzerland to learn more
about the regulation on Facebook coin Libre and if she comes back and she
still hasn’t learned this is true story this is this is what’s going on she’s
still worried about Libre that we should have maxine waters be the one who judges
if Libre should come or not no screw them Libre will happen in some way at
some point and if they can’t do anything I say so do it somewhere else let
companies have their own coins i it doesn’t threaten me at all baby and so
you know Tim Poole I don’t think he fully understands this I don’t think it
but he’s not a full a full market compete type of guy he believes in some
source of regulations and stuff you know he isn’t he’s no Adam Meister
found that like button but he’s good at what he does so this is where the big
boys play baby let them let the compete don’t complain
all you coins out there so yeah corporate there’s nothing wrong with a
corporation being more powerful than a country we’re gonna have to get that
through our heads in this 21st century okay welcome to the future baby the
Golden Age there are going to be corporations that are more powerful than
company than countries which is great all right you’re an individual okay so
you you who you control yourself so who cares if a company is more powerful than
a country you get into the real money control your own destiny
Bitcoin all right here is something from Nick Carter he’s no fan of Wired
magazine because they did a story on fake Toshi and he says daily reminder
that why you’re deliberately destroyed the private keys to a wallet with 13.3
for Bitcoin because bitcoin is nothing more than an abstraction and so yes
the cool kids at Wired back in 2013 mind 13.3 for Bitcoin and then destroyed it
as they said it was nothing more than an abstraction maybe because they were
trying to be hip and that’s what a hipster does yeah and I
got this big coin and we’re a magazine and we’re not gonna save it or anything
and pay ourselves later no we’re too cool you know capitalism not cool we’ll
just destroy it now all these years later not that many years later six
years later those dudes destroyed 13 Bitcoin you know how much that’s worth
right now you Fiat freaks that is insane that is laughable that’s what you know
fitting in gets you to be a cool kid that’s where you end up you end up broke
and you end up looking like a toad my my lord my lord that looks horrible now you
know yesterday I was talking about how in the future the near future people are
going to be trying to find every last point oh one Bitcoin they misplaced what
are the people at UH one of people there and why are the thinking then it
misplace 13 Bitcoin they destroyed the private key that’s it they destroyed it
dad that’s just ridiculous that’s just ridiculous
so plan ahead people plan ahead people yeah I don’t think anyone is going to
lose their 13 Bitcoin or anything but plan ahead with your your change your
loose change alright because when you look back on the past things that look
kind of funny things that didn’t look that valuable actually are quite
valuable they did not have the long-term thinking they could not defer they’re
little they’re odd form of gratification there so there’s another lesson
alright here’s some insider info oh wait Luke tell me yesterday he said in the
chat what do we call the people who will only ever own Bitcoin on lightning
network because they weren’t in early I don’t know what you call those people I
mean I would I would just call them spenders they didn’t get in the big this
is the future we’re talking about they didn’t gave the Bitcoin until they
needed to spend Bitcoin on the Lightning Network so they’re not saver types there
and so they’re spenders that’s all they are and hey that’s what they wanted they
didn’t want to save they didn’t want to get in early and now
in 2028 or whatever is now in the future they’ll be on the lightning networks
spending the the Bitcoin they they got somehow the little bits of it to get
coffee or something they had their chance back now here in a 20-19 but all
right my buddy one out of a 124 he asked me
quiet you didn’t okay I answer this question there needs to be a way for
dormant wallets and chains change addresses say no activity for a hundred
years to be recycled through mining no I despite them totally against that
otherwise all will be lost eventually no not oh no those will be lost
those are lost that’s it it’s over that’s that’s deflation right there
that’s deflation that oh no there’s no need to recycle them they’re dead I mean
you don’t know maybe the person could come back there could be new
technologies that we don’t know about the the Messiah could come in and the
dead could rise from the grave and they wouldn’t need their Bitcoin again so
know that you can’t I don’t there that won’t happen
there’s 21 million of them ever created if you lose it you lose it that’s it use
it or lose it use it or lose it down that like button alright so here are
some insider information from for all you dudes you guys love the crypto
dividends you guys signed up for your remember Wimble coin crypto dividend as
you found out about it here and there’s an update and from Chris I link to it
below and hopefully by the way they will get that thing they need an extending to
get on an exchange before they go live and hopefully it’ll be bisque I think
that that would be nice but again I’m just giving my opinion on the whole
thing he said we are pleased to announce that we will be tentatively targeting a
magnetic of November the 11th 2019 and a claims launch date of December the 11th
2019 so for all you guys who went through the whole MWC airdrop process
who want to get your of dividend in the flesh well December
11th looks like it is going to be the day but they’re going to test the the
main net starting November 11th so they know what the heck they’re doing and
again we got it for free so I think we’re patient and it’s great to get
interest on your Bitcoin it is great to get a crypt of dividends for your pic I
mean it’s it’s the reward you get for being a holder for being an elite holder
to know knowing how to hold it correctly on your trays or that is that’s what
savings is all about baby you we get written in the Bitcoin community you get
rewarded for being a proper holder and controlling your private key now keep
your own coin base no you don’t get nwc or anything like that alright so what
else do we have here oh and I did here speaking of crypto dividends I have
mentioned this idea before and I’m gonna go through it real fast but there’s a
guy in Israel who actually wants to build this product and needs funding so
if you’re interested in this product and you want to fund this dude in Israel who
wants to build it then contact me at a dimitra’s or help calm or send me a DM
at a tech ball tch be alt I’ll put you in touch all it is is a simple web
interface where you you put in your private key and again at this point
you’ve already removed your Bitcoin and anything else you could remove from that
private key okay you’ve extracted everything that you possibly could but
at the end and at that point you put it into this website and it will
automatically show every single crypto dividend then you have how much of it
and you’ll be able to click a button and push send and send it to an address of
your choice which will hopefully be in exchange where you will turn it into
Bitcoin and that website will take a cut of that crypto dividend when you send it
okay so you see how it all works there so if you’re interested instead and so
the person who owns the website who creates the website he gets a cut of
every bit of crypto dividends that are claimed there but the crypto dividend
holders get to send the their Krypton dividend in one quick easy
web interface and send it to an exchange turning the Bitcoin so everybody ends up
happy the the wack crypto dividends that you could never get beforehand you can
now get and get some bitcoins for them and the person that is allowing you to
do this he is getting a cut and yes it involves trusting that the guy isn’t
just gonna steal all of those cryptid dividends that you were never gonna get
anyway because you don’t know how to get them
but the reputation of the site will no doubt be built up so the guy is the guy
I presented this idea to a few different people and again if you’re interested in
building this then you contact me too I got a guy in Israel that wants to build
it but if you’re anywhere in the world and you want to build this tell me I
love to help you promote it and get you funding so such a tool exists because
I’ve got old private keys that I would like to get these ridiculous crypto
dividends from then I’ve never gotten lightning BTC super BTC whatever else
and then just just send it and I don’t care if someone gets a cut of it gets
10% of it I don’t give a darn um I’ll get it one one-stop shop send it
to the exchange and get my big point all right so that there you go if anybody
wants to fund something like that I’ll put you in touch with this dude in
Israel all right in Tel Aviv they’re in motion here baby maybe you’re in motion
– all right and finally remember disrupt meister comm 1,400 videos there we got
James James Obi he says this is a tweet big ok he has an article it’s called
bitcoin is for safety now again this article has a lot of financial scenarios
that are pretty disturbing for the United States in the world so the bottom
line is if you actually think all these and he explains them in a very easy to
understand way Oh negative interest rates a lot of things he explains very
easy to understand and I’m not saying all this is going to happen I think 80
percenters are going to do what they’re going to do the dollar is gonna remain
blah blah blah I’m not you worried about it but if I was but again no matter what
happens even if something bad happens I got big point and that’s his point
that’s his point of this is that you know here are the worst-case scenarios
if you have Bitcoin Bitcoin is for safety it will protect you against the
scenarios but if you’re interested about hearing about these doom scenarios check
out the link below he said I’ve been watching markets compulsively for the
last few years and it’s obvious that were headed for some strange times I’ve
been meaning to write about this and how Bitcoin ties in for a while but finally
got around to it this weekend ok I will agree with him with this it there are
some strange times the world is a changing of course it’s it’s always
strange times things change things aren’t the same as they were things are
different ok they’re able to pull people were able
to pull off more and more 80 percenters are willing to get more and more free
stuff in order to take inflation it’s a weird world whatever check it if you
want to read about it it isn’t easy to understand article for those interested
and those type of things steel horse I’ll leave it with you any
comments on the ruling that II know dude I it was what yesterday’s video was
about dude you should watch this from his video alright i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like
this video share this video check out the links below pound that like button
bang that bell button i will say hi to you dudes in the chat right after i
pushed this

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