The 1 Bitcoin Show- Hold for AT LEAST 210,000 blocks- a theory! Number of BTC millionaires?

hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is April the 8th 2019 strong hand offended by selling the o you your wealth in Bitcoin I'm confiscating both one bitcoin equals one Bitcoin deferral of gratification we're gonna talk about that a lot during this show don't FOMO on off coins people check out all the links below though follow me on Twitter at Tech ball te CH B alt disrupt meister comm yeah i'm on steam it also at bitcoin meister you know it it's live there now vote me there so I forgot to up vote myself there I just remembered the first topic of the day is a inspirational tweet by someone with the last name of Parkinson by Bitcoin it's the only protest you'll ever need to take part in it's also the most disruptive and ineffective protest you'll ever take part in to real change starts with real money I like that because you know there's a whole generation out there people I wanna protest I'm gonna protest the president I'm gonna protest is I'm I'm gonna go march on this and march on that dude you're wasting your time you're verse you're signaling you don't need people to know you're a protestor silently by your bitcoin accumulate get one get two get three get four get a hundred and yeah you'll be protesting very nicely that way but of course most people aren't going to do that because they just want to show off to their friends how cool they are by holding up some sign and whoever's the latest scapegoat they're they're protesting that's not me I'm in the Bitcoin overlay you can say I'm a protester by buying my Bitcoin whatever you want to say all I know is that I'm buying and I'm holding well I was buying I'm accumulating you know I I don't need to buy any more because yeah I'm doing pretty well with a Bitcoin town that like button alright because I earn it you know people said it to me it's great steam it turn your steam in the Bitcoin um moving on but you guys get the point okay you guys get the point it's linked to below everything I talked about in this video is linked below I want to thank the great guy Bennett i link to his twitter below he's he might be in the chat right now I have no idea he watches the show quite a bit and he travels all around the world and he's got a you can follow him on Twitter he's linked to below he told me about this theory he sent me a link to the article about the 210,000 block c-cold theory okay now what is it 210,000 block hold theory well I love any theory that incorporates numbers that deal with the having's because as you know every two hundred ten thousand blocks in Bitcoin there's a Bitcoin having the mining reward gets cut in half the amount of new Bitcoin that's sent onto the scene by the miners that's created that's mine is cut in half every two hundred ten thousand blocks which is roughly about every four years we most of us you know we think in in terms of time and measurable time periods so we have we've grouped it into four years 12 2012 there was a halving 2016 they were having there's gonna be one in 2020 as you know but it's actually every two hundred ten thousand blocks alright so here is a quote from that page and it explains what the theory is as far as we have been able to observe every single Satoshi that has ever been mined or transacted has a higher fate fiat valuation 210 thousand blocks after it was mined or transacted so guys think long term and defer gratification hold on to your Bitcoin that you buy for at least two hundred and ten thousand blocks okay now is it okay it's no coincidence but as some people some people say there's no such things as coincidence coincidences there's no word in the Hebrew language for coincidences as you're wondering but it's no coincidence that every 210 that that if you buy something buy some Bitcoin that two hundred ten thousand blocks later it will be worth more in Fiat that is what the past has shown us will this stay true who knows we shall see for those people who bought some Bitcoin at or even move Bitcoin I mean this kid this is I mean this is true even if you move big at at when it was worth over $19,000 we're not two hundred and ten thousand blocks away from that yet that is not until late up late 2021 actually so if this theory holds true if this holds true for all those people out there you know who still who wisely held onto their Bitcoin they paid $19,000 for if his theory holds true then in the end of 2021 beginning of twenty twenty to two hundred ten thousand blocks later in terms of Fiat your Bitcoin should be worth more again I can't promise anything but I'd like this theory I like this theory a lot and so far the theory has held true in the past check out the article below thank you very much guy Bennet link to below for for sending me that article only like a couple hours before the show went live so it was little I got lucky there I got lucky there he sends me lots of stuff so thank you are the word about that retweet this darn video dude I tweeted this thing out on Twitter so spread the word that's the best thing you know people are like how could I contribute to the show just spread the word about the show on on Twitter on social media wherever you know there are crypto links crypto addresses below you can send me stuff you can do the super chat which someone just did when I said that that's pretty cool guy Bennet said $5 thank you dude strong hand for two hundred and ten thousand blocks yes people can you just defer gratification for 210,000 blocks okay I mean read the article and maybe that will strengthen your hand and give you that ability all right as I know there's so many short-term thinkers so many impulsive this is not for the impulsive people the 210,000 block theory 210,000 hold block theory whatever you want to call it it's not for the impulsive it's not for the 80 percenters it's for the long-term thinkers it's for the ones who can defer gratification and if you've been watching this show I hope I've helped you've gotten a stronger hand and you've learned how to defer gratification in all aspects of your life and guess I just finished a 44 hour fast it was easy as anything for me I even did my sprints it was sprint day today so I did my sprints when I had a nice hadn't eaten for 40 hours but it no again I could defer I can I could defer gratification in all aspects of my life I don't have to eat I don't have to have fancy things I can just put it off putting it off I didn't hold that Bitcoin moving on another article for you Fiat freaks out there okay this is when we're talking about how many this is from buy Bitcoin worldwide calm I just stumbled upon this and I find it very interesting and fiat freaks maybe you don't it'll give you a more of an incentive to buy Bitcoin how many millionaires were made from Bitcoin it's impossible to know exactly with some quick math however we can estimate the max number of people who are Bitcoin millionaires with bitcoins price at five thousand two hundred sixty two dollars you need 190 0.03 bitcoins to be a big Bitcoin Fiat millionaire okay I'm adding that in terms of because we're not feel freaks but in terms of this little article we are when we're talking about Bitcoin millionaires we're talking about your fiat value of your Bitcoin so you need 190 Bitcoin as of like a second basically right this second to be a Bitcoin millionaire not in dollars since there are seventeen million six hundred thousand whatever Bitcoin in circulation there are a maximum of 92 thousand eight hundred two people holding one hundred ninety point O three bitcoins in all likelihood the number is much lower than that and probably around 30,000 to 60,000 people with more than a million dollars worth of bitcoins okay so this guy's is theorizing that they're only 30,000 the 60,000 people on the planet Earth which has seven hundred billion seven billion people on it that have more than that have 190 or more Bitcoin there's only between 30,000 60,000 people this and I've never heard anyone put it this way before and it's it's for your Fiat freaks I wanted to share this little article but if you why not but by by yourself 190 Bitcoin and so how many entities out there can buy a hundred ninety Bitcoin right now to join those ranks they're quite out there quite a lot of people out there they can that can can join the ranks so and for a hundred 90 of this minute I mean next week it might be less it might be more just to keep oh trying to get that first one you haven't got that first one yet if you got in that first one try to get to two then try to get the 10 and then 190 so yeah you're pretty if your Bitcoin Fiat millionaire right now your elite man you you are ultra elite alright they're not gonna be many they're not gonna be many people in the future that have more than 190 Bitcoin but hey there's some of you that think you're super smart and then you sell your Bitcoin and you go into Fiat and you're gonna you know you'll buy a back for cheaper right and you don't have any Bitcoin right now you're in Fiat you're I'm offended by yourself first of all um so I mean yeah there probably are some real Fiat freaks out there that had like a hundred 90 Bitcoin it's sold and now we're in Fiat and they're praying to Hashem that everything works out well for them I don't like those type of chances I just keep getting big I just keep accumulating it and no I never know please offended by selling I would never go into Fiat before the 2020 happening oh my god I'm gonna barf just thinking about it so dogecoin I was thinking about it as I mentioned it the last two shows well what a nightmare that I'm thinking about those coin but it is the the eternal penny stock of crypto I think I think it'll last because it's just like because of the mindset of the typical of so many people out there they're used to penny stocks dogecoin is it's so cheap it's calcified or whatever whatever the term is a what is it what's the term of looking for it's not changing it is what it is and it's got its got a the whole community around this so yeah it's gonna be it's gonna be jumping in that second and third tier for life maybe and you know in terms of all coins I guess that's not a bad place to be if you're the eternal penny stock and you're just going from second to third tier forever it's better than being like a I mean just like thousands of all coins out there so being a second or third tier all coin and probably not the worst thing in the world some investment crypto investment funds will invest in the dogecoin they won I talked about one a few we had I don't know a week or so ago that was planning on doing it and everything and yeah we're we are just at the tip of the iceberg they're gonna be all sort of crypto investment funds and no I I don't approve of a buying some crypto investment n fun that diversifies for the sake of diversification into things like dogecoin I mean that's wacky you you should just control your own private key by your own bitcoins that let it let someone make decisions with your print you turn your precious Bitcoin into some crypto fund that holds second and third tier all coins that are the penny stocks of crypto I don't get it man but again traditional investors are used to diversification for the sake of diversification they're used to other people managing their money it's it's sick it's sickening them me be your own bank that's what crypto is all about but hey I can't control other people's minds it's personal responsibility as a new counterculture they're going their way I'm taking personal responsibility I'm controlling my private keys and I'm just no diversification Bitcoin baby Bitcoin the rock one Bitcoin he goes one big point value your wealth and bitcoin pound that like button alright so there is a dude out there pirate Beach bomb he is a he has a series a blog series it's called uh what does he bear market Diaries and he actually I'm suppose I'm gonna be in one soon enough it's basically interviews with various people in the in the Bitcoin space and it's you know to pump you up during the so-called Fiat bear market and I really appreciate what the dude is doing and I've been very very busy and I haven't been able to answer the questions yet but that's coming soon but there is a dude that follows me named apex apex is a Venezuelan Bitcoin er who understands the value proposition of Bitcoin better than most due to the geopolitical issues and rapid inflation taking place in his country and I linked to his interview his diary bear market diary which is very interesting and he gives me a shout-out he likes to watch that this week in Bitcoin show especially when I have guests from Venezuela on it so apex you're in motion good luck with everything event as well I'm glad you watch the show be safe be strong hold on tight to your Bitcoin and pirate beach bum you're doing a great thing to check all of that out that is linked to below hey Friday I already know the time of this week in bitcoins gonna be 5:30 Eastern Time that is 2:30 in Los Angeles and so far we got BTC Benny and Juan Gault who you guys know are all-stars and I know you love those dudes so it's gonna be a great Friday show now here is a tweet museu mahmoud of said bitcoin is doing better than corporations and altcoins though it never had a CEO marketing salaries i CEO partnerships headquarters customer support I love that bad that's great no but all coins can't have all those things and of course corporations can have all those things but that's the beauty of Bitcoin it is it's truly the one that in order to even have marketing a group of people would have to get get together and be an independent marketing source of Bitcoin Bitcoin can't have a seat yo it can't have salaries it can't have AI cos it can't have partly can't have a headquarters it's it's it's not like that well altcoins and corporations can have that kind of centralized set up but yet yet still bitcoin beats them all without all that which is just great it's a great reminder that I like that tweet a lot crypto emissary tweets out and this is for the Fiat freaks and yeah this is going to mention this is gonna trigger some people who here also I agree with Vinny lingham on quantifying an exit from a bear market to X from the bottom feels right so around 60 $200 per Bitcoin for us to be officially out of the bear market now again I like I one big point it was all in Bitcoin I'm not in any bear market at all okay I got more Bitcoin than I did at the beginning of the so-called bear market okay so since I valued my mother Bitcoin I'm doing better but there's a lot of Fiat freaks that watch this darn thing and they they are interested in what what classifies the end of a bear market I like in terms of Fiat I think Vinny's didn't he's onto something here 2x from the bottom so if the bottom was really 3,100 if we get to 60 up 200 then we're there and coincidentally or not coincidentally was there are no coincidences around 6200 that's above the Hoffman line again that's above that's around where it just plummeted that one day was in November I was in Chile I was in Santiago that's all that's all I can remember things get blurry after that is everything that happened to me when I was coming back to Baltimore but yeah it would make sense and I mean in the past I didn't look in the past but uh I think Bitcoin bottom at about what 200 back in 20 14 or 15 so we were we were basically out of the bear market in turn 20 hit 400 when I hit 400 in 2016 it up to the having it kept on uh it kept on going up up until before the having and then after the happy so yeah that's it's an interesting way of looking at it you inter for the Fiat freaks that the bear market officially ends when it doubles the doubles the bottom but we don't know what the bottom wasn't Fiat I mean it ain't theory and I don't want to freak people out I mean you know if you're you could go below $3,100 for all I know whatever I stop as much Bitcoin but that's for the Fiat freaks Bitcoin rabbi he's got a first of all Bitcoin Rock rabbi is gonna be on my show on Saturday night he is gonna be the be on Bitcoin show with a Bitcoin rabbi so we'll talk a little bit coin we'll talk we'll talk some beyond Bitcoin subjects also and that's 10:00 p.m. on Saturday but the Bitcoin rabbi has a tweet out there it's here in Missy's emotion I got I gotta share this it's here my book Bitcoin money at a love bit Ville discovering good money it is is available for purchase at Bitcoin money book calm it answers the questions for both young and old in simple words and beautiful illustrations why bitcoin dude that's awesome it's good to get the beginners in with books young kids even adults it's linked to below check it out buy it and something else that I like from a completely random group of people that that are in motion and this just shows you that anyone can be in the Bitcoin space I mean the Bitcoin rebeis not a technical ass but he's he's a being productive in the Bitcoin space but this this entity cryptographic they're called Belgian visual communication agency making infographics about crypto to educate non-techies I mean that's a great idea make in infographics about cryptocurrency to educate non-techies everybody loves pictures everybody loves infographics and if and non-techies are the majority of people on this planet so yeah drop some pictures make it easy for them to understand I'm sure you'll do well crypto graphics they are linked to below alright that's the end of the show people pound that like button bang that Bell button on all those squares you see the sea to watch the most recent shows go to sports meister calm to see all the pot listen to all the podcasts on this show i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister to the moon the disrupt meister i will see you tomorrow because of course we do a new show here i do a new show here every single day we do a new show because it's the it's the people who watch the show and it's me together that makes up the whole show the whole community I love you guys I'll talk to you in the chat right now bye bye

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