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to today’s happenings let’s get to the present and we’re gonna start with this
Matt Odell tweet which really sums up all of this nonsense for me and I mean
this is all I needed to hear climene’s family won’t be dumping
Bitcoin on the market as a result of today’s decision fake Toshi
doesn’t own any Bitcoin well first of all town that like button if you already
knew that fate Toshi doesn’t own any Bitcoin I
mean that’s it should be pretty apparent at this point but apparently it’s not
that apparent for some people so what what case am I talking about what
happened today what happened a few hours ago it’s 2:00 a.m. here in Tel Aviv but
back back in the u.s. it’s it’s still the 26th and there’s news and here it is
the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida rejected fake
Toshi’s Testim and rewarded the climb in a state with
50% of the alleged 1.1 million bitcoins Dave climb in mind with fake toshi
between 2009 and 2011 well here’s the thing people that matter Adele pointed
out that it didn’t happen they they didn’t mind big coin together picked oh
she has no there’s no trust there there’s nothing it’s just it’s made up
it’s completely bogus you know for whatever reason it was done to gain
attention to make it seem like he was Satoshi to make it to stare Bitcoin
people there was gonna be a dump the Bitcoin one day I don’t know I don’t
know how these type of people think okay but he definitely is a type of person
and a lot of you out there have no memory whatsoever a lot of people in the
space I mean I hope the people who watch this video have better long-term crypto
memories okay because just go back in time a few months ago who remembers this
from a few months ago man let me ask you a question do you remember when Vic
Toews she and his buddies were screaming and using swear land curse curse words
on Twitter non-stop long for a long period of time it was about a week how
they were going to destroy be cash that they were going to have a war with be
cash that it was over for king of the trolls it was it was done kaput there
was gonna be a war it was gonna be horrible it’s gonna be nasty was gonna
be this that and the other there be no more be cash now what happened what
happened with that tell me people what happened nothing happened that didn’t
happen at all and everyone forgets everyone’s a book book maybe yes sir
maybe maybe he does have a lot of Bitcoin at some trust somewhere how can
there be any maybes anymore with this guy seriously he said there was going to
be a war between Bahasa PSP and B cash would be destroyed and because she’s
fine it’s fine being relative to altcoins
but there’s no war there was no lots of
money spent by billionaires to crush a bee – nothing nothing of the sort
because he has nothing he it’s just all talk it’s all nonsense and I guess
people in this space they want drama they want a soap opera that person faked
oh she has nothing to do with Bitcoin that court case today it’s been going on
it has nothing to do with Bitcoin so why people talk about it that a Bitcoin or
are worried about it at all that had Bitcoin is beyond my understanding
just use your memories use your memories people go back a few months and think
about all the claims he and his buddies were making then and how they were so he
the claims are tremendous claims tremendous things there’s going to be a
war between be a big cash would be destroyed and how nothing even close to
that can happen and it’s off it’s all forgotten but a
lot of people that it’s just amazing how a cult can work how jim jones can work
the matter anything the guy says is gospel i guess for some people so don’t
did you you know he said there must have been a war he must have just forgot
about this be cash where he must be cash must not really exist we just we don’t
realize that it doesn’t exist but anyway people get get get your long-term
memories in crypto improve your memory skills so that when we have stories land
it’s mostly clickbait stuff but he shouldn’t even be clickbait worthy the
person he has nothing to do he has no bitcoin he had nothing to try had
nothing to do with it in the past he has he couldn’t even all his claims about be
cash also bogus i mean it has nothing to do with the future a bitcoin it’s just
some little story so a lie it’s all big lie alright so strong hand
people something like that it’s something like
that weakens your hand I don’t know what to say you have no memory skills I guess
all right so we talked about that and yeah let’s see oh if you’re in the super
chat right now we’re live you can do if you have a question just do a super chat
I’m answering super chats hello hello my elite friends it’s always good to see
you guys and it’s it’s even though it’s 2:00 in the morning it’s good to get off
a live show I ran into some this evening to say the least
all right so let’s talk about something positive let’s talk about the future
instead of talking about like the bogus past one day yeah we were talking about
the average or the median home price in the United States is $200,000 and that
people don’t talk about maybe one day Bitcoin and housing they’ll be very
similar and a Bitcoin would be worth what a house is worth now if that day if
that day happens $200,000 let’s just throw that number out there as it gets
closer to that number they’re going to be there’s going to be a panic out there
of people and you shouldn’t be one of them you can prepare for this panic now
if you’ve got like 0.01 Bitcoin laying around and like a few different wallets
here and there or even less than that you’re thinking well it’s I mean when
you when you dispersed it back in the day it was like we’re 20 bucks or so
yeah I’ll organize it all eventually I got some I left some one coin desk
I left some on blockchain that info I left some somewhere else but here there
and the other I don’t exactly remember the password to get into the this you
know people have changed loose change everywhere and it originally was just
loose change I mean for some people point no one Bitcoin it was it was six
dollars at one point or even last it was – it was two dollars and but it’s going
to be a lot different one day that point oh one Bitcoin might be able
to I mean $2,000 there dude and then there’s some people that even misplace
point one Bitcoin 20 do you’ll be able to buy a car okay
so there is going to be there gonna be all sorts of stories and in the future
and for hopefully we’ll just have big smiles on our faces just laughing at
these stories like oh my god how could a person not know where their point oh one
Bitcoin is or where they’re 0.05 Bitcoin is but so prepare now people don’t have
loose change now it might be changed now but it’s not going to be change in the
future you’re gonna be able to buy a car with it or who knows are you gonna be
able but yeah there will be a growing panic people may be going through
garbage dumps looking for all the hard drives because it’s gonna affect more
and more people you know back in the day there were very few people that had you
know a thousand Bitcoin and then they threw it away in the garbage dump I mean
we’ve heard about that but point oh one is a lot more common there were people
over you know since 2013 that have been sent point oh one and maybe just didn’t
care about it or for whatever reason misplaced 0.01 0.05 whatever and it’s
going to end up being something that is something you don’t want to lose that’s
but I mean I respect the money two thousand dollars and that’s that’s a
good amount of money I mean that’s uh some people make that in a week or
something like that I don’t know all right so that that’s uh that’s some
future future stories right there right there you’re hanging out right now in
2019 there’ll be people writing about that in a twenty twenty three or twenty
twenty-five or who knows when they’ll be writing about the people trying to find
their point no one now I don’t know when those news stories will start I don’t
know what the dollar amount of Bitcoin will be it depends for each person every
person is gonna have a different reaction when they see Bitcoin going
higher and higher it’s it’s gonna be certain numbers that are gonna trigger
people like oh I know I’ve got some amount of it somewhere
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work tomorrow johnstrom amassed I always mess his name up he says greeting from
Zuma Beach Adam dude you always heard at the beach man you’re having a fun time
you know I saw I’ve been in tel-aviv since July 11th I’ve been to the beach
yet I see people walking back from the beach all the time
some of them there’s some good scenes I mean I value my wealth and big point of
course but you can’t you cannot tell a lie there there’s some I can see why
some people would value their wealthy and ladies buy some of the things you
see Warren coming from the Tel Aviv Beach Pound that anyway so what do we
have here now this o United States in 2018 this is linked to below in 2018
there were approximately a hundred thirty eight point four five million
housing units in the United States very interesting 138 million housing
in the United States if we could just bump that up to like a hundred and
seventy million and then you could compare that to 17 million Bitcoin just
saying point one Bitcoin equals one house who knows who knows pound that
like button what one can dream but get hey man get get your sisters get your
statistics in order all you people who diversify assets out there I gotta be in
some real estate 138 million uh 138 million units out there only 17 million
units a Bitcoin you decide alright so the following kind of looks silly now
what I’m about to read to you this this is the price various prices of when
various people first criticized Bitcoin okay but at the time of each of these
criticisms people took these guys very seriously because people pedestal these
financial dudes so much and for us I’m bringing this up so we can all laugh and
just see how silly they are and house no one should fear no one should get
panic-stricken over the next guy that says bitcoin is a joke at you know 10
someone’s gonna say you know there could be someone tomorrow that says bitcoins
$10,000 is a total joke I’m a billionaire and I know what I’m talking
about and people will pay people and what I’m about to read you and it’s
linked to below you you should understand that no one person ripping on
Bitcoin it looks real silly now so here we go
the price when they first criticized Bitcoin Peter Schiff at $17.50
Emin guns Sarah I can’t pronounce his name $214 Warren Buffett $634 Nouriel
Roubini $637 paul krugman 717 dollars Jamie Dimon eight hundred eleven dollars
and I remember that Jamie Dimon one I mean people the people were worried
about that Ben bar not been a key five thousand five hundred seventy seven at
what point does a critic admit they’re wrong
I don’t care what I don’t care work with event there I don’t care if it they
never admit they’re wrong yeah I don’t think any of those guys will ever admit
they’re wrong so for me it’s not a worry at all
for me I’m just pointing this out to show you that these guys are stubborn
and that they’re not right just because they’re already rich doesn’t mean that
they’re gonna be right and you shouldn’t let them
you shouldn’t pedestal them and let them weak in your hand and Henry law
yesterday in the comments section said the new sir real estate I’d like that
because I was a complaint I was comparing real estate to Bitcoin and he
caught it sir real estate and I think that is a cool way of looking at Bitcoin
it’s a real estate there’s this surreal for a lot of people they can’t it’s it’s
up in the ether they can’t they can’t really understand what it is because
they can’t touch it that’s unfortunate if you’re gonna refuse to if you’re
going to like ignore Bitcoin because you can’t touch it welcome to the digital
age dude you got to be able to conceptualize that all right all right
today when I was walking the show a guy like comes up to me I thought I was
gonna like beg me for money or something I know what the guy was gonna do he’s
coming up to me fast he looks at my shirt then he looks at my face and he
says hello bitcoinmeister he shakes my hand so that was pretty awesome
maybe guys watching this show and no anything you look like a bum or anything
like that it’s just like sometimes people approach it you don’t know what
they’re gonna say they’re gonna ask you what happens in Tel Aviv a lot people
ask me questions in Hebrew and I don’t know what they’re asking me so I mean
this guy spoke English there so that was cool and dude thank you for recognizing
me on the street you’re awesome and by the way gold price the gold price
has been going up because it’s a safe haven and people are they people think
it’s a safe haven still but you know Bitcoin hasn’t been going up for that
reason I don’t think and I take that as a positive because wait until people
wake up to what the real safe haven is for all those people that
are running the gold right now because it’s their traditional safe haven many
of them eventually will realize that at times like this when you think you need
a safe haven and by the way I don’t think people even need a safe haven just
getting the big coin uh well I guess but III don’t think that the world is
falling apart whatsoever I don’t think the United States is about to go into a
recession but that’s for another video but eventually the people who do make
these moves like this will understand so we’re not at the point yet where Bitcoin
is a safe haven asset for those traditional investors we’re not there
yet we’re not there yet and I think it is a positive this big coin is worth
plenty and it’s just usually how early on we are so yeah like that gold bitcoin
is still living Gold’s dream baby even though even though gold is still
considered a safe haven by many but gold is considered a safe haven by more
people than bitcoin is way more people than Bitcoin is and so you know that’s
going to change one day you know that’s going to change what they may be even in
the future does intend in five years there might still be more people to
consider gold a safe haven because the people with the gold the gold and
holders are older people they’re not going to change their mind
we just went over a list of people that are never changed in their mind about
Bitcoin so you know plenty of golden but plenty real though plenty will dozes
it’s gonna take some time but yeah I’ll say it right now
right now more people consider gold a safe haven they don’t understand what
bitcoin is again is it time young people become older people you shall see you
shall see alright Nick Carter I’m gonna I’m gonna end with his tweet and then
I’m gonna go to sleep actually now I’m gonna take a walk then I gotta take a
walk every day well every night I take a walk I run most days so Nick Carter
bitcoins realize cap finally hit a hundred billion dollars now what that is
it’s a better measurement of the total value of Bitcoin than market
capitalization because it takes into account the price you know there’s
there 70 million Bitcoin out there it doesn’t it’s not 70 million times you
know the current price of Bitcoin it is every Bitcoin every bitcoins value the
last time it moved so now we’ve gotten to a point where because subject Queen
is never going to move there is some Bitcoin it’s never going to move and
some people because of that try to make false claims about who they are
but though so we’ve gotten to a point where the the realized cap has hit a
hundred billion dollars so that that is a positive that is a good way none of
the other all corns are obviously even close to that okay that is it people i’m
adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister and check out Nixa tweet
below and he if you have it or I’ve talked about realized capitalization a
quite a few times on the show before so you can he explains it more there but
I’m Adam I should Vikram wishing to disrupt might remember to subscribe this
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